Chapter 844 Lu Wei presently! Zhao Hai has a look at this situation, in the heart to move, in the middle of God Race Ballista army, suddenly appears in massive Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature, are God Rank Expert, they appears in there, immediately has been carrying on attack to these in the operate Ballista God Race person. These God Race people have not thought obviously Zhao Hai will have this few tricks, one was hit one to be caught off guard, quick God Race Ballista there, was not having the means to project Ballista. But these by God Rank Expert that Zhao Hai sends, is in itself the God Race person, their fighting strength are not weaker than these God Race soldiers, conversely, after turning into Undead Creature, their fighting strength instead to were stronger. Ballista team there by attack, other God Race immediately had the response, wants to support Ballista team there, Zhao Hai knows that cannot make these God Rank undead hit, if they were surrounded, will certainly be besieged by the God Race person until death. In the Zhao Hai heart moves, these God Rank undead immediately returned to in Space, several undead in hand, has been holding several Ballista. However these Undead Creature such did not retreat, except for was taken into Space that several Ballista by them, they throw Blood Lightning Bead that has pushed toward God Race Ballista base operation's base on, these Blood Lightning Bead explosions, God Race Ballista base operation's base was destroys. After these Ballista were destroyed, on God Race base operation's base is somewhat flurried, at this time, on their all Magic Cannon field emplacements, simultaneous appears four Undead Creature, these Undead Creature are suddenly appears , one hit God Race one to be caught off guard, these in the operate Magic Cannon God Race person, almost when did not have what response, had been given exterminate by that several Undead Creature. God Race Magic Cannon base operation's base and Ballista base operation's base, one by Zhao Hai capturing, but Zhao Hai has not relaxed, he thinks that the preparation of God Race cannot be so simple. Therefore Zhao Hai has not made Fei'er they attack, but then command(er) these Undead Creature, attack toward advancing. Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, these Undead Creature just one attacked toward advancing, from God Race Ballista base operation's base, double has projected massive energy Light Element, understood at a glance that is Magic Cannon attack, is blotting out the sky crossbow arrow. Zhao Hai looked at this situation on understand, God Race has arranged two base operation's base, a really vacation, fake that by Zhao Hai capturing, that actually still has been unfolding is really doing to use. Moreover Zhao Hai presently, he suddenly could not find these Magic Cannon and Ballista now, Zhao Hai let Space scout, but anything has not obtained, in God Race that fake Ballista base operation's base behind, was piece boundless one piece, anything did not have. Besides Space scout does not arrive, Zhao Hai presently from the eye unexpectedly could not see that these Magic Cannon and Ballista put in there, quick Zhao Hai on understand, God Race should use one type of Illusion Magic Formation and defends Magic Formation, front covering, having made him not have the means to find their Ballista base operation's base and Magic Cannon base operation's base. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, it seems like that the preparation of this God Race also is really very full, but does this want to block him? That God Race may be too naive. Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, these Undead Creature, when proceeds attack, actually suddenly present, their advancing path was blocked, front had protective shield to block their path.

But in that protective shield behind, but also often has Magic shooting light energy light beam and crossbow arrow shoots toward these undead, Zhao Hai they completely came under attack now, actually cannot hit the condition of person. Good present Zhao Hai their in hand have to defend Magic Formation, otherwise now their loss is not certainly small, but Zhao Hai thought that cannot such drag, God Race certainly is grasping the time to cope with Thunder Clan now their three clans, if they have tidied up that three clans, is turning the head to cope with them, their losses meet even bigger, did not do well stiffly in this, this to Zhao Hai very disadvantageous, he will not make this situation live. The Zhao Hai intention moved, has supported Domain, then release Sword Chariot, his Domain also turned into a big giant, the appearance was just the same as him, then the giant has worked on Sword Chariot, a sword proceeded to puncture. Front anything does not have obviously, however his Great Sword actually probably blocking was the same by a transparent air bubble, simply does not have the means to puncture. The Great Sword strength that Zhao Hai increases, that air bubble has downward sunk, then like one exploded, simultaneously the Zhao Hai front scenery changed, huge base operation's base appears in the Zhao Hai front. This base operation's base God Race base operation's base, Magic Cannon, Ballista, Infantry, Cavalry, Summoner, all has in this base operation's base, but the person who at this time in base operation's base made the Magician appearance, is swallowing the blood, other God Race person faces are also startled look at Zhao Hai Domain and that Domain Weapon that accommodates. Zhao Hai has not actually stayed, in hand Great Sword wields, has killed toward these God Race people, simultaneously he also gives Fei'er them to order, to attack. Zhao Hai believes that here is God Race final base operation's base, here impossible was false base operation's base, Fei'er they already by this giant accident making in there, obtained Zhao Hai information, their immediately set team overran toward these God Race people. But the counter-attack that these God Race person also recover, started to go all out, beforehand energy light beam, crossbow arrow, Javelin, the war cry, has spread over the entire battlefield for a while. In this time, these God Race Summoner suddenly in one time were moving, they under a protection of small formation God Race soldier, start to read Incantation, hears this Incantation, Zhao Hai complexion changes, because he listened, Incantation when this Incantation initially they summoned read Lu Wei. Really, after Incantation read, a white light from these Summoner in hand has shot, finally these exchanges in together, have struck in airborne, Space rift appears , this Space rift just appears , a person's shadow had put from Space rift together. Sees this person, the Zhao Hai look shrinks, this person is not others, is Lu Wei, initially Lu Wei taking advantage of that Tiny Pagoda Might, has put projection from Cultivation World to Ark Continent there, that projection almost gives kill Zhao Hai, but finally actually by Zhao Hai tidying up. Zhao Hai knows that Lu Wei will not be resigned, has not actually thought that Lu Wei such quickly passed on projection to get down, he believes that this time he can cope with Zhao Hai? Zhao Hai stands in Domain, coldly look at appears Lu Wei, Lu Wei in look at Zhao Hai, some little time Lu Wei has also shown a smiling face, then he laughs said : well, I have not thought really that you have not died unexpectedly, moreover good that crosses, unexpectedly has projected on here to come now, HaHaHa, these waste unexpectedly are the useless waste, but my these time to must thank them, they give opportunity that I have revenged personally.”

Zhao Hai look at does Lu Wei, sneer said : what? you such to have confidence to cope with me? Do not be too naive, previous time you were received Magical Treasure by me.” look at Zhao Hai said : of Lu Wei face hatred feel relieved, the Magical Treasure young master I have am, this time I must pull out your living souls, with refinement that Yin Fire keeps, I must make your forever not probably live!” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, receives Domain, received Sword Chariot, he knew these thing, regarding a Lu Wei point use, then Zhao Hai has not moved, in his hand appears Tiny Pagoda, glittering and translucent carving, attractive. Zhao Hai look at Lu Wei said : I know that your strength is very strong, the Doppelganger that these time comes, wants compared with previous time that on strongly many, but these regarding me, do not have a point use, HaHaHa, the level to your this degree, wanted to promote the strength to be very strong, but regarding me, I must promote the strength is actually not very difficult, what? are you still using the old way of looking at things to visit me? I can only say, old fogy, you were obsolete!” Lu Wei shocking look at Zhao Hai in hand is taking Tiny Pagoda, in the eye flashes through some astonished, then was actually substituted by greedy, his look up to the sky, laughing suddenly: Good youngster, not to have thought that my crafting level so is unexpectedly high, unexpectedly him refining this appearance, inside also added Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice probably, HaHaHa, good thing, good thing, this Soul Pagoda by your refinement, level also to be been so high 1st level, so long as I receive him, my strength will rise sharply, it seems like I also really well thank you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, gently swings Tiny Pagoda, on small Little Bell in tower clear sound, God Race person but who all hears this sound, is actually a look of suffering on the face, but Lu Wei is also complexion changes. Zhao Hai look at Lu Wei said : you presently on this Tiny Pagoda have Artifact Spirit, therefore you think that what I don’t know Artifact Spirit is, certainly does not have the means to refine your soul, you think that what method I have used, separated with you your soul, making you not have the means to relate to your soul, so long as you can relate to your soul, you can control this Tiny Pagoda again? If you think, I have saying that you were too naive!” Lu Wei complexion changes, his face shocking look at Zhao Hai said : this is impossible, will you know these? This is impossible!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Five Great Sect Elder Lu, you must believe that in this world, any matter may live, resembled my previous exterminate you to be the same, this time I same can achieve.” Said that Zhao Hai a in hand Tiny Pagoda upward request, Tiny Pagoda against the wind rose, turned into a able to hold up the Heavens and support the Earth great tower. On Tiny Pagoda the wind chimes shake, the sound is delightful, the person who all hears this sound, felt that the mind is tranquil, cannot rise heart of the battle unexpectedly. This is one type of very formidable Spiritual Attack, Lu Wei naturally is very clear, he is only has not thought that Zhao Hai can achieve this point unexpectedly. The Zhao Hai look at Lu Wei appearance, shows a faint smile, the hand wields, Tiny Pagoda fierce toward the Lu Wei body upper hood, Lu Wei wields, at the same time is huge, carved a shield of animal head to keep off in his front, Tiny Pagoda one has hit with that shield in together, these shields only then rocked, has not actually drawn back. Lu Wei looks at this situation, cannot help but the surface presently likes, his look at Zhao Hai laughs said : originally is a silver type wax spear head, good to look at but of no use thing, you die today!” On the face of Zhao Hai revealed startled has accommodated, he stared at Lu Wei said : not to think stubbornly that your this Doppelganger unexpectedly formidable such, it seems like that this time you firmly decided that can except me?”

Lu Wei wicked look at Zhao Hai, coldly said : your don’t know you have made the big mistake, this Space is turns over to me to manage, provides the Strength of Faith place for me, is actually because of you, this Space all were destroyed, I not only cannot receive Strength of Faith in this Space, but also lost Doppelganger, I became the laughingstock in gate, how I possibly let off you, if I cannot extract your living souls, lets your Eternal Life forever receives the Yin Fire suffering, how can hate of solution my heart!” Zhao Hai complexion is changing, he has taken back Tiny Pagoda, protects before own body, but Lu Wei patted the small bag of his waist at this time, boat flew from that small bag. This is Lou Chuan, is divided into ten eight layers, is all over the body jet black, in front of ship, the mast, on this mast is selecting a flag, the flag is the black, above writes a big prison character with the red pen! boat in each level, is carving some murals, on these murals, carves is some ghosts misses with the appearances of various criminal law handling people, ten eight layers, 18 criminal laws, correspond 18 Hell! This boat one by release, immediately/on horseback was risen against the wind, turned into incomparably huge Treasure Ship, on this Treasure Ship, Ghost Qi forest, often has the Ghost Artifact sound to pass from the ship, making the person hear the balls heart, the heart of seeing startled! Zhao Hai complexion was uglier, the bell sound in his front tower was more anxious, is resisting that intermittent demon sound, simultaneously Zhao Hai personal appearance also fast goes toward retreat, his complexion also slowly turned into iron cyan, head blue vein jumped, on the face is the perspiration leaves like the thick liquid! The Lu Wei look at Zhao Hai appearance, that foul air at heart left finally, since making a debut, although has also eaten several times to owe, but that is in hand with level person, owing that or is stronger than person in hand that eats him, but is Zhao Hai who? Unimportant person who in a Space he rules, provides the Strength of Faith person to him specially, such person has defeated his Divine Sense unexpectedly, but also received his Magical Treasure, how this lets him not to be mad, how can bear! Looks at Zhao Hai retreat, Lu Wei immediately command(er) Treasure Ship is hitting toward the body of Tiny Pagoda, Treasure Ship incredibly fast, the sound of ghost wailing was also more incisive, Zhao Hai responded without enough time, Tiny Pagoda one by Treasure Ship hitting. A Tiny Pagoda fierce vibration, on the clear tower unexpectedly appears a faint fissure, became the appearance that creakies. Zhao Hai complexion ugly, his body has emitted one layer white light, pours into to Tiny Pagoda in directly, but at this moment, the second impact of Treasure Ship came, Tiny Pagoda rocks is fiercer, the fissure on tower was also more obvious, a blood that Zhao Hai cannot bear has spurted, personal appearance suddenly to retreat. Lu Wei is certainly impossible to let off Zhao Hai, his personal appearance follows in Treasure Ship behind, direct Zhao Hai pursues! ro! ~!