Demon Race person these person calm, Demon Race these people most worried that does not enter that Space actually, just as is such that Berry said that the Demon Race person regarding the good life environment, really extremely in yearning, for a good life environment, they have been able to pay many thing. The Demon Race person fears is, they regarding a Zhao Hai use, that Space have not been Zhao Hai, if they to a Zhao Hai not use, then regarding them, absolutely will not be good information. If they use not to have regarding Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai will also be raising their Demon Race person with that Space? Is impossible, nobody will do such, this looks like their Demon Race person herds to be the same, these Magic Beast that if they raise, a point regarding them with if no, them will not raise. Now one hear of Great Demon King said that their Demon Race person has regarding Zhao Hai in a big way uses, this cannot help but made these Demon Race people somewhat move. Great Demon King look at people said : „the Mr. Zhao Hai strength, I think that everyone/Great Clan also knows, I do not fear to tell everyone/Great Clan, even if I uses Devil War Chariot, not necessarily is the Mr. Zhao Hai match, moreover I must tell a everyone/Great Clan matter, do not think that our Demon Realm was high level plane, wanted high level plane to exist compared with our Demon Realm.” One hear of Great Demon King said that these Demon Race people excited, their understand this high level plane is any meaning, knows that this word , because of the understanding Ark Continent. They know that Ark Continent here is only low level plane, before Ark Continent here simply appears God Rank Expert, all Ark Continent God Rank Expert, could ascend go to God Realm, to God Realm, Ark Continent was low level plane. They have thought Demon Realm and God Realm, was highest level plane, because in their these two plane, can produce God Rank Expert. Now listened to a Great Demon King such saying, above them, really also had higher level plane, this they may unable to sit still, all people discussed in there. Demon Dragon King knows that what's the matter, therefore he looked at people one eyes, silently said: Solemnly silent!” His throat, let these Demon Race calm finally, Great Demon King look at their appearances, deep voice said : „the matter about higher plane, these days I was also knows, reason that has not told you, was because this matter was extremely astonishing, therefore I had not said. ” These Demon Race people were peaceful, Great Demon King these years were Demon Race have handled many matters, they are clearGreat Demon King not to deceive their, was because of this, therefore they believe that the Great Demon King words, one hear of Great Demon King said now, their although being startled, but more was actually curious.

Great Demon King look at people said : we Faith Demon God, is actually come from higher plane practice, moreover he is not the Demon God appearance that we see now[ really] solid he, should be this appearance. ” Said that Great Demon King puts out leads the great picture that Zhao Hai has printed. Before had not seen this picture including Demon Dragon King, now one hear of Great Demon King said that they received this picture to look very curiously. After waiting for all people to watch the picture, Great Demon King to their said : in entire Demon Realm besides Demon Dragon, nobody knows that I was meet actually[ really] eye of skill reality, in the past I became Great Demon King time, Demon God once revealed the body to bestow the clothing/taking, at that time I saw, Magic Beast was not that appearance that we saw, his true body was actually this appearance, he turned into that appearance, to let us believes that he was Demon God. ” How present Demon God then Great Demon King is also was not the matter that true Demon Godthen started to investigate said oneself, then he also said how he is lived that to collect the Strength of Faith Magic Formation matter also in Demon God Statue to say. When Great Demon King said that ” Demon Race in room besides Demon Dragon King, all person dull sitting in there, these matters that Great Demon King said that was left their understanding range, they don’t know must say that at once unexpectedly any was good. Great Demon King look at their appearances, sighed, then said : initially knows that the person of this matter were not many, but also and had, besides Demon Dragon King, God Realm there several big top Expert also knows that now this matter, we after knowing this matter, the idea of sole, was wants to get rid of this person's control to Demon Race!” Speaking of here Great Demon King excitedly, his look at in all Demon Race people of sitting, said loudly: You said that what these year of Demon God have given us? Our still mister in Demon Realm such wonderful difference incomparable environment, we still wants everyday and Magic Beast makes the war, makes the war with same race, only in order to goes on living, is this, we still want Faith Demon God, to him why can provide Strength of Faith? Why we have paid that many, has actually been varied a repayment!” Great Demon King these words, spoke in the mind of Demon Race person to go directly, these Demon Race people already by the Demon Race there environment suffering could not bear, now one hear of Great Demon King said that each and every one resentment at heart one has spurted, all people breathed heavily, two blood red eyes! Demon Race originally is fierce does not fear, their although said Faith Demon God, but regarding they these a half year of random walks of the life and death edge person, Demon God this Faith, not very firm, they believe. Great Demon King look at these Demon Race people, he know that the crucial moment was similar, his then said : these time invades Ark Continent, to be honest I to get rid of that person's control to our Demon Race, but I have not actually thought that in process that in talked with Mr. Zhao Hai, I from Mr. Zhao Hai there, actually also heard information of this person!” How then Great Demon King Zhao Hai is presently Lu Wei, how to defeat the Lu Wei process to tell them. After saying, Great Demon King deep voice said : because knew these, therefore I decided that making Demon Race move into to Mr. Zhao Hai Space , the Mr. Zhao Hai strength is very strong, his future strength will be certainly stronger, when the time comes he has opportunity ascend to Advanced level Space, possibly may run into this person, this person has deceived our these many years, this tone I cannot swallow, if Mr. Zhao Hai can through Space, lead us to that Advanced level Space in, we on can find a that person to revenge personally!”

One hear of Great Demon King said that killing aura of that Demon King person one has braved, the Demon Race person never quietly dies, but they most hate other to deceive them, therefore after knowing the Lu Wei matter, these people hated Lu Wei, now one hear of Great Demon King said that can revenge with this method, their naturally happy. What Great Demon King look at people said : present everyone/Great Clan also had to say? If you do not want to enter Mr. Zhao Hai Space, I did not oppose that Mr. Zhao Hai also said that enters that Space, along with everyone/Great Clan, even if walked to enter that Space, everyone/Great Clan was Faith he, along with everyone/Great Clan, you decided.” Great Demon King just spoke, a strength Demon Race person has stood, said loudly: Your Majesty said that the there words come, we naturally must enter that Space, there not only the environment is good, but also possibly revenges, why does not go.” He said that several other strength Demon Race people were also same, loudly said that must enter that Space, then the people of several other races also agreed to enter to that Space, they entered that Space, because besides better environment, because also they can revenge in the future! Great Demon King looked that the people responded like this, this then said : good, everyone/Great Clan agreed that matter such decided that my immediately related Mr. Zhao Hai, before entering Mr. Zhao Hai Space, we must help mister busy, together cope with God Race!” As soon as the people listen, loud applauding, they do not have the reason of opposition, in their opinion, God Race is the Lu Wei most faithful running dog, now cannot project on Lu Wei, tidies up the god variety to be also good. The appearance of Great Demon King look at people, waved said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan first goes back, I the here matter arrange, immediately Demon Realm to organize the person, then enters to Mr. Zhao Hai Space, you in here, listen to Demon Dragon command(er), helping Mr. Zhao Hai God Race tidying up, understand?” People with one voice said : is, Your Majesty.” Great Demon King nodded, beckoned with the hand, lets people leave, but he has left behind Demon Dragon King. When the people were straight, Great Demon King then light tone, turns the head to Demon Dragon King said : Demon Dragon, here to remain the even matter to hand over give you, a while will relate with Mr. Zhao Hai, later directly related with mister by you.” Demon Dragon King complied with one, Great Demon King has not carried him, has put out Zhao Hai to his Message Fish, he looked at that Message Fish first curiously, presently this small fish does not have any special place, swimming all around in the small jar, could not see to have any different places.

Demon Dragon King also curious look at Great Demon King, don’t know he puts out such a small fish to do, the Great Demon King look at Demon Dragon King appearance, shows a faint smile, then can he to that small fish said : Mr. Zhao Hai, Mr. Zhao Hai, be hearing?” Demon Dragon King dull look at Great Demon King, he really suspected now Great Demon King is crazy, why otherwise he was shouting Zhao Hai to a fish. In he is puzzled time, the Zhao Hai sound conveys said : Great Demon King Your Majesty, has not thought that you such quickly contacted with me, he he, hopes that you can bring information to me.” Demon Dragon King and Great Demon King dull look at that Message Fish, that Message Fish also in there swimming all around, but has broadcast the Zhao Hai sound from the body of that fish. Great Demon King first responded, his immediately/on horseback said : these time looks for mister, truly good information, mister, our Demon Race to agree to enter mister Space, does not know that mister can also welcome now?” The Zhao Hai sound conveys said : HaHaHa, welcome, naturally welcome, but Your Majesty you first returned to Demon Realm organizes the person to be good now, my here is making war with God Race, somewhat is too busy to leave, wait for you prepared in Demon Realm there, I in Demon Realm, then can lead to Space in your Demon Race people.”! ~!