Zhao Hai is not to such do with no reason at all, he discovers these Gnome slaves, to let the people in Ark Space knows how God Race treats by their conquer person, Zhao Hai must find these light to teach the dry corpse of people, to let the Ark Continent here person has a look, how God Race treats the Ark Continent here person. Reason that Zhao Hai such does, because of the importance of his very clear propaganda, he wants into the god of Ark Continent person, that propaganda well, during propaganda maintains the mysterious feeling, this is must do. He not only need propagandize itself, must let Ark Continent person understand, God Race is evil, is cruel, only then such Ark Continent person will thank him, gratitude slowly will turn into the respect, finally will turn into the worship, then Zhao Hai will become the gods in their heart. This plan small is a long-term plan, but there is Space, Zhao Hai does not think that own plan needs how long, because Space can have the ability of change person thought that Zhao Hai believes that has this ability, Ark Continent person it will not take long, will regard the god same to worship him. Zhao Hai when rescues these Gnome, has given these Gnome feature articles specially, the expressions on these Gnome faces, do not have happy, not sad, some are only numb, that type dull, the accepting fate expression, lets all see this Ark Continent person, felt heart fierce trembles. Especially that eyes of these Gnome, spiritless, does not have the nimble and resourceful meaning, looks like probably is Zhao Hai these Undead Creature, a point cannot look at this is living life, that is one pair should not appears in living life eye. Stature very short of Gnome clan, wants compared with Dwarf Race on short several many, therefore they stand when the Zhao Hai side, looks like a child stands in the side of Sir, but is this is more powerful. These Gnome obviously are Chang Qi the malnutritions, therefore each and every one long looks like the big end of baby, is very big, but the body is very smalllikelittle guy, same. But these people in Ark Continent, saw these Gnome appearances, they will think of the child, thinks the child they can unable to bear thinks of own child ”, if Ark Continent really by God Race to conquer, that own child may change becomes will be in the future same as these Gnome, the slim figure, will actually be having a big head. Thinks of here, all people hidden shivered with fright, they cannot downward think, because had such idea, therefore they cannot help but lived the sense of gratitude to Zhao Hai, was Zhao Hai continuously in frontline there and god demon two clans to the war, was Zhao Hai has this not to have the war them, happy incomparable Spacethey to Zhao Hai, only then sense of gratitude. Zhao Hai received in these Gnome Space, then flies toward outside the city, Ark Space people don’t know Zhao Hai must do, but they knew quickly, Zhao Hai arrived in a ravine of mountain, is piling one pile of dry corpses in there. Sees these dry corpses time, the people in Ark Space, cannot help but called out in alarm onesome courage to be small, closed the eye not to dare to look directly. But at this time, before that to sound that they explained in flashes has made a sound: everyone/Great Clan should not be startled, these corpses that you see now, before is , the light teaches the person in country's is also the Ocean Waves Dynasty person, God Race in order to arrives at Ark Continent to come, they used the entire Ocean Waves Dynasty person to carry on Blood Sacrifice, Ocean Waves Dynasty all people, cannot escape by luck dead, all people died ”, but God Race after Ark Continent, corpse optional losing of these people to outside the city this ravine, everyone/Great Clan was unable to see that these corpse appearancethey were almost are kneeling, these personwas teaching church there of country's to carry on the pray brightly., They prayed that their Faith god can bring the happy life to them, has not actually thought that God Race gives them, simply is not the happy life, but is exterminate! ” The people in Ark Space hear these, these courage are small, cannot bear has opened the eye, enters their view, is that kneeling position dry corpse. Ark Continent here people was angry, but this picture does not have the appears too long time, Zhao Hai used Magic burying that ravine, then bowed to that ravine, turn around flew, undead that was leading work, downward target flew.

Their this attack God Race want is one, moreover God Race remains teaches the country here population not to be really many brightly, the city that therefore Zhao Hai their this advancing very fast, meets breaks through directly, then gives to plunder Gnome, Magic Cannon also entire teacher moves out, in the city stays behind commodity that can use, does not give God Race to stay behind, but when a city, Zhao Hai will find these dry corpses, then buries. Brightly after the situation that live broadcast Zhao Hai attack teaches the country two cities, Ark Space there was not broadcasting the Zhao Hai there situation, transferred returned to the picture Accra Mountain there. although Accra Mountain here hits so is still lively, but now Ark Space people, were at heart many a heaviness, in not like before that[ is popular] exerted. What in Ark Space the mood of people are, now Zhao Hai and don’t know, must do breaks through the God Race cities, thing that in the city all can move out, all moves out, any thing does not give God Race to remain. But Gnome that all can seize, Zhao Hai all has also seized, is one does not remain, this is also to the one type of attack of God Race, after all the cultivations of these Gnome, can make army of god friend not worry to eat and drink. Also because of such reason, therefore Zhao Hai does not want to make people of Ark in 6 on see too, if makes people of Ark in 6 on see, countenance that the god in oneself heart curtain, in command(er) these Undead Creature, going all out plundering thing, being greedy for money, that may throw the share. Zhao Hai their this good progress very fast, although occasionally some resistances, but there is Zhao Hai, is adding on Blood Lightning Bead Javelin, these God Race people almost came up two to put in an appearance are extinguished. But God Race these Magic Cannon, Might can only be general, currently uses Crystal Stone Magic Cannon compared with Ark Continent here, that Might was bad much, after all God Race there use was not such Crystal Stone. The God Race person has not thought obviously that some people will run up to here to disturb, therefore their degrees of reaction is a little slow, moreover such that just like also Zhao Hai thinks, brightly is teaching country here now, God Race not many armywants to cope with Zhao Hai their this near 20 millions army, they can only adjust some armies to come from God Race, or makes Third Prince they turn back in order to help friendly forces. However Third Prince they now in Accra Mountain there and Ark Continent army war, even if were impossible to be so quick the army that God Race sent the rescue to them, therefore they can only take in God Realm to adjust the armed forces. However waits for them to adjust the armed forces come the time from God Realm, Zhao Hai they leave have taught the boundary of country's brightly, returned to in Space. This motion, altogether uses for two days a night, fight that a night has not stopped, is these Undead Creature, otherwise is changes into ordinary God Rank Expert unable to stare.

Zhao Hai considered as finished this time they altogether to have God Race there to snatch near 50 million Gnome, gigantic shape Magic Cannon 3200, other types of commodities were countless. After Zhao Hai arranged another nobody's to be able these Gnome in background took inventory thing, Zhao Hai arrived in that background. These Gnome vigors, look like the net enters Space the time was better, on their faces that numb expression has also become less crowded, these Gnome are not the fools, they also presently went to a very unusual place, the here environment is better than Ark Continent, is also better than God Realm on moreover around here is own companion, cannot see a God Race person. Is thinking that Zhao Hai before and God Race person four buckets, these Gnome knew, this time they by the Ark Continent person grasping. God Race, when delivers to Ark Continent these Gnome, told them here is there after all in God Realm there, existence of Ark Continent, simply is not secret, before Ark Continent person ascend arrived at God Realm, therefore God Realm there was familiar with other Continent regarding the Ark Continent ratio. These Gnome also know where Ark Continent is, but they have not really thought that the Ark Continent here person, fighting strength such, can defeat God Race also to go into the God Race domain unexpectedly unexpectedly to cause trouble, this is the matter that they have a dream cannot think. Two days night of time does not calculate short these Gnome months open Space time, very scared, does not dare to move heedlessly in all directions, but two days a night of time, they will be also hungry, hungry will look to eat, but in this Space, Zhao Hai has planted many Bread Tree, these Gnome after present Bread Fruit has been able to eat, a person eats one to fly full. These Gnome don’t know how long has not eaten has sated the appetite, these were Gnome of slave said since childhood fortunately that they have not eaten to the full since childhood, but after these, Gnome that was grasped, was each and every one excitedly has actually cried. Before these Gnome, to avoid seizing of God Race, hides in some barren mountains and untamed rivers places generally, however the God Race environment is also better on some than Ark Continent, even if some these looks like in God Realm is the barren mountains and untamed rivers place, will not be bad, therefore before these Gnome, can eat meal, since had been grasped by God Race, they in have not eaten to the full. In this background, Bread Tree has plenty, Zhao Hai almost does not use in regards the grain now these Bread Fruit to the Ark Continent person, because after Ark Continent these people entered Ark Space, the grain that oneself grow could not finish eating, naturally do not need Zhao Hai to provide. Zhao Hai receives Bread Fruit now, to sell to Space, spoke the truth, this Bread Fruit bought for the Space price, was really the low pity, now made these Gnome eating, he was not grieved. These Gnome head are not big, is adding on starving of long time, their stomachs have contracted, simply could not eat too many thing, Bread Fruit, sufficed three Gnome to eat to the full. Zhao Hai to this Space time, these Gnome collected Bread Fruit, saw Zhao Hai appears , immediately that these Gnome frightened knelt on the ground.

Zhao Hai look at these Gnome, after deep voice said : you, lived in here, in this Space will not have God Race, but I told you, I was your gods, because this Space was my, I will not regard the slave to direct you, the matter that but I told you must also complete, so long as you completed the matter that I told, I can said thing that wanted.” Zhao Hai very clear, these Gnome by God Race to oppression was not one year two years, you speak any equality to them now, these were the floating clouds, their not understand, therefore he can only in this way. Really, these Gnome very accepts Zhao Hai this method, not only does not have the disappointed appearance, conversely, a each and every one also face[ is popular] exerts. This Space environment is very good, Zhao Hai in hand does not have money to come to change all in this Space now, place that therefore has not constructed to these Gnome, he is only „the bread essence that look at these Gnome said : on Bread Tree in this Space tie, eats to you, you can construct the house in here, I will also put some and other low level Magic Beast to here, you can grasp Magic Beast to eat, what if there is particularly to need under thing, you can pick Bread Fruit, then trades to there.” Explained that Zhao Hai has referred to not the far a piece place, a ground fluctuation that wants, then a church same construction rises straight from the ground. This building is not very big, but looks like is actually very stylish, Zhao Hai look at these Gnome said : there was your Divine Palace, what thing if you needed, picked Bread Fruit, or grasped Magic Beast to trade to there, wants traded thing the time, so long as were bringing Bread Fruit and Magic Beast, entered to that house, then said thing that you must trade to be OK, remembered?” These Gnome some nods, some were shouting received. Zhao Hai nodded, flashes body leave, these Gnome he has not wanted to manage now, later he will definitely go to God Realm, when the time comes will have more and more Gnome arrivals, when the time comes looked at their unfolding. These earth deities saw Zhao Hai to walk, immediately crawled from the ground, several people a little led the consciousness Gnome, immediately organized own person, together picked Bread Fruit. In any collective, will have some people, the abilities of some inborn leaders, Gnome is no exception, some Gnome have the one type of persuasive ability inborn, but they have been closed by God Race, without showing this ability, present to a such place, these earth deities had the opportunity, they some are willing to listen to the words Gnome to organize, everyone/Great Clan together picks Bread Fruit, then prepares to attain church there to trade thing. The influence is actually this formation slowly, the manner of Zhao Hai this to ignore, regarding present Gnome, on seeking degree has the advantage very much, because of present Gnome, almost lost their all civilization inheritance, if makes them one accept too many thing, they definitely could not accept, let matters drift the one type of best choice.! ~!