Demon Realm the beast tide, although said that is not biggest one time, made Zhao Hai obtain many advantage, after waiting for these Magic Beast to run in Space, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback traded returned to background Demon Race Space there, then informed Great Demon King then to allow the Demon Race person to enter Space. Zhao Hai also said that to Demon Dragon King matter, will not be naturally dullhe only to rest in Space Villa there in Demon Realm mainland there a while, and walked out from Space, looks Fei'er. Fei'er they brightly are teaching in these cities of country's to rest now, the light teaches these cities of country's, was changed to the military compound by the God Race person, inside has also saved few commodities, after they live, to does not need to be worried to eat using that today's fight, is makes them receive very big shock. Zhao Hai in fighting strength that today shows, lets their very shocked, they have not thought that ” strength unexpectedly such strong of Zhao Haicomes compared with God Race, feared that is only not weak. What most important is, today Zhao Hai has killed that many God Race people, but these God Race people will turn into Zhao Hai Undead Creature, the Zhao Hai strength was also formidable much. Therefore Fei'er, Dingshan and Zhanyue after is good own clansman to settle down, three people of immediately gathered together, how discussed must facing Zhao Hai. Reason that Zhao Hai today under such cruel methods, so neat tidying up God Race, for is sets up prestigeto be very obvious, his point achieved. Fei'er look at Dingshan and Zhanyue, sighedsaid : two the Zhao Hai strength you also to see at heart, to be honest, I have not thought that Zhao Hai will really have the so strong strength, I know that two killed your clansman matter regarding Zhao Hai, somewhat took to heartbut the present is we opposed the enemy togetherbut Zhao Hai copes with God Race Main Forceto have Zhao Hai , the people of our three clans can little die, therefore I hope that two can put aside hatred in heartand Zhao Hai cooperation welldoes not know two what do you think? ” Dingshan and Zhanyue looked at onethey also to nod mutually, Zhanyue said : "Frankly, we somewhat hated Zhao Hai, but we hated the God Race person, moreover Zhao Hai in this several times to the process of war, had not made our clansman go to battle, very obviously he to feel relieved that we saved face ”, we will not be a drag on everyone/Great Clan. ” Dingshan also nodded said : right, compares us and God Race hatred even bigger with the hatred of Zhao Hai, said it, Zhao Hai kills our clansman, if strict, cannot blame to the head of Zhao Hai, after all at that time we with God Race together invaded the Ark mainlandhim to protect own homeland began to our clansman, excusable. ” One hear of they said that ” Fei'er relaxed, his look at they, nodded said :, good, so the present the enemy is God Race, copes with God Race is the first important matter. ”

Dingshan and Zhanyue noddedthey are not the people of failing to see the bigger problem, their very clear, great strength of Zhao Hai, regarding them, only then the advantage does not have faultafter has defeated God Race , the Taurus mainland there control power must how assign this matter, they have not needed to think now ”, because they cannot affirm one certainly can defeat God Race. Dingshan looked at Fei'er said : Fei'er, illuminated the current situation to come to see our clansman should almost to start, therefore God Race can only be now depends upon Space rift there to defend, impossible in having the strength carried on to counter-attack to us, you looked that we should say certainly to Mr. Zhao Hai, can we in one vigorous effort, capture to the Taurus mainland in? ”, Was saying, outside suddenly has soldier incoming telegram said : report the Mr. Zhao Hai interview. ” The Fei'er three people looked at one mutually, three people simultaneously stood got up said : to invite quickly.” Was saying three people while welcomed outward, they just got to the entrance, saw that Zhao Hai walked. Zhao Hai looked that the Fei'er three peoplecannot help but onethen show a faint smile in together, Zhao Hai has seen three to three people of gave a salute said :, has not thought that three, happen, me want with three to discuss attacks the God Race matter.” Fei'er smiles said : we to ask mister to discuss this matter, but actually cannot find mister, but also asked mister to excuse me.”, Fei'er already selective gave his Message Fish to forget Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai understand Fei'er this sayinghas not certainly cared in polite him, but showed a faint smile said : not to be at all mister saying that” I was like running around like crazy, to was makes mister worry. ” Was saying while entered the hall with three people. here most approaches the new continent there light to teach a church of country city, in teaches country here to have a strange happening brightly, in their city the best constructiongenerally is a church, but is not City Lord Mansion, this is really makes people feel strange. This church cultivates big magnificently, on the wall full is muralvery beautiful, how that marks nothing but is some God Race eliminates the demon matter ”, moreover is arranges most probably, is not the true history. The Zhao Hai first such attention brightly teaches these churches of country's, now looked that first did not say other, this church to is really good, can regard a playing good place, on the wall the lying down mural also very much to have the artistic aura.

suddenly Zhao Hai notes, on a mural, unexpectedly in leaving to reappear the form of Pegasus Clan person, the Pegasus Clan person has been riding on Pegasus, in hand was taking Knight Spear, was making the war with a devil. The Zhao Hai cannot help but chuckle, turns the head not to think that to Zhanyue said : the Pegasus Clan person in the heart of Radiant Church person can unexpectedly with God Race place on a par with, he hethis is not simple. ” Was saying Zhao Hai while has referred to that mural. Zhanyue just only helped to speak with Fei'er, but also has not noted this mural, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that also turned the head to look at one, then snort|hum said : surely is God Race these fellows makes them draw, God Race these bastards, perished my heart undead!” Zhanyue this saying does not have wrongGod Race to draw the Pegasus Clan person on the mural, does not want Pegasus Clan with treat as an equal with them, but wants with the way of cultural assimilation, lets the Pegasus Clan person, forever forgot that their Faith, turn into a God Race most faithful dog. Before Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : God Race is so them, wants through Radiant Church control my Ark mainland, our Ark mainland early discovery, to fear that is not today this aspect. ” Fei'er several people nodded, after several people of guests and hosts sit down, there is a Thunder Clan person to deliver clear waterGod Race dispatches troops cannot drink wine, therefore this in the city has not prepared the liquor, now can only entertain Zhao Hai with the clear water. Zhao Hai to has not said anything, took the drinking glass to drink one, after putting down the drinking glass, this today I comes to three people of said :, mainly wants with three to discuss that attacked the God Race matter I to listen to three opinions. ” The Fei'er three people looked at one mutually, what meaning somewhat is in doubt Zhao Hai is, some little time does Fei'er turn the head what opinion mister to Zhao Hai said :?”, The Zhao Hai look at three people, show a faint smile said : my opinion, only then, fights a battle to force a quick decision, must solve Taurus God Race as soon as possible, prepares for other God Race entering Taurus mainland.” The Fei'er three people nodded, they are also this meaning, Dingshan deep voice said : just we mentioned this matter, we are also this meaning, I think that now our clansman made war with God Race, God Race cannot certainly send out more military strength to cope with us, we happen to can call this opportunity, captures to the God Race mainland at one fell swoop, first extinguished Taurus God Race to say.” Zhao Hai nodded said : original three is also this meaning, I also on feel relieved three, now we am the ally, I in hiding the truth from three, three was also seeing, Demon Race had been subdued by me, but I must say to three that Ark mainland here is unsafe, in Beastman Prairie there appears with Space rift that Underworld docked, now in Underworld large quantities of Undead Creature, ran up to Beastman Prairie therein the south, where don’t know also opened Space rift, this Space rift was actually and place docking of Atlanta mainland, The person strength of this place is not weak, what most important is, they will use one type of Magic Armor, this well Magic Armor surpasses ten meters big Iron-man on the height, these Iron-man fighting strength, very formidable, Flame Demon passes through this Iron-man several times attack, this Iron-man is the person in Atlanta mainland, manufacturescame to control very formidable ” not possibly to have such appears of their enemy by the person ”, the Ark mainland in stayingI all people in the Ark mainland shifted now walked, now I only want to say a sound to three, we extinguished Taurus God Race, Possibly faces not only also God Race attackalso has Underworld and attack of Atlanta mainland, this aspect to us very disadvantageous ”, therefore I think that we must extinguish Taurus God Race as soon as possible, stands firm in Taurus mainland therethen with Space rift blocks Underworld and attack of Atlanta mainlandin full and God Race other mainland deal with.

Fei'er they are shocked is listening to the Zhao Hai words, how regardless of they have not thought that the matter will turn into this appearance unexpectedly, Ark mainland here was in this situation unexpectedly, moreover appears any Adam Lanzhou University land, Magic Armor this thing. suddenly Fei'er two eyes one brighthe turns the head to Magic Armor that Zhao Hai said : mister said that looks like Golem same thing that a Gnome clan manufactures?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well to be actually better compared with Golem that a Gnome clan manufactures on many, Golem that if a Gnome clan manufactureshas Magic Armor such strength, they feared that will be will not turn is the slave. ” Fei'er nodded, he really had also seen Gnome clan produce Golem before, but this Golem was regarded the spoils of war to suspend by Yun Tianlei at home. Actually this spoils of war are also not ”, but is the Yun Tianlei family heirloom that Yun Tianlei obtains, God Race tidies up Gnome time, compared with coping with the Thunder Clan time must early, when Fei'er becomes the Yun Tianlei guard, a Gnome clan already was the synonym of slave. However that Golem formidable might appearancelets Fei'er being startled , the body of their Thunder Clan person is big, is compared with these Golem, actually on short many, is only this point, has made Fei'er pay attention.