Great Demon King has gawked, then nodded said : this point mister to invite feel relieved, I momentarily await the instruction.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be good, Saint Light City must take, this is we at the God Realm first foothold.” Demon Dragon King said : has two Domain Weapon, I want to take Saint Light City people should not be a problem, mister did not need too to be worried.” Zhao Hai smiles said : hope so, now we before God Realm and God Race make war us are not many regarding the understanding of God Race, although we have killed many people, but these people are are not God Race true High level, therefore regarding the God Race situation, we understands are not many, but Fei'er said that the God Race here city has to defend Magic Formation, moreover Magic Cannon are also many, therefore we must deal with carefully. ” Demon Dragon King this several days has followed in the Zhao Hai side, naturally knows that is how Mu Shi, therefore he nodded, Great Demon King is also a smart person, he has not closely examined, he is only said :, mister feel relieved, when the time comes I certainly fully to pay.”, Zhao Hai nodded ” the meal that this time Demon Race person prepared also to deliver, has to recognize, the Demon Race person there although commodity not be many, meal that but they made, has turns the flavor, was different from the dish air/Qi of Ark Continent there any country. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai their returned to Space Villa, Zhao Hai looked at the Universal Machine there thing manufacture, the figure was still beating how, all are very normal. returned to in villa, looked at the Space rift defense line there situation, makes was also good, Zhao Hai then feel relieved, he changed to Atlanta Continent there the picture, wants to have a look at the Atlanta Continent there situation. Atlanta Continent there still in preparing thing, thing has plenty that Zhao Hai presently they must prepare, besides the military cargo that some may he see also has plenty thing is he and don’t know, just likes what some Magic Armor fittings, energy that these Magic Armor use. energy that Zhao Hai presently these Magic Armor use, is one type of is called just Zhao Hai that Energy Crystal thing provides not to clarify that Energy Crystal by the Atlanta Continent person to the present is any thing, his energy compares with Crystal Stone that Zhao Hai uses now, is many are few. But most makes Zhao Hai live first Axe, after this fellow returned to Clan this, after attended the Clan conference, at tube any matter, this does not make him want many understanding one these Magic Armor not to be impossible. Looks at the Atlanta Continent appearance, thinks that is invading Ark Continent must have several months, this arrived is enables Zhao Hai to be able relaxed some time. In the Zhao Hai look at screen time Cai'er flew Zhao Hai nearby in hand to take stretch a map to put Zhao Hai front said : Young Master, you looked, this was the Demon Realm map.” Did Zhao Hai look at that map said : such quickly to do well surprisedly? Good, good, my this gives Great Demon King to send, then our immediately makes these Iron Armor Beast go to Demon Realm to open up a mine.”

After Zhao Hai the map has given Great Demon King, Great Demon King immediately sections out these mine after place responsibility that ” Zhao Hai is taking this blueprint returned to Space immediately to make Cai'er arrange these Iron Armor Beast to mine these ores. Has to say Magic Beast that ” these Iron Armor Beast are used to mine really appropriately, they excavate earth very fast, this has not calculated, even if general Stone cannot block their excavations. Is adding on these Iron Armor Beast level not to lowerthem not to be stupid now, therefore simply does not need Dwarf to coordinate, they can complete duty that mines. In Space Iron Armor Beast quantity, but are many, besides sending God Race there, Zhao Hai sent many Ark Continent there mine to be also many toward Ark Continent there, before Zhao Hai mined with these Undead Creature, mining not too ideal Zhao Hai was also nearest/recent has remembered, mined with Iron Armor Beast through some time check, Zhao Hai has to recognize, these Iron Armor Beast did this inborn. After handling these matters, the Zhao Hai present sky has soon shone, after a period of time was they approximately good to attack Saint Light City the time, although to present Zhao Hai regarding God Race why has been able the suddenly rout, had the anxiety, but walked to attack Saint Light City to carry on, this can also try, having a look at God Race really not to plow the e strength to manage them, thinks that was luring the enemy in deep.Zhao Hai looked at the Beastman Prairie there situation using before dawn these days, the situation is not good, now Underworld Dark mist has seized the Beastman Prairie 4/5 places. These Dark mist is quicksuddenly Zhao Hai has gawked, his suddenly thought that this Underworld also compared with Hell Space dark? If this is really the case, that Hell is Space can also carry on Level Up with Underworld there thing? Thought of here, Zhao Hai could not sit still, his immediately opened Space rift, has drawn Space some these Underworld Dark mist directly. These Dark mist just entered Space, Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently Darkness Attribute poisonous mist has aggressiveness, regarding Darkness Attribute life form and kind of Cyborg-type life form, has certain hoisting capacity, can improve Hell Space. Such that Zhao Hai happy, really such as he thinks at heart, this Dark mist can improve Hell Space, this is excellent information. However Zhao Hai also knows that Space here, you receive in many Dark mist are also useless, Dark mist be only first time receives useful, after Space that Dark mist characteristics write down, you are receiving any many not to use.

But this regarding Zhao Hai to is a good deed, these are Dark mist usefulthat Underworld there to have other thingregarding Hell Space to be also useful to Hell Space? If so, it seems like needed Underworld. Also looked at Underworld place fog one, presently the time early, Zhao Hai has not switched off the screen, went to Demon Race thereDemon Race there matter actually has plenty, after all they just entered Space, matter has plenty that must make. However Great Demon King has found out the situation from Demon Dragon King there, therefore this evening is the time, he has not rested, but has arranged the matter in Demon Realm Space well, most at least not when will have any matter to live, looks the person to manage. Is good because of the Space here environment well did not have the words saying that the Demon Race person does not worry about food now does not worry to drink, they must do, was well constructed own familynot too many matters. When Zhao Hai looks for Demon Dragon King and Great Demon King time, they were similarZhao Hai that the matter arranged to make Demon Dragon King arrangeto construct the defense line directly Undead Creature to give to Space rift there there the Devil Regiment person ”. Now the Devil Regiment persontheir fighting strength are also not very strong, therefore Zhao Hai is not cruel enough to let on them the battlefield, Zhao Hai believes that these Devil Regiment people, the future achievement will be inestimable. The strength formidable person, Zhao Hai can train with Space, the person but who you train, the strength in formidable, has not killed people, to the battlefield, doing that can wield with also very limited, but the Devil Regiment person is differentthey person who rolled from mountain of corpses and sea of bloodnow their strength to be low, that could not have displayed too strong fighting strength, one, but their strengths were high, that they can wield fighting strength that came out, was not the person who used Space to pull out hardly can absolutely compared with. These people regarding Zhao Hai are the treasure, wasted at this time has been a pity ”, therefore he was unable Devil Regiment now, participated in the large-scale fight, after Devil Regiment official growth, was their prestige time. The ordinary people are the rapidness of strength promotion, but mental state promotion is very slow, after battlefield, they will lose the reason, or is at a loss. However Devil Regiment does not have such problem, they of having fought many battles, already was the heartwithstands great pressure to be without turning a hair like iron stone, they lacked was the strength, before their strength promotion slow of too, but currently has Zhao Hai to be the backing, believes that this issue can be solved quickly. After arranging the Devil Regiment matter, Zhao Hai said Great Demon King on the lead(er), Demon Dragon King also has Undead Creature army, appears in God Realm ”, but Fei'er they just had also had the breakfast at this time ”.

Saw Zhao Hai to come, Fei'er immediately welcomed coming upthey to see Devil War Chariot timecomplexion changed, because they can feel, this Devil War Chariot was also Domain Weapon. Zhao Hai presently in hand appears devil Blood Staff, this is most convenient weapon that he uses, before has given Great Demon King, now took carry back. Zhao Hai looked that Fei'er they came, is shows a faint smilehand to raise, his in hand Magic Staff flew, in his front, formed has not calculated that big platform, in this platform, furniture and other thingsaccording to be complete, above was also suspending the teapot and teacup ”, no matter the platform or furniture ” the teapot and teacup were the red translucent, looked like very attractive. However this is makes Fei'er they be startled, Fei'er followed in God Race side also a lot of time ”, but he had not heardGod Race there will have such mysterious thing. Zhao Hai puts out a hand said : to come toward the platform, everyone/Great Clan sat down to say.” Said that on platform, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King also along with Zhao Hai on the platform, Fei'er they looked at that platform one, walked. When several people went to platform, Zhao Hai has put out the tea leaves, has soaked a pot of tea, after several people arrive, this points at Great Demon King said : Demon Dragon everyone/Great Clan to know this is the lord of Demon Realm, Great Demon KingI today specially asks Great Demon King Your Majesty to help us break through Saint Light City, two Domain Weapon, are equal us to be able very relaxed captured Saint Light City. ” Fei'er wrinkled under brow said : lightly mister, I looked that ship that yesterday you use is very strong, so long as takes that ship, Saint Light City also isn't in the blink of an eye breaks?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: I also want to take, but now is not good, yesterday I have used that ship, presently that ship has plenty shortcoming, but also needs Level Up, for a while has not borne, that ship to Level Up, wanted with that ship, but must wait for several days to be good.”! ~!