Zhao Hai changed mind one to want also on understand what's the matter, God Race was used to actuate Magic Cannon was some Magic Crystal, these Magic Crystal energy make again Crystal Stone miss many compared with him, Fire element Crystal Stone can achieve surface attack, if God Race attack of Magic Cannon also use surface, energy big reduction of that Magic Crystal, person of simply to 9th level or God Rank cannot constitute anything to threaten. Zhao Hai is wish makes this fifty thousand undead try, has a look at God Race defense line there, besides Magic Cannon and tool steed that can see, but also there is any thing. In this time, these undead were rushing to the Javelin firing distance, their immediately has put out Javelin, throws toward the God Race defense line on. But God Race defense line there has also projected wild arrows, this wild arrows comes by tool steed release, firing distance also very formidable, moreover Javelin that throws undead is bigger. Those who let Zhao Hai not think, these wild arrows that God Race shoots, at these undead explosions, these these undead one suffered a loss unexpectedly, many undead were exploded directly crushes. Zhao Hai to has gawked, he has selected the eyebrow, chuckle said : suddenly a little meaning, has not thought that God Race developed secret weapon unexpectedly, Fei'er, why do you know these wild arrows that don’t know their these time shot to explode?” Fei'er complexion ugly swung said : this possibility is really God Race secret weapon, I had not heard before they also had this wild arrows, they had not used before.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not cared, he beckoned with the hand, what these time clashes is about a hundred thousand person undead squad, just that fifty thousand undead lost negligently completely. The hundred thousand undead that however this Zhao Hai sends, with that fifty thousand, good fifty thousand undead Zhao Hai not to have made them use protective shield, for how has a look at the God Race Magic Cannon attack strength, has looked at later Zhao Hai on feel relievedGod Race Magic Cannon attack, comes compared with his Magic Cannon, Might was smaller , has to 9th level Experthas certain lethality to God Rank Expert, but the lethality is not very big. Reason that Zhao Hai this time sends out to have the protective shield undead armed forces, is to have a look, that wild arrows that God Race makes newly, regarding protective shield attack how, if expands covers cannot block that crossbow arrow attack, their casualties must increase.

God Race there probably also understand meaning of Zhao Hai, therefore small formation of this only hundred thousand person entered in the God Race Magic Cannon firing distance, God Race Magic Cannon immediately has shot fully, but Zhao Hai also present an issue, this Magic protective shield although was very good, can very good protection inside person not be injured, but the there person also can only wait for coming under attack in protective shield, cannot look like the undead same separation avoidance of these not protective shield, if God Race wild arrows can break through their Magic protective shield , the there undead casualties will imagine him was bigger. God Race now this, therefore with attack of Magic Cannon doom, is to consume protective shield energy, does not let these undead too thorough defense lines, found out more cards in a hand by Zhao Hai. The protective shield that however God Race or underestimated Karen has madethis protective shield uses to the city, very formidable defensive power, although these many years has not improved, but this also responded from another, the place of formidable this type defended Magic Formation, only then shortcoming few thing, were very difficult to be improved, if same thing, everywhere were a shortcoming, that naturally improved not to have what to trouble. These God Race Magic Cannon, Might originally is smaller than ” the present to hit Zhao Hai Magic Cannon Might, in uses the same energy on with Magic Cannon protective shield, will not be naturally useful, that protective shield gearing moves, looks like looks like these Magic Cannon is scratching to him is itchy same. God Race there also some flurried, but quick on Cheng Ding getting downafter these undead enter the tool steed firing distance, God Race these tool steed have also shot, this Zhao Hai has not made these undead shoot Javelin in make a move, he is to look, God Race the tool steed Might how. These wild arrows shot on protective shield quickly, then had the fierce explosion, Zhao Hai has been able to see, that protective shield shook shaking gently, but protective shield actually not broken! Zhao Hai relaxed, immediately ordered these undead to project in hand Javelin, these Javelin directly soared tool steed to go, in this time, in front of these tool steed the suddenly liter Earth Wall, has been blocking these Javelin, but Blood Lightning Bead immediately in these Javelin exploded, this Blood Lightning Bead explosion, that Might also wants much stronger compared with Magic Cannon and wild arrows of God Race clan, that said that Earth Wall immediately was exploded upside-down. Zhao Hai actually slightly wrinkled under the brow, it seems like that this Earth Wall is God Race with Iron Earth Technique manufactures, otherwise such anti- will not explode, by that many Blood Lightning Bead exploding, explodes but actually, it seems like God Race this preparation unexpectedly really very sufficiently. Fei'er their complexion somewhat are also ugly, they have battled with Zhao Hai, is very naturally clear that Blood Lightning Bead Might, has not thought that opposite party that Earth Wall, can actually block Blood Lightning Bead attack together, great.

Fei'er turned the head at this time look at Zhao Hai, wants to listen to Zhao Hai to have any means that Zhao Hai turns the head to look at Fei'er one, showed a faint smile said : probe also to tie, started official attack, a while let undead first attack, otherwise the casualties were too big, you also went back, waited for my order.” Fei'er they have complied with one, now Fei'er they are very convinced to Zhao Hai, thinks the hear of Zhao Hai words, does not have what incorrect. Zhao Hai and other Fei'er they walk, turns the head to Demon Dragon King said : Demon Dragon King, a while to let these Undead Creature attack, your Demon Race army upward do not flush, Devil Corps strength although is not weak, however their level are not high, I cannot make them sacrifice in vain, later waits for me produce of mass to leave God Rank Potion to come , to promote their level, is making them attack.” Demon Dragon King has gawked, then nodded, why his understand Zhao Hai must say these to him, the Demon Race person has regarded the war to show various person brave places, if let their armies to the battlefield, actually did not go to battle with the enemy, that was to the Demon Race person's one type of insult, if Zhao Hai did not explain these to him, he thinks certainly that Zhao Hai looked down upon them, when the time comes will create the misunderstanding. Now a Zhao Hai such saying, he not only will not be angry, counter- will feel grateful to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looks at Demon Dragon King to nod, this said : you go to Devil Regiment there, these time is not does not make you attack, when I ordered to walk.” Demon Dragon King has complied with one, drew back returned to Devil Regiment there, Zhao Hai was actually standing of person calm in there, he behind densely packed was standing undead, life form. Zhao Hai looked at a God Race defense line, waved, these Undead Creature immediately/on horseback threw toward the God Race defense line, but these Undead Creature, may go against protective shield to proceed now to clash, simply does not fear God Race Magic Cannon attack. In these Undead Creature, has plenty Undead Creature, is very big, but these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai carries Magic Cannon with them generally, these Undead Creature strengths are not small, carry a Magic Cannon simply inadequate anything issue, some build big Undead Creature, even can carry several Magic Cannon. But God Race that giant Magic Cannon, Zhao Hai carries with Dragon Race generally, these Dragon Race strengths are biggest, moreover in all undead, their attack strength and defense capabilities is also strongest. Zhao Hai also with undead army together advancing, now their position, to God Race army also about two kilometers distances, this distance left the Space monitor range, Zhao Hai must now do, must the God Race defense line , the income to the Space map, he can like this more flexible use these Undead Creature. Zhao Hai they just advancing not long after, God Race Magic Cannon attack arrived, God Race these Magic Cannon Might although are inferior to Zhao Hai Magic Cannon, but the firing distance is very far, moreover coped with general 9th level Expert to be enough, Zhao Hai presently in hand although has God Race that giant Magic Cannon, but the quantity were too few, in adding on God Race covers the house to own Magic Cannon outside now, Zhao Hai Magic Cannon has been thinking that direct shooting destroyed God Race Magic Cannon not so to be easy. However Zhao Hai they currently have Magic protective shield, God Race Magic Cannon want to cause anything to threaten to them are impossible, in adding on Zhao Hai in hand these Magic Cannon, the although firing distance compared with God Race Magic Cannon, actually has almost not missed are too many, so long as they in proceeding to fly about the kilometer, used Magic Cannon to shoot with the opposite party mutually.

Quick, God Race Magic Cannon base operation's base also entered Zhao Hai in their Magic Cannon firing distance, a Zhao Hai order, immediately/on horseback Wan Paoqi. although said God Race to own Magic Cannon top head the house, but they forever must stay behind fire to use at the same time, Zhao Hai Magic Cannon may be many, this coverage fire, most parts of although God Race by these houses that built blocking, but the part has shot in the there house, God Race Magic Cannon destroying much. However at this moment, let appears of Zhao Hai accident, God Race these tool steed, shot unexpectedly toward their here, moreover these wild arrows shot in the sub- their team unexpectedly! This to goes out of unexpected of Zhao Hai, just Zhao Hai observation time, God Race these tool steed probably are presently similar to the Ark Continent tool steed firing distance, has not actually thought that the God Race person holds back one trick unexpectedly, just the God Race person intentionally had not made their tool steed arrive at the maximum range, these bastards think me! Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but is mad, in his team also provided tool steed, but the quantity was not many, because of Ark Continent here tool steed, firing distance not compared with 9th level Expert shoot out Javelin far many, in Accra Mountain defense line there, they toward high ejection, with tool steed naturally was appropriate, but like the siege warfare, was not quite appropriate with tool steed, the place that tool steed occupied was not small, might as well made undead throw Javelin directly. But God Race the tool steed, the firing distance actually compared with Ark Continent tool steed on far many, moreover they have also used shady moves, Zhao Hai these undead armies, used to defend the Magic Formation words, this time may suffer a loss Yin! ~!