Chapter 831 unknown future Great Demon King to has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly such happy, he has gawked slightly, then laughs said : well, mister is really a refreshed person, was good I not to be impolite, mister sat in here slightly, outside my immediately/on horseback did not go to arrange.” Said that must stand, Zhao Hai actually said : Your Majesty, I did not stay in here, I also want in returned to Space to arrange something, this Blood Staff Your Majesty is taking, later Your Majesty to that city, has been able to contact with me with Message Fish, then I can in that urban there, open Space rift, Demon Dragon also remains to help Your Majesty, over the two days did not have what fight, mainly by helping your Demon Race relocation give priority to.” Great Demon King received Staff to look, this Staff now is the appearance of skeleton, looked that is not the open and aboveboard person uses, but Great Demon King actually knows that this Staff is not certainly simple regarding Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can give him such important thing, this lets his very touched. Great Demon King nodded said : to be so best, we also on impolite, mister had any matter, although goes busily, here had me and Demon Dragon is OK.” Zhao Hai nodded, to Great Demon King said : so on exhausted Your Majesty, this several days Space there has prepared, Your Majesty your feel relieved.” Great Demon King also expressed gratitude, Zhao Hai then flashes body leave Devil War Chariot, returned to in Space. Reason that Zhao Hai so will be anxious , because he wants to go also to have Barbarian and Pegasus Clan with the Thunder Clan person contacts, no matter what, they later were also the allies, many contacted to have the advantage with them very much, convenient in the later coordination. Original Zhao Hai thinks attractive Demon Realm here, moreover he does not want to expose too many thing, therefore he has not thought most from the beginning must give Great Demon King Blood Staff. However afterward thinks that Demon Realm these people must enter Space in any case, moreover this Blood Staff Great Demon King they have more than enough, gave them to give them to be good, no big deal, therefore Zhao Hai decided finally that after seeing Great Demon King, gave him Blood Staff, then he can leave, they contacted with Thunder Clan, well how tackled God Race discussed to. Zhao Hai returned to in Space, Laura their look at screens, now on screen appears is the Demon Realm there situation, to be honest, Laura they have not thought that Demon Realm there can be this appearance unexpectedly. Looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Laura immediately/on horseback moved forward to meet somebody, this came back to Zhao Hai said :? Didn't you say must in Demon Realm there and other several days?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : that has not will, I wait not to be useful in Demon Realm there, might as well a matter, I want to go to contact with the Thunder Clan person, was right, I left Great Demon King Blood Staff.” Laura has gawked, then nodded said : to leave Great Demon King to be also good, Blood Staff he also has more than enough in any case, happen to can make him bring Blood Staff, takes in the Demon Realm there map Space.”

Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : Thunder Clan their there how? Hasn't had an accident?” Laura shook the head said : their there to is all is very normal, any matter does not have, feel relieved, don't worry, the lunch has arranged to them, they almost opened now eat.” Zhao Hai nodded, sits on sand, let out a long breath said : Space there? The people also saw the Demon Realm there situation, what do they have to respond?” Laura smiles said : to not to have what response, the people probably are to Demon Race are not dislike, but regards as a story to look Demon Realm there.” Zhao Hai was thorough feel relieved, he relaxed said : not to be angry was good, I also thought a lot spend some time to probably change the people to the view of Demon Race, now was good, did not use in being worried, was right, outside delivered me to have a look, I want to chat with Fei'er.” Laura nodded, Cai'er waved, Zhao Hai on appears in a Buddha Empire city, this is not big city, naturally cannot install the several ten of millions army, majority of army outside the city rest, but things to eat to has not been short of them, but Fei'er also has Dingshan, Zhanyue they, in the city rest. Zhao Hai directly on appears in in the city, caused these respect to abstain the attention of soldier, several soldiers have also encircled, but saw Zhao Hai, some immediately person of turn around looked like Fei'er to report. Zhao Hai has not been blocking them, but static standing in there, Fei'er came before long, but Dingshan and Zhanyue have not actually come. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, on that day he could feel, Dingshan and Zhanyue do not catch cold to him probably, it seems like is really this. However changes mind thinks why Zhao Hai also understand was, he one killed two clan that many people, although said that because of the customs of two clans, has not tied the dead enmity, but this enmity had, therefore that two clansman had the opinion to him, should be completely. In this time, Fei'er to the Zhao Hai front, he had been seeing Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :, has not thought that mister can also see us, mister not in busy?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to find time to come to see, we went to say.” Fei'er has complied with one, leads place that Zhao Hai was going to him to rest, was this small town City Lord Mansion.

Actually now in this small town City Lord Mansion, any thing did not have, thing that can use already by Zhao Hai moving out, only left behind the air-to-air room, City Lord Mansion after looking like big, does not have any special place. However is good because of Fei'er they is also not capable person, body very formidable, has not cared about this rest the place. Fei'er rests in the City Lord Mansion hall, has not gone to the bedroom, in the bedroom does not have the bed in any case, is the same in that. They entered the empty hall, Zhao Hai have cannot help but smiled, turned the head to Fei'er said : Fei'er mister, has sorry, thing in this City Lord Mansion, had been given to move out by me, he he, excuse me.” What Fei'er shows a faint smile said : not to have, actually we have been used to it, like this is good, mister does suddenly come today? What matter has?” Zhao Hai nodded, look at Fei'er said : Fei'er mister, what opinion Barbarian and do Pegasus Clan have to me?” Fei'er has not thought that Zhao Hai will ask such, he has smiled bitterly, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan intends the wind to Zhao Hai, he is knows certainly that but he believes that Barbarian and Pegasus Clan will not look for Zhao Hai to revenge, because they have a even bigger personal enemy to cope. However now Zhao Hai asked that how his actually don’t know must say, the Zhao Hai look at Fei'er appearance, sighed said : I to know why lightly they had the opinion to me, because I have killed their many people, regarding this point, I did not deny that their enmity I should also be, but I hope that this will not affect among us the cooperation.” Fei'er quickly said: This point invited mister feel relieved, this matter will not affect among us absolutely the cooperation, feel relieved was good.” Zhao Hai nodded, sighs said : my initially matter not to renege on a promise, because my initially and don’t know Barbarian and Pegasus Clan are not locally born God Race, I think that they are the God Race armies.” Fei'er puzzled look at Zhao Hai, he before with Zhao Hai spoke the time presently the matter of Zhao Hai to God Race probably very familiar, he should not don’t know this matter be right. The Zhao Hai look at Fei'er appearance, has smiled bitterly next step: „Do you think me to God Realm very familiar?” Fei'er nodded, Zhao Hai forced smile said : I to God Realm very familiar, but do do not forget me are do, I am Dark Magician, after I have killed the God Race person, turns into Undead Creature them, can ask that matter about God Race, this does not have quite strangely what.”

Fei'er one hear of Zhao Hai said that this is suddenly enlighted, he to Zhao Hai was Dark Magician this matter forgetting, right, Dark Magician can turn into Undead Creature some people, then inquired something from his there. The Zhao Hai look at Fei'er appearance, forced smile said : afterward I knew Barbarian and Pegasus Clan matter, but I do not want to be too many, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan by God Race conquer were not a day or two, my also don’t know they were already complete by God Race enslaving, was still hating God Race, but at that time I behind what was standing was entire Ark Continent, I cannot brave that to fear a point danger, therefore I the person to Barbarian and Pegasus Clan have not kept the hand, cannot keep the hand.” Fei'er nodded, meaning of his understand Zhao Hai, to be honest, initially Zhao Hai, if keeps the hand to Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, that present Ark Continent will not be this appearance, reason that possibly already by God Race putting down, Zhao Hai the present can sit in here speaks to him, will have Barbarian and Pegasus Clan with their Thunder Clan becomes the ally, most important because the Zhao Hai strength will be very strong, Zhao Hai today's status, is he hits. It looks like such that Fei'er said that most from the beginning Fei'er they want to form an alliance is not Zhao Hai, but is Demon Race, then regarding the Ark Continent here person, no matter Barbarian or Pegasus Clan, will be impolite, even if were their Thunder Clan has met, will be impolite. If the Zhao Hai strength is not such strong, simply has not sat in here with opportunity that they spoke, the strength can decide all, this was Fei'er already knew. The Zhao Hai look at Fei'er appearance, deep voice said : this time we must cope with God Race, cannot be too slow, in Ark Continent north, appears Space rift to Underworld, Underworld Undead Creature drilled, if our acting words, Underworld these Undead Creature and God Race person will possibly come around one to us converging attack, when the time comes we thorough being finished.” Fei'er nodded, complexion is somewhat heavy, although he believes that now they had have coped with the God Race strength, but truly speaking, he does not dare underestimated God Race, especially has going all out God Race, do not say that in God Realm there, God Race also nine like Taurus God Race, they and Taurus God Race makes war, what response several other God Race are, now is unknown, the beforehand all guessed that cannot do. If other nine God Race have sent reinforcement toward Taurus God Race here, that this weaponry may be difficult to hit, does not need nine God Race to send reinforcement, so long as there is God Race to send reinforcement, sufficed them to drink a pot. ro! ~!