! Does Fei'er turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : „the meaning of that mister is?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : must attack must attack, the full attack, in the shortest time, does not have the temperament that Taurus God Race hits, stands firm on Taurus Continent, like this we have the possibility to resist with God Realm other God Race.” Fei'er knit the brows said : this completely to attack naturally to try, if our strength is too most from the beginning fierce, possibly the stamina will be insufficient, if when the time comes other Continent God Race hit, we feared the leeway that hit back continually did not have.”, Zhao Hai shook the head said : „, if we do not attack, that was meets the misdemeanor, God Race there almost should receive information now, they also will possibly prepare, if our attacks were not fierce, that troublesome was big.”, Fei'er thinks that nodded said : our here not to have the issue, but you also said that now God Race there possibly received information, will have prepared, at the present this time, I in simply with the clan did not have the means to have the contact, not having the means to tell them our decisions, when the time comes they feared that did not have the means to coordinate.” Zhao Hai thinks that said : we entering to invade Ark Continent God Race, strikes back God Race to go, when the time comes was sending for relating your clansman to be good, was right, this gave you, this was Message Fish, you can contact me with this thing, have any matter, called me to this fish directly, I can hear.” Fei'er has gawked, received Message Fish, curious look at this small fish, Zhao Hai did not have to say anything, put out two Message Fish to give Fei'er said : these two Message Fish, you helped me give Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, no matter what, we now were the allies.” Fei'er nodded, received Zhao Hai in hand Message Fishface stern look at Zhao Hai said : „the mister really mind is the sea, Fei'er admires, asking mister feel relieved, Fei'er to be able said well surely with Dingshan and Zhanyue makes them not bear a grudge mister surely. ”, Zhao Hai shook the head, forced smile said : will not be easy, ok, did not say this, Fei'er mister, does not know that your in hand may have to cope with God Race good weapon, wants me to support your some Blood Lightning Bead Javelin?”, Fei'er has gawked, then two eyes bright said : that is best mister Blood Lightning Bead Javelin, wants formidable overbearing compared with Blood Lightning Bead that God Race shoots, we very admire. ”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smilecomplexion suddenly changes, then stands up, Fei'er mister invited feel relieved to Fei'er said :, the Javelin matter, when battled with God Race time, I gave certainly mister, some of my also matters must manage, cannot remain said goodbye. Fei'er looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but has gawked, but he stood got up said : well, mister please as one likes.” Zhao Hai nodded, personal appearance flashesvanished in the room. Next second of Zhao Hai already appears in Space Villa, his look at screen said : what's the matter?”, Laura forced smile said : is Cai'er present, since person silent appears of previous Underworld on Beastman Prairie, Cai'er on all places to the Space map, has carried on the surveillance, her everyday will pay attention to all places on the Continent to have a look at there not to be right, look today on present an unusual placeBlazing Island. ” Laura was saying, Zhao Hai while is paying attention to the screen, screen last present appears is Blazing Island, but the Blazing Island there situation, truly is makes Zhao Hai feel very puzzled. On original Blazing Island everywhere is volcanos, but also has plenty Fire element Magic Beast and Fire element plants, although Zhao Hai the Blazing Island heart in of Earth Fire taking away, has also taken away the river of Earth Fire, but the temperature on island is very high, but the volcano has not been spurting, these Fire element Magic Beast are live was more natural. However now in the island appears several types completely did not belong to thing on island, not only does not belong to the island, even does not belong to thing on Ark Continent, several huge Metal-man! Zhao Hai look at this to huge Metal-man, these Metal-man, first crosses ten meters high, manufacture very refined, components sparkling light, what most important is ” the bodies of these Metal-man, is delimiting all kinds of Magic Formation. Zhao Hai sees these Magic Formation, cannot help but the look shrinks, now he regarding Ark Continent Magic Formation also have some understanding, but he has not actually seen these Magic Formation, that above Magic Formation was too complex. At this time when Cai'er said : Young Master, Space recorded gets down them just to come the Blazing Island appearance spirit, I gave to issue to you to look.” Said picture one revolution on screen, sees in sky several black spots fast flies toward Blazing Island here, that black spots very fast, several black spots arrived at the Blazing Island sky before long, Zhao Hai then saw, that several black spots, unexpectedly are several aircraft!

Not wrong, Zhao Hai vowed him not to misread, that was several aircraft, Zhao Hai one has stood, two eyes stubbornly was staring at the screen, he sold. However then made his excited matter live, saw that several aircraft to fly the Blazing Island sky, gathered round Blazing Island to fly several, then a aircraft distortion, above metal parts moving heedlessly, in the flash, aircraft turned into huge Metal-man! The eye of Zhao Hai almost stares from the eye socket, saw when aircraft he is very excited, because of aircraft this thing, should be only then on Earth has, stemming from these aircraft, making him think that Ark Space here can produce anything to relate with Earth there. However this aircraft transformation, let Zhao Hai one on ignorant, this that was aircraft, this obviously was Transformers! What's all this about? In the under foot of that several Transformers, the middle of palm, the position of back, downward clashes projects the flame, that falling slowly to Blazing Island on. But these Fire element Magic Beast and on fire on Demon Horse Blazing Island on present these Transformers, their immediately clashes toward these Transformers, wants to attack these Transformers. However has not actually thought that these Transformers lift the hand, from their controls, projects white light, these white light shoot the bodies of these Magic Beast, these Magic Beast immediately added a piece miserably, was decomposed granule vanish from sight, but these hot beast although have kept off several, but has not actually blocked too long time, before long also vanished. Then that several Transformers then made a fistto receive these white light, then their front iron armor suddenly upward raised, the person's walked out from the body of Transformers. Saw here Zhao Hai entire understand, this simply was not Transformersthis is by the person control machine, like by and had seen on Earth that Mecha that arriving that in the novel wrote! However all in the machine to novel, generally is not the pure science and technology products, is on these machines, is actually drawing many Magic Formation, this what's the matter? What is more surprised than Zhao Hai is Laura they, before Laura they may not have Zhao Hai such experiencethem, has not heard this matter, therefore each and every one one face shocking look at screen. Zhao Hai sat slowly, on idle eyesuddenly same thing, flashes through from his brain, equally in him has read the novel, mentioned was not many thing, metal Golem! These types of thing looked like that metal Golem that novel said that but must say that these types of thing were the metal Golem ten Transformers ten Mecha common products, these were any thing, he really did not say certainly. Zhao Hai wavesto call God Race Advanced level Undead Creature, then before Zhao Hai command(er) screen Advanced level Undead Creature said : on how many metal Golem to that God Race you, has seen this thing? Perhaps has heard, has in that Space appears this thing?”

That God Race person looked at these metal Golem, thinks that said : similar thing I to am have seen, before a Gnome clan, has made similar thing, but such has not actually purified, acts very slow, does not have the too big use, had not heard has that with God Race close Space, there is this thing appears , has not heard. ” Zhao Hai wavedto receive that God Race Undead Creature, let out a long breath said : „seemed like new plane appears on Ark Continent, this damn became went to the market really!” Laura several people looked at oneto see a surprise from the opposite party eye mutually, this thing appears regarding them, was a beautiful number . Moreover the situation of this thing just beginning, this thing fighting strength also very formidable, must know that these Flame Demon on Blazing Island, had almost the 9th level strength, but that Flame Demon actually could not block this thing several times attack, obviously this thing fighting strength had many strong. Laura they also know why Zhao Hai such is angry, this matter truly was too annoying, the Underworld has not found out sheath means definitely matter to present Zhao Hai, now appears such thing, how this has made Zhao Hai deal with, this, this also bullied the person! Laura let out a long breath said : appears Space, Ark is Continent the What happened? Ark Continent here Space barrier turns into the screen?” Several people have smiled bitterly, they also some with the Laura same feeling, this Ark Continent Space barrier, now feared that now turned into a screen. Zhao Hai one stood to get up said :I to see them, can look with their communicate, if can with their communicate, I to ask that they did do to Ark Continent. Laura their complexion change, Laura is said : is not better, Elder Brother Hai, this too threatens, just attack of that several person you also saw, their attack were too formidable, I do not make you go.” Zhao Hai has patted Laura hand said : feel relieved, will not have the matter, my strength you return don’t know, depends on that several people, cannot be what kind of us, feel relieved was good.” The strength of Laura to Zhao Hai is certainly confident, but she was worried that the key was that several Golem attack is really too strange, saw white light to flash, then these Magic Beast vanished, before such attack them, has not seen. Zhao Hai look at Laura their appearance said : were good, don't worry, I promise you, if they want attack really I, in my certain earliest possible time returned to Space, this general headquarters.” Laura looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that could not prevent Zhao Hai, she had said : Elder Brother Hai, you may probably promise me, if they wanted attack really you, in your immediately returned to Space, do not fight with them.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, feel relieved, I ensure Off I go. said Zhao Hai personal appearance flashes, vanished in Space, Laura their immediately turned the head the look at screen, they want to know the Zhao Hai situation.

Zhao Hai not direct appears in Blazing Island there, but walks appears to care to Blazing Island has on sea surface of distance, then slowly flies toward Blazing Island. Zhao Hai just saw, the skill of that several person is not too high, can say that their fighting strength centralized on the body of that several metal Golem, now that is resting in the island with the person, came out from metal Golem, should suffice inadequate anything to threaten to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai slowly is flying in the Blazing Island direction, simultaneously told that Space Cai'er attention island that several trend of person, in the island that several people are resting in the island, they were brought things to eat probably, was chatting. When Zhao Hai is not far from Blazing Island, in the island that several person suddenly moved, their running returned to fast by their Golem, were stepping on several positions on Golem, has jumped in Golem, then Golem moves, but they have not moved, but stands in there calmly is waiting for Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai after Cai'er there knows this situation, has not stopped, conversely, his counter- speeds up, his very clear, these people will not meet on attack he, they also certainly want to know where this is, therefore they will certainly carry on communicate with him. Quick Zhao Hai arrived on Blazing Island, he also saw that several huge Golem, but he has not made already presently them to want, when makes first time sees these Golem, some startled Lou, some new and odd appearances. His falling slowly to island, to distant look at that several metal Golem, has probed to proceed two steps, also has drawn back, then he starts to revolve around that several metal Golem, looked like probably a person present new and odd thing, don’t know this thing had the danger, appearance that observed. Naturally, Zhao Hai has such done, is actually is acting in a play, he must make that several days think personally he by chance arrives at here, presently their, is not specially comes for them by chance. In Zhao Hai in acting in a play, the person in Golem could not have waited, in which Golem suddenly made noise: %¥%......” Hears this sound, the heart of Zhao Hai cannot help but sinks, because that person said anything, he cannot understand, cannot understand not easy communicate, without means communicate, might live the misunderstanding very much, if will have the misunderstanding, that will possibly become enemies. The appearance that however in the Zhao Hai surface pretends to have a scare, will rebound in the future, then said loudly: What are you? Why will run up to Blazing Island to come up?” Zhao Hai knows that the opposite party possibly could not understand him to say anything, to act in a play, these words must shout!! ~!