Sitting of Zhao Hai calm in the hall, just he asked that God Race undead about a Gnome clan extinguished matter, Zhao Hai has not thought most from the beginning, he thinks a Gnome clan was extinguished, because God Race present Magic science and technology of Gnome clan, to threatened that they rule, therefore God Race will destroy completely a Gnome clan. However after having questioned in detail that God Race, Zhao Hai knows that the matter does not have simplicity that he imagines, God Race to destroy completely a Gnome clan, because not only their Magic science and technology has posed the threat to the control of God Race, a not allow to neglect reason, is the order of Lu Wei. Lu Wei generally through supposing shade gives God Race to order, moreover is almost about one day, God Race will look like Lu Wei to make a report, told Lu Wei God Race here to live any matter. But God Race copes with a Gnome clan, nearly millennium ago matters, at that time Lu Wei is that appearance that Zhao Hai sees, more than thousand years passed by, Lu Wei is still that appearance , because of this, therefore the God Race person will think Lu Wei is on the god. Eliminates Gnome, the decision that after God Race looks like Lu Wei reports makes, at that time a Gnome clan also just caused Golem not long after, God Race naturally also obtained information, when one time reports to Lu Wei, said to Lu Wei this matter. That think of it, Lu Wei after knowing this matter, unexpectedly attach great importance to, moreover immediately ordered, making God Race not hesitate at all costs, must eliminate a Gnome clan, after letting them, in cannot develop Golem. God Race also thinks the Golem that a Gnome clan makes, meets threatened to their control, therefore their immediately complied, because has these two reasons, therefore a Gnome clan will be destroyed completely, almost forever broke the inheritance. This matter does not have anything superficially probably, but falls to the Zhao Hai eye, had the place that some did not suit. Before Lu Wei, existence of impossible don’t know Gnome clan, but before him, has not begun to a Gnome clan, why when a Gnome clan makes Golem, did immediately begin to a Gnome clan? This matter is unusual. A matter also makes Zhao Hai very puzzled, if Pin Weizhen that opposed that the people do manufacture Golemthat Atlanta Continent there what's the matter? How many times their Magic Armor compared with Golem don’t know Advanced level, Lu Wei why will have made Atlanta Continent there manufacture Magic Armor, doesn't make a Gnome clan manufacture Golem? Doesn't this suit probably? Laura several people of also puzzled frowning, they are also the smart people, naturally also present in this matter to it place, this does not make them very puzzled. Lizzy suddenly said : Elder Brother Hai, you said before can be Lu Wei, has eaten owing of Golem, therefore doesn't make a Gnome clan manufacture Golem?”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : „should not”, if before Lu Wei, has eaten owing of Golem, he should make a Gnome clan manufacture Golem, how manufacture Golem like this he can perhaps learnor found on Golem shortcoming through some Golem, should not to manufacture, moreover Atlanta Continent there can do, God Realm here is impossible, wasn't this is too a little strange? ” Laura several people nodded, they also felt that very puzzled, perhaps on Zhao Hai look at screen, deep voice said : all these, have waited till Cultivation World there, all was clear, if presently wants these many to be also useless.” Laura nodded said : well Elder Brother Hai, rests, tomorrow must carry on attack this time we to attack to the God Race defense line to be good, otherwise will be very passive. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : looks like tomorrow must use Domain Weapon, in the shortest time breaks through the God Race defense line, cannot to God Race any respite opportunity.” Laura nod said : „, tomorrow fight possibly very difficult, I will look that presently God Race there has prepared, our beforehand Magic Cannon, Javelin also had various Battle Formation attack, God Race knew now they should also find out some means of manipulation, wanted like before coped with them, was not easy. ” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to know can be what kind, by our present attack strength, but also feared them to be inadequate, all right, feel relieved was good.” A day quick on the past, next day Zhao Hai gets up is very early, was calling Demon Dragon King, Devil Regiment was also leading, summoned his undead Continent, after Fei'er they converged, enormous and powerful killing has approached the God Race defense line. When their here team gathers, God Race defense line there saw, a bugle horn sound biography, God Race defense line there immediately moved. Zhao Hai simply has not thought will have hidden the truth from God Race these people, his very clear, this several ten of millions person well great battle, wants not to make the opposite party know that is possible. Zhao Hai their slowly put in order the team, slowly advanced toward God Race defense line there, walked Zhao Hai while look at God Race defense line there, good, God Race does not dare to tow now in a big way, did not have including a protection, their defense lines cultivated had mold also to have the type, all Magic Cannon, have completed a house with Magic unexpectedly, installed inside, only stayed behind can fire directly, this although has limited the Magic Cannon flexibility, but can actually be turned by Magic Cannon was safe.

Moreover their defense line there have also installed many other thing, Zhao Hai looked at one, some are Ballista same thing, it seems like God Race was given the dozen to be miserable by them, has to take these thing, does not think that was playing the field operation with them. Fei'er they stand in the Zhao Hai side, now does not have official opening, they do not use command(er) their army, therefore before , runs up to the Zhao Hai side, like this has any matter everyone/Great Clan to be open to discuss. Fei'er looked at God Race defense line one, the brow wrinkled next step gently: It seems like is not then easy to do, the defense line that God Race there these time arranges to goes all out really very much, did not want underestimated they to that house that Magic Cannon built, that was not ordinary Magic, but was one type of Magic that one type of God Race in recent years research generated, after this Magic used, looked like probably is Earth element Magic, but they the house that used this Magic to construct, its hard degree, did not compare the ordinary steel and iron difference, in God Race there, this Magic was called Iron Earth Technique.” Did Zhao Hai stare, has selected eyebrow said : Iron Earth Technique? Interesting, it seems like God Race these year of although do not have research to leave any new weapon to come, but was more skillful regarding the utilization of Magic.” Fei'er nodded said : „, God Race these years were more skillful regarding the utilization of Magic, moreover they new research left many new Magic, but some Magic research come out didn't have long time, the person of meeting is not many, therefore not massive uses in the armed forces, but now looks like, God Race was makes certainly in their clan these people in Magic academy support.” Zhao Hai curious look at Fei'er said : Magic academy? This did tell me? What thing is that?” Fei'er shows a faint smile said : Magic academy is God Race specifically is used for the research Magic place, there is also the God Race child studies the Magic place, but can the child who goes to there to go to school, generally is Noble or Royal Family, or is some talents, their strength very formidable, student in the Magic academy adds on teacher, can go against a God Race regiment.” Zhao Hai stares, light oh said : oh, but also has not thought really that God Race really also has such place, good, is really good, said that was their Magic academy person came, it seems like God Race has reached the situation of end of hills and rivers.” Fei'er nodded said : well, in God Realm, their Magic academy status is very high, if not reach the situation of end of hills and rivers, Taurus Royal Family will not make the Magic academy person support, but these Magic academy people one, our troubles are not small.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have relationship, first gives a try, how has a look at their strengths.” Was saying, army has arrived at the God Race defense line against surrounding, in proceeding, to enter to the God Race Magic Cannon firing distance.

Zhao Hai waves, Battalion stopped, the Zhao Hai careful look at God Race defense line, the hand wields, about squad fifty thousand person Undead Creature has composed one cone-shape, threw toward the God Race defense line. This is only one probes, God Race also very clear this point, but God Race actually understand, cannot make this squad run over, the body of who knew this only undead squad has what friend ghost thing. This team does not only enter to the God Race Magic Cannon firing distance, God Race Magic Cannon immediately has opened fire, white light have shot from the God Race defense line, directly soars that squad. The person of this only undead squad, suddenly one has launched, then proceeds to clash, their each of them's bodies are bringing several Javelin, but has not arrived at the firing distance now, therefore they have not shot, still proceeds. Fei'er some look at these undead of envying, must say really that these undead absolutely are in the world the best soldier, their simply will not be painful, did not fear the death, that feared that was you have wiped out their half bodies, they can still continue to make the war, this was the army of its dwelling does not have the means to achieve. However Fei'er also clear Yang, if wants undead command(er) to Zhao Hai this degree, to fear that also nobody can achieve besides Zhao Hai, undead almost does not have any independent ability, wants command(er) they, must be more difficult the army that command(er) is ordinary. Fei'er don’t know has certainly existence of Space, he with looking at the viewpoint of belt ordinary undead regards these undead, that obtains naturally can only be a wrong viewpoint, ordinary undead besides advancing, retreat, attack such order, your wish makes them exhibit the complex lineup, but must achieve the coordination with each other, that is impossible. Fei'er their look at these undead each and every one swimming fish same advances together at the God Race fire, the although God Race fire is very fierce, but Zhao Hai actually presently, the God Race fire is not surface attack, but is point attack, in other words, this artillery gets down, can only find a person, to other damage of causing must be low, looks like they use Water element Crystal Stone to actuate Magic Cannon to be the same.! ~!