Chapter 815 prepared Crystal Stone this thing although is impossible to be used to trade, but regarding Zhao Hai, Crystal Stone precious degree, but compared with money important. Now Zhao Hai also only then uses Crystal Stone with Magic Cannon this one type of clan law, but he believes that later he will certainly look for more methods to use Crystal Stone. Zhao Hai in Space selects spatially oneself harvest, outside has not been idling, he has put outside Blood Staff, making Blood Staff often brightly teach the direction of country's to fly, this two do not delay. These Crystal Stone was too useful regarding Zhao Hai, especially copes with the God Race important moment in this, does with significantly, therefore Zhao Hai thinks that he is bountiful received Blazing Island there. Lizzy they in command(er) and God Race war, therefore cannot withdraw the body, Laura did not have that many matters, just linked has been making a sound the several times prompt sound, Laura several people also made that ran from in the room. Zhao Hai looked that Laura they came out, moved forward to meet somebody, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, just what's the matter? Has transmitted several prompt sounds? What thing is?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to worry, this time may get so far as many good thing, you look.” Said that he turned on the Warehouse page, in Zhao Hai present Space Warehouse has piled big pile of thing, Zhao Hai has processed several to approve, may remain according to many, therefore his Warehouse page also appeared very crowded. However was good because of this Warehouse page with has arranged according to the time, more early deposited thing in Warehouse, even if in front of page, but Zhao Hai this thing of accepting, was putting on the rear of Warehouse page. These thing on Laura look at page, felt that very surprised, the river of Earth Fire, Crystal Stone, golden sand, the river of Earth Fire must with saying, that Crystal Stone quantity was very astonishing, but that golden sand quantity astonishing. Laura look at that Crystal Stone said : originally this Crystal Stone is also classifies, is Crystal Stone that Elder Brother Hai, we use now is several?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : low grade, is most low grade that one type of.” On the Laura dumbfounded look at page that about 1 billion digit, were don’t know must say that at once really any was good.

Zhao Hai then said : besides Crystal Stone, river of that golden sand and Earth Fire, why my also don’t know uses, I want to use, feared that is present level is also insufficient.” Laura dull said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that you want to know why that thing does use? Actually because of level insufficiently don’t know? Now Space level so was high, unexpectedly also insufficient?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : good, naturally was insufficient, now we can buy ten Magic background and 20 ordinary background, but wants to buy actually must wait some time, we are not on hand ample.” Laura nodded, she also knows that Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, in the past transform Ark Space time, has almost squandered Zhao Hai in hand all money, therefore they really unnecessary money was unable to buy background now. After Zhao Hai the Warehouse page has closed, is leading Laura in their returned to room, walked while said : this Blazing Island there all good thing to be received in Space to come by us, later did not use in there, moreover this our in hand Crystal Stone was fuller, can cope with God Race fully.” Laura nodded, what Zhao Hai smiles said : most important is, these time obtained heart of the Earth Fire, I have put underground the heart of that Earth Fire, later in our Space can deliver the Fire element crystallite, perhaps, also will have appears of river of golden sand and Earth Fire.” Laura happy said : that fantastic, to be honest Elder Brother Hai, we now can also sell to a Space point Crystal Stone, price of Crystal Stone in Space is very high.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, Space will not make the business that loses money, do not look that we must sell to the Space price to be very high Crystal Stone, but after accidentally us, must use Crystal Stone, in wants to buy from the Space round trip, that will pay more money, waits for several in any case some time, money also almost can sufficiently collect, does not need to sell these Crystal Stone.” Laura nodded, was saying them while entered the room, enters the room they presently, Lizzy and Megan in command(er) these undead and God Race war, but the present is Lizzy in command(er), but Megan is sitting in the one side rests. Zhao Hai also knows that this command(er) goes to war a very laborious matter, if their command(er), sooner or later must step tired, therefore they now are person command(er), a person rests, this can guarantee the continual fight. Zhao Hai has not disturbed them, but was returned to own in the room, looked at a small screen, calculated also to have how long to teach the country surrounding brightly.

But what Zhao Hai don’t know is, now Ark Space there, almost all people pay attention to this war in the pass/test, the people in Ark Space, besides these become a soldier, almost nobody meeting scene so great war, even if these becomes a soldier , has almost not experienced such big scene, they have battled with the god demon two clans, but such large-scale attacking defense line, has participated actually few. But this time war scene live broadcast, looks at person burning with passion, some often people cheer applaud, every time repels an attack of time God Race, the people are cheering. The person who however these know the business is actually a heaviness of face, because they looked, fighting strength of these God Race people were very strong, do not look that their times were given to repel by undead, probably was the skill also such, did not have anything specially, but the person with high aspirations has counted to cross, carries on attack from the God Race first Accra Mountain defense line to the present, they have attacked 40 fully many time. More than 40 charges, although first time was hit, but this casualties are not a small digit, if changes into the Ark Continent here army, feared that was the rout has gotten down, however God Race did not have what response probably, the attack was still sharp. although this is only a small issue, but can actually from this issue, respond many thing, for example the qualities and their resistant to compression abilities of God Race soldier. In the battlefield, the pressure of soldier is very enormous, because they must directly face fire attack of enemy, direct facing life and death, when you see your ally, the time of pouring, that pressure is not the average person can withstand. But these God Race soldiers actually bore this pressure, they resembled simply not to see own ally got down to be the same but actually, charges, times were repelled, in charges, although looked like very silly, but if were the average person facing such army, feared that was broken already through the defense line. The people of these knowledge soldiers, very surprised God Race fighting strength, because of this, therefore complexion some of these people are not quite attractive. They also think that before Zhao Hai makes them move to Space in a little to exaggerate, the Space here environment truly was good to not have the words saying that possibly they could not bear, but sees God Race fighting strength after now, nobody was speaking any words, God Race army was too scary. Moreover they also know that Demon Race and army are more fearful than the God Race army, the God Race army will die, but the Demon Race army, actually meets self-exploding, even if dies, must draw in one to make scapegoat. Rosen Empire old King is this kind of person, his although agreement enters Space, but some are at heart uncomfortable, after all this Space is Zhao Hai, is, as the matter stands on equal to that here Zhao Hai said said that was the Zhao Hai status also wants compared with him high, this made this become the father-in-law how can be comfortable at heart.

Before they had seen undead and Demon Race war, now is looking with the God Race war, shadowless that old King that uneven air/Qi, vanished at heart finally did not have the trace. fighting strength of these God Race people were really too strong, leaves that he anticipated, old King let out a long breath, but stood in his Lando, in a soft voice said : Your Majesty What happened? Old King forced smile said : has not thought really that this God Race fighting strength unexpectedly such, no wonder Little Hai allows us to enter to Space, if our time does not come, that feared that troubled.” Lando nodded, let out a long breath said : „, really cannot think, this God Race strength unexpectedly such, soldier such aggressive.” They sobbed, does not have to look, person who returned to in the imperial palace, they had the status after all, the matter that must handle are many, not having the time to look at that long time. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, he is preparing to attack God Race now, all have prepared, Magic Staff arrived has taught the southeast side of country's brightly, best attack place that here Zhao Hai they choose. Now teaches southwest side there of country's brightly, was occupied by God Realm new Continent, Zhao Hai has not wanted to attack that piece of new Continent now, that piece of new Continent there directly is connected with God Race, if attacks there, possibly the God Race person directing, when the time comes him may fish any advantage. Therefore the Zhao Hai attack running line has killed from the southeast side northwest side, in teaches in the border brightly, kills an oblique line, but this oblique line happen to can avoid God Race new Continent there, the center that but can also from teach brightly kills one to kill Lu to come, like this he can receive many Gnome and gets so far as many Magic Cannon. Because of Accra Mountain there also at war, therefore Zhao Hai can only now command(er) these Undead Creature offensive combats, but Zhao Hai this time in his Undead Creature, is Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, about quantity near 20 millions. Zhao Hai has not let Barbarian and Pegasus Clan Undead Creature, leaves Accra Mountain there and God Race refutes directly, because Zhao Hai present, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan to God Race probably are very discontented, these time the meaning that dispatches troops to a little to be also present at work does not strive , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has not let Barbarian and Pegasus Clan Undead Creature sends out, he feared that makes Undead Creature of these two clans send out, will arouse anger of Barbarian in Pegasus Clan heart, if these two races also with God Race same goes all out with them, that Accra Mountain there pressure on even bigger. ro! ~!