Zhao Hai several people of returned to in Space, look at Space outside these God Race people in busy, some little time Zhao Hai sighed said : Cai'er, arranged, making these Undead Creature go defense line there cultivating well, simultaneously God Realm here thing reorganization well, these plants and Magic Beast collection well, no matter what, first increased the plants reserve of Space.”, Cai'er has complied with one, has arranged, in this time, Zhao Hai suddenly is feeling among his feast in Message Fish to call, he takes to look at that Message Fish, is Great Demon King Message Fish. Does Zhao Hai Message Fish immediately/on horseback said : Your Majesty, what matter have?”, In the Great Demon King sound is passing happy expression said : mister, our Demon Race person all has moved to Space now, mister you can close the crack, simultaneously today my Zheng Sheng invitation mister comes our here to seat guests, I know that mister you do not lack thing, but asked you to taste our Demon Realm characteristics food, hopes that mister you can come.”, Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that Demon Race such quickly has moved to Space, actually his don’t know, before Demon Race, all slow of moving, are because Space they also want against these Magic Beast, now after Demon Realm passed through that time beast tide, they have not needed to be worried about these Magic Beast, therefore naturally was quick. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : good, I go certainly, invite Your Majesty feel relieved.”, Said that Zhao Hai received Message Fish, turned the head they to smile said : to Laura what kind of „? Is tastes Demon Race characteristics food.”, Laura smiles said : well, what I have not eaten Demon Race food have been, our together goes, now goes?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, but prepares a gift to give them.” Gift of Zhao Hai preparation also not very precious, is only some Magic Beast and various types of liquor. Any race likes this thing, moreover regarding Zhao Hai, these thing was not very precious thing, gave Demon Race to be just right. These thing now has plenty in Space, although in Space does not have many now gold coins that is because they have not emptied thing in Warehouse, if they empty thing in Warehouse, that can obtain the money, but thing in Warehouse, if sold to Space, that small advantage, will not be cost-effective, therefore Zhao Hai had not sold, presently in his hand money although are not in any case many, but will be insufficient, first kept in hand to be good. although said that now his also ten Magic Space and 20 ordinary Space have not purchased, but this and no big deal regarding Zhao Hai, these Space buys in hand, does not use is used to plant some ordinary plants and raises some ordinary Magic Beast therefore Zhao Hai not to worry. Before reason that he wants to let Space Level Up quickly , because he wants to make Space train some God Rank looks like, but now looks like is actually complete did not use, now in Space has thought of several ten of millions God Rank undead, moreover Hell Space there can also let these undead Level Up, therefore Zhao Hai did not worry. After preparing thing, Zhao Hai led Laura they to go to Demon Realm Continent, presently Great Demon King Devil War Chariot and Demon Dragon King Sword Chariot stopped to Demon Realm there Zhao Hai in them enters Demon Realm there to wait for Zhao Hai most from the beginning.

Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King stand in War Chariot/Tank outside look at Zhao Hai, saw that Zhao Hai got several women to walk, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King immediately/on horseback moved forward to meet somebody, before they just arrived at Zhao sea surface, immediately/on horseback bowed to salute then with one voice said : to welcome mister to Zhao Hai!”, Zhao Hai to making, he returns salute hastily said : Your Majesty, Demon Dragon, you were too polite, come, I to you introduced that these are my wife......”, Great Demon King looked that Zhao Hai also the wives of Succubus clan stare unexpectedly, he looked at Berry said : not to think that line of mister you unexpectedly in also the wife of Succubus clan, the madame you were the Succubus clan?”, Demon Dragon King forced smile said : Your Majesty, this madame naturally is she of Succubus clan is we before the motion, was sent to guard Demonic Abyss there that Succubus clansman by me, should the madame calls Berry?”, Berry to Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King gave a salute, then shows a faint smile said :to see Your Majesty, sees Demon Dragon King, does not have the mistake that the prince said that I call Berry. ”, Zhao Hai smiles said : you also to know that a custom of Succubus clan, initially I broke Berry Spiritual Attack, therefore she has become my wife, he he, you also want thanks a lot Berry, Berry told me that I will not settle to receive in Space Demon Race definitely.” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that to Berry gave a salute, they too thanked Berry, the environment in this Space, regarding the Demon Race person was Heaven. But Berry is also a smart person, their understand Zhao Hai this is for her rising face, therefore she has not said anything, is only at heart the love to Zhao Hai, deepened for one point. When how many people ended politely, Zhao Hai said : was then good, we should not be polite in here, you did not say that can invite me to eat meal? That quickly starts.”, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that he he chuckle said : good mister, immediately/on horseback starts.” Zhao Hai smiles said : today I also to bring some gifts to you, you are receiving.”, Said that took these Magic Beast and liquor. Besides this difference, Zhao Hai has also prepared several types of thing \; first, seed, these ordinary grain and vegetables seed, two serving about some Magic Beast raise the method, three were some methods of wine-making, Zhao Hai and has given Great Demon King these thing.

Before Demon Race when Demon Realm there, living materials very deficient, thing that they made, almost did not have grow out, even if were grow out, they do not dare to eat, because was thing that they planted, possibly was also poisonous, that plants did not have poisonous obviously, his seed did not have poisonous, but you with going home one type of, grow out thing, possibly were poisonous, this also Demon Realm all people want the leave there reason. Great Demon King very clear these thing by in the Demon Race importance, he looked certainly at these thing, then serious received these thing, then I represents all Demon Race people to Zhao Hai respectful gave a salute said :, thanked mister!”, Zhao Hai waved said : to consider as finished, these are I should do, I have gotten so far as in you Space, can calculate your life form not? He He, was good, did not need to be so polite.”, Demon Dragon King suddenly said : mister, don’t know do you need the gold at this time now?”, Zhao Hai stares, his puzzled look at Demon Dragon King said : Demon Dragon, what meaning is your this saying? Your has plenty gold?” Demon Dragon forced smile said : mister, your possibly don’t know, gold in Demon Realm useless thing, but has several gold ores in Demon Realm, moreover is the high-grade ore, our Demon Race person little moves him, but picks adds to weapon, increases weapon tenacious, but I know that golden thing, regarding the Ark Continent person is actually very useful, if mister you need with, I and Your Majesty can mark these gold ores plane.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then turns the head look at Great Demon King, Great Demon King has smiled bitterly next step: I before to this matter forgetting, good that Demon Dragon said that in our Demon Realm, various ore has plenty, if the mister need, we can mark to give mister these thing.”, Zhao Hai laughs said : well, that was certainly good, confessed with you said that I also really really need these thing now, ok, when tomorrow, I reorganized the Demon Realm there map, you must give my Biao Chulai to be good these ores positions, I wanted all ores.”, Great Demon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that not only has not been angry, counter- said : good mister, invited feel relieved, as soon as we calibrated, has not dropped a place.”, Zhao Hai is laughing, downward falls with Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King. here is not the Great Demon King new royal palace site, here is only the Demon Race People batch enters the Space place, here has not undergone too many constructions, is maintaining the original design, the here Demon Race person are just many. These Demon Race people mostly are a batch enter in the Demon Race soldier to Space, now their almost to settle down good own clansman, coming here to greet Zhao Hai. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at people, showed a faint smile said : everyone/Great Clan to arrive, good, it seems like you really want to invite my eating well one, but these many people prepared food, was don’t know I can finish eating.”

With the Zhao Hai imagination, all people laugh are different, these Demon Race people have not made noise, Zhao Hai looks at this situation, how also don’t know must handle, is only the feeling is somewhat awkward. In this time, these Demon Race person simultaneously of suddenly has knelt, then knocked on the ground, was straight the body, loudly shouted said : to thank mister!”, Then was one knocks on the ground, then was straight the body to come to shout said : to thank mister loudly!”...... After such relapse nine times, stopped, Zhao Hai look at these Demon Race people, eye suddenly is a little wet, he deeply inspired, calm own mood, then turned the head to these Demon Race person said : well, everyone/Great Clan does not use such politely, entered Space, later everyone/Great Clan was a person on one's own side, did not need these superficial politenesses to come, everyone/Great Clan was optional, but I today try the dish that you made.” These Demon Race people these time have smiled, then all people prepare to eat, Zhao Hai turned the head at this time to Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King forced smile said : next time do not make this, makes my this anxiety.” Great Demon King smiles said : everyone/Great Clan to express own gratitude, this matter is not I gets up, is everyone/Great Clan from, I am only have not prevented.”, Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, in saying anything, after several people finds the a piece place to sit down, Zhao Hai turns the head to Great Demon King said :, Your Majesty, you must put up Devil War Chariot to help me over the two days, I want in the two days, God Race to Saint Light City attacking, could not use you, that ship that but I just obtained wants Level Up, in future two days of Ran will be unuseful, therefore can only please Your Majesty help.”! ~!