Fei'er deep voice said : good, my Thunder Clan person and your God Race have do not wait on a day of enmity, how can hire oneself you, this time I am relate Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, moves with our Thunder Clan together, rebel God Race.” You such big courage that Yun Tianlei two blood red eyes, facial expression fierce look at Fei'er said : who gives, you did not fear that my God Race army the perishing clan genocide that you do hit?” Fei'er shows a faint smile, our courage that Zhao Hai of finger of enlargement version, deep voice said : he gives, he can cope with your God Race, although he in hand strength is not quite presently strong, however is adding on our three clans, coped with your God Race to be enough.” Yun Tianlei has gawked, turned the head to look at one to kill the four directions greatly Zhao Hai, for a while don’t know must say that unexpectedly any was good, Zhao Hai regarding the attack of God Race was really very big, this point he does not think that recognize was not good. However Yun Tianlei turns the head look at Fei'er said :, why the Barbarian person and will Pegasus Clan person agree with and Zhao Hai cooperates? But Zhao Hai has not killed little their people.” Fei'er sneers these two clansman that said : Zhao Hai kills, has your God Race to kill a lot? Moreover because Zhao Hai has killed these many years, therefore these two talents will cooperate, this is the demonstration of Zhao Hai strength, moreover won't you forget a point? Regarding Barbarian and Pegasus Clan person, undead is not fearful thing, that is only another one type of performance situation of life, their although will not take the initiative turns into itself Undead Creature, but some people turned into Undead Creature, regarding them, that person equal to is living , did you forget?”, Yun Tianlei stares, then his complexion one becomes very difficult holds, truly, Barbarian and with Pegasus Clan person Faith very strange thing, they really had such idea, the person turned into undead, is not considered as that to blaspheming of this person, but was another one type of performance situation of lifebecause of this, therefore Zhao Hai turned into Undead Creature these Barbarian person and Pegasus Clan personregarding the Barbarian person and Pegasus Clan person, was not did not accept the matter. Fei'er also knows this point, therefore he meets and Barbarian and Pegasus Clan alliance, before is such that Zhao Hai thinks, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan regarding the hatred of God Race compared with Zhao Hai much stronger, in adding on this time war, Zhao Hai not carry on large-scale attack to Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, therefore these two among hatreds with Zhao Hai can be said as very slight. Zhao Hai and don’t know Barbarian and Pegasus Clan have such custom ”, therefore he does not dare uses Undead Creature of these two clans in front of Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, made one are understrength. Yun Tianlei look at Fei'er, hecannot be seeing the docile appearance from Fei'er, currently Fei'er they have one type of to have the hatred completely look look at, before this look Yun Tianlei, has not noted. Fei'er actually does not think that was saying anything to Yun Tianlei, his look at Yun Tianlei said : west your God Race these year of eastern expeditions fought, has not actually thought that will bump nail/saboteur in Ark Continent here, HaHaHa we such will quickly not come by this opportunity, has not thought that this will comethat us not to be comfortably impolite, my Master, sorry! Kills! ” These Thunder Clan person immediately have launched attack to all God Race, their control that electrical network, in all directions was also sweeping these God Race people ” the situation in present battlefield to lean toward one side, Barbarian, Pegasus Clan, Thunder ClanDemon Race, undead armyseveral teams gathered to carry on chasing down to the God Race person, now God Race could not form the resistance of scale.

Zhao Hai looked at this appearance, the personal appearance movesDomain also to relieve, Zhao Hai has actually step-by-stepped in Sword Chariot, sat in Sword Chariot the situation in look at battlefield. These God Race people know that today they did not have what hope, but the God Race person has not actually surrendered, they in the resistance of going all outthat were still fearing that only remaining people, they in fight ” also some people, were also preparing to break through surrounding, toward taught the direction of country's to clash brightly. The war from most from the beginning, has leaned toward one side, God Race these days attacks Accra Mountain, bore too many pressures, although has used the method that took turns to rest, but they have arrived at very exhausted condition, now their fighting strength, six layers of insufficient heyday, in this case, facing reinforcement of several large clans, how they possibly can block. From the daytime to dark sky/Hei Tian, the fight had eventually finished, all God Race were almost annihilated, these God Race people were turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, the total have achieved about 30 million, part of God Race, since, breaks through to run tackled God Race that exitingafter all several clansman have not reached an agreement beforehand, coordinating the aspect still to have many problems. The fight had ended, but the scene somewhat is strange, the Barbarian person, the Pegasus Clan person and Thunder Clan person gathered in together, careful look at undead army and Demon Race armyjust in fight, Barbarian person they already present Demon Race regiment and undead army fighting strength, was adding on Zhao Hai this control existence of Domain Weapon, all these let their have to guard against Zhao Hai. Before Zhao Hai put up at this time Sword Chariot was arriving at both armies, then he receives Sword Chariot, flew toward allied armies there of three clans, person who Fei'er and concubine clan also has Pegasus Clan also flew, both sides are distanced about fifty meters to stand firm. The Zhao Hai look at opposite several people, hide to several people slightly said : Thunder Clan, Barbarian, the Pegasus Clan friend, thanked you today to our help, Zhao Hai thanked everybody in here.” Fei'er look at Zhao Hai, he is first time sees Zhao Hai, before he along with actually Yun Tianlei went to battle, has not seen Zhao Hai, but has seen the Zhao Hai portrait, therefore his eyes have recognized Zhao Hai. Fei'er also bows to Zhao Hai said :, has seen Mr. Zhao Hai, said that we instead to thank mister , if no mister to exist, we are impossible to have such opportunity to deal with the God Race person. ” Zhao Hai look at Fei'er, he knows Fei'erhe, when monitors Yun Tianlei, sees Fei'er in the Yun Tianlei side, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile said : the you and I point to be the same to Fei'er „, everyone has no need to thank anyone.”

How at this time did side that Barbarian person make noise said : don’t know mister these Barbarian people who our previous time came? Looked like the God Race person saying that, you did turn into Undead Creature them?”, Zhao Hai look at this tall Barbarian person, he had not denied ”, but nodded said : is, at that time we were the enemies, treated the enemy, my Zhao Hai will not keep the hand.”, That Barbarian person look at Zhao Hai said :, mister whether can come these clansman release, making us see.” Zhao Hai somewhat strange look at Barbarian person and Pegasus Clan person eyes, these two clans after hearing him turned into Undead Creature their clansmanresponse probably is too calm? However thinks that was in this situation in any case ” is also not the booth version considers as finished, Zhao Hai noddedhand to wield, Pegasus Clan and Barbarian Undead Creature appears in Zhao Hai, but these people not by skeleton shape appears , but by Zombie appearance appears , no matter what, in Space this Zombie appearance, truly compared with type of Zishun of skeleton many. clansman that Barbarian and Pegasus Clan person looked at their these dead, two clansman both nodded, in has not said anything. Zhao Hai puzzled look at these two clansman, he thinks that these two clansman will go all out with them, but now looks like, probably is not such. Fei'er saw puzzled of Zhao Hai, his deep voice said : mister do not misunderstand, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan have such one type of custom, they believe that turned into Undead Creature clansman, by another one type of way survival, therefore they do not hate mister, if mister has not turned into Undead Creature they really to hate mister their clansman. ”, Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that Pegasus Clan and Barbarian person will really have the idea of such enlarging ones vision, this is really big stemmed from his meaningZhao Hai to bow to two clansman said : at that time Zhao Hai and don’t know plan, regarded the enemy them, in here Zhao Hai must say that sorry.”, Fei'er beckoned with the hand, look at Zhao Hai said : does not know that what mister then does have to plan? Is the plan defends Ark Continent, prepares to cope with God Race?” Zhao Hai look at Fei'er, deep voice said :, Ark Continent here could not defend, now on Ark Continent appears Underworld Undead Creature, has defended in Ark Continent here did not have what significance, moreover our Ark Continent, has the hatred of not being able to untie with God Race, now naturally will not let off God Race, therefore I planned to counter-attack God Race.” Fei'er has gawked, he thinks that Zhao Hai will not counter-attack God Racehe also to plan to urge Zhao Hai, now looks like actually does not use, his deep voice said : is so best, we can with mister well discussed that matter of cooperation.”, Zhao Hai looked at Fei'er, nodded, the hand wields, Sword Chariot let out, then several invited to Fei'er several people of said :, we discussed to inside, Demon Dragon, you also came.”, Has stood in Zhao Hai behind Demon Dragon King has complied with one, follows in the Zhao Hai side, stood by the Sword Chariot gate. Fei'er and Barbarian and have the Pegasus Clan person to not to have what hesitation, the Barbarian person and Pegasus Clan people jumped down from own Mount, enter to the car(riage). Sword Chariot although passed through a war ”, but in is actually not chaotic, several people enter in Sword Chariotto tidy up thing on the present several women in Sword Chariot.

These women are not other, is Laura they, from Sword Chariot Zhao Hai by that several maidservant and that Third Prince that takes away, now still closesZhao Hai not to have the time to manage them in Space. After several people entered Sword Chariot, Zhao Hai looked like Fei'er their several people to introduce Laura they, Laura they to a several people of principle, gave several people thing that prepared to drink. After several people sit down, Zhao Hai to Fei'er said : „below Zhao Hai, I thinks that several knew, this was Demon Dragon representative Demon Dragon King present Demon Dragon cooperated with me, please several introduce itself. Fei'er nodded said : „below Thunder Clan Fei'er, Thunder Clan representative.” Barbarian person deep voice said : Barbarian Dingshan.”, Pegasus Clan person said :, Pegasus Clan Zhanyue. ” Zhao Hai nodded said :, several people have made self introduction, whether that could tell me, several why did suddenly start to cope with God Race?”! ~!