Chapter 847 Yama Ship Not only Zhao Hai naturally is looking at the scenery, to be honest, the God Race here scenery, comes compared with Ark Continent, good not to go to that here plants looks like with Ark Continent there does not have too many are different, this is the Zhao Hai most puzzled place. Now Zhao Hai most wants to know is, why the person in God Race village will retreat, did they think at that time? They know that Lu Wei is impossible to be victorious he, therefore they did retreat? However as the matter stands, just the God Race rout somewhat could not be justified. If God Race does not have confidence to Lu Wei, they will not be produced the rout because of Lu Wei by exterminate, now their rout, explained that they have the absolute confidence to Lu Wei, if they have the absolute confidence to Lu Wei, they should not withdraw the person. This is a very contradictory matter, most lets the matter that Zhao Hai cannot think through, his do not understand God Race this is any meaning. At this time arranged Fei'er of matter they returned to the Zhao Hai side, Fei'er they now to regard their centers Zhao Hai. Got up Treasure Ship on invitation several people, after waiting for several people to sit down, Zhao Hai said the puzzled place, Fei'er they, as soon as listens, frowned, they somewhat are also puzzled. Some little time Dingshan can said : be the God Race person wants to introduce Taurus Continent us, is blocking Space rift there, encircles us in Taurus Continent here?” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : not to be impossible, our strength God Race are clear, is adding on the strengths of your three clans, the God Race person is impossible to have that strength to encircle us in here, at this time, the strategy that the use lured the enemy in deep, obviously was unwise.” Fei'er knit the brows said : I to agree that the speech of mister, in this surface it seems like copes with our God Race armies to have many, but does not know that mister notes not to have, in these God Race armies, the has plenty person probably is a recruit, their fights realize completely difference, after Lu Wei by exterminate, the mister ship hits, their rout, this in the former God Race army, did not have appears .” Zhao Hai nodded, the God Race regular army, nerve tenacious Zhao Hai is very clear, they have fought that many days in Accra Mountain defense line there and undead army, does not have an appearance of rout, fully explained their fight consciousness, today these God Race people have drawn back was truly quick. Fei'er look at Zhao Hai said : „, therefore mister, I think that God Race possibly did not have that many regular armies now, today commoner that these God Race people, has plenty temporarily is possibly drawn, therefore their fight consciousness difference in such, if this is really the case, that God Race person will be more impossible the tactic that uses to lure the enemy in deep, that equal to is must court death.” Zhanyue actually frowns said : „, if God Race such does intentionally? They send out a such army to cope with us intentionally, introduces Taurus Continent us, is coping with us.” Zhao Hai also knitting the brows head, then he turned the head „the present saying that to several people of said : anything was useless, I looked at this, we according to the original plan, Space rift defense line there, gave me to process, Fei'er, your present immediately send out elite troops to go with your clansman to contact, how has a look at their there tactical situation, the person who sent, required the strict regulation time, if has not come back to the time, that explained that God Race wanted in dire straits really we, now therefore we must do was first in Saint Light City here, confronted with the God Race person, cannot extremely in thorough.”

Fei'er several people have complied with one, Demon Dragon King that at this time quite a while had not spoken opens tone said : mister, do you have to think another one type of is possible, the one type of simplest possibility, is that Lu Wei appears time, God Race possibly withdrew the person, in other words, Lu Wei after the God Race people withdraw, must cope with mister you, if so, that all these had one to explain reasonably.” One hear of Demon Dragon King said that Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, then he has smiled bitterly next step: Right that mister said that it seems like might be me be too complex, but no matter what, the God Race strength that the matter thought was placed in there, we cannot treat it lightly, is rather careful, in any case by our present strengths, did not fear the God Race person, this, managed according to just plan, but we have not confronted with God Race in here, we must capture Saint Light City, then completed a base Saint Light City.” Fei'er they also think that this is the safest means that how many people nodded, how many person of said : Zhao Hai looked at such as some that this matters to trouble your how many, Demon Dragon, after crack defense line there constructed, Devil Regiment has guarded in there, must guarantee that the security of our escape route, I will leave behind enough many Magic Cannon, Javelin, was right, God Race these can Ballista also research well one, why their Ballista be able to shoot that far? Really not meaning.” Fei'er one hear of Zhao Hai said that has actually smiled, he smiles said : this point mister not to need to be too many, reason that God Race Ballista can shoot that far , because their materials of use are very Advanced level, has saying that God Race here was looked after by the heaven, not only their strengths are stronger, even if that here trees and Magic Beast, very formidable, here manufactures the Ballista material, compared with Ark Continent there, is better than our Thunder God Continent there, therefore their Ballista can shoot far, is not strange.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then nodded, smiles said : originally is such a matter, he he, to was were too many, but this that I thought arrived proposes one to awake to me, it seems like Ark Continent Ballista, should reform, changed into a better material, was adding on our Javelin, copes with God Race with ease certainly.” Several people have smiled, Zhao Hai looked at several people of said : matter everyone/Great Clan in logistics aspect not to need to be worried that had me, was right, you sent with the person who clansman contacted, can say to your clansman, if your clansman needed anything to help, as far as possible told me that I will help fully.” Nod of Fei'er several people of one face likes, they are very clear, their clansman when with God Race to the war, somewhat must suffer a loss, especially in the weapon aspect, but Zhao Hai in hand good thing is actually many, Magic Cannon, Javelin, Magic Formation of that defense, these thing copes with God Race efficient instrument, if Zhao Hai can provide these thing like their clansman, they cope with these God Race to come, on was relaxed. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, showed a faint smile said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan went back to settle down your clansman, handled the matter in clan, was right, arranged stand guard, do not let God Race to sneak attack, although they are scared now, this possibility was minimal.” As soon as several people listened to Zhao Hai saying that also has laughed, they now also present a point, with Zhao Hai, going to war time can be full of the laughter, because they always win a battle. After waiting for several people to walk, Zhao Hai was leading Demon Dragon King returned to in Space, arrived in Space, Zhao Hai turned the head to Demon Dragon King said : Demon Dragon, a while you walked, taking a seat that Sword Chariot, I currently has this ship, Sword Chariot did not use, you took away to use, many can increase add some your fighting strength.” Demon Dragon King has gawked, then great happiness, that Sword Chariot, but God Race Domain Weapon, Zhao Hai had used twice before, Demon Dragon King saw this Sword Chariot Might, has not thought that Zhao Hai must give to him unexpectedly. although Demon Dragon King Domain is Black Dragon, Black Dragon also has the claw, can take up Domain Weapon, had such Domain Weapon, his strength has been strengthened in one time, later facing God Race top existence, he will not fear. Demon Dragon King immediately/on horseback bows said : to thank mister to Zhao Hai!”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good, left with me was so polite, was right, I have arranged the person to go to crack defense line there to repair, you counted the Devil Regiment situation, then sent them, making them as far as possible familiar one these weapon.” Demon Dragon King complied with one, Zhao Hai had waved, Sword Chariot let out, has given Demon Dragon King, actually this Domain Weapon, simply did not need Magic Beast to come pulling to walk, the operate person actually needs to come operate with energy he, this compared with using Magic Beast pulling must take many efforts, when has not fought, Domain Weapon, came pulling with Magic Beast generally. Zhao Hai does not certainly use, but has given Demon Dragon King Domain Weapon now, that has needed, but Demon Dragon King to was prepared, he that several to the unlicensed taxi that he pulls a cart, the direct attire on Sword Chariot, this has not needed to choose Magic Beast in addition, moreover his command(er) has that several Black Dragon to come, handy. Zhao Hai delivered returned to Demon Race Space Demon Dragon King, on returned to in the Space Villa spatial hall, Laura they were sitting in the politeness research Tiny Pagoda and Treasure Ship, now Tiny Pagoda and Treasure Ship, changed small, glittering and translucent carving Tiny Pagoda, looked like very beautiful, like an artware, Treasure Ship was also very attractive, but the feeling of that cloudy forest, let not like. Zhao Hai looked at Laura their eyes, shows a faint smile said : what kind of? This different is thing good?” Laura they nodded, Laura is said : is very good, but I do not like that ship, looks like gloomy, making the person whole body uncomfortable.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that ship also has plenty problem, I want to modified, this, we to attain Universal Machine there to go this different thing, having a look at Universal Machine can modified they?” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that excited, nodded, pulling Zhao Hai walked toward Universal Machine there. To Universal Machine there, Zhao Hai has put there Tiny Pagoda and Treasure Ship, then pressed down the start button, on Universal Machine has projected a white light, according to this different thing, before long and transmitted meets to show speaking sounds: Presently includes braves Death Qi and great quantity Yin Qi object greatly, two special forms or the unions in together, such as think Level Up, must add following thing, Moon Profound Water, the river water of Earth Fire, Measureless Golden Sand, the tree of life, Vajra Wood, needs gold coins 1 million, needs the time 48 hours, Host may choose the Item shape.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that Universal Machine can unexpectedly Tiny Pagoda and Treasure Ship gathering, moreover must add country that many thing, even can also choose the shape, this lets Zhao Hai being startled. His immediately turned on choice shape page, saw on that page appears many ship the appearances of shape these ships, very unusual, some principles were very beautiful. Zhao Hai look at these ships, the feelings of some one type of pinkeye, some little time does he turn the head their said : you to look to Laura at once unexpectedly? Chooses that?” Laura they were almost handle as if by prior agreement have aimed at a picture of ship, this ship was very attractive, the pale all kinds hull, front was bringing sharp sharp battering ram, the ship had ten eight layers decks, in cabin, but also was divided into nine layers, set up a flag in front of ship, on the flag is not having the design, it seems like can make Zhao Hai choose the design, between the ten eight layers decks and nine layers cabins of ship, one layer, in this one layer was actually only then a gate can enter, was a circular pool, in the pool had a likely Tai Ji Diagram same design, In the design, half are water, half are the fire, in Tai Ji Diagram outside is Eight Trigrams Chart, however the hand also has the innumerable gold threads, submerges in the deck, it seems like there is the power house of ship.

Under of ship, but also bringing has the water, that water looks like the sea surface wave is the same, is flowing, but has actually surrounded in all around of ship, gathers not to be loose. In behind of ship, circular holes, often has the flame blowout. Except that after these thing, on both sides broad sides, respectively finger of cannon, each platoon 64, altogether one hundred 28 gate cannon. Carved completely ten eight layers Hell reliefs on the hull, although looked like the gloomy terror, but actually has saying that had the aesthetic sense of one type of alternative. In the deck of ship, in each one layer the four angles on deck is hanging four Little Bell, Little Bell was made the skeleton shape, the Crystal same passing brilliant color, very beautiful. Other ships compare with this ship, must miss on, no wonder Laura they like, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, that uses to want this ship, I look at on the ship this flag, used our Buda Family Wild Dragon War flag to be good, this ship called the Magic Beast number, did you look?” Laura thinks that said : flag I do not have the opinion with Berserk Dragon Flag, the non- trans ship called demon ghost screams me actually not to like, or wanted Yama Ship to be what kind of?” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Lizzy their eyes, Lizzy they nodded, Zhao Hai naturally will not have any opinion, he nodded said : well, that called Yama Ship to be good, wanted this.” Said that Zhao Hai selected that picture, on Universal Machine has projected a white light, Tiny Pagoda and Treasure Ship covering, money when white light information, Tiny Pagoda and Treasure Ship also vanish from sight, Zhao Hai eye look at with great difficulty accumulated, vanished 1 million, and has used many Moon Profound Water, the river water of river of Earth Fire, Measureless Golden Sand, tree of Vajra Tree and life. Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed said : these to get down the initial capital, hopes that do not make me owe.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that the tenderness of young lady has smiled. ro! ~!