Demon Dragon King was bringing Demon Race army returned to in Demon Race Space, they will certainly not work as Fei'er their surface such to do, in fact Zhao Hai opened Space rift in the Accra Mountain defense linein surface seemed, probably was they enters in the Accra Mountain defense linein factthey actually to walk to enter in Space. Enters to Space, Demon Dragon King they smelled a fragrance, a meat fragranceDemon Dragon King lives in Space to look, in Space many large pan, these large pan are being some marching stoves, inside is boiling meat soup, that meat soup fragrancehas filled entire Space. Demon Dragon King has gawked, at this time the demon was skillful and Stone Dake has arrived around Demon Dragon King, they to Demon Dragon King gave a salute, the demon winning smile said :, Demon Dragon, were embarrassed, you went to war outside, after this food actually wanted ate, we have eaten, these were prepare to you.”, Demon Dragon King look at many do large pan, show a faint smile said : is mister sends for informing your? These many meat that comes? Does mister send?” The demon nodded to smile said : skillfully „, mister sends for sending, Demon Dragon, I looked today, in this Space has plenty Bread Fruit is our clansman moves, enough has eaten, but also has plenty Magic Beast, these Magic Beast level are not high, moreover their reproductive ability actually very strong, can provide very sufficient food to us, this Space is really the good place. ” Demon Dragon King nodded, shows a faint smile said : this Space to be certainly good, otherwise Your Majesty immediately will not agree that the mister words must move to here to come our clan, later we wait to enjoy happiness. ” The demon noddedtoday he to carry on a more thorough understanding to this Space skillfully, this Space is fantastic, the straw manure, water beautiful ” the Magic Beast multi- Bread Fruit tree are really many, even if after is the Demon Race person arrived at this Space, anything does not doconsiders these thing that in Space produces sufficiently to let their hungry undead, this is absolutely impossible in Demon Realm. Demon Dragon King did not have to say anything, he turned the head to look at these Devil Regiment people, said loudly: Person who has the wound first goes to wound treatment, after good, comes out to eat thing, after finishing eating , the good rest, crossed several days also to have the fight.” Person who these Devil Regiment people complied with one, turn around walked had the wound went to wound treatment, the person who has not injured also went to small riverbank to wash washing, then took off clothes armor round trip eats thing. In this Space, they can complete relaxation, not need to worry that some people come attack they, this regarding the Devil Regiment person, is the one type of rare experience. These devil Battle Formation person each and every one are Slaughter God is not falsealso because of this, they obtained the war syndrome, felt one anytime and anywhere in battlefield because of so, therefore they will appear the special cold blood, because in the battlefield, you momentarily may bump into the enemy, therefore they momentarily will be maintaining vigilant. In Space here is different Space here besides their clansman, existence in any enemy, cannot pose the threat Magic Beast not to exist to them, therefore they can such relax.

Actually their don’t know, some Space here also slight healing functions, especially are the spiritual disease effect to war syndrome this type remarkable. However Devil Regiment the mental illness is very serious, therefore in the short-term could not have seen that any effect comes, therefore Demon Dragon King has not paid attention to him also to go to the riverside to wash the face, arrived around a marching stove look at pot inside meat soup, demon is with a smile skillful to demon skillful said :, the craftsmanship of your fellows are good, this meat soup is very probably fragrant.” The demon takes Bread Fruit said : skillfully, this is not my craftsmanship is good, is mister gives my thing entire, you do not have look at in original Space, not only here is piling up the commodity, is also piling large quantities of commodities in other places, that thing may entire. ” Demon Dragon King has eaten Bread Fruit, then has taken up by a marching stove bowl, has installed large bowl meat soup, the place although that drinks one breath said : mister thoroughness that thought they to be at now to be many, but our Demon Race from is impossible always to live in together, that will be not quite realisticfinally will separate, therefore he has put other places these commodities, later clansman came into be able nearby to attain the commodityto be right, over the two days the matter in Space, your many fee dessertsI was leading mister returned to Demon Realm, entered quickly. Receives in clansman Space. ” The demon has complied with one skillfully, heI went to person release of various clans to Demon Dragon King said : today, making them choose the a piece domain to own clan, settled on there, which first in lives, familiar one that all around environment, after , their clansman entered Space, can better An Zhi. Demon Dragon King puts down the soup bowl, knit the brows said :, „can this cause the conflict? If two races settled on the a piece place, may cause the conflict.” The demon winning smile said : your feel relieved, will not be having that matter, in Demon Realm there, everyone/Great Clan went to war for the domain, that was because the everyone/Great Clan domain was not much, wants to contend for the a piece good point domain, can Space here not be different, here all places were almost same, moreover had various merits respectively, took here, the here merit on was, Bread Fruit are many, eating that could not finish eating, but relative, Magic Beast was actually not extremely numerous, in toward the north, there Bread Fruit on was not many, but there grass. very good Magic Beast also extremely numerous, everyone/Great Clan can definitely with according to own different custom, electing to think the best place. Demon Dragon King nodded, let out a long breath said : looked like my Demon Race auspicious day comes to shout really, crosses several days Mr. Zhao Hai to dispatch troops to God Racewe to counter-attack God Race there. ” The demon has gawked skillfully next step: Is so quick?” Demon Dragon King shows a faint smile said : not to be quick, Mr. Zhao Hai these time has no need for us having too many soldiers with other cooperation, we will not have anything to lose. ”

The demon shows a faint smile said : I to not to be worried that skillfully this I thought that Mr. Zhao Hai probably was too laborious a point, you looked, since we arrived at Ark Continent here, he had the moment was idling the time? Is is not making war with us, in makes the war with God Race, afterward braved Underworld, must counter-attack God Race, this was also too busy. ” Demon Dragon smiles bitterly next step: He cannot be what kind of busily, initially he is not busy for Ark Continent also busily, but this time, he thinks that is not busy is not good, by the three biggest races of God Race piece clothing/taking, Thunder Clan, Pegasus Clan and Barbarian person, wants alliance to make God Race instead, moreover they also want pulling Mr. Zhao Hai to participate, can Mr. Zhao Hai not participate? Do not forget, mister has the big enmity with God Race, he is impossible to let off this opportunity. ” The demon nodded skillfully, do not speak, at this time Demon Dragon King also ate was similar, he put down soup bowl said : Your Majesty also really to say right, these time has so not sent out the Devil Regiment words, we also really possibly lost the face of our Demon Race, the Mr. Zhao Hai undead regiment have been needless to say fighting strength was great, was that Thunder Clan and Barbarian also has Pegasus Clan, their fighting strength stemmed from formidable that I anticipated, if we were given to be inferior by their three clansin front of Mr. Zhao Hai, in the face can also unable to pass. ” The demon has smiled bitterly skillfully next step: It seems like we were underestimated God Race, thought God Race also with our similar levels, but now looks like, God Race truly compared with on our some.” Demon Dragon King nodded good that said : you said that the God Race strength truly compared with us on many, these time comes attack Ark Continent, is only one in God Race, originally God Race is divided into 13 Continent, different race god in hand that three, control comes up in Ark Continent ascend, is Elven Race, Beastman Race and Dwarf Race, their these three races, do not cope with God Race, will be bitter enemy will have the conflict frequently, but remaining ten Continent, will be control in God Race in hand, now attack Ark Continent, is only a branch in God Race, Taurus God Race. ” The demon gawked skillfullythen complexion changed, knit the brows said : mister to know these situations?” Demon Dragon King nodded said : to know, moreover already knows evidently.” The demon skillful brow wrinkles was tighter, deep voice said : mister knows that can also go to attack God Race? Is this not too likely his disposition?” Demon Dragon showed a faint smilesaid to the demon the process of matter skillfully, after saying, Demon Dragon King said : because of this, therefore I must lead the line to live Demon Race as soon as possible, met clansman, cannot make them be a drag on mister.” The demon nodded skillfully said : originally is this, this arrives is really opportunity, but mister impossible to press to arrive in Space in the short time our Demon Race people, can this harm his matter.” Demon Dragon King shook the head said : not, I think that mister will know how things stand, moreover his Space, wonderful infinite, I do not think by mistake abundant.”

The demon nodded said : Demon Dragon you to Your Majesty send the letter skillfully, first ahead of time ventilates with Your Majesty? ” Demon Dragon King knit the brows said : „, but I do not have the means to unite under the nose fox now.” Is transmitting said : What happened? to look for Great Demon King Your Majesty to have the matter in this time Zhao Hai sound?” Skillfully Demon Dragon King and demon turn the head looked that ” Zhao Hai is standing at their back, they stood getting up to salute to Zhao Hai hastily ”, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to consider as finished, happen, my this has not eaten meal, today eats in this was right, Demon Dragon, this gave youto have any matter to look for Great Demon King Your Majesty directly on the line. ” Said that Zhao Hai put out Message Fish to give Demon Dragon King. Demon Dragon King also knows that Zhao Hai does not like politely, then Message Fish, expressed gratitudeturn around to walkZhao Hai to sit to Zhao Hai in there, has installed one bowl of meat soup to oneself, drinks while skillfully chats with the demonalthough Zhao Hai now optional, but the demon felt skillfully very tremendous pressuredid not have meansZhao Hai now to be their parents, he does not dare to be too optional. This is superior and average person the difference , the average person will eat the meat to eat soup with your such togetheryou possibly becomes a friend with him, but superior will such do, you only think that he will be more amiable, actually does not dare to work as the friend with him.! ~.. Are more, address