The light teaches outside the borderarmy to converge, but they do not have immediately/on horseback to attack, but has exhibited the pattern in there, the preparation attacks teaches the country brightly. But the light teaches in the border, God Race also the set had near 20 millions army now, comes out to meet head-on, now teaches border there of country'scultivate long city wall brightly, is suspending huge Magic Cannon on city wall, an intermittent God Race soldier, is suspending the neat formation, flutters in in midair. But in their opposite, is fluttering several armies, two wings are Barbarian and Pegasus Clan person, Center Army are Zhao Hai undead army and Demon Race Devil Regiment, because the Thunder Clan person the population are not many, therefore also stands in Center Army there. Both sides are confronting, look at look at brightly the God Race person who teaches domestic that to be critical situation, cannot help but sighed that said : really has not thought that we such quickly must in turn attack God Race, to be honest, when your Demon Race and God Race together kicks Ark Continent, I felt that feared on the day of forever could not wait.” Zhao Hai is sitting on the Demon Dragon King Black Dragon vehicle now with the Demon Dragon five speeches. Demon Dragon King smiles said : just from the beginning attacked Ark Continent the time, our Demon Race has not thought will have such one day, will settle down compared with the Ark Continent good place to one.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : speaks the truth, this time your Demon Race in Ark Continent here has not been wicked, otherwise I will not allow you to enter to Space, you also knew, the Ark Continent here people were moved Space by me in any case, I did not have extra worries when the time comes I to be able slowly also had God Race deal with with you, sooner or later won was I. ” Demon Dragon King to does not think that this is Zhao Hai is boasting, to be honest, after entering Space, saw that Zhao Hai really had such a mysterious place, Demon Dragon King already understand, Zhao Hai did not make in them Space, sooner or later can also tidy up their. Demon Dragon King smiles said : this is our Demon Race person luck is also good mister you also to know, Blood Void that our Demon Race person uses must use Blood Sacrifice, what we elect is Dragon Race ”, but Dragon Race is the God Race person, otherwise, feared that was now we are also same as God Race. ” Zhao Hai laughs said :, this is also good that your Demon Race thinks, Dragon Race is more formidabe than ordinary Human Race, you use Dragon Race Blood Sacrifice, actually not with Human Race Blood Sacrifice, a good matter that this itself your Demon Race does.” They were saying, Fei'er arrived at their sideZhao Hai to look at Fei'er to come, Fei'er mister came to Fei'er ritual said : „? But what? did the preparation attack?”, Fei'er nodded said : „” mister you also to see, on this city wall has plenty Magic Cannon, God Race the Magic Cannon, Might is uncommon, general God Rank Expert is very difficult to resist ”, moreover must mention the firing distance to come, is farther than your Ark Continent Magic Cannon, but, this artillery extremely in the heaviness, the migration is a little inconvenient ”, therefore has not brought to the battlefield , the first matter that therefore we must do nowhas destroyed these Magic Cannon, mister you looked that ” what means you can have? ”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this Fei'er mister not to need to be worried that” gave me to walk. ”, Said that his hand strength, flies row of Dragon Race undead from his team, these undead undead shape very bizarre, in their top of the heads, are going against Magic Cannon, but they are going against the Magic Cannonis not that ordinary Magic Cannon of Ark Continent use, but is that gigantic shape Magic Cannon that God Race uses, this also on is these Undead Creature ”, if changes into honest Dragon Race, not necessarily can go against moves. Fei'er looked that these Magic Cannon appearances stare, in God Race armed forces that he has lived, naturally knows that Magic Cannon is God Race Magic Cannon, but he has not thought that Zhao Hai in hand will have this Magic Cannon.

The Zhao Hai look at Fei'er appearance, shows a faint smile said : previous time I to teach country there to disturb brightly, snatches these Magic Cannon today happen to use while convenient. ” Fei'er smiles said : „” happen to God Race to know fierce of Magic Cannon they make. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not made noiseGod Race the Magic Cannon although Might not to be small, but before , looks like in Zhao Hai, is insufficient, mainly before is energy is insufficient ”, God Race can only use some ordinary Magic Crystal to come, when energyhas not managed Law Idol to compare with Zhao Hai in hand cauldron stone simply. Now on these Magic Cannon, use is Zhao Hai in hand Crystal Stone, Might naturally is even bigger, therefore Zhao Hai will take the use this Magic Cannon. Zhao Hai are not many with the Fei'er explanationbeckoned with the hand, these Magic go against Magic Cannon Demon Dragon on also toward brightly to teach the direction of country's to fly, now Zhao Hai they beyond the Magic Cannon firing distance. Besides going against Dragon Race of artillery, the body of each Dragon Race, four Undead Creature operate Magic Cannon, Zhao Hai in hand this giant Magic Cannon is not many, looks like the God Race there firepower should occupy superiorly. However Zhao Hai had not actually been worried that what his Magic Cannon use is Crystal Stone, no matter Might in the firing distance, must be bigger than God Race Magic Cannon, God Race Magic Cannon cannot hit him, he actually possibly projects on God Race Magic Cannon, like this, suffering a loss was God Race. Really, these Dragon Race toward the forward flight, stopped, these Undead Creature start to adjust the artillery. ” Before long 20 red light toward teach on city wall of country's to fly brightly, these were startled in the control Magic Cannon God Race people, they just want to support Magic protective shield, actually late, that red light fell to city wall on the immediately explosion. Must say that this giant Magic Cannon, Might compared with Ark Continent Magic Cannon truly was big, naturally, relative, Crystal Stone consumption was also much bigger, but Zhao Hai did not care is Might that ” now he needs.

Zhao Hai their this time attack really went out of unexpected of God Race, the God Race person also early had hearing regarding Ark Continent Magic Cannon, they ate several times to owe on Ark Continent Magic Cannon, but they did not think their Magic Cannon, compared with the Ark Continent Magic Cannon difference. Therefore this God Race regarding defending teaches the country very to have confidence brightly, just these Dragon Race undead appears time, the light taught the people in country's also to seenaturally also saw many giant Magic Cannon, they have not cared, after all Zhao Hai in hand the giant Magic Cannon were not many, in their opinion, they suppressed with the fire also fully can letting that several Magic Cannon do not have the means to wield do with. they never expected, Zhao Hai Magic Cannon, Might unexpectedly so is but big, when has not entered the firing distance, can attack arrive at them, this lets God Race these artilleries, cannot help but some worries. Zhao Hai has not cared, making these Undead Creature then carry on the fire to suppress to God Race city wall, actually the strength to their this degree, city wall is almost anything does with . Moreover the place that God Race regarding few of defensive Magic Cannon research, they live in probably, almost does not have too strong defense Magic Formation. If God Race also has strong defense Magic Formation, that Zhao Hai beforehand guerilla tacticsalmost useless, what what a pity before isGod Race, does not take seriously the utilization of various Magic Formation. God Race when with several race wars, they have pressed the opposite party to hit, almost at the winning side, too big dangertheir rear areas has not been impossible they to be made the wartime by opposite party attackcamp, has almost not met any attack. As the matter stands the time grew, the God Race person, naturally becomes very arrogant, they think that defensive Magic Formation, is unnecessary regarding God Race, therefore in recent years, God Race did not have research defensive Magic Formation, in this case, they when facing Zhao Hai attack, somewhat suffered a loss. The God Race person also presently their artilleries can only come under attack, simply cannot have anything to do withdoes not have meanstheir artilleries to give up cannon, retreat slowly. Zhao Hai looked that these God Race people gave up Magic Cannon, on the face cannot help but one happy, the hand wieldedmany large-scale Undead Creature to fly coming outcarrying on the back of these Undead Creature to be loaded with Ark Continent produce Magic Cannon, Ark Continent Magic Cannon, although was inferior that God Race giant Magic Cannon Might was big, but God Race gave up their Magic Cannonthat should be their Magic Cannon demonstrated Might the time now.

God Race person also present this point ”, but now they in thinking returned to artillery base operation's base were impossible, Ark Continent Magic Cannon advanced to the firing distance, God Race in returned to their artillery base operation's base, that waited for that their was the Ark Continent fire covers. God Race person also present, if they in this way ” can only come under attack, simply does not have the ability to hit back, God Race soldier immediately they throws the child to come toward Zhao Hai. When they to the Zhao Hai wielding team also more than 1000 meters, from God Race army, raised suddenly dark clouds, Zhao Hai looked that this dark clouds know are anything, Javelin that the God Race person throws. God Race person although cannot like Zhao Hai, on each Javelin, put Blood Lightning Bead, however their Javelin firing distances are very far ”, moreover regarding the lethality of average person is very big. However first now they must face is Zhao Hai undead army, God Race Javelin regarding Zhao Hai undead army, lethality or too small. Before cannot blame God Race does not have being accommodating abilityafter all them, with in hand these thing, conquer plane ”, but looks like Barbarian plane, Pegasus Clan plane and Thunder Clan plane, wants Advanced level some compared with Ark Continent plane, most at least on their plane can appears God Rank Expert, but on Ark Continent actually not. Because of God Race with in hand thing can conquer plane, therefore they almost will not develop new weapon, therefore they, when facing Zhao Hai all sorts of attack, appears very lacks the attack method, the method was extremely unitary, could not produce anything to affect to Zhao Hai simply. Now Taurus God Race started research new weapon, prepared to cope with Zhao Hai, but the development of this new weapon was not the 1 or 2 day can be completed, therefore thinks that was depending on new weapon to cope with Zhao Hai, feared that must wait previous to be good some time.! ~!