The heart of Chapter 814 Earth Fire But Zhao Hai also knows the plan of Yun Tianlei, but he had not been worried that Accra Mountain defense line here they have arranged that long time, that is not the white arrangement, now the people on although Ark Continent withdrew, but this defense line also, defense line thing also, so long as opens the army, that did not have any issue. Now Zhao Hai in command(er) these Undead Creature, is preparing to teach the country to begin brightly, but words that Yun Tianlei they just spoke, has not used any Magic protective shield, therefore Zhao Hai they heard. Yun Tianlei the change of their there, has suited the Zhao Hai regard, they are longer in the time that there hits, to Zhao Hai is advantageous. Now Zhao Hai has taught the country there army to prepare brightly the attack, immediately can attack, before they research had taught the deploying troops for defense situation of country there about God Race brightly, and has selected a best attack place. Zhao Hai have chosen several best places, finally thought that is not quite appropriate, finally Zhao Hai they have chosen a place, to brightly teaches the country to carry on attack from in the sea. The light teaches the country is original Ocean Waves Dynasty, this national three surrounding seas, be only one is presently interlinked with Buddha Empire, compares 6 on attacks, on the sea right they have carried on attack convenient. But in Zhao Hai these Undead Creature, has plenty is in the sea Magic Beast turns, his in the sea activity, compared with moves comfortably on land, therefore Zhao Hai they decided finally, from the attack of sea to God Race. Besides this reason, but also is able to discriminate a reason, is Zhao Hai wants to go to Blazing Island to look, Blazing Island, one of the Ark Continent five big places, hang the overseas certainly orphaned, in the island the temperature is extremely high, the volcano is densely covered, on the island besides some special Fire element Magic Beast and some Fire element plants, had one type of life form, Flame Demon! This Flame Demon is similar to Demon Realm Flame Demon, is by some high level Magic Beast evolution, they do not fear the fire, the flame is their energy origins, is adding on Blazing Island such special place, therefore there almost became the Ark Continent Expert tomb, before innumerable Expert went to there to explore, can live few. But reason that Zhao Hai must go to Blazing Island there , because he wants to go to there to have a look, can get so far as some Fire element Crystal Stone. With God Race to the war, Fire element Crystal Stone is easiest-to-use, but under the North Polar Icefield there Hisageyama, the Crystal Stone [lineage/vein] exists, Zhao Hai does not believe the place like Blazing Island, actually will not have Fire element Crystal Stone. Original Zhao Hai wants to come out after North Polar Icefield, finds a time to go to Blazing Island one, but has not actually thought that later met the intercrescence that many matters, finally this plan has to put down. Now Zhao Hai to wants to use this opportunity to go to Blazing Island there to have a look first, then after deals with the God Race person, Zhao Hai with Great Demon King contacts, own Staff let out, puts in the sea, then advances in the Blazing Island direction from in the sea directly, now already very close Blazing Island. Reason that is so slow , because they must bypass from in the sea teach the country brightly, avoid by God Race present, God Race these fellows are very fierce, a little slightest sign of trouble they may be able presently. Zhao Hai is paying attention to Blood Staff direction now, but Lizzy they the army and God Race carry on the war in command(er), now Blood Staff immediately must arrive at Blazing Island, Zhao Hai spirit also concentrated.

Staff may the god range be limited, Zhao Hai decided certainly was not waiting, he turned the head to Lizzy their said : Lizzy, here give you, I went to have a look.” Lizzy spoke thoughtlessly to comply with one, the eye did not have the leave screen, Zhao Hai to look at her appearance, thought little, the walked out of flashes body from Space, Blood Sword also flew from in the sea at this time, turned into Great Sword, was stepped on by Zhao Hai in the under foot. Zhao Hai stands on Blood Staff, eye is actually the look at front, in his front not far away, can look that the column of smoke shoots up to the sky together, understood at a glance that is the in the sea volcano is belching smoke, Zhao Hai believes that there should be Blazing Island, he flew toward there. Before long red big island appears in the Zhao Hai eye, this big island straight is not small, area has almost Ocean Waves Dynasty to be so big, in entire island red, no matter the land or Stone, are the red, is connected including the above the face length plants is the red, looks like very special. In the south of island, the volcano is spurting the mountain, but evidently already near the end, but is braving some black smokes, in that Shan Zuo below, but can also see that some magma are braving the steam. However makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, here he has not seen Magic Beast, has not seen Flame Demon, volcano that the entire island has dared that spurt, appears a deathly stillness. Zhao Hai has not cared, his immediately/on horseback gathered round the island to fly, looked at the surface on island, the terrain on this island said that also very simple, was a volcano by a volcano, this was one big volcanic island comprised of many active volcano. After Zhao Hai looked at terrain on the island, entered Space, the liveliness of now Accra Mountain fortress there, God Race and undead army hit, God Race don’t know moved many time has attacked, but undead army time and time again has actually repelled their attack, moreover makes them suffer heavy casualties. But most lets Third Prince and these God Race people felt what vitality is, they saw with one's own eyes oneself this side the soldier of dying in battle, suddenly are given to take away by Space rift together, then turned into Undead Creature, helping these undead army protect the Accra Mountain defense line, this made these person of eyes of God Race red. It looks like in these God Race people, this insulted, ** the bare insult, their blood red eyes toward Accra Mountain defense line overshooting, turned into Undead Creature finally, join to undead army, made the war with the past ally. Zhao Hai looked at a tactical situation, nothing, he in being worried about, turn around returned to his room, turned on the in the room that small point screen, then starts the interior of there volcano to observe by the island, he is to look to look that having a look in the island to have the Crystal Stone mineral lode. This looks at Blazing Island with the screen, Zhao Hai knows that his beforehand idea is mistake how, Blazing Island there that does not have Magic Beast and Flame Demon, the there devil and Flame Demon has plenty, but an island volcano is spurting the mountain now, these Flame Demon and Magic Beast have hidden. In volcano very far crater that place also very strange thing that these Flame Demon and Magic Beast hide, they hid in several other to that spurting, in that several craters dense and numerous all was Flame Demon and Magic Beast, the quantity very astonishing. Zhao Hai has not paid attention to these Flame Demon and Magic Beast, he makes Space search toward the island, Zhao Hai this searches toward the island, he one has been shocked, on this Blazing Island, almost only then an above subzone is the earth and Stone, one arrives at the island next about ten meters thoroughly, takes a broad view to look, all was glowing red Fire element Crystal Stone, the Zhao Hai saliva cannot bear flow. Zhao Hai immediately moved, his body table moved on appears on Blazing Island, then one drilled underground, started frantic in Fire element Crystal Stone toward Space.

This Crystal Stone quantity was too big, Zhao Hai some don’t know here many this Stone, in any case he is one receives, receiving not to stop. Space regarding this type of dying thing gathers energy that is uninhabited may compare, the rapidness, is far from the people can imagine, Zhao Hai don’t know received how long, he felt that all around was not having Fire element Crystal Stone, this stopped. He looked at all around one, presently probably give to hollow out the entire Blazing Island below, but Zhao Hai has not cared, in any case here also nobody, these Flame Demon and Magic Beast died died, no big deal. Zhao Hai looked all around did not have Fire element Crystal Stone, then toward the underground drill, he believes that underground will have Fire element Crystal Stone, just like he thinks that in has drilled the soil layer of one layer about 20 meters level, below all was Fire element Crystal Stone, Zhao Hai is one receives, after receiving, downward drilled. Zhao Hai has calculated, this is Ninth Layer Fire element Crystal Stone that he gathers, these Crystal Stone not only even bigger, but also energy is fuller, color depth, Zhao Hai could not calculate, these Crystal Stone to had many blocks. Looked at around one, without Crystal Stone, Zhao Hai downward has put on, this time he just drilled to underground not far, right a heat wave heads in the feeling, it seems like looks, is a magma river. He does not have toward, passed through the rock river to meet downward, when he just passed through the magma river, he was actually shocked, because this magma river, what is different from Stone that his previous time saw, in the below of this magma river, unexpectedly was the one layer sand, the one layer golden sand. Zhao Hai looked at these sand one, the hand has wielded, receives sand to enter Space, then he was waiting for the Space prompt sound. Space has not disappointed him, hears the Space prompt sound to transmit said : „the present level pure Pure Gold sand, this sand is Cultivation World Item, specific uses the disciple, Host level is insufficient, cannot know that asking Host to enter quick Level Up.” Zhao Hai one hear of Space this prompt sounds have cannot help but laughed, this time may be gets so far as thing, this type of golden sand unexpectedly is Cultivation World special-purpose, moreover by his present level, cannot know that unexpectedly this golden sand usage, this absolutely is good thing. However these golden sand in magma, want to gather is not easy, Zhao Hai looked at all around one, clenches teeth, links magma together to receive toward Space in directly, was not managing that many. This magma river compared with the North Polar Icefield volcano following magma river mostly, good Zhao Hai have to receive the experience of sea water, opens Space directly, magma toward receiving that in Space goes all out, simultaneously these golden sand naturally also entered in Space. These magma enter to Space to does not have what response, Zhao Hai to put in Space Warehouse these magma, now he does not dare these magma release. When the entire magma river received in Space, golden sand also received, this magma after all was not the genuine river water, flowing wanted on slowly compared with the genuine water many, therefore received to arrive has spent also many trick/hand and foot. However received magma Space, has many advantage to Zhao Hai, because of his present magma source, this crag the source, unexpectedly will be a small fire flame!

Doesn't one roll not big flame unexpectedly is such a source of magma river? Zhao Hai initially sees, but also thinks one have misread, but is quick he to know that oneself has not misread, that small fire flame truly is the source of this magma river, moreover Zhao Hai also saw very familiar with thing in there. Before Zhao Hai in a Crystal jar present a piece with solar similar thing, after receiving in Space, rolled thing to regard a small Sun to use that but the group of thing that Zhao Hai sees now, was similar to that small Sun. Zhao Hai carefully looked at this fire flame, presently this fire flame center, is thing of one group like magma, the braving bubble that kept, looked at for quite a while not to see any positive result, Zhao Hai simply in thinking, rolled thing Space that in thing. This fire flame same thing just received the Space city, in Space transmits prompt speaking sounds: „The heart of Earth Fire, may produce Fire element Crystal Stone, may produce magma, may produce the pure Pure Gold sand, may produce geothermy energy, receives the heart of Earth Fire because of Host, Space Level Up to eight Level 10, Host may buy ten Magic-type background, may buy 20 ordinary background.” Zhao Hai happy wields the fist to yell said : „! fantastic!” This matter regarding Zhao Hai is really fantastic, doing of heart of this Earth Fire with is very big, moreover let Space Level Up, this regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely was good information. Zhao Hai looked at the heart of surrounding situation this Earth Fire, the surroundings of heart of this Earth Fire, all are high level Fire element Crystal Stone, Zhao Hai naturally not feel relieved, starts to receive greatly receives especially. Also has used good long time, Zhao Hai received in these Crystal Stone Space, and under searched searching toward all around, not in presently any good thing and Crystal Stone, this does, returned to in Space. Enters to Space, Zhao Hai immediately has put underground the heart of Earth Fire, then magma river let out, magma river release comes, prompt sound immediately/on horseback said : in Space presently the river of Earth Fire, may refine weapon, may be used for attack.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that this magma river really also has such big use, but Zhao Hai waves, divided leave golden sand and magma river, then entered in the magma river Space Warehouse, the heart of Earth Fire has put Space underground in any case, can produce the magma river, this magma river was so useful, he remained to use. Zhao Hai has inventoried these time in the harvest of Blazing Island there, this harvest is very big, he just looked at the list of Warehouse there, this time he was only Fire element Crystal Stone accepted hundreds of millions, but those who made Zhao Hai somewhat accidental was, these Crystal Stone automatically had also been divided into various grades and ranks by Space, what most low grade was Low Grade Crystal Stone, a cut above also had Mid Grade Crystal Stone, had higher authority Crystal Stone, most high grade also had Top Grade Crystal Stone, naturally, this Top Grade Crystal Stone minimum, only then not less than 10 million, about High Grade Crystal Stone hundred thousand, Mid Grade Crystal Stone more than ten millions, Low Grade Crystal Stone, quantity about 1 billion. look at this digit, Zhao Hai felt that heart extremely startled, he has not thought that this Crystal Stone quantity unexpectedly so astonishing, this regarding him, may absolutely be a big wealth. ro! ~!