Reason that Demon Race such quickly promises him to enter Space, why Zhao Hai understand is, nothing but is poses a threat to and interests coexists, letting Demon Race has to make such choice. However Demon Race is also one has the courage and uprightness race, they want to take a look at Zhao Hai to deceive them, such as wanted Zhao Hai to deceive them, that Zhao Hai believes that these Demon Race person immediately can come up to follow going all out. Demon Dragon King could not attend to with Zhao Hai now spoke, his nervous look at that said that Space rifttried the returning incoming telegram of Demon Race person. These strength Demon Race people enter Space before long, in which God Rank strength Demon Race person ran, his face excited look at Demon Dragon King said : Demon Dragon, fantastic, inside fantastic, is more attractive than Ark Continent here, does not believe you to have a look.”, Demon Dragon King knows that the strength Demon Race person cannot liethey to lie, immediately will be looked ”, therefore one hear of this strength Demon Race people said that his cannot help but let out a long breath. At this time Demon Dragon King thought that Zhao Hai in his side, he such did, did not trust Zhao Hai obviously, he feared the Zhao Hai vitality, gingerly turning the head look at Zhao Hai. Has not actually thought that Zhao Hai smiling look at he, cannot see point vitality the appearance. Demon Dragon King let out a long breath, turned the head to hold the fist in the other hand said : to make mister to Zhao Hai be laughed, asking mister to forgive taking the liberty of Demon Dragon.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, does not blame your excellency, this is the mister careful point should be relationship to an important matter of Demon Race clan, asking the mister organization people to enter Space, told the sentence truth to mister, by the Space surface not deceivingin present Space is a point the place did not have, all your, must you begin to constructprevious time I helps their transform for the appease Ark Continent person Space, but this transform Space, I was also must pay very big price, currently speaking I the ability have not been helping Demon Race transform this Space, therefore. Your equal to gave up oneself original allfrom starting in Space newly. ” Demon Dragon King laughs said : not to fear the mister joke, in Demon Realm there, besides some Stone houses, we did not have what good thing, regarding our Demon Race person, any money and so on thing is the useless thing, can have a good environment to make us survive, is more important than anything.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : that you not disappointedly in that Space, I have left behind some living materials, after you went, can live in, believed soon, you can construct your homeland.”, Demon Dragon King look at that Space rift said : I believe the meeting.”, Said that he waved, his person immediately moved getting upto enter Space rift orderly. Zhao Hai has not worried, he stands in there look at these Demon Race person Demon Dragon King is accompanying him in his side, the several ten of millions person, wants to enter to Space is impossible to be too quick, although Zhao Hai was very big, finally waited for the Demon Race people who the Space crack opened suitably to enter in Space the weather not early.

Zhao Hai and Demon Dragon King enter Space finally, outside weather soon the black, in Space to is very bright, Demon Dragon King entered to Space inlikes on here, here very attractive blue sky Bai Yunqing meadow, the environment was also really better than Ark Continent. Zhao Hai looked at Demon Dragon King one, when turns the head your excellency here the matter to Demon Dragon King said : to hand over give you some of some of my also matters to make don’t know you to put in order the armed forces to cope with God Race? ” Demon Dragon King then recovers, he looked at all around onedeep voice said : yesterday to leave, invites mister feel relieved, will not delay mister Gu Er.”, Zhao Hai nodded, puts out Message Fish to give Demon Dragon King said : this Message Fish to give to you, has any matter, can contact with me I to walk through him. ”, Demon Dragon King sees Great Demon King to use Message Fish, knows that the mystery of this small fish, he nodded, in saying anything, received Message Fish ” the Zhao Hai then flashes body to vanish in Space. Demon Dragon King looked at the small fish on a hand, very received seriously, then turns the head among the look at feast all of city. here was really too attractive, is more attractive than any place that his suburb crossed, he thinks that Ark Continent there was the best environmenthas not thoughtcompared with Space here, Ark Continent there fell far short. At this time, distant place welcoming shout transmitted, Demon Dragon King immediately welcomed, to there he present, originally a there entire simultaneously look at large quantities of commodity, these commodities piled in there, soon became hill. But these commodities are very ordinary living materials, is not weapon, weapon had been placed not far away alone, bunches of Javelin. Just was a strength Demon Race person in trying Javelin, after that Javelin threw, the ground distant place exploding a big hole, has brought in cheers. Demon Dragon King sees this situation, shaking the head of gentlyshows a faint smile, deep voice said : was then good, do not play, these Javelin are mister leaves us to cope with God Race, everyone/Great Clan do not forget the order of my king Your Majesty, first was familiar with all around environment lane was saying that this was about arriving at our Demon Race later survival.” The people complied with, turn around walkedDemon Dragon King to convene together the Demon Race abundant these honored and popular people, discussed matter that tomorrow dispatched troops.

After these people were called by Demon Dragon King, Demon Dragon King looked at their said : I to guarantee with mister, tomorrow dispatched troops to cope with Demon Race, what idea did you have?”, These Demon Race people have not spoken, Demon Dragon King deep voice said : has any idea to say.” That strength Demon Race person said loudly: Can have any idea, did not have the idea, mister has given us such good place, we naturally must help mister extinguishing the god variety, said it, God Race these jade eight eggs were the running dog of that bastarddo not extinguish him to extinguish anyone. ”, Is attaching drinks from the person. Demon Dragon King nodded said : well that such to settle, but Your Majesty also said ” the soldier who these time sends, does not need many ”, but if certainly Elite, I looked that might as well make Devil Regiment go, these fellow each and every one are in mountain of corpses and sea of blood get lost, Your Majesty said that they killed people already on hidden, if the time did not make them kill people steadily, they will be insane, happen, this opportunity made them go to be OK, their this had 10 million people, now had carried off hundred thousand by the king, remaining also in here, this time they exited, we must the set. Some Expert, gather the population 10 million, believes that fully can deal with God Race, do you think? ” Devil Regiment that Demon Dragon King said that is actually Zhao Hai special attention the army of that team of spiritlessjust as is Demon Dragon King said that this army get lost from mountain of corpses and sea of blood, they were the true devil, the murder kill the hidden devil, if the time grew has not made them go to war, they may be really insane. Actually this is the one type of spiritual disease, they grew in the battlefield last time, the murder killed is used to it, they already the life of not too suitable normal person. The people had not opposed, after Demon Dragon King then said : Devil Regiment goes to battle, person who other keep is construction here all as soon as possible, after here, was our families, mister also told us, he was helping Ark Continent person transform Space before, h1a many prices, he does not have that ability to help our transform this Space now, what this Space completed, looked our, I to was think that what this did not have, mister has given us a such good place, haven't we constructed well? tomorrow exits to fightleads to leave behind the work in several people's by me ” in charge of Space, I looked that is skillful on the demon and stone Ducker remains, what opinion do you have? ”, This demon skillful is stature not big Demon Race, compared with other Demon Race, his appearance is delicate, although is also God Rank Expert, but his killing aura, does not have other Demon Race to be so strong. But that stone Ducker ” is actually stature not high Demon Race, but this Demon Race actually very strong, a full beard of face, looks like looks like Dwarf of enlargement version. They looked at one mutually, stood got up said : Venerable the command!” Demon Dragon King nodded said : Space here on give you, you must choose the address, the first Your Majesty royal palace establishes as soon as possible then the map picture in Space comes out, so that, our clansman comes, facilitates secure to govern them. ” The audiences Demon Race people had not opposed that Demon Dragon King words, status of Great Demon King in their heart was too high, first is Great Demon King constructs palacetheir nobody to oppose.

Demon Dragon King looked that the people agreed that this then said : was good, the Devil Regiment person rests, other people work to me, must enter quick understanding here.” People simultaneously complied with one, Demon Dragon King actually sat in there has not moved, he grew one. The air/Qi, looked at all around one, the here environment is really fantastic, takes a broad view to look, is great plains, but can see the beautiful scenery, this was they have thought many years good environment. Demon Dragon King take deep breaths, he smelled the delicate fragrance of green grass probably, this flavor was fantasticDemon Dragon King not being able to bear has stood, from Black Dragon War Chariot/Tank, stepping on gently on meadow, that has been similar to wool blanket same soft feelingmakes him unable to bear walk gently. Walked some little time, Demon Dragon King to a small riverbankthis creek is inside river water cleareven can see inside has the small fish at the tour. Demon Dragon King has squatted, thanked the water of creek, has fed in own mouth, sweet! This water is unexpectedly happy, on Demon Dragon King idleness gently eyetears coasted his facesuch good place, regarding the Demon Race person, here is Heaven. Some little time Demon Dragon King has stood, looked at all around one, he presently these Demon Race people also in[ is popular] exerts flies in all directions randomly, they too[ is popular] has exerted, Demon Dragon King has not made them stop, he can understand the moods of these people, to be honest, if not the status in that pendulum, he also imagines these people sameflying in all directions, has a look. 【...... Chapter 822 Demon Race enters Space......】 a!!