Third Prince now very proud, he was really too proud ” this line is running free with the current, these Ark Continent harassment armiessimply did not have a point influence to him, moreover touched already bursts, this made Third Prince have one type of, I was the feeling of Wargod. The Third Prince self-sensation is good, but Yun Tianlei does not have Third Prince to feel that was so goodhe instead to more and more to be worried now, his don’t know Zhao Hai this was in playing anything, why among suddenly put them such to push directly into, they had any plot. As a battlefield veteran, Yun Tianlei very clear ” a formidable match will not give them with no reason at all such opportunity, but he to the present also thinks why understand Zhao Hai such do not do. Information that before although he also received that about the Ark Continent people outmigrate, but Yun Tianlei has not cared, in his opinion, Ark Continent here person simply did not have the place to go. Are they Ark Continent Upper Realm, Ark Continent can move toward there? Compares Ark Continent to come, God Realm regarding all around plane, understanding are more than Ark Continent, their very clear, the Ark Continent surroundings, cannot receive on entire Ark Continent the places of all people to exist, regarding that information, Yun Tianlei has a look. Except for does not believe that beyond that informationArk Continent there of Yun Tianlei regarding these that leaves behind ambushes staff also to feel very disappointed, his understand, why the enemy has not ambushed long timealso to send out this kind of bewildered information. Actually cannot blame Yun Tianlei to think that ” they after all are God Race, too has known about all around plane, in adding on that type the arrogance of the bone passing, making them too not care Zhao Hai, even if were they eats several times to owe in Zhao Hai in hand is also same. To come in them, they have not brought to many enough attention to Zhao Hai, so long as they take seriously Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai does not have any to defeat their hopes. although Yun Tianlei very arrogant, but he is also attaches great importance to regarding Zhao Hai, therefore he has been thinkingwhy Zhao Hai such achieves the bottom is, more cannot think that ” he more is worriedmore is worried more unable to think, this has become the malignant circulation. Now Yun Tianlei only condition Fei'er a bit faster comes back, can bring good information to him, like this he can make arranges correspondingly. However Fei'er there did not have information, Yun Tianlei also to know that Fei'er there is impossible such quickly to have information, but he worries. Zhao Hai don’t know he is actually thinking anything, he is making the accurate attack to teach the preparation of country therealso to now brightly in the Accra Mountain defense line there arrangement person, actually he does not use now toward the Accra Mountain defense line there arrangement person, but Zhao Hai such has done, in any case he now also nothing.

Besides look at God Race here, regarding Demon Race there sound Zhao Hai also attach great importance to, after Great Demon King returned to God Race there, ” immediately retreat, this has also let wait for Demon Race there information that Zhao Hai feel relievedunder he must do. But Great Demon King there is also handling this matter, looks like such that Berry saidhope degree of Demon Race to good environment, distant left the imagination of Zhao Hai. After Great Demon King and other Zhao Hai leave, immediately returned to Demon Race large unit there, to large unit there, hedirectly ordered to retreat. These Demon Race person although do not understand Great Demon King are any meanings, however the Great Demon King prestige in Demon Race was really too high, therefore also nobody opposed that immediately withdrew troops, good army now to Demon Capital City is not quick, quick removed in returned to sub- Demon Capital City. Waits for returned to Demon Capital Cityhonored and popular person of Great Demon King immediately in Demon Realm, had found his in the room, his room is Demon Capital City here beforehand General's Residence. After waiting for all people to sit down, ” Great Demon King looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : I went to see Zhao Hai one time Zhao Hai saying that wanted to chat with me, I saw him. ” This is not secret, the Demon Race person mostly knows why they are only don’t know Great Demon King suddenly mention this, each and every one puzzled look at Great Demon King. Great Demon King looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : „I have thought that everyone/Great Clan also knows, in the past Demon Dragon received an information to say Ark Continent person already collective has outmigrated, at that time Demon Dragon could not make up mind, don’t know this information really or fake, but today Zhao Hai saw meto tell that me this matter, learned from Zhao Hai there, this information real. ” One hear of Great Demon King said that in hall immediately/on horseback has resounded one humming sound the sound, this information has shocked, the entire Ark Continent people have outmigrated, that must need big place secure to governthis them almost not to dare to imagine. Demon Dragon King looked at following these person of stations, this stood said : Your Majesty saying that” wants to come this information is not fake, but why don’t know can Zhao Hai tell Your Majesty your this information? ” Great Demon King nodded good that said : asked that besides this information, Zhao Hai also told me information, but this information regarding us was most important, Zhao Hai said that Ark Continent to North Polar Icefield there appears Space rift, but this Space rift leads to Underworld! ”

Just by a bomblet exploding the people, directly exploding hoodwinked by this big bomb, they have not thought that ” Ark Continent here can lead to Underworld unexpectedly directly. Underworld is existence that Demon Race dreads, has not thought that Ark Continent here appears led to Underworld Space rift unexpectedly directly, this regarding Demon Race, may absolutely not be good information. Demon Dragon King complexion ugly said : Your Majesty may confirm this information, isn't Zhao Hai will be lying?” although Demon Dragon King continuously to Great Demon King trust, but this information has really shocked, therefore he also has to confirm. Great Demon King shook the head said : I not to have the time to confirm this matter is true or false, but we want to confirm that this matter is not difficult, now immediately sends for confirming that has been OK, now Ark Continent there nobody, should not have any danger, by demon vulture clan, should quick be able to hit one back and forth, arranges, immediately to send for confirming, if this information is true, we must not make the plan.”, Demon Dragon King complexion is heavy his very clear, if this information were confirmed that that means anything, now Demon Realm almost can say that united with Ark Continent in together, if North Polar Icefield there real appears deep clan, that sooner or later some day they with deep clan to, then regarding Demon Race, absolutely was a disaster. Demon Dragon King one minute has not delayedimmediately to arrange, waits for him to arrange in the returned to hall the time, presently the people in hall also, but nobody spoke. Did Great Demon King look at Demon Dragon King said : to arrange? Can how long come back?” Demon Dragon King immediately/on horseback said :Your Majesty the day after tomorrow can come back, although this nobody stopped all the way, but walks distance not near time too to be short is impossible to hit one back and forth. Great Demon King nodded, turns the head to listen to me to people said :, gave me raise the spirits to come, to go back this matter relationship to my Demon Race future direction to manage well to me own team ”, if among this appears anything situation, looked how I tidied up you, dispersed Demon Dragon to stay behind. ”, The people complied with oneturn around to walk ”, only then Demon Dragon King remained alone, First Grade these people exitedGreat Demon King immediately/on horseback said loudly:, In transmitting orders palace can not enter the person.” Some out of the door people complied with onethen a sound of footsteps more to go to be farther. In nobody, Great Demon King turned the head actually I to make you arrange the person to Demon Dragon King said : to look that” was makesme who these people looked believe Zhao Hai will not deceive me to stay behind you at this matter ” is able to discriminate a matter to you tell. ” Demon Dragon King nod said : I have guessed correctly, Your Majesty please say.”

Great Demon King then Zhao Hai to the matter that he said that said one to Demon Dragon King, whenabout Lu Wei is also knows in matter Demon Dragon King, in the past Great Demon King looked up Lu Wei timeDemon Dragon King had participation ”, therefore this matter he knew, was because of this, therefore Demon Dragon King has not displayed too many surprised places. Waited for Great Demon King saying that Demon Dragon King „the meaning of Your Majesty to Great Demon King said : was, later our can Demon Race move to that place that Zhao Hai said? there really that friendly?” said : that a Great Demon King face is infatuated with good, compared with being better that also you imagine, is also better than the Ark Continent here environment, I saw the Ark Continent person in there, Zhao Hai Ark Continent that Space had made that is just the same as present this Ark Continent, the there person lives crosses very well, I envy really very much. ” Demon Dragon King nodded said : Your Majesty saying that will not be definitely wrong, but this matter must prepare well, I will have an accident these people in clan noisily.” Great Demon King nodded said : I also to be worried about this point, therefore the talent has made this, later you must the saying child who coordinates me our Demon Race to get out of misery probably arrive well. ” Demon Dragon King actually frowns said : Your Majesty, if Zhao Hai so were really fierce that we to enter that Space, but can also have? Also is not he wants to be how what kind of our us. ” Demon Dragon King shows a faint smile said : „the Zhao Hai strength is strong, but he such helps our Demon Race, is not a point does not have to his advantage, you forgot me saying that Strength of Faith, by the Zhao Hai strength, he will be to meet ascend in the future to that any Immortal Cultivator, to there, Strength of Faith was very important to him, so long as we entered his Space, later can be converted Zhao Hai, gave him to provide Strength of Faith, he on will not be awkward we. ” Demon Dragon King one hear of Great Demon King said that cannot help but frowns said : Your Majesty, what if such that currently does have to distinguish with us? ”, Great Demon King stared his said : fool, naturally had to distinguish, you had seen what advantage that Immortal Cultivator has given our? Our Demon Race person does not live in Demon Realm, a change does not have, Underworld appears , regarding us, the threat was too big, we entered that Space, in does not need to be worried that the Underworld matter, we gave Zhao Hai to be what kind of Strength of Faith like this, in any case Strength of Faith regarding us, and no big deal.”! ~!