Chapter 812 breathless Third Prince The Third Prince look at front, his hand is also lifting, makes with the wine glass appearance, but his wine glass fell on the table from the hand, falls crushes, but he has not actually realized that his hand is also lifting. It looks like in Third Prince, the Accra Mountain defense line is the paper does, so long as their conflict, immediately can break through, but is very obvious, they have underestimated the Ark Continent strength greatly. When these red light and blue light shoot toward them, many God Race person protective shield does not have to get up, had by that red light directly gives exterminate blue. Only is this is also not anything, then has projected massive Javelin from defense line there, naturally, these Javelin are not the person throws, but is grounded Ballista shoots. Defense line there besides preparation massive Magic Cannon, has prepared a large number of Ballista, the manufacture of Ballista wants to be easier compared with Magic Cannon, moreover before the people on Continent also frequently used, the amount of use be bigger than Magic Cannon, Zhao Hai must collect easily. Before Ballista almost did not have any lethality regarding God Race, on Ballista shoot out crossbow arrow, cannot break including the defense of God Race, can be useful. However after now since had material Javelin, this Ballista lethality on big increased, must know Ark Continent Zhao Hai of Ballista on before Earth has seen Ballista is different, before on Earth, Zhao Hai has seen Ballista, generally was Song time three arm god nags that used, this Ballista in installing the arrow and shot, minimum needs four to five people to operate, very troublesome. But Ark Continent here person, because everybody practices martial art, can Battle Qi, therefore general Ballista, their person can operate, moreover this Ballista like three arm god nags, one time only cannot project an arrow, this Ballista most time can project five arrows, will not affect the firing distance. But Zhao Hai these Undead Creature, may all have the 9th level strength, a operate Ballista that is also not the relaxed matter, must add on Zhao Hai not to lack the ammunition, a time five, this Javelin shoot out, that Might may not be really small. These God Race armies just about to rush to defense line there, at once unexpectedly on Magic Cannon and Ballista by defense line being perplexed, if crowded firepower attack, is they want unable to think that such attack was also too fierce. God Race these people were startled have tarried, many people have forgotten the charge, forgot to support Domain, fought, in there was accepting on the Accra Mountain defense line the baptism of fire.

Some little time they responded, but at this time, a Accra Mountain round fire passed, these hit their tens of thousands people, majority of by Blood Lightning Bead Javelin killing. At this time Third Prince also responded, his complexion pale loud speaking sounds: „ Draws back, draws back quickly, toward retreat, falls back on beyond the firing distance, prepares in the entire armed forces. But Third Prince such performance, when the people by Ark Space was looked clear, just started, the people in Ark Space saw all in battlefield . Moreover the there explosive sound, the war cry they can also hear, this lets not experience these people, has the feeling that one type of experiences personally. When Third Prince orders, the people note this person, was needless saying that looked at the Third Prince sitting faction, the people know that he certainly was in God Race a great character, in this time, in sky that sound, in one time transmits said : present everyone/Great Clan in the person who in the picture saw, was God Race Third Prince, now invades Ark Continent frontline Chief Commander.” People already slowly has been used to this sound appears , they have not thought really that Zhao Hai Space unexpectedly so mysterious, can make them see outside fight unexpectedly, but can also hear the sound, but also some people make the explanation to them. When God Race retreat starts the entire armed forces slowly time, the people in Ark Space relaxed, then shocking scolding sound. The people are first time such direct sees the fight of frontline, its intense degree, distant left their imagination, but no matter what, Zhao Hai has also repelled God Race first time draws back attacks, they appear very happy. But God Race there does not have happy such now, did the direction of Third Prince dull look at Accra Mountain defense line, jump to roar fiercely said : this damn what's the matter? Who can tell me? This damn what's the matter? Their attack were suddenly so why fierce? Who told me this what's the matter?” His person does not dare to speak, in fact these people in ignorant, Ark Continent there today's attack, are also coming compared with former several days, don’t know violent many times, compared with today's attack, first several days attack, but is the joke of child. The table that Third Prince foot just ate meal kicked out from Sword Chariot, blood red eyes, turns the head said : to a guard Cavalry to go, looks to me Yun Tianlei, I to ask him, this what's the matter.” That Cavalry complied with one, turn around walked. Before long Yun Tianlei arrived by Sword Chariot, he bows said : to see Your Highness to Third Prince, does not know that what Your Highness does call the feudal official to have?”

The face of Third Prince look at Yun Tianlei that ancient well without ripples, saw that probably was ridiculing, the face of Third Prince cannot help but twisted, but he did not have silly proficient, therefore he has not scolded Yun Tianlei, is only deep voice said : Yun Tianlei, I want to know that Ark Continent here attack suddenly so was why fierce? What's all this about?” The Yun Tianlei look at Third Prince appearance, sighed darkly, then deep voice said : added the Your Highness words, today such attack, is the Ark Continent normal level, first several days Ark Continent attack, the feudal official simply had not seen before, was too weak, if before Ark Continent, was such attack, the feudal official already took Ark Continent.” originally that Yun Tianlei said is the truth, but this saying hears in the ear of Third Prince, actually that grating, listens in him, how Yun Tianlei this saying likely is ridiculing him. Third Prince two blood red eyes, in the eye is flashing frantic anger, bellows said : get lost to Yun Tianlei, your immediately/on horseback get lost to me, from now on, I in do not want to see you, go away!” Yun Tianlei is actually complexion sinks, the anger snort|hum, turn around walked, Yun Tianlei has certainly the reason vitality, he is Advanced level War General . Moreover the meritorious military service is remarkable, even if Taurus God King sees him, is polite, when is one's turn such Prince to quarrel and scold to him. Third Prince look at actually Yun Tianlei background, the air/Qi raises clenches jaws, head his blue vein jumps multi- tall to come, he turned the head to bumping into roar said : transmitted orders, attacked to me, I did not believe that will unable to break through such a defense line depending on my God Race ability, the attack!” As Third Prince this issues an order, the God Race army started the attack of frantic to the Accra Mountain defense line, Accra Mountain defense line there also opened this's counterattack of frantic. But did not have to Third Prince of fainted brains by the anger presently, during this attack, the Barbarian person and Pegasus Clan person obviously is actually being present at work does not strive, but Accra Mountain defense line there shoots at their there fire and Javelin is also minimum, both sides formed one type of to be tacit probably. Third Prince has not actually thought of these, he also the attack that ordered the army to go all out, but Accra Mountain defense line there Magic Cannon and Ballista not to be trifled with, their firepower very fierce, at once, the God Race army was suppressed unexpectedly. The Yun Tianlei surface sank water returned to in own armed forces, Yun Ying this time to Yun Tianlei said : general, three Your Highness asked you to do? Is the front attack is not smooth?” Yun Tianlei snort|hum, had not replied that instead to closed the eye, Yun Ying looked at the Yun Tianlei appearance, cannot help but fog, he turned the head side a look at Yun Tianlei guard, in a low voice to these guards what's the matter.

That guard to Yun Ying said the process that Yun Tianlei and Third Prince met, after Yun Ying has listened to this, complexion also very difficult looked that he turned the head to Yun Tianlei said : general, this went too far, what status were you? Even if God King Your Majesty sees you, so will not scold you, his Prince why?” Yun Tianlei closes one's eyes has not spoken, Yun Ying air/Qi how many thick air/Qi after breathing heavily, this turns the head to Yun Tianlei said : general, what meaning Ark Continent is here? Before they did not have nice attack, actually suddenly in the defense that here went all out, did they want to do?” Yun Tianlei closes one's eyes has not spoken, Yun Ying looks at Yun Tianlei this appearance, was not speaking, at this time the silver must the guest they also arrive at the Yun Tianlei side, several people just about to open the mouth, actually by Yun Ying blocking, then met the sound to several people said the matter that Yun Tianlei and Third Prince met, the silver must the guest they be also angry. The silver must the guest they, long before fight with the Yun Tianlei eastern expedition west, they regarding the respect of Yun Tianlei, even is bigger than the respect to God King, now trivial Prince, dares to scold Yun Tianlei, they got certainly angry. The however several people do not have loud shouting, they regarding Yun Tianlei completely understand, Yun Tianlei close one's eyes now, does not hope them extremely in the noise, because he is thinking the matter. The silver must the guest look at the Yun Tianlei appearance, what also did not say, but turned the head to Yun Ying said : shadow, you said that the Ark Continent here person was being up to mischief? Among suddenly also to be how fierce?” Yun Ying frowns said : my this unable to look, must say, their previous time tactics on very makes head painful, this time should also continue to use the previous time tactic to be right, but they do not have, instead to exhibited the pattern to defend in here, really made the person unable to feel the brains, they such did, except for can drag us in here, what point but can also have?” Yun Ying just a saying ended these words, eye fierce opening of Yun Tianlei, complexion pale said : is not good, we got up Zhao Hai has worked as, he must make here constrain us, then goes to sneak attack to teach the country brightly.” Yun Ying and silver must the guest they, as soon as listened to Yun Tianlei saying that was complexion changes, but how many people the appearance that was a face does not believe that can the silver the guest be said : this is more impossible? Can Zhao Hai have that big courage? Dares to go to sneak attack we?” ro! ~!