Some Axe matters had not said actually that in Atlanta Continent there, does not have the division of country, is the Clan influence rules all in there, but Axe Clan, is in Magic Armor Master Continent most famous Magic Armor Master Clan, O'Neal Clan, Axe is the O'Neal Clan next Patriarch candidate. In Atlanta Continent there, Clan strength already complete was enlarged, a Clan strength does not compare a Empire difference, there are innumerable small Clan to serve for them, but before Atlanta Continent there, conquer that several small plane, is on Atlanta Continent several famous Great Clan does, first Clan conquer plane, they have been able to turn into oneself Clan territory that plane, Clan show will expand. But beforehand O'Neal Clan although is on Magic Armor Master Continent most famous Magic Armor Master Clan, but did not have to be able conquer plane, therefore the strength had been inferior before now. Atlanta Continent there and God Realm are not quite same, God Realm there, they know that before their side has several plane, knows that plane in there, this looked like has the Coordinate to be the same, therefore they want in conquer that plane, to arrange according to that plane Coordinate, then broke the Space barrier at one fell swoop, gave conquer that plane. But Atlanta Continent there not such ability, they and don’t know in their surroundings, there are these plane, the don’t know these plane Coordinate, as the matter stands, they wanted to break the Space barrier on very difficult. They can only find a place, then arranges Magic Formation, this Magic Formation also very unusual, because this Magic Formation in that Coordinate that only then opposes in him has existence of another Space, can break the Space barrier, otherwise, this Magic Formation suddenly Fei, in cannot use. Before Atlanta Continent conquer that several plane, bumps into like this, but the O'Neal Clan luck is not quite good, they have also arranged several such Magician, position that but they arrange not, therefore had not broken the Space barrier, gave back to Clan to incur not the small loss, must know that arranged such Magician, material that needs but value not poor, otherwise is also not everyone can arrange that Magic Formation. But these time actually was also catches up skillfully, before Axe, several days hear of under the hand/subordinate Clan reported that said in the O'Neal Clan territory in quite remote mountain valley, suddenly appears Space rift, moreover that crack returned getting bigger and bigger. Hears this information, entire O'Neal Clan vibrated, they have thought first is not happy, but is the fear, they feared that is that higher level plane, has broken the Space barrier, coped with them, because before them, such coped with these low level plane.

Therefore O'Neal Clan immediately has blocked that mountain valley, has blocked also this information, when their Clan the strength that what to do also when research must, Kaess like take risking again was him to lead several strengths to be strongest, most loyal under the hand/subordinate, entered that to say Space rift, on appears before Ark Continent, a that island that in a very big island in the preamble mentioned. Axe arrives in that island, his feel relieved, if this Space rift creates artificially, that Space some people , may not certainly seek the desert island. However Axe does not have immediately to go home to notify, what he wants to have a look at this Continent is, therefore leads to hit the person who several under the hand/subordinate four are flying randomly, they flew toward south first some time, anything has not actually met then flies toward north, to Blazing Island here by chance by Cai'er present. Axe has been wrapping the Zhao Hai words, he is to know, Ark Continent here strength how, if the Ark Continent here strength is very strong, they will not make war with Ark Continent, but can do some business, if the Ark Continent here strength is not strong, his immediately/on horseback with Clan, making Clan prepare to invade Ark Continent. After hearing Zhao Hai said Ark Continent here strength this, Axe knows that their opportunity came, the Ark Continent here strength is so weak, looks like in Axe, O'Neal Clan completely has ability conquer direction Continent. Because of this, therefore he, when spoke with Zhao Hai, the expression will be getting more and more arrogant, Zhao Hai originally was the worldly person same character, how possibly unable to listen to the change of his expression, but Zhao Hai has not cared, these situations that he said that but was the Ark Continent beforehand situation, now Ark Continent here already changed beyond all recognition, if this Axe had any illegal heart to Ark Continent, he may on make a mistake scheme completely. That was sent Magic Armor of performance by Axe, before long fell, look at that Mecha said : that a Zhao Hai face envies „is really good thing, if our Rosen Empire had this thing, that can in short time Ran conquer entire Ark Continent, Axe mister, not know that you can sell several Mecha to me, I come to explore the way, my fleet in two days, this we specially has arrived at Blazing Island to pick these fire attribute grass, to refine one type of special Potion, and other two days my ship, our immediately has carried on with mister. The transaction, Mister Guan does not want anything, we can you, so long as sold to our several Magic Armor to you on the line.” That knew Axe one hear of Zhao Hai saying that was actually complexion changes, some little time calm got down, the request of mister to Zhao Hai said :, I have not been able to promise you now, Lou must discuss with the family member, this, we leave now in Clan, discussed with Clan that believes in Clan very much will certainly be interested, if the Clan agreement, we sent certainly for on Ark Continent looking for mister, mister you did look to be good?”

Zhao Hai face regrettable said : „, that had been a pity, that this, this thing, asking mister to take, this was my Clan Faith Token, if mister Clan agreed made the transaction really with us, mister was taking this Faith Token, looked for me to Rosen Empire, our Buda Family certainly welcomed when the time comes a guest to welcome.” Axe received thing that Zhao Hai hands over, presently is actually a mountain side divination, red Crystal token, looks like very refined, on token, two hua marks, carefully looks, is the Buda two characters. For Axe does not make Zhao Hai begin to have suspicions, received token got up said : good mister, my present immediately leaves Clan, went to discuss with Clan that mister please and other time, we quickly let us have the reply.” Zhao Hai nodded, Axe jumped up Magic Armor, flies toward south. The Zhao Hai look at Axe back, is actually sneering, then personal appearance flashes, entered in Space, Laura they sat in Space, several people of complexion were not quite attractive, looked at Zhao Hai to come, Laura immediately/on horseback said : Elder Brother Hai, that fellow was really too hateful, has to our Ark Continent obviously illegally, actually must ship out that appearance, was too exasperating.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good, should not be angry, I just said that my Clan fleet in behind, was wants to try his response, if he did not have what illegal attempt to us, can contact with us, if he had any illegal attempt to us, certainly does not want to make the contact with us, in order to avoid alerted the enemy, that fellow was really swindled, I think the net, if I did not say that had the Clan fleet in following, he will begin to kill me certainly, avoid walked dew information, now he actually cannot such do, because their strengths after all. Also only then about 9th level, when has not grasped I and fleet in my mouth all extinguishes, he will not act rashly.” Laura coldly snorted said :makes his Clan come, comes to be good, such words Ark Continent will be livelier, I to have a look, their Clan when facing God Race and Underworld, can ask to be good. ”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : actually this regarding us, is opportunity, when they in appears on Ark Continent, believes that on a large scale has attacked, but the good time, we to make war with God Race, and projected on God Realm to go, they came, we happen to also gave to extinguish them, when the time comes we can also obtain a batch powerful Magic Armor, such words our strengths will be more formidable.” Lizzy frowns said : Elder Brother Hai, your net net also heard, that Axe said that their Continent Expert is also divided into ten 2nd level, in other words, in their Continent, there is on equivalent to Expert of God Rank strength, this time they attack on a large scale, that strength will not be certainly weak, can we extinguish them?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, no matter in that plane, Expert will not be many, stands is top in the Gold [金] character tower, forever is the small number of people, said it, Axe they is also Clan, is not plane attacks us, I do not believe that their this Clan, will be fiercer than Taurus God Race.” Lizzy one wants also to be such a matter, no matter that Clan, is impossible to be strong God Race, if on God Rank Expert full Jiepao, that Ark Continent feared that was already by God Race extinguishing. Lizzy puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what Faith Token do you give his finally what's the matter? My how look at that is thing likely Blood Staff?” Zhao Hai nodded not wrong, that thing that said : you guess is Blood Staff, but is on a Blood Staff small part, my moon/month network is also wants to try, can look decompose Blood Staff, then takes a scrap to that person, like this we can monitor him, has not thought a scrap that the success, that small sign, on Blood Staff decomposed, Cai'er, sound whether now to have a look at a that fellow.” Cai'er has complied with one, the picture on screen changes, one changed an environment, this is very small Space, in this Space, a person is standing in there, his head is bringing hard helmet type thing, on the hand and foot is also bringing thing like full body armor, this person Axe.! ~!