If such that Zhao Hai thinks, an opposite party silence, in what reaction time the Zhao Hai strange opposite party will then have, Golem there suddenly transmits sound speaking sounds: Hello, where is this?” They said truly is the Ark Continent language, but expression very stiff, probably was these just learn[] the foreigner of country words was the same. Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that the opposite party actually will say Ark Continent language, he looked at several Golem one, deep voice said : „are you who? How to run up to Blazing Island to come up?” That several people also saw obviously Zhao Hai just came from flying in the sky, therefore does not dare to neglect, that several giant metal Golem move, stood a row, in which seeks chest armor to open, a person from walked out, was bowing to Zhao Hai, good held chest ritual said : this mister to invite, I was the Atlanta Continent flight Magic Armor corps fifth squad, Hawk Squad Captain Axe, we arrive at here from together Space rift, mister, where was here?” Zhao Hai look at that person, bows gave a salute said : mister hello, here is Ark Continent, this is south of Ark Continent Blazing Island, I am Ark Continent Buda Family Patriarch Zhao Hai Buda.” That person look at Zhao Hai said : originally is a Sir Patriarch, Sir Patriarch invites feel relieved unexpectedly, we any hostility, the Sir please have not come really to sit.” Said that he proceeded several steps, referred to the front a piece open area, Zhao Hai looked at that several still to stand in there Golem, has not said anything, but he walked, sat. Axe also sat, then his hand turns, in hand appears two dried meat, he has handed Zhao Hai front said : the a piece dried meat „, because is away from home, does not have delicious what, this is the dried meat that we prepare, mister , if not shut out, please eat.” Zhao Hai looks at some Axe proud appearances, cannot help but funnyAxe certainly in proud, his in hand has Space Equipment, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand turns, in hand appears two bottles of beer, he has given Axe one bottle of said : to be away from home the beer „, is so, but how there is a meat to be able not to have the liquor I also to ask mister to taste the beer that our Buda Family make, has a look about not to suit the mister taste. ” Axe saw Zhao Hai to put out two bottles of beer, the look cannot help but shranknot wrong, this Space equipment that Zhao Hai guessed, in Atlanta Continent was also very rare existence, but reason that Axe will have, was because his status was not simple, although he was only Junior Captain of Magic Armor corps, however his another status was actually a Atlanta Continent Great Clan successor, just lived ** risk ”, therefore after knowing this Space rift, several under the hand/subordinate was running on the belt. Naturally, these under the hand/subordinate of Axe belt were not ordinary, is in Atlanta Continent famous Expert, their Magic Armor are Atlanta Continent, compared with Advanced level transformation Magic Armor. But because of Axe such status, therefore he meets responsibility Space equipment, he wants to show off, tries the response of Zhao Hai while convenient.

It looks like in Axe, Zhao Hai is this lord, actually wants ” the matter that comes out to handle matters this is in itself ten divvies up the status, therefore wants to come in him, Buda Family strong will not go to thatis Ark Continent here has Space equipment, Zhao Hai not necessarily will have ”, if Zhao Hai saw his Space equipment heart has greed, he not to Zhao Hai polite. However he has not actually thought that Zhao Hai really also has Space equipment, moreover to his Space equipment probably is an interest also no appearance. Axe has smiled at heart cannot help but bitterly, wants to try the opposite party, actually does not want to make the opposite party shaking, but he polite received the Zhao Hai in hand beer bottle, hit to abandon the cover, has drunk one. However is very obvious, he cannot drink the beer flavor, has only drunk one, then knitting the brows head of gently, motionless sound has put own side the beverage bottle, ate. The dried meat, this to Zhao Hai said : mister, you said that here is Ark Continent? Actually don’t know Ark Continent situation how?” Zhao Hai looked at Axe one, he from the performance of Axe, this Axe obviously possibly is not an ordinary soldier or Junior Captain, his every action and every movement, arrival, this has the strict etiquette training to achieve, is very obvious, the Axe status is not low. Zhao Hai one hear of Axe such asked that also has not cared, in any case Ark Continent present situation, cannot tell Axe, told Axe also no big deal the beforehand situation. Thinks of here Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback deep voice said : here Ark Continent, my Ark Continent only then a piece Continent, this Blazing Island, is only south Ark Continent small island, spurting that before this island last four seasons volcanos kept, had Fire element Magic Beast and Flame Demon life form on the island, these Magic Beast and Flame Demon very formidable, therefore was called one of the Ark Continent places certainly, on Ark Continent was divided into five to clamp the country, respectively be brightly taught the country, Buddha Empire, Lyon Empire, Rosen Empire, Aksu Empire, besides five big Empire, Ark Continent family four big different race, separately was not life in the sea Sea Race, lived in Continent north Beastman. Life in Iron Mountain there Elven Race of Dwarf Race and life in Elf Forest. Entire Ark Continent was almost this appearance.” Axe static is listening to the introduction of Zhao Hai, waited for Zhao Hai saying that Axe look at Zhao Hai said : mister was Clan in that Empire, by the mister status, on Continent feared that was the unusual rival?” said : of Zhao Hai face arrogance my Buda Family is Continent first Expert, Rosen Empire hereditary Marquis, my no talent, is on Continent one in strongest 9th level Expert.” Axe puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : mister, Ark Continent here strongest is 9th level Expert? How can this distinguish?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : our Ark Continent fight profession to be divided into Warrior and Magician, no matter Warrior or Magician, are divided into 9th level, only then 9th level, you have been able to use own strength, the air/Qi of actuate Heaven and Earth, can roam through by oneself in Heaven and Earth, can fly, 9th level following person actually not.” Axe one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, then said : „, among Ark Continent here however also had Magician and weapon, really makes the person unable to think.” In Zhao Hai does said : listen to mister to live the meaning, on Atlanta Continent also has Warrior and Magician?” Axe face proud said : good, fight profession on our Atlanta Continent is divided into three types on the whole, separately is Warrior, Magician, is Magic Armor Master.” Zhao Hai look at that several Golem said : this is Magic Armor that mister said that really mysterious incomparable, such big Iron-man, can unexpectedly remote free, walks really greatly.” said : of Axe face arrogance that naturally, this Magic Armor is our Atlanta Continent, has manufactured after several thousand years of research, fighting strength very formidable, but wants into Magic Armor Master, is not that easy.” Zhao Hai look at Axe said : „, it seems like Atlanta Continent, was more formidable than our Ark Continent, does not know that mister can give me also to introduce this Atlanta Continent situation?” Axe looked at Zhao Hai one, snort|hum said :my Atlanta Continent, originally is a piece Continent, afterward Expert on Continent passed through a war, a piece Continent being divided into three, these three Continent respectively are warrior Continent, Magician Continent and Magic Armor Master Continent, we are is Atlanta Continent Magic Armor Master Continent, the person on my Magic Armor Master Continent, must study operate Magic Armor since childhood, research Magic Armor, manufactures Magic Armor, but Martial Capital Continent there, is actually since childhood trains Warrior, Magician Continent there trains Magician since childhood, our three Continent, Expert in our three Continent first Continent is divided into ten 2nd level, with your Ark Continent to is somewhat different, but a little arrives is the same, achieved 9th level to fly, but Level 10, tenth 1st level and tenth 2nd level actually compared with 9th level in many.” Zhao Hai one hear of Axe said that on understand, this Atlanta Continent, had feared with God Race and Demon Race similar Continent, belongs compared with Ark Continent here high level plane, Level 10 tenth 1st level and tenth 2nd level that Expert their there said that almost on the equivalent to False God level, God Rank and previous God Rank Expert, so looks like, this Atlanta Continent to is really not simple. When Zhao Hai already presently Axe with he speaks, the change in expression, the expression of that keeping aloof, making Zhao Hai listen to some not to be uncomfortable, but Zhao Hai has not said anything, but static nose is listening.

After Axe said that look at Zhao Hai said : mister does not want not to believe that our several people of these Magic Armor, are 9th level transformation Magic Armor, today gives mister to demonstrate.” Said that he waved, in which a body of Magic Armor, the palm also has on the foot, sprays the blue flame, slowly flew, then in airborne personal appearance one revolution, one turned into a aircraft appearance, the direct impact horizon. What Zhao Hai looks is dumbfounded, although he looked at Axe on the screen their Magic Armor had changed the body, but that on the screen, looks like sits after all looks at Transformers to be the same at home, always some not too[ really] solid feeling. But now he sits in there look at that puts up Magic Armor transformation, that takes to his shock is not a least bit, therefore Zhao Hai can be a dumbfounded appearance. Axe has been paying attention the Zhao Hai appearance, looks at Zhao Hai this appearance, cannot help but laughs in one's heart Zhao Hai is the hick, simultaneously at heart was also proud. Axe had not said actually that the Atlanta Continent there person is not good thing, their there strength formidable, regarding Magic Formation research, very profound, they have also broken several positions, moreover like God Race, has given conquer that several plane. They just arrived at Ark Continent here, but also don’t know Ark Continent strength, therefore speech very polite, but after a Zhao Hai saying, Axe knows that the Ark Continent here strength, has fallen far short compared with Atlanta Continent, therefore the arrogance in expression is getting more and more obvious, moreover he has prepared now, after he goes back, must in the person with Clan say that making Clan dispatch troops to piece clothing/taking Ark Continent!! ~!