[ From] by the state did not mean why you want to be ablepremise to be your not competent misdemeanorotherwise have the law to punish yourhere are only relative[ from] by, you can choose to handle the matter that some you like handling. Zhao Hai sometime did not have returned to Buda Family the island, now the person of this island on by Ark Continent was given a very interesting name, the known as Haven island. The Ark Continent here person is certainly impossible to know that the peach hua source records this story, but they actually know that ” Buda Family likes with the thing bead name that this takes them to produce, therefore they are called the Haven island this island now, this arrived has been just right for the Zhao Hai regard. Actually what Zhao Hai don’t know is, because now on Continent already few appears their Buda Family produce thing, therefore on Continent wants now is quality goods thing of Haven brand, very marketable, if in which family thing of Haven signthat may be extraordinary, generally is when passes on[ family] treasure is remaining. Zhao Hai passed on the method of wine-making, told Human Race there was such as Ran's fermenting grain liquor, Elven Race there actually by liquor fruit give priority to, Beastman Race there actually by Milk Wine give priority to, but Dwarf Race there, was actually the one type of very ordinary liquor, the sweet potato fever. Dwarf Race there has plenty Cubed Potato ”, but Ark Continent here Cubed Potato, actually on sweet potato similar thing with Earth, therefore Zhao Hai passes to them this type of liquor, naturallyhe is also not stubborn only passes on one type of ” the formulas of Ark Continent here all liquor is almost separates, is Zhao Hai pass down, but the people with actual need to choose according to their liking and theirfrom suiting own formula. Zhao Hai arrives in the island to see that these slaves are working in the field, works while chats, very delighted that crosses evidently. But makes Zhao Hai feelwhat intent evening is, they work also the interesting in hand tool are all different, Zhao Hai carefully looked, these tool very refined ”, but has some are actually he see have not seen the farm tool looks like also don’t know is that bright madman on island makes, making these slaves experimenthas a look to be easy-to-use. Zhao Hai has not managed them, they entered castle there with Laura, now castle there liquor field anything, almost stopped, even if some produce liquor, keeps in which most people who are drinking, looked for itself to like the dry matter going, therefore the castle looked like before was more spatial. The non- castle here person does not calculate few with Zhao Hai that 100 slaves, all has settled most from the beginning down in the castle, before they must help Buda Family tube these newly arrived slaves, now actually does not use, therefore their returned to in castle. The person in castle saw Zhao Hai to come back, these slaves came to saluteZhao Hai to look at these slave one eyes to Zhao Hai hastily, each and every one became white fair and clear static clothes were also good, but does not appear the riches and honor, a point has not exploded the appearance of household, to had on several people appears a literary style, they were like being study literary that person evidently.

Did Zhao Hai smile said : to these people what kind of „? everyone/Great Clan now can be happy?” The people smiled got up robust man said : happy, I was happy, before Young Master, has told me, later we can daily eating high quality meat, now not be daily can eat a meat, having a look at me now to be strong.”, Zhao Hai looks actually to see big Fatty pleasing to the eyes, this person of figure is not very tall, only then about 1.8 m but that body weight feared that was crosses 250 jin (0.5 kg), was really fat somewhat extraordinarily. However Zhao Hai actually looked that this person of although was fat, but actually does not appear stupid, moreover can look, in this person of body is hiding a tremendous strength, most makes Zhao Hai feel happy is actually ” this person unexpectedly already soon suddenly 9th level, became God Rank Expert. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : you to come to that person, you think that you probably are the grain? In the past you just came time, is thin and small was you, has not actually thought that you now already long was so fat, HaHaHa, good, did not stumble, did you like practicing very much?” That called grain Fatty one hear of Zhao Hai unexpectedly to be called his name, cannot help but a face[ was popular] said : that exerted „, has not thought that Young Master returned the energy to remember unexpectedly my name, my this person head was not quite intelligent studies to know with mister that actually recognized not many, was actually likes practicing, has not thought that these Young Master looked. ” Zhao Hai smiles said : you soon to break through well diligently now, if you succeed, you are our Buda Family, first depended on own strength breakthrough to the God Rank person. ” That Fatty apparently is one does not have what plans person, one hear of Zhao Hai said that happy has complied with one. Zhao Hai also notifiedthen to enter in the hall in main fort the people, now Zhao Hai little came to main fort here, he stays in Space Villa generally, his starting matter comes in there is more convenient. Green they were waiting for him in the hall, Zhao Hai enters the hall, their did immediately welcome coming upGreen is said : Young Master you have the time to come back today? Has any matter Zhao Hai to shake the head said : nothing, outside this several days very calm, anything has not been can make me worry, therefore I come to have a look.”, Green one hear was all right on feel relieved, Zhao Hai they saluted to Karen and Kun, this sat getting downthen Zhao Hai also to explain matter that beyond looked unfamiliaralso to include the Atlanta Continent matter. Green they static is listening, waited for Zhao Hai saying that Green said : „said that now Ark Continent there, appears Space rift, moreover did this appears person, harbor evil intentions to our Ark Continent?” Zhao Hai smiles bitterly was nodding said : well, new appears the Continent, the strength should be similar to Demon Race, but their in hand has one type of very formidable Magic Armor, this Magic Armor has more than ten meters high, above quarter completely Magic Formation, moreover can change its attack strength, has reached the 9th level peak the level. ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Karen cannot help but two eyes bright said : what Magic Formation? Picture coming out makes me have a look.”

Zhao Hai already guessed correctly that Karen will say, he shows a faint smile said : father-in-law you not to worry I to let the nose reorganization, two days have been able to make you see that Magic Formation, but are many . Moreover the uses of various places are different, when the time comes you can research well one. ” Selecting of Karen happy, his research Magic Formation to forget most from the beginning one remembrance of the better self, have not actually thought that afterward infatuated difficult extricated oneself. Green actually turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, can you resort to arms to God Race after a period of time really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „” now we almost to be really remnant to the dozen Taurus God Race, they have not dared in dispatching troops to attack now, this is our good opportunity, happen to can they collaborate to extinguish Taurus God Race with Thunder Clan, leaves the foul air in my heart. ”, Green they to had not opposed that Taurus God Race this matter of doing truly lets person very angry, carries on Blood Sacrifice with a person of entire clan unexpectedly, do not say Zhao Hai, even if they is also the air/Qi. Zhao Hai looked that several people had not opposed, this then said : Grandpa Green, a matter, now in Space that several Magic background, started to produce Cai'er to do, this time can produce leave ten bottles of God Rank Potion, you looked how this Potion can divide?” Has Green gawkedthen great happiness said : really? Can a time produce these many?” Zhao Hai nodded, the person in room is also Zhao Hai happy Green thinks that said : Little Hai, I look at this, these Potion you should apportion the person on Ark Continent him, moreover to a race, each every race do not want on some, Elven Race you will give two bottles of Human Race two bottles the Dwarf Race two bottles, the Beastman Race two bottles are giving the Sea Race two bottlessuch everyone/Great Clan to divide to will feel grateful to you. ” Zhao Hai has gawked, knit the brows said : this, I also want to keep these Potion, uses to you, or must give them next time.” Green smiles said : these time to give them, next time will be giving us to walk, later Space also will produce in any case, you fear anything, said it, our these Old Bone, now also strong/sturdy, a short time will not die, all right.”, Zhao Hai one hear of Green said that must nod, accepted the request of Green, at this time Merine they have prepared the meal, several people then go to the dining room to dine. On such Zhao Hai in Space peaceful stayed three days, these three days the day of being he relaxes rarely, he goes to these slave there, looked at these slaves, goes to Giant-horn Ox Clan, went to the Diamond Ape clan, Dwarf there, Elf therein island everywhere has his shadow. Relaxed time always very shortthree days of in the blink of an eye on the past, Zhao Hai although have also wanted in keeping on dull several days, however outside matter actually has not allowed him to stay in Space.

Fei'er they arrived at the surrounding of compact disc wise teaching country's, the preparation formally started to attack to God Race, Zhao Hai has no alternative but at this time appears . This several days Zhao Hai everyday will also come out to see Fei'er, sees Great Demon King, now in Demon Race the people in has plenty city have moved to Spaceto want Demon Race to move to Space inalso need some time, but their Devil Regiment was actually prepares, momentarily can attack. Besides Demon Race there, this several days Cai'er also reorganized these Magic Formation, Karen also defended Magic Formation research to succeedthis that type regarding Zhao Hai is actually good information, had this to defend Magic Formation, he coped with God Race to have confidence. Now Zhao Hai in hand does not lack Crystal Stone, lacks can use Crystal Stone thing, this defends Magic Formation appears , happen to appropriate use. Karen the defends Magic Formation is not that simple, in the process of experiment, Karen this defended Magic Formation data very detailed has recorded, this Magic Formation currently has ten thousand people to use, there is a fifty thousand person to use, the hundred thousand person used, slightly was different, uses the Crystal Stone quantity not to be different, because like this, therefore this Magic Formation manufactures the success to the present.! ~!