Fei'er deep voice said : „, since by God Race use military force conquer, our several clans on have been saving the strength in secret, prepares to overthrow the rule of God Race, just the God Race strength was really too formidable, the strengths of our several clans, about also not necessarily were the God Race matches, therefore we had not begun.” Speaking of here Fei'er silent, he turned the head look at Zhao Hai said :our initially not to think must you cooperate with mister, the place that after all mister you were was Ark Continent, said that the sentence was not of pleasant to hear, Ark Continent was on all plane, lowest, your God Rank Expert did not have, resisted with God Race with anything, partner who we want to look for most from the beginning, was actually Demon Race. Zhao Hai and Demon Dragon King nodded, he can understand that Fei'er their procedure, just as is such that Fei'er said that Ark Continent here level was really too low, did not have including own God Rank Expert, truly did not have the means and God Race resists, but all people have not thought that will have Zhao Hai this freak appears . Demon Dragon King look at Fei'er said : „do you place hear Demon Race from the well? Our Demon Race has not heard you.” Fei'er deep voice said : from God Race there heard that God Race hates to the marrow of the bones regarding Ark Continent, but wants to cope with Ark Continent is not that easy, because of Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth, does not allow God Rank Expert to exist, therefore God Race is to send the army to cope with Ark Continent is also impossible, finally they have only thought one type of method, uses that Magic Formation, changes Ark Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth, then dispatches troops, wipes out Ark Continent.” Zhao Hai nod this point of he has thought that Fei'er then said : „, but this Magic Formation is not that fond of playing jokes, probably God Race also obtained this Magic Formation not long after, in adding on this Magic Formation, needs the Blood Sacrifice quantity is really too many, therefore God Race had not made into this Magic Formation, but they have not actually stopped to the intelligence collection of Ark Continent, but in these information, has some information about Demon Race ”, therefore we knew also has existence of Demon Race. ” Demon Dragon King nodded, this point is not strange, before their Demon Race person and Ark Continent had a war, Ark Continent here naturally had the record about Demon Race, God Race can collect some Demon Race materials to be also normal. Fei'er looked at their said : to foresee accurately in that money, Demon Race strength written was very strong, most at least be stronger than Ark Continent, therefore we want to cooperate together to cope with God Race with Demon Race, got rid of God Race to our rules, because we knewGod Race sooner or later one day to be able with Demon Race to, because God Race was an incomparably greedy race, they will not let off opportunity that any can expand. ” Zhao Hai and Demon Dragon King have not spoken, they saw the God Race style, tyrannical overbearing, what they want, before all plane, submits to them, therefore Fei'er did not say strangely. Fei'er look at Zhao Hai said : can be we have not thought that” in Ark Continent here appears a mister such person, unexpectedly by strength of the, has actually blocked the attack of God Race and Demon Race, to be honest, the mister strengthis makes people feel really very surprised. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, regarding own strength, Zhao Hai is a little self-confident, Fei'er then said : when Third Prince arrives at Ark Continent, after our present matter possibly had the favorable turn Third Prince, immediately has relieved the Yun Tianlei military authority, this made Yun Tianlei restlesshis immediately send for God Race there inquiring information , was look God Race there accident sentiment of ”, but I did not have immediately/on horseback to go to God Race there, believes that I have related Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, making them maintain the strength, do not do against mister, later I God Race, I know to God Race there, God Race there simply has not lived any matter, this all, but is that idiot Third Prince, decision of thinking oneself clever, but this also makes me realize that this copes with God Race opportunity. ” Zhao Hai and Demon Dragon King earnest is listening to the Fei'er words, one hear of Fei'er said that they somewhat puzzled look at Fei'er, Fei'er look at their said : Third Prince this person I knows, he is not good because of the God Race there reputation, but he actually very asks for liking of God King, the commanding a war fight is not an expert, very obstinate, listens to the criticism, has such person lead the army, certainly will not be the mister match, but now God Race sends to the Ark Continent here army, is one third of their army total, if can these army, stay with Ark Continent here regarding. God Race, can be an attack of very enormous , because of this, therefore the relation of my secret Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, by our three clans, were helping you, kept Ark Continent here God Race army, your together coped with God Race in alliance, in contacted after two clansman, my secret returned to Ark Continent here, has had the contact with Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, before having manufactured, plan that defected. ”

Zhao Hai nodded, he can understand that Fei'er procedure, this truly was one copes with God Race good opportunity, God Race to send Ark Continent here one third of oneself entire force unexpectedly, it seems like they to Ark Continent real attach great importance to, now they this army annihilating, regarding the attack of God Race, but very enormous. Fei'er look at Zhao Hai said : mister, now Taurus God Race weakest time, the best opportunity that also we counter-attack, leaves from Ark Continent here by mister, by our several clans, is leaving from respective plane, besieges God Race, believes that the ear to destroy completely Taurus God Race at one fell swoop.” Zhao Hai look at Fei'er, knit the brows said : „, but you must know, in God Realm, not only Taurus God Race this God Race Continent, their altogether 13 Continent, except for three are control in the different race god beside, other ten Great Formation, all are by God Race control, we have kicked God Race, faces also possible, not only Taurus God Race attack, they also from other God Race Continent there, will possibly make some reinforcement, a God Race Continent army, this to be strong, if ten big God Race Continent armies, that we. Can block? This issue have you thought?” Fei'er stares, he has not thought really that Zhao Hai such understood God Race unexpectedly, actually knows the God Race ten three Continent matters, but this matter he also early has consideration ”, therefore he nodded said : to think, but invited mister feel relieved, between God Race and God Race also did not seem that peaceful, among them also had the war, if because in this case, that three by the different race god control Continent, were not feared was also already by God Race attacking and occupying.” Zhao Hai nodded said : please then to say.” Fei'er nodded said : „to mention the God Race influence minute to accompany, we must mention from the God Realm terrain, the God Realm 13 bulks, in Central Continent are the centers, becomes the star type same arrangement outward, most is Central Continent in the Central Continent surrounding, is five Continent, separately is Leo Continent Gemini Continent, Scorpio Continent, Capricorn Continent and Cancer Continent, but while but Continent in these Continent outside is, respectively be Aries Continent, Virgo Continent, Libra Continent, these three Continent just before leaving three big different race person control Continent, but Taurus Continent, Aquarius Continent, Pisces Continent and Sagittarius Continent, from God Race control surrounding Continent however these four Continent, is not very peaceful, Taurus God Race in God Realm continuously very arbitrary, therefore they with other God Race are not compatibling, if we cope with them, other God Race Continent will dispatch troops not necessarily.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : not necessarily to dispatch troops to have the ear to dispatch troops, one, but God Race these people dispatched troops, how can we deal?” Fei'er deep voice said : this point we have thought our here from the beginning, our Thunder Clan immediately will have sent for contacting with the big three different race gods asks them also to dispatch troops, together copes with Taurus Continent, when the time comes did not need to be worried about other God Race.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : this not quite to be good, if we copes with Taurus God Race, other God Race possibly in one side look at, how when we Taurus God Race, they in have sorted the small advantage, but if we invited three big different race gods, that situation was different, three big different race gods, in other God Race with God Realm were the mortal enemies, if they were involved, other God Race Continent that will not dispatch troops, also will certainly dispatch troops, when the time comes our days only did not feel better, was not good.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Fei'er has cannot help but gawked, then complexion changes, lowered the head to ponder, Zhao Hai said was reasonable, if they coped with Taurus God Race, perhaps other God Race really met look at, because looked like in these God Race, even if were they extinguishing has been able to be what kind of Taurus God Race, in any case Taurus God Race not by them happy, if they can Taurus God Race extinguishing, other God Race happen to had the excuse to dispatch troops to cope with them, this can open and aboveboard received own in hand the Taurus God Race domain. But if three big different race gods pulling, that characteristic changed, three big different race gods are all God Race common enemies, one, but three big different race people to also participate, that God Race had the reason of sharing a common hatred, when the time comes other God Race certain meeting soldiers, they will not have the auspicious day.

The Zhao Hai look at Fei'er appearance, deep voice said : God Race we must cope, but this matter should better not allows three big different race gods to participate, when we were extinguishing Taurus God Race, came to a stop the foot in God Realm, in contacts with three big different race gods not to have anything, moreover do not forget, I can turn into Undead Creature the deceased person, my undead army will hit more is stronger, when the time comes our in hand has equivalent to now undead army of Taurus God Race all military strength, is adding on your several races, we stand firm in God Race are not a problem.” Fei'er nodded, he looks at „the side that Zhao Hai said : mister said is, it seems like it was we were too simple, good, pressed the office that mister that the matter thought said that we will not contact with three big different race gods, the pressure that but as the matter stands, we must face will become very big, mister may probably be prepared.” Before Zhao Hai laughs said : has not coped with you to participate, I have thought must cope with God Race, now had your participation, will grasp even bigger, now we will have Ark Continent and Demon Realm take the strategic depth, sooner or later God Race dragging, but issue on your three clans, your three clan there , if not be able to withstand, will not be big to my influence although, but regarding your clansman, will not be the good deed.” Fei'er deep voice said : this point does not need mister to be worried that our there had already prepared completely safe, asking mister feel relieved to be good.” Zhao Hai selected to be so best to said :, the date that but this moved, must push one pile in the future, currently my here also has some Demon Realm there matters to process, when our here matter processed, can move, didn't know your what do you think?” Did Fei'er knit the brows said : this to wait for how long? Should better quickly, our these time God Race wiping out in here, but actually part of God Race ran away, they will go back one with a Taurus God Race saying, Taurus God Race will have to prepare, perhaps they will withdraw troops from Ark Continent here, then first coped with our three clans, that situation on big was not wonderful.” Zhao Hai thinks that said : like this was good, our here attack God Race as usual, but my some matters must process, it will not take long, on the several days time, but I can send out undead army and Demon Race army, moves with your together, first copes teaches the country there God Race army brightly, do you look what kind of?” Fei'er look at Zhao Hai said : „the first proper meaning is, only then don't you participate?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, only then I, moreover in less than the several days time, quick can handle the matter, when I handled the matter, immediately came back, but I will let undead army and Demon Race help you cope with God Race, called look?” Fei'er nodded said : „, but mister should better probably quickly, your in hand currently had Domain Weapon, but Domain Weapon regarding the God Race deterrent force is very big, has you, will cope with the God Race army to be easier.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : I as soon as possible, when do we start to teach country there God Race to move attack brightly?” Fei'er thinks that said : just passed through a war, army although recuperation, I look on the recuperation two days, then to brightly teaches in Guohua to move attack.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, but I see intent you, now leaves toward to teach country there to catch up brightly, do not use is too quick, walks while the recuperation, this can also save a lot of time, perhaps wait for you arrived has taught country there brightly, I have handled the matter.” Fei'er nodded said : well, depends on mister saying that we leave now, but we want to ask mister to subsidize our some military baggage, our beforehand provisions are God Race provide, now God Race do not deliver to provide to us, therefore our provisions can have some problems.” Zhao Hai laughs said : this not to be a problem, you can presently, look for some big city cities to rest now along the way, you rest in that big city city, I will provide to deliver to there.” 【...... Chapter 826 counter-attacks the plan......】 a!!