Fei'er sits with his clansman in there, look at their front marching stoves, their partner birds and beasts are the same with Demon Race, meat soup is adding on Bread Fruit, this all thing, are these Undead Creature sends. These thing although very ordinary, but Fei'er actually thinks that these thing are not ordinary, where is here? here can frontline, yes, frontline with marching stove not any issue, but your command(er) undead is the person who fights, how possibly to take these many eating? Moreover is nice and warm, was this not quite strange? Was adding on Fei'er to the matter that these days Zhao Hai handled also some certain understanding, has blocked the attacks of god demon two clans by strength of the, now not only the God Race army wiping out, but also Demon Race subduing. To be honest, when today Fei'er saw that Zhao Hai leads the Demon Race army is killing, he really felt his heartbeat soon stopped. Demon Race, that is Demon Race, they have wanted to establish the union with Demon Race before, then common tackled God Race, in their opinion, Demon Race has with the strength that God Race resists, but is a such race, now unexpectedly by Zhao Hai subduing, this was too inconceivable. Fei'er remembers the Zhao Hai dry matter now, can only describe with a few words that is a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain, was too mysterious. Also because of Zhao Hai such performance, therefore made Fei'er strengthen with the determination that Zhao Hai cooperated, he believes that by the Zhao Hai strength, copes with God Race definitely not to have any issue. Fei'er looked at not far away Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, before their three clans, each other has not heard the opposite party, now they actually became the most solid allies, for other, to not get rid of God Race to their rules. Fei'er also knows that this is not easy, he regarding God Race understanding extremely numerous, many of very because about God Race knowing, therefore he awareness, wants to break out of the rule of God Race is how is not easy, is only Taurus God Race this branch God Race, can extinguish Barbarian, Pegasus Clan and their Thunder Clan these three does not calculate the weak race, but Taurus God Race in God Race there although very overbearing, but must speak of the strength, is actually not strongest, has several compared with Taurus God Race strong God Race, is casual, sufficiently extinguished several ten times to have Thunder Clan.. Therefore they want to break out of the rule of God Race, not only need cope with Taurus God Race, but must pay attention to the responses of other God Racethey to cope with Taurus God Race, in other God Race, same can give to extinguish themhas then ruled them. Because has such idea, therefore Fei'er is thinking must cope with Taurus God Race with three big different race god alliance, this can other God Race to dread them, does not dare to cope with them. However by Zhao Hai such saying, he then presently, this plan had a very fatal shortcoming, if they with the big three different race god alliances, immediately welcome entire God Race attack reallywhen the time comes are three big different race gods will not be what kind, their three clans were also die. Thinks that here Fei'er cannot bear breaks into sweat, but he has sent for informing in the clan now, making the people in clan according to the original plan same motion, hoping such recovery to be able with enough time. Because this matter ”, therefore he settled on to Zhao Hai, he thinks that with the Zhao Hai cooperation is absolutely is the most correct decision. How however he wants to have a look at the Zhao Hai ability, although his don’t know Zhao Hai this several days has any matter, but he knows that this matter has certainly relationship with Demon Race, but Zhao Hai also complies to give them to deliver the provisions, how Fei'er wants to have a look at Zhao Hai this several days to the situation that they deliver the provisions ”, if Zhao Hai real doing is very good, he full cooperates with Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai is providing this aspect to have the issuethat Fei'er to cooperate with Zhao Hai, on must retain, will make the preparations of many hand. Young of although Fei'er, the stature in Thunder Clan is not highest, but he is the Thunder Clan next clansman period of five days has actually passed the person, this status Yun Tianlei is also knows that can say this status or Yun Tianlei facilitate, Yun Tianlei such does, for better control Thunder Clan, looks like in Yun Tianlei, Fei'er to his absolute loyalty, lets Fei'er, when Thunder Clan next Patriarch , helping his control to Thunder Clan.

What a pity, Yun Tianlei simply don’t know, Fei'er is in itself Thunder Clan places his side one to explode the da ball, Fei'er is in itself the Thunder Clan next Patriarch person is leisurely, Yun Tianlei raises, Thunder Clan also complied on pushing the boat along, this to has given instead Yun Tianlei one type of, the feeling that Thunder Clan is obedient very much , because of this, Yun Tianlei will select some people to come from Thunder Clan, became his guards. But reason that Fei'er can become Thunder Clan next Patriarch, is not because his strength strong, because of his very intelligent, because he is intelligent, therefore Thunder Clan sent the Yun Tianlei side him. Because of Fei'er these characteristics, therefore he spoke in Thunder Clan very has the component, must Thunder Clan not be otherwise impossible to agree matter that they and Zhao Hai cooperated. But at this time, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan there person, has own thoughts respectively, although said that they do not hate Zhao Hai, after all in their clan really has such custom, if there is clansman to turn into Undead Creature, in the clan does not think that they died, but they to Zhao Hai was a little air/Qi at heart, otherwise not in the sword died a word not. However this does not delay them and Zhao Hai cooperation, their present most important point, is separated from God Race to their rules, with the Zhao Hai enmity, is the minor matters. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, he stayed in Demon Race there some time on returned to Space, sits in the there look at screen, now Thunder Clan they have rested, did not have what good quality of being worth looking, Zhao Hai has then closed the screen, Laura that turned the head to look at one be busy they. Zhao Hai now the commodity in Space, but has plenty, therefore he did not fear that uses to Demon Race and some Thunder Clan their thing, this also happen to can buy the hearts of the people in any case, why not. Matter that Laura they must be busy at now are not many, they they delivered to be good to Thunder Clan and Demon Race the commodity, the God Race there matter, did not need them to worry. Zhao Hai looked that Laura they also quickly ended, he in there look at, turn around had not entered the kitchen, oneself began is Laura they have made a food. Zhao Hai had not gone to the kitchen for a long time, before on Earth, he was a beautiful corrupt amateur, was not only unpalatable happily, liked doing. At that time his work was everyday at home writes the draft, therefore turned over to the time that oneself controlled to be many, to be relaxedhim also to do to prepare food by oneself, therefore his cook, naturally, has had no way to compare with these master chefs, but a military simple dish was not a problem. Completed the board dish, Laura they also finished, Laura they looked that Zhao Hai has completed the meal to them, several people somewhat were startled Zhao Hai look at their appearance, showed a faint smile said : to be good, do not look to eat meal, tastes my craftsmanship.” Laura they cheer one, ran to wash washing the hands, then sat on the dinner table, although said the meal that Zhao Hai made, had is so delicious, but Laura that not necessarily Meg they did they ate was actually the incomparable fragrance. look at their appearances, Zhao Hai cannot help but smiles bitterly he always to feel one were unfair to Laura very much they, good Laura they not, because this matter blamed him, not so blamed his real don’t know also to walk, if Laura, because these matters were angry with him, that Zhao Hai will definitely lead Laura they to become a recluse in Space, in not with any fighting.

Has eaten meal the latter several people to arrive in living room to sit down, Zhao Hai looked has been rubbing several people of belly, smiles said : „is really, food that I made also not necessarily delicious, must eat that many to do.” Laura white his eyes were disinclined to speak with him, in this time, Cai'er is flying „the situation that Zhao Hai said : Young Master has fought today, has put the Ark Continent person in Space in Space, the echo is very big, but they probably are doesn't blame you, you looked that the following these can also put?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : puts, lets the person in Ark Space, finds out the Ark Continent situation, should be, was right, must instead da attack the God Race matter also to tell them us, after tomorrow I go to Demon Realm, attains Ark Space to put the Demon Realm there situation, lets the person in Space, knows that what environment Demon Realm is.” Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, does this need? Didn't you in Space, you need to be Demon Race speak the word of praise?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not anything, I do not want to be Demon Race speak the word of praise, what I am only wish make the person in Space have a look at the world of other places am, must also broadcast later to God Race there, the spiritual life of Ark Continent person are too few, these thing that we put, making these not have the people of matter, can hit the time thing.” Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but is thinking, later is this television, movie anything makes, like this, he in wants to propagandize anything to facilitate. Laura they to do not think that this is any misdemeanor, but thinks somewhat troublesome, but Zhao Hai is willing to put that to put away, they will not oppose. Today several people somewhat were tired, early has rested, but these thing that their don’t know matter, they put, let the people in Ark Space, stays up all night. Just as was Zhao Hai said that the people in Space lacked the spiritual life, these thing that now Zhao Hai puts, may be[ really] reality, was that the fight of magnificent scene, that was compared with any war shade and television look at satisfying, therefore almost did not have the face to sleep, picture on there look at projection. The picture on projection also ended from fight, has put Zhao Hai and Fei'er their negotiations, this is also the meaning of Zhao Hai, he and Fei'er their negotiations, are Zhao Hai let. After waits to negotiate, a picture revolution on projection, changed to Beastman Prairie, Dark mist on Prairie also had these Undead Creature, why making person understand Zhao Hai in Space probably make them enter Space. It can be said that doing of this projection with is huge, this lets in Space all races, all people, had an understanding to God Race and Demon Race, especially to God Race, before the person in Space, has not thought, God Race unexpectedly such formidable, attack their, but is one in God Race ten Continent. The content in projection, lets the people in Ark Space, understanding now Zhao Hai situation, they cannot help but to Zhao Hai gratitude. When these contents all broadcast, all has soon shone, the people felt that somewhat dizzy heavy, immediately went home to sleep, but the content in projection, they were actually Rau Rau at heart.

But at this time, Zhao Hai actually got up, in Space has had the breakfast, making Laura they arrange the person to Fei'er they to deliver the breakfast, but he actually arrived at Demon Race Space, prepares to go to Demon Realm with Demon Dragon King together. To be honest, Zhao Hai to God Race is very curious, although Cai'er has said the matter about Demon Realm to him, but he still feels very curious, he wants to have a look, what world that is. Zhao Hai to Demon Race Space time, Demon Dragon King got up, other Demon Race people also got up, Demon Dragon King is special is waiting for Zhao Hai, but other Demon Race people are actually busy other matter. Demon Dragon King looked at Zhao Hai to come, moved forward to meet somebody hastily, bowed to Zhao Hai said : mister, you came, when did we leave?” The Demon Race person who Zhao Hai looked at these be busy, shows a faint smile said : our immediately to leave, was right, if your here has any need, do not forget to tell me that can prepare to you, I prepare certainly to you.” Demon Dragon King grateful said : thanked mister, if there are if possible, asking mister to help us prepare some Stone, did you look at the line?” Zhao Hai stares, then puzzled look at Demon Dragon King said : Stone? Prepares Stone to do? In this Space so many mountains, on that mountain may all be Stone, you picked walk.” Demon Dragon King embarrassed said :was open about the facts mister saying that here environment fantastic, we did not hate to destroy, if quarried a mountain quarrying, the tree on mountain was dying, we, we did not give up. Zhao Hai has gawked, then cannot help but is smiling bitterly shaking the head, this Demon Race looked like has feared in the bad environment really dull, now on learn environmental protection, but this was also good, most at least did not need to be worried that they created any damage to the Space environment. Demon Dragon King looked that Zhao Hai has not made noise, thinks that Zhao Hai was angry, his quickly said: If mister thought that awkward, after waiting for returned to Demon Realm there, I made everyone/Great Clan each a piece Stone enter Space on the line.” Zhao Hai one hear of Demon Dragon King said that cannot help but happy, he smiles said : that to arrive does not use, I looked was like this good, these Undead Creature in my Space happen to were idling, made them help you pick some Stone to be good, right that you made, the Space here environment can not destroy good that do not destroy.” Demon Dragon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that nod of happy, Zhao Hai in saying anything, bringing Demon Dragon King to bring Demonic Abyss there that Space rift there, their together flew toward Demon Realm.! ~!.. Are more, address