Does Chapter 811 show a film? Demon Dragon King one hear of Great Demon King said that stares slightly, then his immediately understand meaning of Great Demon King, good, just as is such that Great Demon King said that their former Faith Demon God, but that Demon God is pretends, to collect Strength of Faith, moreover that Demon God anything advantage has not given them. If they enter Zhao Hai Space that not to be different, the there environment was stronger than Demon Realm . Moreover the Zhao Hai manner was also good, they want to Zhao Hai Strength of Faith, Zhao Hai not to feel embarrassed them. What most important is, Underworld this threat exists, if not enter Zhao Hai that Space, their sooner or later with the Underworld person to, their don’t know must die many people, but entered that Space, on complete did not use in being worried about this issue, this regarding them, was the big good deed. Demon Dragon King more wants more to think that this matter is the good deed, his immediately/on horseback turns the head to Great Demon King said : Your Majesty, I thought that this matter is the good deed, we should immediately/on horseback start preparing, Your Majesty you looked how we do want to prepare?” Great Demon King said : this matter I think that after demon vulture clan there had information, you assume here first, my immediately/on horseback returned to Demon Realm, arranges the everyone/Great Clan relocation the matter, Demon Realm there does not have what to be good to keep the mark in any case, moved also moved, but your here must pay attention, in the person with army talked clearly, must coordinate Zhao Hai, tidying up God Race well, Zhao Hai said that he altogether did not treat the day with God Race, our was also throws describes.” Demon Dragon King nodded said : this I to be able to achieve, but we before and Zhao Hai have hit several, some everyone/Great Clan enmity, this enmity I may unable to melt, result in Your Majesty you to act to be good.” Great Demon King smiles said : not to have relationship, this matter I arrange, so long as our Demon Race can enter to that Space, that enmity calculates anything.” Demon Dragon King has complied with one, they also discussed detail, Demon Dragon King has asked to be excused, but big Demon Dragon look at Demon Realm Ark, long vented anger. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, but he actually saw that demon vulture clansman, he has not cared, Great Demon King wants to go to there to have a look at Underworld to come, this he can understand that he has not deceived Great Demon King in any case, he wants to look that favored. Zhao Hai has prepared with Third Prince now to, Third Prince from teaches country there to come out brightly also already has four days of times, these four days, he soon has flown Aksu fortress unexpectedly, must say this advancing may really be enough quick. Zhao Hai to let him flies quickly, presently harasses stopped, although these harassment are not useful to God Race, but will reduce speed God Race some advancing, Zhao Hai this stops, God Race advancing was naturally quicker.

Yun Tianlei although very restless, wants to urge Third Prince slowly, however his urging to Third Prince of interest orthometric height, there will play achieves, Third Prince now already complete regarded itself Wargod, oneself went into action, Ark Continent person immediately/on horseback retreated, this was the big power and prestige, Yun Tianlei must block, that was not looks for trouble. Yun Tianlei looks unable to block, must complete the work of Rear Army, simultaneously additionally appointed the manpower to protect own line of supply, he has not actually thought that Zhao Hai will possibly attack teaches country there brightly. West God Race these people made an expedition to the east fight, the war that fought were many, never had that plane person, dares to go to attack God Race large camp, was because of this, therefore Yun Tianlei this old shop military will make such a fatal mistake. Battalion still in advancing, Yun Tianlei actually sits on own Mount, frowns, this entered Yun Tianfei, to the Yun Tianlei side, he has also frowned said : general, what this Zhao Hai was knocking, Ark Continent did there have an accident? They by Demon Race being defeated? Otherwise why does nobody come out to accept a challenge?” Yun Tianlei also puzzled said : how my also don’t know this was, the person but who I always some one type of ominous feelings, Zhao Hai was not that easily been defeated, otherwise he already had not been defeated, that will get so far as today this situation, you went back to inform everyone/Great Clan, prepared fight, Zhao Hai this fellow, had certainly any big plot.” Yun Ying complied with one, turn around walked, but Yun Tianlei actually took out a piece beast skin from own bosom, on this beast skin was the Buddha Empire map, was the beforehand light teaches the country to them, made the war Yun Tianlei has brought on the body. Looked at map one, Yun Tianlei muttered said : quickly to Accra Mountain, this Zhao Hai thinks that Buddha Empire such did give up? Should not.” Is thinking in him these time, Third Prince Front Army has been able to see Accra Mountain, Third Prince is sitting in Sword Chariot now, the Sword Chariot gate opened, car(riage) in front of the door there is suspending small table, above is putting some food and wine, but Third Prince is drinking alone in there, looks like also is really very free and unfettered. In this time, Cavalry to Sword Chariot side, to Third Prince ritual said : Your Highness, was just scouting the incoming telegram, Ark Continent has constructed a very firm defense line in Accra Mountain there, above has stood Undead Creature, it seems like it was the preparation blocks us in there.” Third Prince stares, then laughs said : Ark Continent these soft eggs, finally is willing to do to fight directly, transmitted orders, army adds the motion, a drum breaks through the Accra Mountain defense line, I to have a look, Ark Continent here person, but can also hide there to go.” That Cavalry complied with one, turn around transmitted orders, army advancing one sped up, dashed to the Accra Mountain defense line.

these days God Race army simply has not met any nice attack, this also made them have the one type of proud mood, their simply has not paid attention to the Ark Continent here person. Presently looks like in him, this any defense line, not by them, as soon as attacks broken, therefore these God Race each and every one one faces arrogant throws toward the Accra Mountain defense line, the lineup somewhat was chaotic. Zhao Hai sits in Space, look at God Race such movement, cannot help but turns the head to have a look to Lizzy said :, these fellows also are really impatient wants to bring death, does Lizzy, prepare?” Lizzy shows a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai your feel relieved, already prepared, you look.” Said that he closely is staring at the screen, after all the fight of this defense, is different from the field operation. Now Accra Mountain defense line there, has prepared completely safe, in Magic Cannon, was loaded with Blood Lightning Bead Javelin also to prepare, these Undead Creature Cavalry also all prepared, waited for the God Race person to arrive. Entire Accra Mountain defense line here, has certainly arranged more than 2000 Magic Cannon, Crystal Stone also preparation sufficiency of , but these attires Blood Lightning Bead Javelin, is the preparation, prepares to God Race to deal a head-on blow. But at this time, in Ark Space, each every urban fair and honest in the people of strolling, suddenly heard in sky to transmit sound speaking sounds: Ark Continent brothers please note, Ark Continent brothers please note, if everyone/Great Clan wants to see that the Mr. Zhao Hai undead regiment and God Race regiment makes the war, please big to the plaza of your city, in there you entire process of fight.” This sound appears three times had vanished, after people absent-minded, shouts wildly is running to look like the square that the respective city was, these parts only have heard God Race, has not seen, now does not need them to go to war, but lets their look at undead army and God Race armed forces fights, they naturally were very happy. When the people almost went to the square urban are, in the square raised slowly transparent light ball of four square shape, this light ball slowly upward rose, has risen the sky of city, this stopped. Then on light ball appears the Accra Mountain defense line in situation, each and every one Undead Creature, Magic Cannon, all have appeared such withering. In this time, sound suddenly is transmitting said : in the beforehand several days time, God Race reinforcement from teaches in the border brightly, dashes to Buddha Empire, this Mr. Zhao Hai useless is facing the war with them, but withdrew from Buddha Empire, prepares in Accra Mountain here, pins down the enemy, then in sending out Undead Creature Cavalry, captures to teaches in the border brightly, letting God Race wants to turn back in order to help friendly forces does not have the time, below everyone/Great Clan saw that God Race army attacks the Accra Mountain picture, if everyone/Great Clan has not entered Space, that Accra Mountain, will be the Continent last defense line!”

The side that this four directions open rolls very big, inside person each more than ten meters high, moreover four sides sees is the same pictures. Picture meeting slowly is far, entire Accra Mountain defense line regulation slowly now the front of people, at this time in crowd often had said : to see? Naturally we in there construction defense line, to block God Race attack, that is we cultivates?” Brings in surprised of surrounding person. The Accra Mountain defense line in picture, probably is Giant Dragon is the same, lies down on Accra Mountain, could not say grand magnificent, caused that a following person intermittent exclamation, these had constructed the defense line person at this time, started to mention all sorts on this defense line with his person, periphery caused a person of intermittent exclamation. In this time, a picture revolution, day Space of distant place, appears a piece of highlight, the highlight were getting more and more, are getting more and more, when the highlight increases slowly, the people then presently, these highlights unexpectedly all are the God Race soldiers. These God Race soldiers, everyone put on bright silver full body armor, in hand are taking weapon, is arranging the formation, flushed toward Accra Mountain here, that imposing manner penetrates the image, passed to the eyes of everyone, all cities almost lost the voice of speech at once. The lineup of God Race army is really very scary, these have not gotten up battlefield commoner, sees this lineup, has is frightened has a big shock, since to the present they understand, what army Zhao Hai has been in making the war, in their hearts sense of gratitude to Zhao Hai, deeply several. In this time, on the screen suddenly in appears red and white light radiance, these radiance perpendicular incidence God Race Great Formation, red light is injecting to God Race Great Formation, lived the explosion on immediately/on horseback, the huge explosive sound, passed to Ark Space each corner, but in God Race Great Formation, immediately has several God Race to be hit from the space. But white flashed with brilliant rays, will have God Race to be frozen turn into ice, falls toward the ground, in here, the picture used some feature article same scene to deal with, let doing of following person better understanding that red light and white light uses, this let the following these look at people, has almost forgotten the breath. ro! ~!