Chapter 838 fights to win Before Zhao Hai also somewhat was worried about God Race such Javelin attack, but regarding Zhao Hai, actually simply such issue, Karen defense Magic Formation research had not come out now, research came out to use. God Race Javelin throws appears , saw these Undead Creature surrounding, in the suddenly bedding bag one layer red translucent protective shield, their Javelin bumped into these protective shield, unexpectedly directly by protective shield firing ash. Now Zhao Hai in hand most is Fire element Crystal Stone, therefore Zhao Hai used this type to defend Magic Cannon to these Undead Creature, similarly, Zhao Hai was also wants to try, had a look at this type defense strength that defended Magic Formation how. This defends the Magic Formation defense capability not to disappoint Zhao Hai, Javelin that God Race throws, actually does not have attack this protective shield, but also by protective shield Javelin firing ash, this itself explained the protective shield strength. God Race person also by present one being shocked, not only the God Race person, Fei'er they are also same, only then Demon Dragon King is also maintaining calm, actually is also a happy expression of face. Reason that Demon Dragon King happy , because Zhao Hai was also joined to this type to defend Magic Formation to Devil Corps, this type defended Magic Formation, was every ten thousand people with one, but Magic Formation was carrying on the back by a large-scale Undead Creature back, along with Battalion advancing or retreat, can guarantee the army, when made the war, had the protection of protective shield anytime. Did not want underestimated the protection of this protective shield, first do not say this protective shield defense strength originally very astonishingly, even if were this protective shield defense capability, and not much, can only block several times attack, that will also reduce many casualties, the morale big quake that simultaneously let one's own side, morale of enemy reduced. Before Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, I have not dared to spell with your God Race frontage hardly, but now, he he.” Said that Zhao Hai made these carry Magic Cannon undead to draw back, then undead of thumb rushed. But these undead rush, the God Race army is a tumult, not because of other, but undead that because these clash, army appearance exactly the same of God Race, they also undead that is turned into by the God Race army. God Race undead that these rush, most from the beginning by Rubik's Cube Great Formation in advancing, when to God Race army also about one kilometer, suddenly turned into circular cone Great Formation, but this circular cone keeps revolving. To be honest, now in God Race army, but also really few individuals and Ark Continent army head-on fight, therefore they are also first time meet such Formation, is adding on to is also God Race undead, therefore the God Race army cannot help but somewhat is at once flurried. However these God Race armies also worthily are the God Race people, when two armies soon the head confrontation, their lineups have stabilized, their meeting fast the distance, all people have then supported Domain. However let these God Race person scared appears , while they supported protective shield, these God Race undead army, has supported protective shield, entire entire Continent in unknowingly comes forth some changes. The Great Formation extension was quicker, but this Great Formation actually does not take a person to rotate as the point, but takes four people to turn the head as the point, Domain that these four person getting up , is sword-shaped Domain, this lets in front of entire Great Formation the point, turns into Ultimate Weapon.

protective shield that in this sharp following God Race person, getting up, many are sword-shaped, Great Formation of entire cone, like one turned into bamboo shoots, good type of scale bared bamboo shoots. This giant bamboo shoots toward has crashed in God Race army, you is a incomparably huge meat grinder, the place visited, flesh and blood horizontally fly. Person although in God Race army has also supported Domain, when facing this bamboo shoots, felt one are with innumerable god strong Expert to the war, attack one by, their Domain simply how long, broken greatly has not broken to pieces, all Domain shatter God Race people, the fate has one, the death! Zhao Hai static standing has not moved in there, Demon Dragon King stands in the Zhao Hai side, face shocking look at this bamboo shoots Great Formation, to be honest, even if in Demon Race most formidable Devil Regiment, is impossible to exhibit such lineup, such lineup, was too high regarding the coordinate request of army, the person has the thought that person who has the thought will make mistakes, in adding on the degree of reaction of person is also same, wants to train an only coordination army that and this is not the least bit off, is almost not possible. Demon Dragon King did not suspect, even if the Devil Regiment person, meets such undead army , can only be the share of waiting for death, point rebel opportunity will not have. But Fei'er also has the Barbarian person and Pegasus Clan person, sees Zhao Hai such method, is shakes unable to speak, if Zhao Hai copes with them with such method, their also simply will be links rebel opportunity not to be strangled to death. The Zhao Hai although eye in look at bamboo shoots, he has made Cai'er pay attention several people of expressions probably actually, reason that he today takes to reveal that Magic Cannon and bamboo shoots, to let these person of understand, he is in these people most formidable existence. Any alliance, needs alliance leader be good, otherwise the alliance is in a state of disunity, do not say that with God Race to war, oneself did not hit to be good. But wants into alliance leader, compared with showing strength well, Zhao Hai must show own strength, lets Thunder Clan, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan true submitting to him, listens to his command(er), only then such Zhao Hai can with God Race one fight, otherwise, he already in returned to Space wash to rest. Barbarian and Pegasus Clan regarding his opinion, Zhao Hai were confirmed from Fei'er there, because of this, therefore Zhao Hai must come up to use Assassin, with God Race that chicken that when sets up the prestige, kills to Barbarian and Pegasus Clan these Houzi/Monkey, making them be afraid him, submits to him. Regarding this time forming an alliance, Zhao Hai is very happy, because of his very clear, only depends on, wants to cope with God Race, needs to use very long time, but there is Thunder Clan and Barbarian they helps, time big reduction that he uses. However Zhao Hai does not want to listen to others' command(er), he is a courage very young person, does not want to hand over others' in hand own poor life. Now looks like effect very good, Barbarian, Pegasus Clan also has the Thunder Clan person, had been given to shake by him, later in command(er) they, will not encounter the too big resistance. But the God Race army was actually somewhat flurried, they have not thought that Zhao Hai attack unexpectedly so violent, so savage, they added hitting back opportunity not to have unexpectedly.

At this moment, bamboo shoots Great Formation blasted out, turned into the innumerable small bamboo shoots, direct God Race Great Formation strangled to death, God Race Great Formation finally cannot be maintaining the lineup, since don’t know what has been the God Race army of fear, appears the military deserter. Actually before this bamboo shoots, Zhao Hai has used one time, but that these many people have not met Domain, therefore uses Might to be smaller, now Zhao Hai in hand had that many God Race Undead Creature, adds to them Great Formation, Great Formation Might one has increased. The God Race army runs away, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback to Thunder Clan, Barbarian, Pegasus Clan and Demon Race army ordered, everyone/Great Clan together has rushed ahead the past. But Zhao Hai command(er) other Undead Creature, are actually starting the battlefield cleanup, has sorted weapon that all God Race people discard , the package protects the God Race person to place these gigantic shape Magic Cannon on city wall. Now teaches the country here God Race army brightly is not many, keeps off in Zhao Hai their surface this 20 million God Race armies, almost brightly taught in the country all God Race armies, now has been routed by Zhao Hai, entire outside taught the country almost not to have any protection strength on equal to brightly. Zhao Hai their this sides are Expert, continual doing fights the 1 or 2 day also inadequate anything issue, but the God Race army, is actually given to be scared by Zhao Hai attack, simply has not organized the effective resistance, has drawn back toward God Realm directly. Zhao Hai they naturally are the one close behind the other chase down, kills is murky sky over a dark earth, but in this time chasing down, Zhao Hai appears , his command(er) undead army, has not been keeping God Race teaches all commodities in country brightly, packed to transport returned to in Space, harvested many were the grain, the Gnome slave also has Magic Cannon. The light teaches the country here also has plenty daily necessities, hitting to hug to carry off by Zhao Hai, because taught country here not to be different from Ark Continent other places brightly, the light taught the country here person, by God Race to Blood Sacrifice, their family's these thing had almost not been destroyed, therefore Zhao Hai this time may be the harvest is not really small. These living materials are not good thing, but also is old, on the person to Ark Continent, feared that will be some people will not like using, even if will be the person of Beast God clan, will not use these old thing, Zhao Hai, in Beastman Race there has built up much thing like church, Beastman Race can directly trades the living materials that they will want with other Argali and Magic Beast, in cherishing these thing. However Zhao Hai actually wants these thing give to the Demon Race person and Gnome, Demon Realm living materials originally deficient, Zhao Hai looked at these to move in Demon Race to Space, they did not have what good thing, just as was Demon Dragon King said that their family's thing tidied up toward Space in area, but can also empty in make a move, brought some plants or Magic Beast toward Space, even if were this, will also have person empty-handed, Demon Dragon King was certainly, directly by these person belt Stone, these Stone was they to Space, was used to build the house, because they did not hate to destroy Space every bit of property.. But a Gnome clan say nothing, their poor besides oneself and broken pants, almost does not have any thing, uses old thing to give to them these, has not gone bad their happy. Demon Dragon King in the Zhao Hai side, he also has seen these Undead Creature, is similar to the flay same moves thing toward Space, thing that so long as a little uses, all moves to Space, no matter also the quality is new and old, he is actually somewhat puzzled. However he to these thing also is really very greedy, who made their Demon Race person too poor, Zhao Hai plundered while to proceed, this was naturally impossible to be too quick, but the God Race army followed new Continent to run away now returned to God Race, at the final moment, they organized the defense in Space rift there finally, chased down their armies to keep off outside. although has not kicked God Realm, but Fei'er their very much happy, can fight but broken enemy, this regarding them, absolutely is big good deed one, this also makes him presently stand erect with the confidence that God Race fights.

Zhao Hai left behind thing of several cities not to receive toward Space, these cities were he leave Thunder Clan and other clansman rests to use. They said to Fei'er simply several words, made Fei'er they rest, but Zhao Hai was leading the Devil Regiment person, returned to Demon Realm Space. To Demon Realm Space, Zhao Hai presently in Space greatly changed, many Magic Beast have built the house, these have not established Demon Race of house, is constructing own house, reason that they construct is so slow, is reason that because they have not made use of local materials, they construct thing that the house uses, is almost Zhao Hai makes from Ark Continent, or is they from the Demon Realm neighborhood, thing in Space they little will destroy. clansman that entered Space Demon Dragon King look at bustle about, on the face has cannot help but shown the smiling face, he turns the head these time to want thanks a lot mister to Zhao Hai said : , if not mister, my clansman feared that forever does not live on such life.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, thinks little, he beckoned with the hand, did not need to be so polite to Demon Dragon King said :, was right, just brightly was teaching country there also to receive many thing to come up, if your Demon Race person if did not shut out, these thing I divided part to use to you, what kind of?” Demon Dragon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that great happiness said : so is best, thanks a lot mister.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, arranges Space, these thing classifications has delivered to Demon Race Space here. thing has delivered to Demon Race Space, the Demon Dragon King immediately arrangement person, has divided these thing, when Demon Dragon King finished, Zhao Hai Demon Dragon King welcome to Sword Chariot , after they sat down, Zhao Hai then to Demon Dragon King said : Demon Dragon, I must you tell that a matter, first several days Ark Continent here also appears Space rift......” then Zhao Hai said to Demon Dragon King the Atlanta Continent matter. Demon Dragon King to is the facial expression is invariable, now the person in Demon Race must enter Space, in did not need to be worried about these matters, but he also knows that Zhao Hai him told a matter had certainly the reason, therefore he was only static was listening, after waiting for Zhao Hai saying that was he „the meaning of mister to Zhao Hai said :?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : extinguished entered Ark Continent the group of people, snatched their in hand Magic Machine, like this we coped with God Race to have confidence.” Did Demon Dragon King nod said : mister to want us to dispatch troops?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the present to look that has not used, but actually cannot guarantee, does not use, I want to say one to you, making you have a preparation, moreover I want to select from your Demon Race feel the excited person to Magic Formation, will train, strives soon to achieve itself to make Magic Machine.” Demon Dragon King wrinkled under brow said : lightly mister, makes such troublesome does? Directly that Space person extinguishing, snatched the Magic Machine method of manufacturing and that's the end, if the mister military strength is insufficient, our Demon Race can dispatch troops, invites mister feel relieved!” ro! ~!