Chapter 816 attacks! Standing of Zhao Hai calm on Great Sword that Blood Staff turns into, he behind entire simultaneously bit by bit near 20 millions Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature are the Zombie appearances, they are Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, Barbarian are Center Army, Pegasus Clan are two wings. Zhao Hai these time has not been suspending Rubik's Cube Continent, Rubik's Cube Continent although goes forward or retreats depending upon circumstances, but this Great Formation has characteristics, is advancing is not quick, after must maintain the Rubik's Cube Formation shape, is not a relaxed matter. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has exhibited such a lineup, this motion, do not carry on the large-scale base operation's base war with God Race, but rushes ahead, kills that head from this, wants is, if really by God Race tying down, that is Zhao Hai does not have the danger, feared that what does not fish to advantage. Zhao Hai looked at the following team, has prepared completely, Zhao Hai deep voice said : has then remembered, the Pegasus Clan person, your most important duty, grasps Gnome, I must live, the Barbarian person, you attacks a city, snatches Magic Cannon, the more better.” Zhao Hai not like to the Human Race army, after saying these, but must ask one, you did not listen white, regarding Undead Creature, absolutely did not have that necessity, Zhao Hai was their gods, each few words that Zhao Hai spoke, they meticulous carried out, therefore does not need to speak the idle talk. After explain/transfer ended, Zhao Hai wields said : „!” Said, when toward teaches in the country to fly first brightly. But when Zhao Hai appears , in Ark Space on projection of these cities, fierce, this makes in Ark Space these look at person in an uproar of satisfying, is a heart startled, they feared that defense line there has an accident, feared that Zhao Hai defeats. although they entered to Space in now came, but they regarding outside war or very concerned about, because Zhao Hai they must face, after all was their once enemies. Such accident lets entire Ark Space piece of chaos, in this time, in time transmitting said : was asking everyone/Great Clan to be peaceful to that sound that they illustrated before, just made everyone/Great Clan look that was Mr. Zhao Hai undead army and God Race army carries on the process of fight in the Accra Mountain defense line, reason that Mr. Zhao Hai will make God Race safe arrives at Accra Mountain defense line there, was because he wants to constrain God Race using the Accra Mountain defense line, simultaneously he led surprise-attack forces, attacked God Race in the Ark Continent supreme headquarters, the light teaches the country!” Along with this sound, on the screen appears a map, is south of the Accra Mountain defense line terrain, demonstrated that with the red point on the shape undead army, with had demonstrated after the point God Race, along with the sound of illustration, on the map also often appears arrow explained.

The people were then peaceful, the map on static look at screen, that map is the activity, looks like looks like three-dimensional, the mountains rivers, perform obviously without doubt, Buddha Empire these cities, demonstrates clearly. Meanwhile also has the green arrow to fight to demonstrate on the map God Race this line the route, how dealing God Race demonstrates Zhao Hai with the red arrow. Therefore the people can see, most from the beginning, a huge green arrow, from teaches the direction of country's brightly, has killed toward Buddha Empire, this has not encountered any resistance all the way, killed Accra Mountain defense line there to the God Race green arrow, a huge deficit trend, has blocked the attack of God Race in there, simultaneously some red small arrows, appears in the Accra Mountain surroundings, these small arrows, has prevented enemy retreat obviously, the preparation tied down their. These arrows moves, that sound while explain, now is an ordinary farmer, knew the general process of this war. Then a picture revolution on screen, changed to has taught country there brightly, then the sound of that explanation in one time conveyed said : „the Accra Mountain there undead regiment to constrain God Race, but Mr. Zhao Hai, is actually getting another undead regiment now, circled to teach the back of country's from the sea brightly, prepared to teach the domestic God Race person to carry on attack from here brightly, then killed from here.” At the same time was saying, on the screen is representing Zhao Hai their red with the arrow, is moving quickly, is an oblique line, straight from taught the southeast of country's to kill brightly to the Northwest. After explaining, the map on screen vanished, then appears their was only preparing to teach the country to carry on attack army in Zhao Hai brightly, that sound then said : present Continent saw that was Mr. Zhao Hai their only to brightly teaches the country to carry on attack army, now army left.” The screen specially has also given a Zhao Hai close-up, Zhao Hai black Magic Cannon, stands on Great Sword, flies in the forefront of team, the clothes belt is floating, is similar to a deity people, the people on Continent, cannot help but felt an awe at heart. Zhao Hai complexion calm, he is paying attention carefully front, now they entered to teach in the border brightly, because God Race has not thought that Zhao Hai will attack from here, therefore in the coastline here city, their simply has not left behind any defense force. However Zhao Hai has not treated it lightly, now entire bright country here was incomparably huge Magic Formation, although said that these Magic Formation is used to break the Space barrier, but who knew also had other use, therefore Zhao Hai very careful. Zhao Hai also knows that now their here situation is looking like Ark Continent there to carry on live broadcast, this is Cai'er tells him , before is them, reaches an agreement, such does for the better prominent Zhao Hai positive image, making Zhao Hai in the status of Ark Continent will of the people point higher.

In advancing Zhao Hai, is noting, front has in a city to have the God Race person to be stationed, but that is only small town, the population is not many, outside the city has plenty Gnome is doing in the work. Zhao Hai not polite, the hand wielded, leading army to kill, in the people of look at screen, is seeing this only army to take Zhao Hai as the arrow, overran toward that city that God Race occupied. All people cannot bear report that breath, the earnest look at screen, the God Race person in that small town also saw Zhao Hai their this only army, a God Race person cannot help but flurry of in the city. They have no alternative but to be chaotic, because of their this small town, simply does not have what defense strength, on city wall does not have including Magic Cannon, in fact here is only a slave village, is God Race specifically is used to manage the place of slave . Moreover the God Race person does not believe that some people can overrun to here to come, therefore here almost does not have any defensive strength. However Zhao Hai will be impolite, he led these Barbarian Cavalry to kill toward in the city, but these Pegasus Clan Cavalry, were actually overrunning in Gnome of practical training toward outside the city these, these Gnome each and every one face startled look at toward Pegasus Clan Cavalry that they threw. These Gnome and don’t know, these Pegasus Clan Cavalry turned into Undead Creature, they have not studied Magic, has not studied Battle Qi, therefore felt that impossible to be so keen. Their although very scared Pegasus Clan Cavalry, has not actually run, because they know that they want to run, cannot be inescapable, if they ran, by God Race person capture, was one dies, therefore their nobody dares to run. But these Pegasus Clan undead Cavalry, each may have the 9th level strength, coped with these any strength earth deities that has not been in relaxed, they have flown from the sides of these earth deities, these Gnome had been grasped by them in in hand, therefore capture Pegasus Clan undead of earth deities, immediately was received in Space, but this piece of Space, was ordinary Space that piece of Demon Race and Ark Continent people have not had been. Naturally, the Ark Continent person saw on projection, scene that this has not wanted, on projection appears , only then Zhao Hai gets the Barbarian person to carry on the attack scene to God Race. weapon that Human Race provides now is also Javelin, Blood Lightning Bead Javelin, Zhao Hai thinks that in these races, can wield to a big way Blood Lightning Bead Javelin Might, was the Barbarian person.

For other, is not because the Barbarian manpower is big, making them use thing like bow and arrow, they possibly do not use well, but makes them use Javelin, that was great, what Javelin throws is ruthless . Moreover the firing distance is very far, is quick, if did not fear that gives to enrage these Barbarian Elite, Zhao Hai already made these Barbarian person cope with God Race army. However now this is also good, these Barbarian Cavalry, follow in Zhao Hai, taught in the city of country's to attack toward that light, to the sky of that city, several God Race people flew to get up they also to support own Domain, these God Race people were God Rank Expert, they also will naturally support Domain. However their such strengths, in the Zhao Hai front, simply are not anything, the Zhao Hai personal appearance lives, the hand wields, his blood red Great Sword flew, punctures toward that several God Race people. This Blood Sword very fast, sees in sky red light flashes, Domain of that several God Race people was broken, but their front also appears a bloodstain, then bloodstain getting bigger and bigger, but these God Race person one face shocking look at Zhao Hai, looked down the bloodstain of own front, Zhao Hai this sword, their fronts have passed through, crushed their hearts directly, they could not live obviously. That several God Race people die, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback wields, took in that several people Space, then comes in Accra Mountain defense line there release, they turned into Undead Creature. This entire process very fast, in the people winked in the time of several eyes to complete, recording that but on the screen actually clear analyzed spirit all these, moreover in Ark Continent here, but also used feature article same scene let out specially, making the here people look clearly. Looked that Zhao Hai waved to kill several God Race people, people cannot help but applauding in Ark Space, then they saw Javelin rain that blotted out the sky, got down in that small town, in small town all God Race, instantaneously by exterminate. After having killed these God Race, Zhao Hai has not walked, but in small town, found has detained the Gnome place, there Gnome let out. Besides these, Zhao Hai is still looking for in addition same thing through Space, such thing is not other, these were used for the Blood Sacrifice light to teach the dry corpses of country these people by God Race. ro! ~!