Yun Tianlei complexion ugly said : no reason why not, do not forget, fighting strength of Zhao Hai in hand these soldiers, are not worse than us on many, moreover Zhao Hai is also a bold fellow, what most important is, the army that this time we come out were too many, stays with the army of following defense not to have many, if Zhao Hai went to attack to teach country there at this time brightly, then on real very dangerous.” Cloud their complexion also very difficult look, before then, they have not abandoned have thought Zhao Hai will possibly attack teaches the country brightly, in their opinion, Zhao Hai will not have that big courage. However after a Yun Tianlei such sayingCloud actually believes that Zhao Hai may attack really very much teaches the country brightly, but this is they most undesired. Yun Tianlei immediately/on horseback said : picture, immediately/on horseback sends for reflected light wise teaching country there having a look at the situation, my present immediately sees Third Prince, we want immediately/on horseback to withdraw troops.”, Cloud complied with one, turn around walked ”, but Yun Tianlei directly soared Sword Chariot to go, he cannot be attending to with Third Prince now was angry, really if such as he thought like that light taught country there to be dangerous. However waited for Yun Tianlei to the Sword Chariot surrounding time, actually by Cavalry blocking, Yun Tianlei look at these has blocked in his front Cavalrycomplexion pale said : making way I must see three Your Highness, had the important matter to three Your Highness say. ” Blocks that several Cavalry in front of Yun Tianlei, unemotionally said : is unfair to General Yun Tianlei, three Your Highness said that he does not think that was seeing you, please return.” Yun Tianlei roars said : to boil to me, I must see three Your Highness, is related to my God Race safety you to dare to stop, do not blame my impolite. ”, But blocks in his front Cavalry, said : that still unemotionally General Yun please return, Your Highness does not want to see you.” Bellowing of Yun Tianlei air/Qiis just about to rush toward, but these Cavalry suddenly have actually encircled, in hand Knight Spear has also set level, prepared for wanted attack. Yun Tianlei looked that these Cavalry appearancesare shocked, was air/Qi results in skin color red said : „your bastards, do you want to do? To revolt?” said : that Cavalry disdains General Yun, we are responsible for protecting the Your Highness security, Your Highness does not want to see you now, you actually must rush hardly for the security concern of Your Highness, we can only block you ”, if you in dare to rush hardly, kill on sight! ” Yun Tianlei complexion azure|cyan whitehe knows what these Cavalry said after is these rides really ”, but Taurus God Race Royal special-purpose, let alone is his Yun Tianlei, even if compared with his status high person, these Cavalry will not have placed the eye. Yun Tianlei let out a long breath, turns the head that to trouble you to notify one to these Cavalry said :, said that Yun Tianlei has the important matter to see Your Highness, this matter relationship is significant, asking Your Highness to see for the feudal official.”, That Cavalry also knows obviously the Yun Tianlei statushe has hesitated, nodded, turn around runs in the Sword Chariot direction, before long that complexion came back, on his face are many a Palestine to have been in chargethat Cavalry complexion pale look at Yun Tianlei said : General Yun Your Highness to saydoes not want to see you, making you go back, simultaneously asked General Yun to hand over Command Seal, not having the order of Your Highnessnot to permit the general to transfer the soldier in armed forces! ”, Yun Tianlei stayed, what his look at that soldier said : „did you say? Was saying?” That soldier, cold. Many said :, three Your Highness said that asking the general to hand over Command Seal, without his order, the Rear Army soldiers can not transfer.”

Glaring angrily of Yun Tianlei air/Qi, straight vertical stroke, his look at these soldier said : „your bastards, you knows a randomly maliciously you are doing? You know that what aspect we can face? A bit faster puts me to see three Your Highness.” That Cavalry deep voice said : please hand over Command Seal this, otherwise we only then offended.” Of Yun Tianlei air/Qi roars, must clash outward, he had not been mad confused, he knows that at this time in flushed toward, but courted death, therefore he planned to clash outward, then in returned to own armed forces, immediately led army to turn back in order to help friendly forces teaches the country brightly. What a pity, he did not have this opportunityin Yun Tianlei turn around, wanted to clash outward, that Cavalry already guessed correctly probably was the same, he waved, blocked in Yun Tianlei behind soldier immediately clashes coming the Yun Tianlei strength not to be weak toward Yun Tianlei ”, the in hand totem stick wielded, fired their Cavalry spear|guns, then outward flushes away. In this time, he was then feeling that behind has foul airYun Tianlei one startled, the totem stick also luckily he responded toward behind one gradequickly enough, he just the totem stick files after several, Knight Spear spear shaft/gun barrel hit on his totem stick, these may be heavyYun Tianlei personal appearance in a flash, a Blood Qi tuck dive. But when he has not responded, behind is spear shaft/gun barrel opens, this Yun Tianlei has not blocked, he just wants to support Domain, late, by his behind one person, spear shaft/gun barrel had actually been given dozen of fainted. His behind just with that Cavalry that he spokethis Cavalry is Cavalry Junior Captain, the strength was also on God Rank Expert, was because of this, therefore Yun Tianlei will actually be knocked down by a spear|gun. After Yun Tianlei knocks down, that person waved, immediately had two Cavalry to come up, has helped up Yun Tianlei, has discovered Command Seal from the body of Heavenly Lightning, then held Yun Tianlei to deliver returned to in Rear Army. That Cavalry Junior Captain, has delivered to Third Prince there Yun Tianlei Command Seal, receiving of three king half tables, waving of made that draw back, moreover two eyes has actually been paying attention to the front war. Front war very disadvantageous, God Race army flushed several times, still does not have any effect, even their simply to defense line there, by Magic Cannon and Javelin returning ” the first charge, about thousand people falls on the road of charge.

Regarding such casualties, Third Prince is ten thousand never expected, but this actually strengthened him to capture the decision of Accra Mountain defense line, he decided after capturing the Accra Mountain defense line, ”, so long as saw that the Ark Continent personhe must kill a cleanness, not a chicken or a dog left. But other side, when that two Cavalry unconscious Yun Tianlei delivers returned to Rear Army, Rear Army in an uproar, status of Yun Tianlei in Rear Army these soldier is very high, now Yun Tianlei well sees Third Prince, was hit fainted to deliver, these soldier that can not be chaotic. Cloud and silver must the guest their complexion ugly encircled came to encircle that two Cavalry in the middle, Cloud look at unconscious Yun Tianlei, got angry said : „? Who has hit the general?” That two Cavalry actually vary not to fear, loud deep voice said : Third Prince has the command to make General Yun Tianlei hand over Command Seal, Yun Tianlei not, since, but also attempts rebel, will therefore be knocked down, Third Prince ordered, without his order, Rear Army such as some people dares to move soldier, Military Law is engaged in!” Said that put on his Mount turn around to walk Yun Tianlei. Surrounding these soldier although are angry ”, but they also know the status of these two people, therefore these person of nobody dare to begin to resign a road, let their leave. Cloud they looked at back one eyes of that two soldier, immediately to the Yun Tianlei side, holds Yun Tianlei falling slowly to arrive in the ground, Cloud holds Mount Yun Tianlei, calling said : in a soft voice general general? Awakes, General! ” Yun Tianlei just hit fainting was not the too serious wound, Cloud shouts one, Yun Tianlei to awake lightly, he turned the head to look at Cloud onefast then touched one presently own Command Seal not to have Yun Tianlei cannot help but toward own bosomto face upward sorrowfully shout: Day wants to perish my God Race!” The one breath has not come up, one on fainted in the past. Cloud they then frighten heavily, his immediately makes the person take a piece Bu to come, then the cloth gets wet gentlyis scratching the face of Yun Tianlei. Some little time Yun Tianlei long woke his two eyes atheistic looked at Cloud one, then gently has closed eye said : „the flatter shade, dresses ranks must help Your Highness give in any event to break through the Accra Mountain defense line, so long as broke through the Accra Mountain defense line we to crash in Ark Continent so long as our capture the Ark Continent person has threatened, Zhao Hai dared us to be what kind. ” Cloud look at Yun Tianlei said : general, your wound?”

Yun Tianlei shook the head said : I to be all right, you arrange.” Cloud complied with one, turn around walked, Yun Tianlei sat slowly, has put Light Element Magic toward own body, this slowly has stood, the battlefield of look at distant place, cold sound said : good Zhao Hai, to be really brave, you think that can block my God Race army with a defense line?” Yun Tianlei was also understand ” the present wanted to turn back in order to help friendly forces now teaches country there brightly definitely is without enough time, Zhao Hai will not let, therefore they who they went back with ease ” must doas soon as possible broke through the Accra Mountain defense lineby the Ark Continent person as the threat, making Zhao Hai not dare to act rashly. So far, Yun Tianlei still does not believe that Zhao Hai will outmigrate the people in Ark Continent, this looks like in him is completely the impossible matter, therefore Third Prince although his Command Seal searching forYun Tianlei after calming down, immediately has actually thought another one type of method, with quickest gives to break through the Accra Mountain defense line, then kills in Ark Continent, such Zhao Hai will certainly turn back in order to help friendly forces, the light taught the country there crisis also to relieve. If Zhao Hai does not turn back in order to help friendly forces, they can also use the Ark Continent person as the threat, negotiated with Zhao Hai, making Zhao Hai not dare them to be what kind. Yun Tianlei very clear, if Zhao Hai does dare the Ark Continent here person, that Ark Continent here person, meets cause disturbance , aspect difficult when the time comes Zhao sea surface is near will tidy up. Because had this idea, therefore Yun Tianlei will do from new shaking, and lets the Cloud entire armed forces, prepares to support Third Prince. Yun Tianlei very clear, Third Prince such attackcasualties are very big, it will not take long, can want reinforcement, if when the time comes has not put in order the armed forces, will slow the attack plays, that troubled. If before, Yun Tianlei will definitely not count the attack way of casualties to attack the Accra Mountain defense line with this type, but cannot control now that many, if cannot the attack Accra Mountain defense line as soon as possible, they be dangerous. 【...... Chapter 813 sad Hu......】 a!!