Chapter 809 Demon Realm and Underworld Underworld, existence of very mysterious, naturally, that is regarding Ark Continent, but Demon Realm exactly to Underworld have some understanding. Can say Underworld and Demon Race relationship, with God Realm and Ark Continent relationship very similar, but so is not strict, can say that Demon Realm is Underworld Lower Realm, but not completely is Underworld Lower Realm, if 2 Realms hits, Demon Realm not necessarily will also fear the Underworld person. Because of this, therefore Demon Realm regarding Underworld completely understand, Underworld there strength very formidable, if Demon Race wants to defeat Underworld, that price was too big. What most important is, Great Demon King knows that Underworld characteristics, is their these Dark mist, these Dark mist although are common, but that is actually in Underworld biggest Ultimate Weapon. These Dark mist not only have strong toxicity, what most important is, these Dark mist can also dead to turn into Undead Creature, the Demon Realm person is fierce, put in order on self-exploding, Zhao Hai wants to turn into Undead Creature to be difficult them, but was different to Demon Realm there, the Demon Realm person was self-exploding, these Dark mist can also turn into Lich or Malicious Ghost these people, therefore Demon Realm did not fear Ark Continent, did not fear God Race, actually fearing Underworld, because Underworld completely was their nemesis. Before Underworld and Demon Realm have lived the several times war, each Demon Realm has paid the extremely deeply grieved price, repelled the Underworld person. But this Underworld is actually arrives at Ark Continent here, and has fought very big a piece place, wants to repel them, that was the countless sufferings and hardships, a most important point was, Demon Realm also opened Space rift, this Space rift opened easily, was closing to be difficult, if this Space rift could not stop up, that Underworld person, sooner or later projected on Demon Realm to go, in this case, Great Demon King so happily will agree with the proposition of Zhao Hai! The Zhao Hai hear the Great Demon King words, this understand what's the matter, he turned the head Your Majesty to say to Great Demon King said : that I on feel relieved, this Space you momentarily have also been able to enter, but I hope that Your Majesty first anxiously coming, these days, Your Majesty is best is gets me to go to Demon Realm, I have a look to Demon Realm there, then finally is person Demon Realm there, received the Demon Race people this Space directly, but you keep the Ark Continent here person, first do not use, helping me divert some God Race strengths, do not make God Race know that our two clans have gathered. Did you look?” Great Demon King look at Zhao Hai said : „can you really with God Race undead continuous?” These people who Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : naturally, this God Race comes, but is in God Realm ten three Continent a person of Taurus Continent clan, is the person of this clan, must a person with our Ark Continent country's carry on Blood Sacrifice unexpectedly, how I possibly let off them.”

Great Demon King take deep breaths, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : well, this matter I can promise you, but this matter also needs some preparations, I must go back preparation well one to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that on and other Your Majesty information, this thing has given Your Majesty, if your there prepared, used him to come the connection I.” Said that Zhao Hai put out a jar, in the jar has naturally thought of Message Fish. Great Demon King curious look at that small fish, Zhao Hai explained to him use, Great Demon King cannot help but feel surprisedly, he has not thought that in this world will have such thing. Quick he has thought this Message Fish use, this Message Fish regarding the use of war may really be too big, if there is this thing, that command(er) went to war will have at one's command. Zhao Hai to the Great Demon King too many research time, he has not been leading Great Demon King returned to in Devil War Chariot, after they sit down, Zhao Hai said : Your Majesty, the matter has decided that I did not remain in here, I must go back to arrange, in the short-term, I will move God Race to begin.” Great Demon King nodded said : well, my here must arrange, has information, my immediately told you.” Zhao Hai nodded, sets out just about to walk, Great Demon King actually blocks his said : wait / etc., mister, I want to ask, my initially sees your time, your under foot is stepping on a sword, like I have seen that Immortal Cultivator image, what's all this about?” Zhao Hai one hear of Great Demon King said that cannot help but laughs, the hand turns, put out Blood Staff said : its this that is not a sword, was only my this Magic Staff ability, my this Magic Staff can carry on transformation, at that time I turned into the flying sword appearance with this Magic Staff, to not give Your Majesty you looked, was only for amusing.” Great Demon King Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then on the face has shown not knowing whether to laugh or cry expression, reason that he said these to Zhao Hai , because Zhao Hai is stepping on the image of sword, has not actually thought that is an outside joke. Zhao Hai after Great Demon King said goodbye, immediately returned to in Space, Laura they in Space are waiting for Zhao Hai, looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Laura their immediately moved forward to meet somebody.

Matter that today Zhao Hai and Great Demon King meet they also knew, they went to there they also to know, but they have not thought that among matters however such smooth. After Zhao Hai sits down, Laura then said : Elder Brother Hai, really cannot think, Great Demon King unexpectedly such easily accepted our request, was this too also simple?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : possibly is we do not have the means to understand that the Demon Race person has the how big hope regarding the one type of good living environment, Berry, you said yes or no? Berry is in itself the Demon Race person, she most understood that the mentality of Demon Race person, one hear of Zhao Hai said that Berry immediately/on horseback nodded said : „, the Ark Continent here person, simply don’t know, our Demon Race person regarding a good environment has how intensely the hope, to be honest, Great Demon King Your Majesty complies with the Elder Brother Hai matter today, I do not certainly feel strange, if saw that environment, Great Demon King does not comply, I will feel strange, lives in such environment, do not say that makes us for bearing Strength of Faith, even if many thing, we also give up.” Zhao Hai nodded, he also present, Great Demon King already wants to accept his request actually, afterward said that many to him, but wants to be a Demon Race people strives for many thing. However Zhao Hai and not caring, the Demon Race person does not think that Space has to change the person thought slowly the ability, so long as they entered Space, that could not overturn the heavens. With the Demon Race matter, Zhao Hai is also went to the a piece worry, now he can finally well to pay God Race, but the Underworld there movement, Zhao Hai has not cared now, in any case these low level Undead Creature, but increased the military strength to him. However comes on these Undead Creature that to look at from Underworld, Underworld area feared that compared with on Ark Continent don’t know big many, this that comes only is also only some Inferior level Undead Creature, Advanced level did not have presently, in other words, to Ark Continent here not life form, but is in Underworld few part, has not brought to the attention of Underworld upper layer. Even if this, Underworld these dead life form also occupied has given people a hard time North Polar Icefield also to have about Beastman Prairie one third, obviously Underworld big. Also they discussed with Laura matter about Demon Race, Zhao Hai attention centralized to the body of God Race, this looks at God Race these people, Zhao Hai present, God Race person now advancing is probably quicker than wanting that he expects.

Lizzy of Zhao Hai puzzled turning the head to Lizzy said :, what's the matter, God Race person advancing so will be quick? Is this little is not probably right? Wants control their?” Lizzy shows a faint smile said : control they to do, does not use control, I must let their advancing, best to have overrun to Accra Mountain there, then blocks them in there, then in dispatching troops to teach country there brightly, when they want to turn back in order to help friendly forces, we come to act seriously with them, I let their returned to teaches time of country's brightly, the person the minimum person dies more than 50%.” Lizzy that Zhao Hai look at smiles, shouted the tone, turns the head to Laura said : Laura, do you have presently, Lizzy now probably was more and more evil, I a little feared.” Laura young lady has smiled, Lizzy actually does not depend on, pursued Zhao Hai to twist several, Megan had actually flipped supercilious look said : „our not to learn from you to Zhao Hai, Elder Brother Hai, the truth said that our here worst was you!” Zhao Hai one hear, is angry said : well, dares to say me to be evil, ahem, I am evil to show you.” Said that one has grasped Megan, shoulders walks toward the building on the shoulder, Laura they actually create a disturbance in there, actually nobody goes. Laura they will certainly not be jealous, Zhao Hai regarding each women is very fair, moreover ten points is favoring them, Laura they want to do, Zhao Hai has almost not opposed time, there is anything to request Zhao Hai also to agree that now Laura they all are Zhao Hai, how possibly for this matter will be jealous. Some people said that loved the deep place, was not concerned for own success and failure, is only thinking the person who you loved crossed well, Laura they now on a little this meaning, their wholeheartedly only thinks Zhao Hai good, but they were what kind, completely not within their considerations. But Zhao Hai is also very good regarding them, the Zhao Hai has plenty matter must be done, however in the Zhao Hai mind, Laura they is actually most important, even is more important than Buda Family. Zhao Hai is not that type, to pursue what Immortal, what Grand Dao, what more formidable strength, on the cold blood Wuqing/ruthless person, in his opinion, if a person, did not have including the most minimum sentiment, that also called who, even if were you have become the god, became an immortal, can live forever and never die, but you did not have a sentiment, what were you? What do you have to distinguish with a piece Stone? a piece Stone places there, so long as you do not go to him, you person survives are much longer, but will you envy a piece Stone? Nobody will not envy a piece Stone, because you is a person, but that is only a piece Stone! Stone forever ice cold by in there, not warm, does not have the sentiment, had the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures called the person, no called Stone. ro! ~!