Great Demon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then two eyes bright said : mister with the God Race war? Tactical situation how?” Demon Dragon King also raised up the ear, Zhao Hai laughed said : well very much, just went to teach country there to transfer brightly, old God Race Lair raising, he he, has been preparing the concentration of effort now, Accra Mountain defense line here God Race surrounding and exterminating in this.” Great Demon King two eyes was brighter, his deep voice said :, don’t know mister available our does Demon Race dispatch troops?” Zhao Hai silent, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King had some anxious look at that tour round trip small fish, was waiting for the answer of Zhao Hai, some little time Zhao Hai deep voice said : is open about the facts Your Majesty you to say me presently the in hand military strength also really insufficiently, originally my in hand also 20 million Undead Creature ”, but these Undead Creature, were Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, was God Race that Heavy Armor Cavalry and Pegasus Light Cavalry, these two races were not locally born God Race, he was also lives in one to Ark Continent small plane like this, just God Race afterward them in plane conquer ”, therefore. First God Race wants to attack anyone, will draw in them, before my don’t know this matter, has gotten down the cruel methods to them, but knew now, I do not want to cope with them, moreover these two races have a grudge with God Race, therefore their this time attack also go out of the labor not to strive, I naturally also put their one yard, but as the matter stands, had in hand this 20 million Undead Creature unable to use ”, therefore the manpower also was really some intense, the although manpower was tight ”, but I actually cannot you dispatch troops by Your Majesty, Your Majesty you to urge Demon Race entered. In that Space, feared that has taken also many efforts, if at this time, making Your Majesty you dispatch troops, that will possibly make Your Majesty you feel embarrassed, considered as finished, these time first forgave God Race, waited for these time to fight, can I was contacting with Pegasus Clan with Barbarian, look several alliance cope with God Race. Many that Zhao Hai although said that but actually said to Great Demon King his in recent time dry matter and later plan, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King somewhat accidentalso somewhat cannot help but affected, they have not thoughtZhao Hai at this time, such has thought of them, this was really too rare. Great Demon King he he chuckle said : thanked mister to consider for us, but truly speaking, our Demon Race and God Race were also have a grudge, therefore this time must go out of the soldier to help mister, we to will not have any boost, so long as mister agreement on line.”, One hear of Great Demon King said that ” Zhao Hai cannot help but said : Demon Race and God Race do have a grudge? My this don’t know? Your Majesty, you did not need such to help my this time me let off God Raceactually not to be what kind, in any case after me, will cope with God Race. ”, Great Demon King said to Zhao Hai his idea with a smileZhao Hai one hear of Great Demon King saidthen understand Great Demon King said had a grudge with God Race is any meaning, his cannot help but chuckle said : originally was such an enmity, this arrived is also passable Your Majesty you should also know the soldier most Elite soldier who the God Race strengththis God Race cameI spoke the truth, Demon Race they not necessarily can ask for any good to ” ”, if Demon Race must help me attack God Race, I to can promiseme to want first please the God Race army, to Space. Trades equipment, exchanges to God Race lethality quite big equipment, before is, you have come that Space. ” Great Demon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that nodded said : well, then on thanks a lot mister, but my immediately must return to Demon Realm to go, the here matter gave Demon Dragon to be responsible, had any matter you to say to Demon Dragon. ”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, that this, tomorrow, I will open Space rift in Demon Capital City there, asked Demon Dragon King organization Demon Race army to enter to Space , after having waited by Space, I to you will send to you equipment that can trade look? ” Great Demon King nodded said : well that such to settle, Demon Dragon, you come say a few words. ” Demon Dragon King arrives around the table, mister was inviting feel relieved to Message Fish said :, tomorrow I held certainly the matter.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Demon Dragon King we are an old friend, I believe that you tomorrow will have Space rift appears together at noon in Demon Capital City at that time, there asked Demon Dragon King. Demon Dragon King complied with one, Zhao Hai there them told that was seeing. Waited for Zhao Hai that not to have soundGreat Demon King then to turn the head to be goodmatter to decide to Demon Dragon King said : „, I did not keep Demon Dragon in here, looked forme to tell that the matter themthese fellows tomorrow you first went to that Space to have a lookto remember, but this your match God Race, must choose some elite troops to come out, the poor soldier, do not bring, by them first familiar under environment in that Space, there, but after us family. ”

A Demon Dragon King heat, nod of effort, then asked people to go these honored and popular Demon Race people to call returned to in the hall at heart. These people somewhat were also bewilderedwhy don’t know just to walk, Great Demon King also called them, Great Demon King looks at their one eyes, deep voice said : just I had related Zhao Hai with Mr. Zhao Hai now with the God Race war, he did not have the time to see us, but I said to Mr. Zhao Hai, this time we must dispatch troops ”, in I who coped with God Racemister not to agree to the nose of Demon Dragon said that under mister agreed that what view did you have? ”, One hear of Great Demon King said that these Demon Race people one excited, that strength Demon Race person said loudly: What view can have, dry, God Race these bastards, I already looked that they are not pleasing to the eyes, Your Majesty, when do we dispatch troops?” Other people also agreed. Great Demon King showed a faint smile said : mister saying that wants to dispatch troops is not that easy, God Race these fellows, may be God Rank Expert, by our present fighting strength, wants to cope with God Race, was some difficulties, therefore the meaning of mister was, if you want to hit God Race are not, but must trade some equipment mister to send some Might even bigger equipment to us, when the time comes we can take these equipment and God Race to fighting. ” The people are cheering, strength Demon Race that person are said loudly: When before and mister made warJavelin that their types can explode, but made us suffer loss, if mister is willing to provide that Javelin to us, our fighting strength, minimum will rise several level. ” In these Demon Race people of sitting, mostly has fought with Zhao Hai, previous time they by Zhao Hai maliciously tidying up, to be honest, these people really somewhat has also feared Zhao Hai. Great Demon King shows a faint smile said : tomorrow noon time, mister outside Demon Capital City, will open Space rift you to enter to there goes, that Space that you enter, is Mr. Zhao Hai complies with our Demon Race, after letting us, that Space that lives, therefore your time goes to that Space ”, not only to trade equipment, what is more important, must understand well that Space, I had said to Demon Dragon, after you went to that Space, selects some elite troops to help Mr. Zhao Hai cope with God Race, the remaining people, give my honestly dull in Spacewell. Familiar environment, after there, but our families. ” A Great Demon King this saying saying was unimportant, these Demon Race people were excited, their although hear of Great Demon King said that ” Zhao Hai has given them Space, making them live in therewhat, but that Space was, they have not seen, but also some butt buffer, now is not goodtomorrow they to know that what that Space wasthis regarding them, absolutely was good information. Great Demon King look at their appearances, have coughed, people immediately/on horseback peaceful, Great Demon King then nod said : a while returns to Demon Race to organize to tidy up us greatly spatially, we must move, the here matter looked your, but I wanted you to remember two points, first, must look at Mr. Zhao Hai to you are any manner, if he were very arrogant, not our Demon Race person, when the person we will not enter his Space, our Demon Race did not have Inferior level to that degree. ” The people nodded, this is also ” Great Demon King then said : that they are worried this second point is, if after the Mr. Zhao Hai manner did not have the issueyou may probably leave, to cope with God Race, but you must remember to methese time have coped with God Race, but relationship to our Demon Race face countenance ”, if who lost the face of our Demon Race, looked how I tidied up him! ” The people should be with one voice, Demon Race person being concerned about face-saving of , if lost face to the front in Zhao Hai, that is relationship to the entire Demon Race important matter, do not say that Great Demon King cannot put him, even if other Demon Race people does not put him.

Great Demon King looked at people one eyes, said : was then good you to prepare to walk, my present immediately leaves Demon Race, remembered ” the here matter give Demon Dragon to be responsible, anyone of you, if dared not to listen his, looked how I tidied up him, layman, especially your several, listening to understand not to have. ” That several strength clansman actually do not care, hey complied with one with a smile, Great Demon King did not have means with themthese strength clansman this, you could not live to be mad with them. Great Demon King stared several people of one, has not cared, stands up, look at Demon Dragon King and people said : „, has remembered, this is my Demon Race for 1 million years biggest one time changes the gathering, cannot accommodate a point mistake a mistake, you and Iwill become the Demon Race criminals, however samethis matter also may be opportunity, will change Demon Race opportunity, our sub- will chop, must live in Demon Race such place, on looking at these timelistened clearly? ” People simultaneously complied with one, Great Demon King then nodded, walked outward, got up Devil War Chariot to outside him, only got the hundred thousand most Elite soldier to return to Demon Realm. Reason that Great Demon King will get these many people, is he feared that Demon Realm there will have anything to trouble ”, therefore after having these guard. The Great Demon King here demon is bothersome, does not refer to the Demon Realm there Demon Race person, but refers to Demon Realm there Magic Beast. But Demon Realm there Magic Beast fighting strength very formidable, once for a while attack Demon Race person, will bring these armies, advocated has coped with these Magic Beast. After Great Demon King walked, Demon Dragon King immediately ordered ” to bring good commodityto prepare tomorrow to move toward Zhao Hai Space, outside look at these busy clansman, Demon Dragon King understand, that night was a sleepless night. Zhao Hai put in hand Message Fishon face to show the smiling face, he for the matter of military strength was worrying that ” has not actually thought that Demon Race actually delivered the soldier to come in this moment, this regarding Zhao Hai them, was really too prompt. although Accra Mountain there is still hitting now, but God Race a short time could not have taken Accra Mountain, moreover from teaches country there to deliver information toward God Race army here brightly, is not that easythis must look at Zhao Hai to comply, must therefore make Demon Race army cope with God Race in late two days, is not. Zhao Hai to downstairs, looked at some Lizzy with Megan, this several days they very laborious, these God Race people look like crazy are the same, carries on attack to the Accra Mountain defense line, they are rest in turn are also much more tired.

Has several times God Race also to send out armyto divide forces to attack, opened opening from other place, across the Accra Mountain defense line, but goes back to the dozen child by Lizzy and Megan. But this moment Yun Tianlei, is the two blood red eyes look at Accra Mountain defense line, he more hits the heart really startled, these Undead Creature army, fighting strength was really too strong, can withstand their these many days attack, this was not the common army can achieve. These soldiers in God Race army, although is God Rank Expert, but impossible continual doing fights these many days, they also need to rest, therefore Yun Tianlei has to arrange these soldiers to rest in turn, to guarantee attack rhythm. Actually these are not Yun Tianlei are most depressed, what making Yun Tianlei most depressed is, he is twice and Ark in 6 has fought, but fighting of this twice, he has not seen the Zhao Hai shadow unexpectedlyArk Continent these Undead Creature armies, is Zhao Hai, Ark Continent strongest fighting strength is Zhao Hai, during this twice attacks, he has not seen Zhao Hai unexpectedly, what did this explain? This indicated that Ark Continent did not have to try, this makes this God Race God of Thunder War General feel sad! Now Yun Tianlei soon lost sanely, he looks like the gambler who loses got angry, his present at heart only then a thought that breaks through the Accra Mountain defense line. But God Race that Third Prince, was almost now silly, he sits in Sword Chariot, the dull look at Accra Mountain direction, a few words did not say that two eyes is straight, he already completely by this huge contrast, to attack was soon insane. Before looked like in Third Prince, the Ark Continent army collapsed at the first blow, he momentarily can the opposite party extinguishing, but now looks like actually completely is not that a matter, Ark Continent these Undead Creature fighting strength very good formidable, when facing such enemy, God Race was cheaply does not miss, this and his beforehand idea was the difference between Heaven and Earth. This several days attack Third Prince continuously look at, soldier rushing of his look at God Race, once again inferior was returned, each time God Race retreat, to is a staggering blownumerous hitting in his head, making him almost lose the ability of ponder.! ~!