Chapter 835 free state Laura stares, then stares big eye said : original that Tie Clan partner, is such operate, interesting, was too interesting.” Zhao Hai is actually two eyes narrows the eyes, he from Axe this line puts on, but saw many thing, Axe their such operate Magic Armor, although looks like very bizarre, but you have saying that is actually very convenient, goes to operate Magic Armor like them, but the average people cannot achieve, it seems like that the Atlanta Continent person, has arrived at pinnacle the Magic Formation wondrous use. In picture Axe control the machine toward the forward flight, is returning very fast, looks at a meeting person, Zhao Hai presently does not have what attractively, has not cared, changed to Thunder Clan there the picture. Just he spoke with Fei'er, only said a small little while lived this matter, he hurried saw Axe, don’t know Fei'er are they doing now. Waited for Zhao Hai picture one revolution in the past present, originally Fei'er they were hurrying along, hurry along not to have attractively what, Zhao Hai looked at a while, has not cared, changed to background that the picture a Gnome clan was. Changed to background there of Gnome clan, Zhao Hai has gawked, but now that background there was different, in these Bread Tree below, has built up small houses, but very beautiful that these small houses constructed, Zhao Hai carefully looked that these houses constructed unexpectedly with the grass with the mud, above has also made the decoration with the shells of some Bread Fruit. Zhao Hai turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, what thing these Gnome have these days traded? With makes me have a look.” Cai'er has complied with one, has pulled out a detailed list, on that is some ordinary tools, any special thing, Zhao Hai cannot help but had not nodded, it seems like these Gnome truly are clever and deft, otherwise impossible with these simple tools, builds up such house. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : looks like good, right Cai'er, these days these have Gnome been doing? Are they building house?” Cai'er smiles said : is not, Young Master, you are don’t know, in these Gnome, actually also several is to know the character, Gnome of these understanding characters, Gnome that teaches these not to know was knowing, moreover not the house that wanted underestimated they to construct, in this house had Magic Formation, these Magic Formation also brilliant, that house lived certainly very comfortably.” Zhao Hai stares, pulls closer the screen, looks at the Gnome room directly, inside has really arranged several Magic Formation . Moreover the arm did the straw braid some mat, looked like very good. Zhao Hai nodded, shows a faint smile said : looks like my idea is right, these Gnome compared with the Atlanta Continent person difference, just their inheritance by God Race breaking, therefore they have not caused such strong Mecha to come, if lets a Gnome clan normal show, perhaps they now also them great strength like Axe.”

Laura stares, then two eyes one bright, turns the head Elder Brother Hai the meaning to Zhao Hai said : is, Atlanta Continent there Magic Armor civilization making, making Gnome go to research?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I want to let these Gnome research Magic machineries, now Axe their appears , has happen to given my this opportunity, these Magic Formation that on their Magic Armor uses, Advanced level, looks after many years of research, but these Gnome also very much have innate skill regarding the aspect, happen, lets their research these Magic Formation well, perhaps can also research leave any positive result to come.” Laura nodded said : well, this is also good, now these Gnome in such living environment, can their inheritance pass down some, this be unexpectedly is not very easy.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, from these Gnome actions, they now impossible entire Gnome clan all inheritance pass down, these Magic Formation although are good, but can look, brilliant does not arrive at that to go, obviously their inheritance broke, but they can pass down these many not be easy, if the general race to their situations, do not say inherited, feared that is the light is thinking how ate to sate the appetite, they were very great.” Lizzy their several people nodded, matter that these Gnome handle, is makes them feel admiring very, under God Race such suppression, but can also hand down own inheritance, this is very great matter. Zhao Hai smiles said : I to think their inheritance does not have, therefore has not worried to make them contact about Magic Formation and matter of Ark Continent here writing, now looks like, this plan must be ahead of time, um, from Undead Creature, selects several Magician to come, making them teach these Gnome to be literate, is teaching them with the Magic Formation related knowledge, was right, Laura, what father-in-law Sir is these days busy at?” Laura smiles said : father that manufactured you to say to defend Magic Formation now, has soon completed, what? did you have the matter?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he made Karen go to research these Magic Formation before, mainly to make war with the god demon two clans, but afterward the Ark Continent people had moved to Space, the matter are too many, he for a while this matter forgetting, him has thought that Karen in research, actually has already not thought that Karen unexpectedly also in research, and has soon succeeded. Zhao Hai sighed said : this matter also to blame me, early knows that said one to the father-in-law, do not let him in research, these days to was laborious he, now does our in hand military strength was sufficient, have that Magic Formation not to have no relationship.” Laura laughs at these me who said : you said to tell the father, but the father said that can little die a person to be always good, said it, he to these matter also very grateful interest, made him go to research to be good, I have let person look at in any case he, let he punctual rest on time, tired.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Laura said : Laura, this, after father-in-law's research has completed, you said one to the father-in-law, makes his temporary do not make research, his beforehand research attainment, reorganization well, then prints the book in circulation, these books one must teach these Gnome, two must teach the Ark Continent there person, lets everyone/Great Clan together research, do you look?” Laura two eyes bright said : good, naturally was good, my father wants such to do before, but the Ark Continent there person, too did not take seriously Magic Formation, but light becomes auxiliary thing Magic Formation, therefore the father wants his research attainment seal book in circulation, to fear that also nobody looked, therefore had not printed, must print him to meet very happy.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, you nearby have patted these Magic Formation that on Magic Armor Axe they have used, you reorganize these Magic Formation, then comes out their seal, when the time comes gives the father-in-law, lets his research slowly, I want these Magic Formation, he later really had the matter to do, but Laura, you must favor the father-in-law, his age was not small, cannot extremely in the fatigue.” Laura smiles said : feel relieved to be good, now the father had been given to adjust by me, although likes making research, but has not been actually going all out, this is he matter that likes handling, if not make him do, that is to his suffering, said it, he is 9th level Expert, the age is not now big, making him make these not to have the issue.” Zhao Hai nodded, was not saying anything, the body of Karen truly was very good, was adding on the Space here environment, food that they ate, waited for these reasons to add, present Karen looked like before is younger, but also wanted to be energetic, Zhao Hai does not need first Mr. look at same look at he. After arranging these matters, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at screen one, but the screen changed to Beastman Prairie these Underworld people now, these Underworld Undead Creature, proceeded to advance probably. Zhao Hai look at these Underworld Undead Creature, sighed, these Underworld Undead Creature, advancement was really really quick, now has stood entire Beastman Prairie two-thirds, moreover advancement that keeping, such made head painful really very much. However was good because of the present Ark Continent here people moved out, were less at the matter that Zhao Hai wanted the headache, Zhao Hai has drawn two screens toward North Polar Icefield there, this moved the screen he to be shocked, he presently Space the surveillance capability probably was strengthened much. Before God Race in meeting, will use Magic Formation to coat their conference sites, such monitor could not see the situation of meeting, will only demonstrate that a white and shiny piece, to Underworld there Dark mist was also same, monitor cannot pass to inside is too far, energy that probably in that Dark mist contained were also many. Because knows these matters, therefore Zhao Hai knows that Space monitor is not multipurpose, some matters, monitor cannot achieve. However in a moment ago, him presently monitor toward the distance in these Dark mist passing, probably increased, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai some not think. Zhao Hai cannot bear to Cai'er said : Cai'er, I felt that this monitor ability was strengthened probably? Is this?” Cai'er face smug look nod said : „, Young Master how present, now the Space level liter, that monitor ability naturally was also strengthened.” Zhao Hai then smiles said : to blame me, these days is busy at this being busy at that actually has not noted this matter, HaHaHa, good, increased well, such later wants to monitor anything to facilitate.”

Cai'er smiles said : also matter Young Master your certainly happy, medicinal herbs that several Magic Space produce, has been able to use, this time we can manufacture ten bottles of God Rank Potion, moreover later output also increase of these medicinal herbs slowly, what most important is, in these ordinary crops that in Magic Space produces, can buy for Space, the fund can re-steam quickly, when the time comes Young Master you can buy these background.” Zhao Hai makes an effort claps said : fantastic, finally wanted richly, this in hand did not have money, I always feel lack self-confidence at heart, fantastic, right Cai'er, first made these God Rank Potion, Laura, our anything did not look, walked, goes to Ark Space, helping Grandpa Green they have a food well.” Laura happy has complied with one, these days they are busy the matters of Ark Continent also bright demon two clans, they well has not had a food with Green, this several days also nothing, happen to accompanies Green they. Cai'er arranged, Zhao Hai their flashes body to arrive in Ark Space, that island that Buda Family was, this island to Ark Continent was not very far, but now the status of this island in Ark Continent person heart is not ordinary, what because in that island lives was the Buda Family person, Buda Family, but Zhao Hai Clan, the person on Continent had a that person to dare to this Clan to disrespect. However also because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has to reduce opportunity that Buda Family and Ark Continent person contacted, now Buda Family with Continent has not done business on the person, because this business did not have the means to do, no matter Buda Family sold any thing on Continent, was the earliest possible time is bought light, moreover absolutely non- counter-offer, but also gave money, how such business also did, if Zhao Hai such were doing business, will make the Ark Continent person think that he making money using an alternative, that may on not be good, therefore Zhao Hai they have to stop doing business on Ark Continent, only bought from Ark Continent there. Some thing. The island that now Buda Family is, is similar to the beforehand Black Wasteland there pattern, the people on island still that live, but now in island not only Buda Family original people and these slaves, now in island also some Elven Race and Dwarf Race, a substantial number of Beastman Race. These people in Continent, Zhao Hai shift to Black Wasteland there go, latter arrived at Ark Continent here, Zhao Hai has let these person of free leave, some Dwarf Race and Elven Race also had Beastman Race on leave this island, returned to in their clans, some remained, they liked the Buda Family here environment, liked here the atmosphere, therefore they remained, became the Buda Family person. Now in the island looks like self-sufficient Small World, these Elven Race people can the manufacture of feel relieved all kinds of the artwares on the island, these artwares they be able to remain, can sell, Zhao Hai receives these art, then elects to remain, majority of actually sold to Space that some like, although said that the price might as well be able to sell on Ark Continent, but regarding Elven Race these people, was actually enough, they used to worry about food drinking that in here, so long as feel relieved made itself the matter that liked handling on to be able. The Dwarf Race situation is also similar, they like the hammering, before was in the clan the person makes them hit any them to hit anything, did not have what freedom, however was different in here, they can with according to their fondness, want to hit anything to hit anything, Dwarf Race person, has made a made of iron house to oneself, nobody managed him, here did not worry to eat and drink in any case, thing that used also can definitely obtain to satisfy, what they liked making on to complete. Can say the island that now Buda Family is, is a completely free state, in here, everyone can do itself to like the dry matter, so long as does not do the misdemeanor, nobody can manage you to do. ro! ~!