This is a corona red world! sky is the red, dark-red, is good looks like the viscous blood is the same, obviously is daytime, the space also has Sun, but that Sun was used the red cloth wrapping up probably was the same, and has only wrapped one layer, only the beam energy spread leaves to faint dark red light, did not have Ark Continent evening's moon to be bright evidently. Besides this dark-red skyis the black red land, that land looked that desertificationabove was growing some low plants, the leaf of that plants, although was green ”, but actually also became present the one type of not too normal green. That Prairie although looks like probably is green, but Zhao Hai sees that grass, always felt that grass is Poison Snake is probably same, might anytime bite. Besides some low grass, most is some Stone and sandy soil that in this Demon Realm sees, almost did not have any thing, even if occasionally can see several trees, long was not high, looks like with that grass is also same, although was only plants ”, but actually gave people the one type of not affable feeling. At this time Demon Dragon King sighed lightly, to Zhao Hai said : mister, spread a few words not to want underestimated that to fear a grass in Demon Realm here ”, because that possibly was one can want the grass of demon God Rank Expert life. ” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Demon Dragon King, is somewhat puzzled, Demon Dragon King deep voice said : in God Race here, almost all plants is poisonous, is only the toxicity intensity is different, reason that we will regard food Seven-colored Flower in Demon Realm hereis because, the leaf of Seven-colored Flower, is in plants that Demon Realm to know, toxicity lowestother plantsthat feared that is two looks like the same grass, a possibility does not have poisonous one on possible poisonous, moreover is very fierce poisonous. ” Zhao Hai gawkedthen to sigh said :, „ really has not thought that no wonder the Demon Race person wanted to seize the Ark Continent here environment is really too bad. But at this time the Space very faithful record Demon Realm all, had then attained Ark Space there to broadcast the here situation. The people in Space have been used to everyday to have a look at projection there now, the content that but on projection release comes today makes them somewhat be startledthey not to see such environment, the people in Space at once now the one who thinks on projection to put is Underworld there. However afterward illustration sound let their understand, there was not Underworld, but was Demon Realm! Now the people in Space know, Demon Realm has hired oneself Zhao Hai with them is one group, regarding the people in Space, this information is quite exciting. However they to are to Demon Realm not too many dislike this mainly because in Demon Realm to war, generally is Zhao Hai make a move ” the loss of Ark Continent here is not very big.

Zhao Hai and don’t know thesehe with Demon Dragon King toward the forward flight, these time enters to Demon Realm, only then they, has not led the person. Zhao Hai looked at the Demon Realm environment, all around situation is similar, even if occasionally met 1 or 2 only Demon Realm is also fierce exceptionallysaw that they want to attack, they fortunately met was Demon Realm that some will not fly, otherwise also was really very troublesome. Their is not quick, around Zhao Hai look at Demon Dragon Great Demon King Your Majesty to Demon Dragon King said : lives in there generally?”, Demon Dragon King said : in Demon Capital City, there is our Demon Realm largest city, is Demon Realm most marries the solid city, what most important is in Demon Capital City below, the seal Demon Realm and Underworld biggest Space rift. ” Did Zhao Hai nod said : we to use how long to Demon Capital City from here?” Quick point words that Demon Dragon King said : it will not take long flies, about two hours can” be the slow point flying words has about four hours to be also similar. ” Zhao Hai has hesitated, looked at a following grass hand to wield, big hand appears , one caught in that grass Space baseless. Demon Dragon King puzzled look at Zhao Hai, don’t know this is must do, but Zhao Hai actually wants to have a look, Demon Race here plants and ordinary plants have any difference. That grass just entered to Space, Space immediately/on horseback transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently includes fierce toxicity, the Darkness Attribute grass, not suitable is long in ordinary Space comes forth, not suitable grows in common demon discipline class Space, suits grows in Hell Space, is helpful to improving Hell Space.” Zhao Hai heard among this prompt to stare, he has not thought really that this thing only suited in Hell Space unexpectedly grows, moreover can perfect Hell Space, this regarding Zhao Hai, to be a pleasant surprise. Demon Dragon King look at Zhao Hai, presently Zhao sea surface belt happy expression, cannot help but puzzled said : mister, what happy matter has What happened? had?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „to have some happy matters, was right, can you your demon to help my gang , helping to collect plants and Magic Beast in Demon Realm, what has, no matter has not to have poisonous, moreover must live. ”

Demon Dragon King has gawked, then puzzled mister collects these thing to do to Zhao Hai said :? Helps some thing should mister not to be useful?”, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : you also really to speak incorrectly, that thing to this poisonous thing that I a little used, if used was good, can become the one type of good medicine, what kind of? Ok? ” Demon Dragon King nodded said : not to have the issue, this, when we see Your Majesty time, said one to Your Majesty, lets all enter to the Space person brings plants, that not on line. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, plants, Magic Beast, but by do not injure to artificial point these aggressiveness too strong Magic Beast or too prestige danger plants, does not want. ”, Demon Dragon King forced smile said : mister feel relieved, being all right our Demon Race lived these many years in Demon Realm ”, only if large-scale beast tide ” will otherwise not make become any threat to us. ” Zhao Hai nodded said :, good to have confidence well, that such has decided that walks, we see Your Majesty, under don’t know fox there preparation, after all the time was too how short. ”, Demon Dragon King shows a faint smile said : „to be all right, by the Your Majesty rallying point, so long as he said one, entire Demon Realm can immediately/on horseback prepare.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smilehas not spoken, but they to sped up. This Zhao Hai they have met all the way several small town, small town area was not very bigevidently also lives in tens of thousands people to is strong/sturdy that very hundreds of thousands people of appearancesthese small town cultivatedcity wall is very thick, was very high, looked that was used to make the war to use. Demon Dragon King points at these small town said : in Demon Realm almost to live in the place of person, wants completed the study this appearance, because were too many in Demon Realm here Magic Beast, once for a while suddenly Fen beast tide, if Demon Race person simply does not have the means to go on living city completed the study this appearance. ” Zhao Hai nodded, has smiled bitterly, to be honest, Demon Realm here is really he has seen the worst environment, he can affirm that in the Demon Realm here air, includes certainly certain toxicity, because just Cai'er entered Space, he already had the resistivity regarding the Demon Realm here toxin, therefore Space has not made any prompt. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also understand, why Demon Race person President became like this ”, because the Demon Realm here environment was too bad, to suit the here environment, the Demon Realm person slowly grew into thisall these is making it so of environment. survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest! This is the rule of nature ” the Demon Race person to adapt to the here circumstancesundergoes the innumerable year of evolutions of ” finally to grow their present appearances. Their sped up, really after ” two hours, Zhao Hai their front appears the a piece giant citythis giant city is not worse than the Ark Continent several big Empire capital cities, is completes by one type of dark-red Stone all over the body, looks like very grand. They have not arrived at in the city timepaid attention to Devil War Chariot to stop in the sky of city, looked that this situation Zhao Hai knowsthis was Great Demon King is welcoming draws them, they moved forward to meet somebody hastily, just arrived at Devil War Chariot thereto see Great Demon King already to stand in Devil War Chariot in front of the door is waiting for Zhao Hai. Great Demon King saw that Zhao Hailaughs said : not to think mister such quickly tidied up God Race is may celebrate really encouraging, mister invited quickly. ” Zhao Hai not polite, bowed to enter War Chariot/Tank to Great Demon King ”, Demon Dragon King also hastily ran.

Zhao Hai entered War Chariot/Tank to look, the ornaments in War Chariot/Tank were still that appearance, small tableseveral small side dish, pot liquorall probably have not changed. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, sits small table there, after Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King also sits getting downand other people sat, Great Demon King then to Zhao Hai said :, mister can put down the attack God Race such big matter not to manage, but came our Demon Race this to touch me really very first, thanked mister. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : what not to have, their there also needs to wait for on several times in any case, does not worry, how friend type of Your Majesty here preparation?”, Great Demon King shows a faint smile said : prepare was similar, invited mister feel relieved, so long as mister Space rift opened, we can move toward Space in along in the middle.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, a matter must trouble Your Majesty, under the fox, I want to collect some Demon Realm plants and animal, therefore wants to ask Your Majesty to help the help, Your Majesty do you look?” Great Demon King has gawked, then did he knit the brows said : „what this mister to have specific requests?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not too many requests \; first, to live, two are the variety the more better, naturally, too dangerous does not need to collectis these requests. ” Great Demon King relaxed said : this ease in doing, but when can mister open Space rift?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : along in the middle, I just also saw, now the has plenty Demon Race person is catching up toward Demon Capital City here, I look to be not necessary this, I will open Space rift in Demon Capital City here, first allows the here person to enter Space, then I will study in France Blood Staff, so long as Your Majesty is taking Blood Staff, to other cities, when the time comes can open the crack in that city, this lets avoid everyone/Great Clan hurried along.” Great Demon King has gawked, then nodded said : such as some to be best, I looked that mister opens Space rift now, my immediately arrangement person enters Space.” Zhao Hai to has not opposed, nodded, waved, in Demon Capital City outside, on appears huge Space rift.! ~!