Third Prince is thorough has abandoned, first time leads pang to go to war, comes under the so big attack, he now already complete did not have the command(er) army to do to fight the ability that. God Race these military officers also know certainly this point, for not by own army sacrifice in vain, what also same is arrives at the security for Third Prince, they have to clear Yun Tianlei come the command(er) fight, therefore besides most several times from the beginning to attack of Accra Mountain defense line, the fights of other time, is Yun Tianlei command(er). although said before Yun Tianlei, had been taken away Command Token by Third Prince, moreover does not permit him to hold the armed forces, however his ability these God Race people are very clear, after Third Prince discards, they can only in one time invite the Yun Tianlei coming out palm armed forces. But their don’t know, Yun Tianlei succeeded in obtaining the stimulation not to be smaller than Third Prince, now soon arrived at the brink of collapse, although has not ended a collapse, but was also similar. In this case, God Race attack although is still very stratified, but generally speaking, has not achieved the best condition. Yun Tianlei actually has to attack now, he almost can affirm now that the light taught country there certainly by Zhao Hai to attack, if they did not pass break through the Accra Mountain defense line to enter to Ark Continent, they ended, Taurus God King will not let off him, could not guarantee him the marshals. Yun Tianlei very clear, starting from that moment when they exchange fire with the Ark Continent undead regiment in Accra Mountain defense line here, they did not have the escape route, Zhao Hai will not make their returned to easily teach country there brightly, do not think they from brightly the time that teaches country there to kill, several, only then less than four days of times, but they , to teach country's of here returned to brightly, time that they require, possibly was not four days, feared that was they not necessarily can returned to teach the country for half a month brightly, but at that time went back, what matter was late. Yun Tianlei too clear Zhao Hai entered teaches the country to represent anything brightly, since Taurus God Race starts to carry on plane to protect to open to the presentalso never has own rear area to be lived by the attack matter, but this matter actually lived in in his hand, this let his sentiment what Jingkan, his understandThird Prince ended, he also ended. Now Yun Tianlei only hopes one can quick attack Accra Mountain defense line, enter to Ark Continent, this is perhaps old King to look in their vertical shares, leniently punishment they. Three days passed by, they by undead regiment keeping off in Accra Mountain defense line three days, they don’t know were moved many attacks unexpectedly, but could not have broken through that defense line withthem, this makes the Yun Tianlei mood also more and more bad, his understand time drags for a long time, to him is disadvantageous. Yun Tianlei also present Barbarian person and Pegasus Clan person obvious somewhat is present at work does not strive, but he actually does not dare gets angry now with Barbarian and Pegasus Clan person, because of no matter what now Barbarian and Pegasus Clan person, attracted many undead army attention, if at this time and Barbarian and Pegasus Clan got angry, was really too the non- wisdom.

However Heavenly Lightning actually has actually remembered these two races, he after thinking to be going back, if copes with these two races ” to make the God Race maliciously suppression they good. Zhao Hai does not certainly know Yun Tianlei in thinking anything, he went to the living room the time, the God Race army is also attacking, at this time Megan fought in command(er), but Lizzy has rested. Megan looked at Zhao Haito show a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, you came back, did the there matter process?” although said that the fight must give Megan to come command(er), but how calm she does not need command(er), these Undead Creature are also not the fools, their also very intelligentMegan must do prevents situation suddenly to live, regarding the normal fight, she does not need to manage are too many. The faces of some Zhao Hai look at Megan weary looksaid : finished in a soft voice „, Megan is insisting for two days, I have reached an agreement with Demon Race, they will dispatch quickly troops to support us, when the time comes we can tidy up God Race at one fell swoop. ”, Megan shows a faint smile, nodded said : well, does not have the issue, now God Race soon crazy, they only knew in the attack that in this point goes all out, we to were relaxed, likely was not couple of days ago, their once for a while also did division attack, such was quite troublesome.” look at Megan said : that Zhao Hai loves dearly this several days was laborious you, feel relieved, I will not make them feel better, now Demon Race there complied to enter Space, yesterday I met them, gave them some weapon, when the time comes they will cope with God Race with our together, so long as extinguished these God Race, will win more time to us, when the time comes we can receive in Space Demon Race, like this strengths on our hand will be stronger.”, Megan nodded, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said :, Elder Brother Hai, is your meaning to counter-attack God Realm to be inadequate?” Zhao Hai cold sound said :, why, the light does not teach the country there hundreds of millions ghosts still to call out, has not revenged for them, my heart is restless, moreover I also want to make some Gnome to put in Space.”, Megan has smiled, her gently by in the Zhao Hai bosom, the fight scene on look at screen, to Zhao Hai said :Elder Brother Hai, you said in a soft voice we can not use in going to war, can like, peaceful sitting in here, but on screen clan is also not such scene, that would be nice. Zhao Hai gently holds Megan, deep voice said : „we are not wanting to go to war, but always some people must hit us, do not forget, now our enemy, not only God Race, that Underworld person will not let off us easily, that Lu Wei, our previous time, what copes is only his projection, his main body slightly has not damaged, with the fear is we can also to he.” Megan sighed lightly, she also knows what Zhao Hai said was right, do not look that now their strength is getting stronger and stronger, but similarly, their present enemies are also stronger and stronger, but this was the place that she sighed. Fight of this day quick on the past, God Race there and don’t know teach the country there fresh matter brightly, they only know the attack, the attack, is attacking! But Zhao Hai also went to rest well, only left behind Laura they to cultivate Megan in there, these God Race will also attack in the evening, the time that therefore Megan their simply has not rested, Zhao Hai dull does not want Megan to sit in there command(er) these Undead Creature and God Race makes the war, that lonely feeling very did not feel better.

Next morning, after Zhao Hai gets up, starts to prepare, he has adjusted large quantities of commodities toward Demon Realm Space in first, these commodities have some are weapon, but more is actually the ordinary living materials. The Demon Race person must enter to that Space, what house but now Zhao Hai and don’t know Demon Race likes, therefore he has not changed the structure in that Space, he does not have that spare cash, he in has adjusted large quantities of commodities toward that Space, he also has put simultaneously some level quite low Magic Beast toward that Space. Must say that now in his Space did not have level quite low Magic Beast, but Zhao Hai present, Magic Beast in Space, level can adjust, how compared with the long-tail chicken and Blue Eye Rabbit such Magic Beast, you must make him one turn into 9th level, can make them turn into ordinary zeroth order Magic Beast. However like raging bull, Space depending on deciding as 1st level Magic Beast, you can only adjust 1st level lowly, is impossible to adjust the level, in other words, all Magic Beast in Space, adjust with their original level in 9th level, wants their level adjustments too low is impossible. This function to is a little meaning, now the person although strength in Space is very strong, but is not 9th level Magic Beast that is possible to kill daily? Used to eat the meat Magic Beast level to lower these, has the advantage very much. When Zhao Hai handles these matters, soon to noon, his returned to own small in the room, looked at a screen, presently these Magic Beast people unexpectedly reorganized the formation, is standing in there is waiting. Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled, then his hand wields, together Space rift appears outside Demon Capital City...... Demon Dragon King they already prepared, in the morning they get up is very early, because their yesterday simply has not fallen asleep in the evening, today regarding the Demon Race person was really too important, perhaps they starting today, can forever get rid of Demon Realm that brutal living environment. When Demon Dragon King their complete tidying up are good, is around 9 : 00 am, but their nobody rests, standing that decides in there, is waiting for the coming of that time. Time one minute one second of past, Demon Dragon King their at heart incomparable worries, because to noon getting closer and closer, but Space rift does not have appears .

In the Demon Dragon King anxious incorrect time, Space rift appears suddenly in Demon Capital City outside, these Demon Race people could not be bearing one happy attracts. Zhao Hai flew from Space rift slowly, Demon Dragon King sees Zhao Hai, immediately moved forward to meet somebody, Zhao Hai to Demon Dragon King, bowed said : to make Demon Dragon King your excellency wait for a long time slightly, I have prepared some thing in Space for everybody, the evening of therefore coming, please have excused me.” Demon Dragon King has not thought that Zhao Hai so is still polite, he returned a courtesy said : mister to be too polite hastily, now has not been the time of agreement, was we worries.”, Zhao Hai laughs said : I to understand that mood, the following matter asked Demon Dragon King your excellency to arrange, place that you entered, later belonged to Demon Race.” Demon Dragon King facial expression somewhat excited nod, he waved to behind person, quick one team of person Demon Race people entered in Space rift. This team of people are the strength Demon Race person, Demon Dragon King make them go to have a look at the there environment, if the there environment is very good, they go, if the there environment is not good, they will not go. Zhao Hai has not cared regarding the Demon Dragon King small thoughts like this, he knows that lets the entire person, completes the relocation, is not that easy matter, he is so high in the Ark Continent here prestige, is so good with relationship of various large clans, in moving at this matter, but also has spent that many twists and turns, but before Demon Race, but his low person, to make Demon Race one under on entirely believe that he is impossible.! ~!