Chapter 845 Innate Dao Lotus Great Formation Fei'er they also noted this fight, the fights of their level, the fights with Zhao Hai their this level compared, fell far short. The Ghost Qi forest Treasure Ship that Lu Wei this release comes, was an entity, this point Zhao Hai also notes, in other words, Lu Wei Divine Sense, these time attached on this Treasure Ship arrives at this Space, but this Treasure Ship, obvious be more than Soul Pagoda Advanced level. Fei'er they had also seen Zhao Hai uses Domain Weapon, that Sword Chariot appearance, however speaks the truth, after seeing Lu Wei this Treasure Ship, they believe finally, if Domain Weapon bumps into this Treasure Ship, that meets to be hit crushes, simply not any resistance. Fight between Zhao Hai and Lu Wei, Fei'er their complete turns does not begin, this regarding Fei'er their shocks was really too big. But another shock quite big was Demon Dragon King, Demon Dragon King saw the Lu Wei picture before, that picture or Zhao Hai made, but he not with own eyes has seen Lu Wei, therefore some have not believed that but Lu Wei stands in his front now, not being able to allow him not to believe. Lu Wei has not changed the appearance, therefore in present Lu Wei and picture exactly the same, even has not changed including the clothes, Demon Dragon King is naturally impossible to admit mistakes. Now looks toward retreat that Zhao Hai keeps, moreover spat blood, these people were shocked, their very clear, if Zhao Hai cannot block this Lu Wei, they can only wait for death, therefore their very concerned about Zhao Hai there tactical situation. Not only they, these God Race person also same care Zhao Hai tactical situations, in fact this Lu Wei appears , Lu Wei makes the God Race person such do, he really cannot swallow that foul air, therefore he gave God Race to issue an order, making God Race summon him, he must tidy up Zhao Hai. His idea is very good, but he has not thought that Zhao Hai already thought of him , and has been ready, therefore Lu Wei also takes Zhao Hai not to have the means at once. As soon as they pursue run away, quick arrived at Ark Continent, at this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped, stands in look at Lu Wei of there face smiling face. Lu Wei looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but has gawked, but he was stopped carefully, he feared that Zhao Hai had any plot, Lu Wei puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : youngster, do not think that will be mysterious I to let off you in that you die today!”

The Zhao Hai look at Lu Wei appearance, shows a faint smile said : I to want thanks a lot Lu Wei mister, thanks the person to deliver Magical Treasure to come to me, HaHaHa, mister thinks strange, why did I stop? That makes mister know why I stopped.” Said that this saying, Zhao Hai personal appearance flashes vanished. Lu Wei stopped, looks around, presently all around simply not any change, does not have the Zhao Hai shadow, this made him cannot help but be shocked, he was operating Treasure Ship, toward forward flight, but flew some little time, did not have any change. All around shade color keeps toward retreat, but actually still cannot see Zhao Hai, this made Lu Wei more puzzled, he transferred several in all around, still has not actually seen Zhao Hai. Lu Wei complexion gloomy, his suddenly thinks that Zhao Hai ran to chase down these God Race people to go, moreover intentional kept here him. Thinks of here, Lu Wei immediately/on horseback turn around flies toward God Realm there, when his turn around he was shocked, just that was joining God Realm and Ark Continent huge Space rift unexpectedly vanish from sight! Lu Wei has gawked, he looked at all around one, an all around scenery point change, he has not been trying toward the forward flight, all around scenery still meets retreat, when he stops, there that his all around scenery just he had not stood, all look like that normal, sole is not normal, is that said that Space rift did not have, but this sole not normal place, by Lu Wei understand, in him Zhao Hai trap, he entered to very strange Formation in! Formation, is the method of Cultivation World special-purpose one type of attack and against air/Qi, does not have in Ark Continent here, does not have in God Realm there, Magic Formation that because Formation and Ark Continent here uses is the completely different two concepts. However generally speaking, no matter Formation or Magic Formation, are based on Heaven and Earth energy one type of thing that serves for oneself, but Formation comes compared with Magic Formation, wanted profound the innumerable generations, did with is formidable did not have the several fold, compared with Cultivation World Formation, Ark in Magic Formation that 6 here used, looks like thing that three -year-old child played, Formation was micro points of university student study is the same. Cultivation World there person, no matter you do want, must meet some Formation, otherwise, you are difficult, in they bend down in their hole, must establish Formation, when fights with the person, must use Formation, even in the process that the weapon manufactures, will also use Formation, can say that Formation and Cultivation World person, is closely linked. Because of this, therefore Lu Wei after trying several next to have been able to affirm finally, in oneself Zhao Hai trap, entered Zhao Hai to want first in prepare Formation, was stranded in inside. Now his also understand Zhao Hai why vanish from sight, Zhao Hai is not kills these God Race people, he is operating this Formation now.

Such that just like Lu Wei thinks, he was Zhao Hai trap, he truly in one set of formation, but this set of team law did not think like Lu Wei, was needs the person to operate, in fact this Formation did not need the person to operate, place that because Lu Wei is at now, was in Zhao Hai Innate Dao Lotus. After Zhao Hai has subdued Innate Dao Lotus, presently Dao Lotus is the wondrous use is really infinite, not only can help him practice, but can also help his attack enemy, but can also surround the enemy, what most important is, Dao Lotus is a living creature is probably same, can absorb Heaven and Earth strength/Origin Qi unexpectedly, oneself practice. Dao Lotus constantly in helping Zhao Hai is absorbing Heaven and Earth strength/Origin Qi to exercise his, increases his cultivation level, Heaven and Earth strength/Origin Qi that but Dao Lotus all does not absorb gives Zhao Hai, Dao Lotus absorption Heaven and Earth strength/Origin Qi, only then about seven layers that Zhao Hai normally can use, but remaining three layers were actually given to absorb refining by Dao Lotus. However in fight moment, is different, in the fight, Dao Lotus Heaven and Earth strength/Origin Qi that oneself can absorb, gives the Zhao Hai use, that army Heaven and Earth strength/Origin Qi not point disaffection that therefore Zhao Hai temporarily stops regarding Dao Lotus, in any case now Dao Lotus is his Life Source Magical Artifact, Dao Lotus is fierce he is also fierce. Just reason that Zhao Hai drew back is drawing back, was he must Lu Wei directing in Dao Lotus, then in coping with Lu Wei, Lu Wei this falling Doppelganger, fighting strength very formidable, even if were Zhao Hai must cope with him, was very difficult, feared that must spread some prices, but if Lu Wei being stranded in Dao Lotus, that situation is different. Dao Lotus, is in itself one set of Innate formation, this set of formation Might very astonishing, Zhao Hai made one to compare with his in hand Tiny Pagoda with Dao Lotus, the Tiny Pagoda ability, was absolutely can't compare with Dao Lotus. However Zhao Hai does not want to make Lu Wei know Dao Lotus secret, therefore he through the Space ability, the Dao Lotus arrangement in Ark Continent here, then he showed weakness by the enemy, has directed Lu Wei. Now Lu Wei the Doppelganger entered in Dao Lotus, Zhao Hai believes that he definitely cannot break Dao Lotus, simply cannot run, that Lu Wei naturally only thinks that what Zhao Hai now cloth is only Formation, does not think that he entered in Innate Magical Treasure actually. Zhao Hai sits in Space, calm look at Lu Wei, he presently Lu Wei stopped, on the face has the thinking expression, Zhao Hai to know that Lu Wei certainly is presently his present situation, is thinking means break the formation. Zhao Hai look at Lu Wei, is putting up Treasure Ship nosing in all directions in Dao Lotus, actually in same place extension circle, simply does not have leave the Dao Lotus range, Zhao Hai to know that now Lu Wei is quite lucky, Dao Lotus Formation did not have officially launches attack to him, waits for Dao Lotus officially launches attack by him, he cannot such lucky. In this time, is seeing Lu Wei to stop, then pats Storage Bag of oneself waist, thing of plate sample took by him, on this tray, brings to turn many flag.

Lu Wei raises, this tray flew from his hand, then against the wind rises, increasing slowly, finally slowly hidden enters underground, only then these flag dew on tray outside, currently these flag have the size of normal flag. Lu Wei has arrived in the range of tray, has pulled up flag from the trays, has wielded gently. Zhao Hai looked, Lu Wei currently uses was also one set of Formation, this Formation passed that trays and these flags comes control. Zhao Hai has not worried, his static look at Lu Wei, because of him presently, all also in Dao Lotus control, doing that these formation flag and formation disk of Lu biography play uses, but is some mirage that Dao Lotus release comes, actually that formation disk and formation flag, already by Dao Lotus breaking to pieces, because that formation disk and formation flag are phantom. But Lu Wei and don’t know these, he still goes all out is brandishing formation flag, probably to be completely same in wants all means break the formation, actually his in hand grabs is phantom, piece of Space, these are the fakes that Dao Lotus makes. Lu Wei has brandished period of time formation flag in there, felt that probably was broke, this flew from formation disk, looked at all around one, then satisfied nod, in Space rift there toward his heart flew. But Zhao Hai actually knows that this time died, because of his advancing direction, was the Dao Lotus center, so long as in his flying a while, Dao Lotus immediately will launch attack to him. Really, Lu Wei toward the forward flight, suddenly he jumped over rapidly slowly, rapidly slowly, probably was the whole person falls into Swamp to be the same. But Lu Wei also quickly has realized very much this point obviously, his complexion big change, immediately stopped, then command(er) Treasure Ship, fast goes toward retreat, but his don’t know, several invisible abilities have actually formed in his, is striking toward him. ro! ~!