A Gnome clan and Ark Continent situation is different, Ark Continent is overall moving to Ark Space, Ark Continent here civilization has not received a point destruction, the preservation absolute complete. But a Gnome clan is different, before a Gnome clan had high Magic-Mechanical Civilization foundation, possibly also wanted compared with Ark Continent here on strongly many, but has not used, their this civilization were destroyed completelydividing into periods of civilization appears , now in these Gnomeknows the character on few, in this case, Zhao Hai, if one made them study too many thingto help him handle the too difficult matter, that was almost impossible. But reason that Zhao Hai causes that church, moreover lets Gnome with picking the thing method trades thingfor lets these Gnome understand, gets so far as Space here to come you, did not make you enter Heaven, you still need to work, can trade all that you wanted. It is not Zhao Hai is stingy, but is he does not want to foster the problem that these Gnome are gluttonous and lazy, making them know that no pain , no gain is best. But that church is Zhao Hai makes Cai'er make, thing that this church uses, is actually by a nose control server, so long as Gnome takes thing to enter to teaching in the palm, can receive in exchange for thing that they need, no matter any thing, Zhao Hai can get so far as to them. Naturally, this has received in exchange for thing also having the price, for example an ordinary made of iron axe, these Gnome clan minimum must trade with about hundred jin (0.5 kg) Bread Fruit. This price is Cai'er through buys thing toward Space, in buys thing from Space, after adding on the Ark Continent there price carries on a price that the computation results, this price almost will be forever does not change. He to did not fear that a Gnome clan wants to trade any extraordinary thing, by a present Gnome clan thing in Space, they are wants to trade Advanced level thing, cannot put out thing to trade. In the Space that now a Gnome clan is, most is rich is Bread Fruit, the light trades with Bread Fruit, feared that was theycould not trade the entire Space Bread Fruit natural lighting a piece Crystal Stone, therefore Zhao Hai did not worry. After processing a Gnome clan, Zhao Hai turned the head the vision Accra Mountain defense line there, there still in hittingYun Tianlei they also don’t know Zhao Hai brightly has taught country here now looting. However now Zhao Hai wants to enter teaches the country to take by force brightly was impossible, God Race toward has taught country here to send reinforcement from God Realm brightly, therefore Zhao Hai prepares to cope with these God Race armies that besieges the Accra Mountain defense line now.

However on appears an issue, their manpower was as the matter stands insufficient, although said that Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature are many, but looks like Barbarian and Pegasus Clan Undead Creature Zhao Hai does not prepare to use now, Barbarian and Undead Creature of wing clan horse, if a use, will possibly enrage Barbarian and Pegasus Clanif advanced that side these two races God Race completely, that Zhao Hai was cries unable to look to move. Zhao Hai and God Race have a grudge, but may not have what enmityto speak the truth with Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, Zhao Hai also really somewhat sympathizes with these two races , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai, when presently Barbarian and Pegasus Clan regarding some order being perfunctory of God Race, his horse are decisive ordering, carries on large-scale attack to Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, must make them know that the Ark Continent person with treating God Race has the difference to them. Has to recognizeZhao Hai do very successful, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan these Elite, in these time with the fight of Ark Continent, have walked to be present at work does not strive, this also made the Accra Mountain defense line there pressure more relaxed. However as the matter standsZhao Hai wanted to cope with God Race appears has the hand to be insufficientArk Continent these people, just to settle down in Ark Space got down, if at this time, made the person in Ark Space dispatch troopsto cause dislike of Ark Space person, such matter Zhao Hai was not dry. But does not make them dispatch troops, now Zhao Hai in hand did not have other military strength, this made some Zhao Hai headaches Zhao Hai suddenly feel that ” in this timeown information in having the sound, Zhao Hai has put out that Message Fish to look, gave the Great Demon King good strip rest fish, Zhao Hai to stare quietly, then one happy...... Great Demon King after Demon Dragon King has reached an agreement the later Demon Race trend, has prepared to leave Demon Realm, before returning to Demon Realm ” some Great Demon King matters must do, first is, he must wait for information of demon vulture clan, so long as there is information of demon vulture clanhe to carry on second. The people of demon vulture clan went to three talents to come back, returned to Demon Capital City there, his immediately sought an interview Great Demon King, Great Demon King nature bright grew in vain any matter ”, therefore he not independent summoned this demon vulture clansman, but in Demon Race city here, groans the Demon Race people of having a face to give to invite. After waiting for all Demon Race people, ” Great Demon King letting these demon vulture clansman came, that demon vulture clansman face weary look after all people on the scene saluted, Great Demon King said : was then good, said.” The people of that demon vulture clan complied with said : are, Your Majesty, this time I left from Demon Capital City here, after Albanian Bukit Raya, entered in Lyon Empire, then passed through Rosen Empire, Aksu Empire enters to Beastman Prairie that Your Majesty, entire Ark Continent nobody, a person did not have now, all Ark Continent people have outmigrated, but in Beastman Prairie there, I saw Underworld poisonous mist definitely is Underworld poisonous mist will not have wrong, I also noticed that many Undead Creature moved in poisonous mist. ”

The Demon Race person in hall heard demon vulture clansman saying that ” buzz one blasted out the child pot, they have not thought that the Ark Continent here person has outmigrated, moreover person real appears of Underworld. When Demon Race does not fear any race, but regarding Underworldthey is actually dreaded deepestthis does not have the matter of means that Underworld there was almost some cold blood Wuqing/ruthless life form, Demon Race suffers a loss to. Great Demon King looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : has given me peacefully, quarrelled anything.” In hall one static, all people do not dare to speak, the Great Demon King prestige is placed in there, these people may not have that to dare not to respect Great Demon King. Great Demon King looked that all people do not speak, he then turned the head to be good to that demon vulture clansman said :, you got down.” That demon vulture clansman complied with oneturn around to walk. Great Demon King turned the head look at people said : like this looks like Mr. Zhao Hai has not deceived us, I before and Mr. Zhao Hai carried on one time to talk over thoroughly, the Mr. Zhao Hai words, were very sincere, he led me the place that goes to the Ark Continent person to live in now, to be honest, I arrived at there, but also thinks really Zhao Hai was deceiving me, because there was just the same as the Ark Continent here terrain, without any difference, but there that the Ark Continent people livedat there not any war. ” People look at Great Demon King, don’t know he wanted to say anything, Great Demon King looked at people said : Mr. Zhao Hai to tell me, he said that he did not hate our Demon Race, our Demon Race invaded Ark Continent, to pursue good life, he did not hate us, in adding on us has not caused the damage of any substance nature to Ark Continent, therefore he understood our, afterward he also led me to go to environment very good Space the there environment also to be better than Ark Continent, Mr. Zhao Hai said ”, if our Demon Race wanted, can move to that Space to live. ” Before although, has the Great Demon King words to press in there, but these people could not bear soundkey are the information that Great Demon King said are really too astonishing. Great Demon King looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan certain very strange, why Mr. Zhao Hai must such do, good, I explained with everyone/Great Clan, that Space that Mr. Zhao Hai said that was actually his Space he has one type of Divergent Technique, can open the out-of-the-way to leave several own Space alone, in that several Spacehe was the god, the words that he spoke were the decree of godalso in other words, if our Demon Race person entered that Space, how that Mr. Zhao Hai does want us on us how, everyone/Great Clan to listen to understand? ”

These Demon Race one hear of Great Demon King spoke ” the collective has lost one's voice, they have not thought that really can be this, all person one face shocking look at clamped Demon King. The appearance of Great Demon King look at people, then said : Mr. Zhao Hai gives me a guarantee our Demon Race to walk to enter to that Space, his absolutely not for no reason suppression our Demon Race, will not meddle the Demon Race internal matter, will not come the slave with own strength we, he thought that our Demon Race does not go bad, does not want to make us destroying completely by Underworld. ” Speaking of here, before Great Demon King sighed said : „, our Demon Realm and Underworld several times encounters, although we have repelled Underworld, but we have also paid extremely serious price, moreover everyone/Great Clan was must forget, at that time our fight places in Demon Realm, we can also try to find the solution, gave seal activated with Underworld interlinked that Space passage, but now is different, here was Ark Continent, we and Space passage between Ark Continent opened completely, but Underworld and Space passage between Ark Continent also completely openedthis passage is the seal does not live, that also in other words, we. Demon Race and Underworldpass Ark Continent this place, by forever successive in together. ” Speaking of here Great Demon King to sweep these Demon Race then said : before the eye we repelled Underworld, guaranteed Demon Realm to be safe, was because we can the Space passage seal on, one, but Space passage seal not on, then regarding our Demon Realm, absolutely was a disaster.” These Demon Race are not the fools, meaning of their understand Great Demon King, one, but Space passage cannotDemon Realm sooner or later be extinguished by Underworld by seal activated, this is the biggest threat. Great Demon King deep voice said : „, if we entered to Mr. Zhao Hai that Space in do not need to be worried about the Underworld issue, moreover Mr. Zhao Hai allowed us to enter that Space, was not the complete stemming from good intention, our Demon Race had the arrow to use to him. ”! ~!