Chapter 839 Demon Realm beast tide Zhao Hai one hear was happy, this is the typical Demon Race type replied that has any tool is they have a liking, snatches directly and that's the end, that can also think that many, looks like Demon Race 6 is lunar new year's eve same to Ark, they settled on Ark lunar new year's eve 6 here, snatches and that's the end, thinks that many make anything. Demon Dragon King looked at Zhao Hai to smile, being perplexed said : mister? What do I have mistake?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not wrong, but I do not want simultaneously to make war with three plane now, therefore this matter we are safe arranging for good.” Demon Dragon King stares, then his immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai now is making war with God Race, but Underworld there also entered Ark lunar new year's eve 6, if adding on Atlanta, that Zhao Hai in Ark lunar new year's eve 6 here is three foes, God Race, Underworld, Atlanta lunar new year's eve 6, these three quarters, the first quarter is plane, if Zhao Hai simultaneously makes war with these three quarters , is simultaneously makes war in three plane on equal to. Did Demon Dragon King knit the brows said : „the meaning of that mister is?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : invading Ark lunar new year's eve 6 people tidying up, first Magic Machine that they used snatching research, waited to solve the God Race there problem, then to that any Atlanta lunar new year's eve 6.” Demon Dragon King thinks, has selected chin, now their most important foe is God Race, although that anything Atlanta lunar new year's eve 6 person also very dangerous, but compares with God Race, actually must miss on some, God Race with their hatred died, and currently also has Thunder Clan they as the foreign aid, if did not say that this opportunity, has solved the God Race matter, that can be is lunar new year's eve troublesome, therefore now most important first solves the God Race matter, that what Atlanta lunar new year's eve 6 matters, can on put in the future. Demon Dragon King then said : how that does mister then want to do?” Zhao Hai said : first solves God Race, I with one, let achieve to know in heart was good, other needless tubes.” Demon Dragon King has complied with one, in this time, Zhao Hai suddenly was feeling that lunar new year's eve Demon King that Message Fish in the sound, Zhao Hai stares, immediately has put out that Message Fish, he just Message Fish took, hears lunar new year's eve the Demon King sound to transmit said : mister, can in?” Zhao Hai stares, but he is quickly said: „Do I, what matter Your Majesty have?”

Lunar new year's eve Demon King immediately/on horseback said : mister closes Space rift quickly, our Demon Race here has produced beast tide, these devils directly soared Space rift.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then the side one moves, presented in Space rift there, now Space rift, in a nearby of Demon Realm medium grade city, this can let in the city and outside the city person, entered quick entry to Space, is present Space outside situation is not quite wonderful. Zhao Hai is not first time sees the beast lake, before Black Wasteland there, he has also seen several times beast tide, but Black Wasteland there beast tide and Demon Realm here beast tide compares, simply on too department of pediatrics. Now Demon Realm here blots out the sky is all kinds of Magic Beast, these Magic Beast have some to carry on attack to that city, some actually flushed to Space rift. Zhao Hai sees this situation, is actually two eyes one bright, his immediately/on horseback Your Majesty worried to Message Fish said : needlessly, so long as I made to adjust have been OK, these Magic Beast can also enter to Space.” Zhao Hai is just thinking how to make Demon Realm these Magic Beast enter to Space, now has such opportunity, how he possibly lets off, Zhao Hai has not let Space rift information, but crack back Space shifting, originally behind the crack is Demon Race Space, Zhao Hai this shift, one shifted to Hell Space. Hell Space there originally suits the tool survival of Darkness Attribute, but Demon Realm here Magic Beast actually lunar new year's eve many are Darkness Attribute, therefore Zhao Hai adjusts Hell Space there crack following Space now, these Magic Beast can enter to Hell Space. If they want with Space going that these Magic Beast receive to enter, grasps, only if these Magic Beast wants to enter Space, or like to Carrion Swamp there Magic Beast, deceives Space to go them, but these fearing. But now is actually these Magic Beast in runs toward Space, Zhao Hai happen to can use this opportunity, takes in these Magic Beast Space, although these Magic Beast currently have the hostility to Space, but the Space most lunar new year's eve advantage is, possibly having the hostility, breeds not to have the hostility, especially regards Magic Beast. Space when regards person and Magic Beast completely is two manner, if a person has the hostility to Space, the idea of change this person Space will not change professions, slowly will only change, influencing subtly carries on, lets almost unable to feel. But regards Magic Beast actually to be rasher, so long as Magic Beast has the hostility to Zhao Hai, that two words, do not surrender directly, therefore Zhao Hai did not worry actually after these Magic Beast enter to Space, will annoy to go wrong, they enter Space the more better, uncertain can also help Space Level Up.

Lunar new year's eve Demon King although understand Zhao Hai is not any meaning, is he not in anything, he believes Zhao Hai to know in heart, and he is busy attacking Magic Beast of city to these now, does not have the time to be thin with Zhao Hai, one hear of Zhao Hai such, has terminated with the dialog of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai before there Magic Beast enters Space, the background in Space trading, then opened the lunar new year's eve Space rift, making these Magic Beast easier. Then made of Zhao Hai in person shock with Demon Race present, these Magic Beast saw that to say Space rift, probably saw the corpulent fly was the same, one threw. Magic Beast that is these attacked a city, has not been attacking a city, but directly soared Space rift to come, has plenty weak Magic Beast, by other Magic Beast stamping. Zhao Hai sees this situation, some initiations, although he wants to let enter Space that these Magic Beast enter, but he has not actually thought that will present this situation, this stems from his unexpected. These Magic Beast straight clashes toward Space, what extraordinary tool probably there has to attract them to be the same, this situation also attracted lunar new year's eve Demon King their attention, lunar new year's eve Demon King looked that many Magic Beast do not attack a city, instead to entered Space, he somewhat worried that these enter Space clansman, therefore immediately has put out Message Fish, lunar new year's eve sound best book city } to hit] said : mister, did mister, hear?” Zhao Hai puts out Message Fish said : Your Majesty, I heard, Your Majesty worried needlessly, quarter that these Magic Beast go , is actually not Space that clansman is, but another quarter, Your Majesty worried needlessly.” Lunar new year's eve Demon King one hear of Zhao Hai such, are out of control in the heart to move, Zhao Hai these words although is common, but actually looks like him to disclose that other tool, Zhao Hai Space is actually not that two Space that only then his clansman and Ark lunar new year's eve 6 people of institutes stay, another Space, or several other Space. This next lunar new year's eve Demon King again has estimated to Zhao Hai, he now present, he had underestimated the Zhao Hai strength, Zhao Hai can make Ark lunar new year's eve 6 people be admitted to Space, can make Demon Race be admitted to another Space, no doubt can also make other races live in other Space, but Zhao Hai more than several Space he returns don’t know, if Zhao Hai Space are many, he raises many people on equal to, if these people give Zhao Hai to provide Strength of Faith, feared that will be not compared with God Race, Demon Race, in adding on Ark lunar new year's eve 6 people will add. Few. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these, he satisfactory look at these Magic Beast rushes to be first drills toward Space, this comes to be possible absolutely to be to him the good deed, he just heard the intermittent prompt sound that Space transmits, this prompt sound has one type of, is to having hostility Magic Beast carries on to surrender, that is, these enter in Magic Beast to Space, later will be Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate. To Demon Realm these Magic Beast, Zhao Hai very settles on, these Magic Beast fighting strength very formidable, are not worse than Magic Beast, if, these Magic Beast as Mount is best to choose, because of their fighting strength formidable, and fierce does not fear, is sorrow that Ark lunar new year's eve 6 there original Magic Beast do not have.

These Magic Beast were really too many, a short time to subdue|grams has not been inferior to enter to Space in, but well was recognizes Space to be the same in these Magic Beast probably, to fluttering in in midair Zhao Hai, that was looked that did not look at one, with all one's heart put on toward Space, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai save many matters. Zhao Hai looked at a while, thought that any meaning, on returned to in Space Villa, had not entered the villa, sees Laura they to sit in there, is staring at the screen, but the beast tide situation on the screen presenting. Saw that these Zhao Hai are out of control to show a faint smile, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, why knows don’t know these Magic Beast to run toward Space in? This outcome what's the matter?” Cai'er smiles said : this possibility is because Young Master has traded the reason of background, these Magic Beast lunar new year's eve many are Darkness Attribute, but Hell Space there is also has certain promotion to do to use to Darkness Attribute, Magic Beast to can by the strong lunar new year's eve tool, have the one type of instinct intuition, they possibly are felt Hell Space, can make their strong lunar new year's eve, therefore such not awfully runs toward.” Zhao Hai has selected chin said : this fantastic, these Magic Beast have crashed in Space, comes to us, absolutely is the good deed, uncertain and other Magic Beast come, Space can Level Up.” Cai'er smiles said : I to look is unlikely, these Magic Beast although are many, but the type actually is actually not many, has plenty weak Magic Beast, has not entered to Space, by these strong lunar new year's eve Magic Beast stamping, has wanted to let Space Level Up through these Magic Beast, is unlikely.” Zhao Hai selected chin said : to subdue|grams not to be inferior to the Level Up to subdue|grams not to be inferior to Level Up, after reforming these Magic Beast entered to Space, to us is also only then the advantage did not have the fault, these Magic Beast had is fighting strength is very strong, was not inferior to God Rank Expert, they entered Space, can make our strengths obtain further enhancement.”