Demon Dragon King woke, he felt that he from the birth to the present, feeling better that such has not rested, this sleep rests was really too fragrant. Demon Dragon King has not rested in any luxurious in the room, he is lying down the place is not the Advanced level bedthere is only piece of meadow, piece of green meadow. If the earthman, if has fallen asleep on meadow, after awaking , may get sick ”, but regarding the Demon Race person, that is actually impossible, do not say is meadow, even if has fallen asleep on a piece big stone, he will not have to meet any mattertheir body its formidable degree, is not worse than Magic Beast. Demon Dragon King does not have immediately/on horseback to open eyehis static lying down in there, was hearing the fresh flavor of green grass, from inside to outside feels that comfortably. Some little time Demon Dragon King has opened the eye, he looked at one toward all around, presently the has plenty Demon Race person got up, they are taking a walkhere to trace in all directions, there has a look, on their faces is having the warm smiling face. Demon Dragon King has stood, calmly squatted to look at all around onethen deep voice said : Devil Regiment, the set!” His voice just fell, a Devil Regiment people who not far away restedwhish one has stood, pendulum fast lineup ” the rapidness, probably is they just drilled to be the same. Demon Dragon King does not have the intent evening ”, if Devil Regiment does not have such ability, cannot say that was the Demon Realm first regiment, Demon Dragon King arrived at Devil Regiment nearbyto the Devil Regiment person, said loudly: Today we must leave piece to cope with Demon Race, a while will divide weapon to you, is that Javelin, that Javelin Might you also saw, the careful use, leads weapon now.” That Devil Regiment person, lines up lead the armyeach of them to take to touch six Javelin. After they led weapon, Demon Dragon King said loudly: Brings to be good you weapon to eat meal, after having eaten meal, immediately/on horseback comes back to gather. ” The Devil Regiment person complied with oneabove to prepare to eat. The Devil Regiment person has own logistics army, their things to eat is their logistics army solves generally, they eat is in entire Demon Race is also best, most minimum every has Magic Beast meat soup to drink. In this time, Zhao Hai appears Demon Dragon King was seeing Zhao Hai in the Demon Dragon King side, stares slightly, then immediately/on horseback bows to Zhao Hai said : mister, were we late?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smileshook the head said : „, late what? you have not eaten this? ” Zhao Hai look at Devil Regiment person things to eat cannot help but knitting the brows head. The Devil Regiment person has meat soup to drink ”, but the meat is not their staple food, their staple food are the one type of grass green, thing like vegetable-stuffed cornmeal dumpling. Demon Dragon King look at wicked Demon Race in hand food, nodded said : „, this is food that our wicked Demon Race most often eats, Saint hua Ye Tuan.” Zhao Hai one hear of Demon Dragon King said that on understand, these thing that the Demon Race person eatsunexpectedly are the vegetable-stuffed cornmeal dumplings that the leaf of Cai'er makes.

To be honest, Cai'er said his leaf can eat, Zhao Hai they have also eaten one time, that flavor is not good, some grass ” are very astringent, has not thought that the Demon Race most formidable regiment eats this thing unexpectedly. Zhao Hai shaking the head of gently, has referred to trees said : on distant place mountain Demon Dragon, on that mountain has the bread village,” you who Bread Fruit on Bread Treecan eat, so long as picks some Bread Fruit to come back, beats open the Bread Fruit hard shell, can eat, these are I to food that you prepare. ” Demon Dragon King gawked, immediately has made the person go to that mountain to pick some Bread Fruit to come back, yesterday they saw this type of fruit, but they and don’t know this type of fruit whether to eat, in Demon Realm, if you saw the fruit ate, that was don’t know how will link dead, in Demon Realmsome fruits, can kill by poison including God Rank Expert, was because of this, therefore the Demon Race person has formed the one type of habit, will not eat the fruit that on the tree tied absolutely easily, has not changed this custom to sub- Space. Before long several Demon Race people picked some Bread Fruit to come back, Zhao Hai made these Demon Race people give him Bread Fruit, after he took Bread Fruit, opened the outer covering of fruit gently, inside fruit pulp one expanded, Zhao Hai tore down the a piece fruit pulp to put the mouth, nodded said : also well, but after this fruit not complete degree, you picked Bread Fruit time, picked these yellow as far as possible, the yellow fruit was completely mature, not only big . Moreover the flavor was better, you taste. ” Demon Dragon King received Bread Fruit, like Zhao Hairipped a piece to put mouth ” a sweet fragrance to fill his oral cavity, his several that fruit pulp swallowing, then his look at Zhao Hai said : mister, you are said that these fruits to food that we did prepare?” Zhao Hai smiles said : is, this is my in hand currently speaking, output highest food, to help your pass through difficulty, after waiting, your to settle down, has been able to plant other crops to look like Bamboo rice, like the corn and so on, believes that these you will like. ” Demon Dragon King excited look at Zhao Hai, some little time he responded that he bent the waist, must kneel down to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai put out a hand to block him hastily, said : was good, do not put in order these superficial politenesses, had no need, you later lived in here, we were the people on one's own side, do not think that many was good clansman to settle down. ” Demon Dragon King excited bows to Zhao Hai, this turn around walkedhim to tell clansman, these fruits can eat, but the Devil Regiment today's grass meal to has not changed, because makes them eat Bread Fruit now, already without enough time. Has eaten after breakfast, Demon Dragon King in one time has gathered the Devil Regiment person, Zhao Hai look at this only spiritless regiment, has hesitated at present. Demon Dragon King arrives at Zhao Hai said : mister, this is our Demon Race most formidable army, Devil Regiment, this army has fought many battles everyone to walk from mountain of corpses and sea of blood, strength very formidable, they are these time along with the army that mister makes to fight, by me command(er), a matter must you say to mister temporarily that this army killing aura is too heavy, they only suit conquer ” not competently other, if the time will not fight they to be insane steadily ”, will meet frantic everyone who will slaughter the side, will be the prestige danger. Zhao Hai nodded, from the introduction of Demon Dragon King he knewterrifying army that resulted in the war to get sick fierce of this regiment looks like this is, but this was also good, with him, did not fear that has not abandoned the weaponry to hit, moreover there is a such army to add on the undead regimenthe to have two Wang Pian regiment in hand ”. Demon Dragon King looked that Zhao Hai quite a while has not spoken cannot help but somewhat is at heart anxious, at this time Zhao Hai suddenly said : „will they ride a horse?” Demon Dragon King has gawked, then nodded said : meeting, will they ride a horse the meaning of mister are? ”

Zhao Hai deep voice said : I prepare to change to Cavalry them, moreover their in hand weapon must trade, now carries on. ” Said that Zhao Hai wields, weapon appears that large quantities of cold light sparkle in his front. These weapon are divided into several piles, one pile is full body armor, one pile is Knight Spear, one pile is ScimitarZhao Hai has not prepared the big shield, the big shield was too heavy, will affect their. Zhao Hai turns the head to make them replace to Demon Dragon King said :.” Demon Dragon King complied with one, immediately command(er) that Devil Regiment person has been trading equipment. Zhao Hai also feared these people, meets is not familiar with their new equipment, but Zhao Hai presently he has made a mistake quicklythese people for born to slaughter, after weapon, quick equipment was good to oneself, moreover Zhao Hai also present, they their weapon, prepared most position that was easy to pull outto know person who such was, will not be certainly strange regarding weapon. Zhao Hai relaxed, then release large quantities of Ferghana horseto these person equipment on, waited for these people to change attire ” ” present these person of in hand to take Knight Spear to the middle quickly, on the saddle the belt is hanging two Javelin bags ” to think of 12 Javelin, on the waist is carrying on the arm bending the bow, to had such several to feel. Zhao Hai nodded said : to be good Demon Dragon, you come command(er) they, has remembered, charged with me was good, did not need to be too many. ” Demon Dragon King has complied with one, on own Black Dragon War Chariot/Tank. Zhao Hai looked at his one eyes, showed a faint smilehas not said anything, met to begin to wield, Space rift appears , Zhao Hai led 10 million Demon Race army to kill from Space. Zhao Hai their appears place is the God Race army rear areain their not far away, is going all out to Accra Mountain attack God Race army. Demon Dragon King stands side Zhao Hai, the stopping from time to time look at Demon Race army direction, Zhao Hai stands on Demon Dragon King Black Dragon War Chariot/Tank, they stand shoulder to shoulder. This is also the meaning of Demon Dragon King, he thought that Zhao Hai fly, is not quite really lordly ”, therefore let on Zhao Hai Black Dragon War Chariot/Tank. Zhao Hai has not rejected, he stands on Black Dragon War Chariot/Tank, God Race that look at distant place attacked, these God Race people were enchanted were probably samein their eyes, had the Accra Mountain defense line, army of their this only thousands of person, appears in God Race army behind, unexpectedly nobody presently. Zhao Hai look at God Race army, turned the head to look at his behind Devil Regiment, then his deep voice said : „the Demon Race brothers, before us were the God Race people, they kept aloof, normally looked like each and every one is sacred incomparable, was under their sacred semblances, was actually hiding cold blood Wuqing/ruthless, cruel not compared with the heart, they carried on Blood Sacrifice with hundreds of millions Ark Continent people unexpectedly, finally changed Law of the Heaven and Earth to arrive at Ark Continent, because they changed Law of the Heaven and Earth, will make Underworld break Space, to Ark Continent, they similarly is also the Immortal Cultivator most faithful running dog, they. The status of clearly know Immortal Cultivator actually is still Immortal Cultivator works oneself to death, not only they must be Immortal Cultivator works oneself to death, they also want conquer all plane, together is Immortal Cultivator works oneself to death, but we decided that cannot comply! ” The Zhao Hai words, sound although is not high ”, but passes through army surely, actually all heard ” the Devil Regiment person, although had not spoken, but killing aura in their eyes was more obvious. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : you are the Demon Race most Elite armies, today, is you to God Race shows the strength the time, you must let God Race person understand, they are not most formidable, the Demon Race army, compared with them formidable, now, you will follow in my, kills along with direction that my lance refers to! Kill! Kills! ” Speaking of here time, Zhao Hai in hand appears a blood red lance, this lance is not Zhao Hai Blood Staff changes, but was Beastman Race Beast God Spear.

Beastman Race since enters to Space, has given Zhao Hai the Beastman spear|gun, the Elven Race Elf bow has also given Zhao Hai, Dwarf Race Iron Hammerthese three Grand Divine Artifact have handed over in the hand of Zhao Hai, similarly hands over on Zhao Hai, the light teaches people that three Grand Divine Artifact, but that three Grand Divine Artifact use the insufficient reception, Zhao Hai Portable is only bringing that the sword, its dwelling has given Laura. The Zhao Hai voice falls, Devil Regiment person also with one voice shouted: Kills! Kill! Kills!” Not only Devil Regiment, even if Demon Dragon King they, hears burning with passion. Zhao Hai turn around, in hand long spear proceeds at one fell swoop, to drink loudly: Kills!” Said that Black Dragon War Chariot/Tank has met God Race army behind to cover to kill directly. The army that in these God Race armies, some rested, noted Zhao Hai finally their here, they hurry suspended the lineup, prepared to block the Zhao Hai team their attacksimultaneously orders to make them welcome from two wings toward Barbarian and Pegasus Clan of two wingsto Demon Race army, to the God Race army that attacked the Accra Mountain defense line pre- the police. Has saying that the God Race army, the quality is very high, they can in such a short time, achieve these, is really not easy, was a pity that he was actually given cloudy by the person on one's own side. This only God Race army, wants to let the Barbarian person and Pegasus Clan these two Cavalry keeps off the Demon Race armythen Yun Tianlei command(er) to attack Accra Mountain God Race army, removes in the join defense, but their ten thousand never expectedBarbarian and Pegasus Clan saw Zhao Hai is leading Demon Race army aggressive has killed, they not only have not gone forward to resist, instead to is revolution of Mount, running distant, simply they have not contacted with Zhao Hai. This huge contrast, the air/Qi results in God Race these people almost to spit blood, but they actually have to keep off in the Zhao Hai front now. Because their behind army have not recycled, if they cannot block Zhao Hai at this time, by Zhao Hai they, as soon as must disperse tothat God Race army, when the time comes was the true deity came, was impossible to prevent their defeat potentials. However these God Race people have forgotten, Zhao Hai in hand has Blood Lightning Bead Javelin, when has not entered the firing distance, Zhao Hai on said loudly: Javelin preparation!” Along with his issuing an order, these Demon Race people, ” hang toward the triumphing hook of saddle on Knight Spear, then puts out a hand, everyone extracted two Javelin to take in in hand. Enters to the Javelin firing distance, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said loudly: Three rounds put continually!” These Demon Race person immediately/on horseback have thrown in hand two Javelin, then puts out two, in one time by quickest has thrown, is two.! ~!