Chapter 841 right to speak! Actually in the past God Race tidied up a Gnome clan time, spent turned trick/hand and foot, Gnome clan although did not research in thorough detail weapon, but they had Magic Cannon and Golem such thing, but this different thing fighting strength was also uncommon. Because of this, therefore the God Race talented person saw Magic Cannon and Golem fearful place, they believe that if making a Gnome clan such show get down, sooner or later one day, God Race cannot guarantee own dominant position, therefore they will extinguish a Gnome clan, moreover cannot God Realm in some people of research Golem. But Magic Cannon of Gnome clan by God Race remaining, has set up many merit for their conquer various Realm, but finally actually by Zhao Hai snatching. God Race has also thought wants research metal Golem, strengthens God Race fighting strength, but that metal Golem was really too complex, has plenty thing, was giving up study that a Gnome clan secret did not pass on, therefore they wanted to prevent unable to prevent, because met these thing Gnome, killed off by them. Fei'er and don’t know these, in God Realm there, regarding God Race and grievances of Gnome clan, is one brings, has not carried on extremely the record of detailed, Fei'er saw broken metal Golem, although that already broken metal Golem, actually also gave Fei'er to make very profound impression. Now one hear of Zhao Hai said that Atlanta Continent there Magic Armor, actually also wants Advanced level compared with Golem of Gnome clan, he also somewhat has cannot help but gawked, what some little time he complexion ugly said : mister said is really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this matter, how I dare to lie, happen, I can one type of Magic, this Magic with the Sea Race person study, be able the according to previous existence matter, to save some time, am then taking to put, today makes you have a look.” Said that his hand wields, with Axe meeting time picture let out. That big metal Magic Armor looks at Fei'er they to inspire, has seen Axe their Magic Armor transformation, Blazing Island that finally flies from, Fei'er they then recover, but several people have not spoken a few words for a very long time. Zhao Hai received the monitor picture, looked at three people of one, deep voice said : they is a Atlanta Continent flight Magic Armor squad, before meeting with me, they already some Magic Beast and Flame Demon on Blazing Island eliminating, moreover uses very short.” Fei'er puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : how mister knows that he does arrive at Ark Continent here?” Zhao Hai one hear of Fei'er said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : everybody to think why I can know everybody in Ark Continent all sorts of activity signs, the truth said to several, on this Ark Continent, there is my many scout, almost entire Ark Continent under my surveillance.” Fei'er this time in saying anything, he believes the Zhao Hai words, Zhao Hai, when with God Race to the war, repeatedly occupies offensive, if Zhao Hai has not arranged the scout in Ark Continent, that is impossible. Zhao Hai look at Fei'er then said : „, but this present Atlanta Continent these people, actually are really an accident, at that time I wanted to teach from back sneak attack brightly, is when you were towed when Accra Mountain defense line, therefore I circle from the sea to teach the south of country's brightly, happen to present they.”

Fei'er believed several layers at heart, they in just with the time that God Race fought, already present, the light taught country here to be destroyed, moreover from the southeast, always the Northwest, became an oblique line is destroyed, wants to come is the Zhao Hai writing skill, as the matter stands Zhao Hai can presently the Atlanta Continent person, did not have what well strange. Does Dingshan turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : mister to have confidence blocks Atlanta Continent these Magic Armor attack in Space rift here?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this point to grasp me to have, moreover several do not forget, currently Ark Continent here also has one to be very strange and dangerous enemy, Underworld!” Regarding Underworld God Race there is also know one but understand half, because just as is such that Zhao Hai said that Underworld was really too strange, that feared is God Race, does not dare to open among the Space barrier with Underworld, therefore they were not many regarding the understanding of deep office. Because did not understand, therefore danger, Fei'er several people will nod, their also understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Ark Continent and Underworld there Space barrier was opened, the Underworld person will naturally arrive at Ark Continent to come up, that Atlanta Continent person, has come up to Ark Continent, naturally will seize Ark Continent, when the time comes they can have the conflict with Underworld, feared that did not have the time to come attack they. Relaxing of thinks of here, Fei'er several people of not being able to bear, but Fei'er several people of complexion quickly ugly, because they have also remembered the Underworld risk. Underworld appears on Ark Continent, that sooner or later has one day met attack Space rift there, perhaps when the time comes can crash in God Realm through Space rift, then has been overrunning to their plane through God Realm, that troubled. Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, knows that they in thinking anything, Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : several not to need to worry, this Underworld a short time cannot attack, I thought that we first have solved God Race, even if is not really good, we can also regard the battlefield Taurus Continent there, with Underworld deal with, besides these, we can also think the means various clans and God Realm the side Space passage closure, before was because had the God Race person to block, therefore you could not achieve this point, so long as we have defeated God Race, that will prevent on nobody.” Fei'er they, as soon as listens, thought Zhao Hai said is reasonable, before God Race did not make them give the demobilization the Space wall Saint, but God Race cannot manage them now, so long as Taurus God Race, they have wanted to do, that also who can control. Fei'er nodded is reasonable, so looks like, now the first important matter that said : mister said that must as soon as possible defeats God Race is good, mister you look, our is tomorrow the immediately attack?” Zhao Hai nodded said : that is best, tomorrow we attack, moreover I must tell everybody that Demon Race has stood with us in a front now, Demon Race had before with the experience that Underworld battles, Demon Realm there also appears and Underworld connected Space rift, finally actually by the Demon Realm person, seal activated, therefore I want us to defeat God Race, had the slow sufficient time, can definitely the Underworld person, when beside God Realm.” Fei'er they is a loosen, Fei'er are good that said : mister said that our immediately/on horseback prepares, tomorrow attacks, does not know that mister there can have the liquor? Can to the soldier in the minute some, the soldier after pursuit of this day, very weary, drinks some liquor, can make them restore as soon as possible.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this is not a problem, a while makes the person deliver some liquor, but cannot drink much, have not harmed the tomorrow matter.” Fei'er has complied with one hastily.

Zhao Hai they also discussed tomorrow attack time, Zhao Hai said goodbye leave, waited for Zhao Hai to walk, Fei'er several people arrived in the hall to sit down, Dingshan turned the head to Fei'er said : Fei'er, you think the words that Mr. Zhao Hai spoke were credible?” Fei'er nodded said : „to be credible, actually he spoke these words, is to tell us, he attacks God Race, not only to revenge, what is more important, obtains that slow sufficient opportunity, copes with Underworld easily-to-use, lets our feel relieved.” Zhanyue nodded said :this to be best, Mr. Zhao Hai fighting strength formidable, if he can attack God Race fully, we defeated God Race to have confidence. „ Fei'er deep voice said : we cannot all count on Mr. Zhao Hai, Mr. Zhao Hai fighting strength is very strong, but we must make him know that our three clans are not worse than him, otherwise, we spoke in front of mister are not unyielding.” Dingshan and Zhanyue were not the stupid person, a Fei'er such saying, their immediately understand he was any meaning, they also nodded. Now to put it bluntly, they and Zhao Hai is the ally, moreover for the common enemy walks in the together ally, this alliance is very frail, between they and Zhao Hai also a little slightly rub, who knew can Zhao Hai borrow this opportunity to cope with them, therefore they must in this alliance, strive for many rights to speak, finally otherwise, suffers a loss can only be they. Fei'er looked at their one eyes, said : was then good, everyone/Great Clan goes back to prepare, tomorrow must kick in God Race Continent, best to gather with the armies of our three clans in together, otherwise we in hand strength is too presently weak, compared with Mr. Zhao Hai.” They nodded, coreferences after Fei'er exchanging greetings, turn around walks. But after Zhao Hai returned to in Space, immediately arranges these Undead Creature they to deliver the liquor to Fei'er, Zhao Hai has not paid attention to the Fei'er there situation, he believes that Fei'er they will make the correct choice, forms an alliance with him, brings only benefit , and no harm whatsoever, has very big advantage to their three clans, they will not comply. Now Zhao Hai looks most is the Atlanta Continent there situation, after the two days observation, he knew, Atlanta Continent there does not have the country, is calculations that Clan said that but Axe Clan O'Neal Clan. Status of good Axe in O'Neal Clan is not low, something that therefore O'Neal Clan discussed that he can hear, this was the Zhao Hai happy place, in these matters that because discussed from O'Neal Clan, he can be considered as probably, O'Neal Clan strength how. However Zhao Hai regarding Atlanta Continent there Magic Armor not many understanding, therefore O'Neal Clan they discussed that leaves many Magic Armor, what Magic Armor this class words, Zhao Hai also can only be the duck listens to the thunder fog rustle. although don’t know these Magic Armor fighting strength how, but Zhao Hai from O'Neill in their Clan the words of these people was to actually listen to understand, their Clan this time various types of Magic Armor, feared that will not be lower than the hundred thousand frame, this is not a small number.

Can imagine, on Earth, in a war, if has deployed a hundred thousand tank, what aspect that can be? Let alone is fiercer than the tank much Magic Armor. However O'Neal Clan wants to overrun to Ark Continent to come up, actually a day or two cannot achieve, is only the reassignment of this Magic Armor on some time, moreover O'Neal Clan has not wanted to make other Clan know that they must resort to arms to Ark Continent, can say them to want Ark Continent this cake having sole possession, therefore they must secret carry on, the time of preparation naturally also needs longer, feared is few months, prepares not well. Naturally, O'Neal Clan is not the movement does not have, most at least they that Space rift looking like, and has sent about thousand people Magic Armor teams in there look at, even if were the Ark Continent person present that said Space rift, was impossible to block. Regarding O'Neal Clan such procedure, Zhao Hai is a meaning of impediment does not have, he is just thinking makes the O'Neal Clan person overrun to Ark Continent to come up, he many make some Magic Armor to put in Space, lets these Gnome research well, now Zhao Hai sends undead that teaches these Gnome to be literate, has sent, these Gnome study very fast of. Zhao Hai knows now why heads of these Gnome each and every one long was so big, this studies thing to come so to be quick, it seems like also has big relationship with their easy marks. From brightly these living materials that teaches country here to obtain, has given the Demon Race person besides part, remaining Zhao Hai have given these Gnome, although is old thing, but actually gives happy to be unbearable these Gnome. The look at these Gnome appearances, Zhao Hai cannot help but remembered initially he to give these slave thing appearances, when these slave initially first minutes to thing, was that appearance. Now Haven island there life although was better, but these slave actually few people meet wear gold and silver, because of the pursues of these slaves in there, these slaves now the biggest pursue, how is not becomes by oneself fiercer, even if study Magic does not have what talent person to Martial Arts, can study a craftsmanship, then researches in thorough detail own craftsmanship, becomes by oneself fierce. Reason that these slaves such do, because in their at heart, only then Zhao Hai is most important, their very clear, oneself study these thing study more good, is bigger to the help of Zhao Hai, therefore they time flower on enjoying, how enhancement own strength but spent, this let Zhao Hai also very touched. Now Zhao Hai only hopes that these Gnome can also like these slaves, he may have the luck, he believes that by these Gnome intelligent vigor, can certainly cause more formidable Magic Armor to come. Thought of Magic Armor, Zhao Hai cannot help but wants better understanding, why God Race to destroy completely a Gnome clan, therefore he compared Advanced level War General undead to call God Race one, asked carefully his, why initially God Race must destroy completely a Gnome clan. This War General undead, Zhao Hai initially specially remains, for through a he many understanding God Race there situation, but these days continuously busy east busy west, throughout does not have carefully has asked that now thought that naturally must asking well, help to know oneself and other side! ro! ~!