Zhao Hai this saying although very ordinary ”, but Fei'er they think are more, Treasure Ship Might they have experienced, in their opinion, Treasure Ship is in this world most formidable weapon, does not have one. But is such weapon, has plenty shortcoming in the Zhao Hai eye, moreover he added that wants Treasure Ship Level Up! Therefore Fei'er they looked at a point mutually, saw in the surprised color to grid, but Fei'er or said : this is also good, believes that has Great Demon King Your Majesty and Demon Dragon King two Domain Weapon, enough has used, mister invited feel relieved, with person who clansman contacted, we have sent, we only gave them five days of” these five days, even if were they meet some troublesome, can find our clansman, enough they hit one back and forth, if they five days later has not come backthat in other words to be bright they to have an accident two Zhao Hai nodded said : well, sends to cope with Saint Light City on today us well, now leaves. ” Several people complied with one, turn around have gone down the platform, went to command(er) their army, only then Demon Dragon King and Great Demon King remained, now the Devil Regiment personin Space rift defense line there, these Undead Creature does not use their command(er). Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile, the hand turnedhas put out Space Bag, has given Great Demon King said : Your Majesty, this gave you, after you went back, after the people in Demon Realm one also remained to be able, has any matteralso to deliver a letter. ” In Great Demon King received Space Bag to open looks at however is bottles of Message Fish, the total feared that was crosses ten thousandGreat Demon King immediately/on horseback to turn the head to Zhao Hai to smile said : to thank mister, this thing to us may really be too useful. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :present this Message Fish, has not arrived very maturely, later also has the improvement place, but requires time when the time comes you to use Message Fish, contacted with many people. ” Great Demon King smiles said : „the present is very good, after these Message Fish enough I used to have them, I may be more relaxed. ” Before Demon Dragon King also smiles said : „”, must do, must to deliver a letter is not convenienthad this Message Fish, later did the matter to be possible on the convenience to be many. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „some while also Fei'er their Message Fish, but cannot be too many to them lets them to give own army order to be good, after all they now are only my ally. ” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King smiledthis time Zhao Hai the platform also to start migration ahead slowly, their behind undead army also slowly moved ahead Barbarian Cavalry of two wings with them with Pegasus Clan Cavalry is also same, their was not quick, has met to hold the lineup. although army advancing is not quick, but they also are not far from Saint Light City now, before long Zhao Hai saw a giant city. This city very big resident population the 20 millions big city city has been able slightly to result in, is the city wall altitude hundred meters, the city wall length had only feared that must have about the thousand li(500 km), compared with these big city don’t know of ancient China big many times. Such big city also only then has possibility appears in this Magic world, on Earth is impossible appears . Now entire Saint Light City is covered to cover by the one layer translucent light, obviously this big city opened Magic Formation to prepare and a Zhao Hai war now.

Slowly has stood, has arrived at the edge in platform, look at this big city exclaimed in surprise that said : „is really grand Your Majesty feared is bigger than your Imperial City? Has not thought really that a God Realm here ordinary city, so is big. ” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King also stood getting upone on the left and other on the right to arrive at the Zhao Hai side, look at Saint Light CityGreat Demon King had also exclaimed in surprise that said : „, was really grand, such big city, no matter Demon Realm or Ark Continent there did not have, feared that was only then God Realm here had, the God Realm person, said one were God Race, it seems like also was really some truth.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „” they to say some God Race truth, but they most should not the matter was annoys meto annoy me, they will be genuine godI will not make them feel better. ” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King he he the chuckle, they do not think that Zhao Hai is cracking a joke, Zhao Hai really has such strength. To Saint Light City getting closer and closer, is getting more and more clear, on Saint Light City city wall that they also lookhas stood the God Race army, their city wall very wideabovealso suspend many thing besides the army, the bed is harnessing, thing that wild arrowsMagic Cannon, is used to defend a city, they have suspended on city wallto be ready in full battle array in there. The Zhao Hai platform stopped, entire Battalion also stopped, position that they stoptool steed and beyond Magic Cannon on Saint Light City firing distance, simply is worried about by attack uselessly. Zhao Hai command(er) platform, slowly gathered round Saint Light City to transfer several, this city cultivated also was really good, square city wall, among that city wall however built with one type of white Stone, looked at very stylish. Some little time Zhao Hai returned the original position, at this time Fei'er and Dingshan they also arrived in the Zhao Hai platform, three people have not actually displayed too many surprise, possibly is looked at to be used to it the reason. Zhao Hai put out three Space Bag to give them, told them the Message Fish matter, then to three people of said : status of this Saint Light City on Taurus Continent how? God Race here can is the city such big?” Fei'er is attaining Message Fish for oneself, but happy, one hear of Zhao Hai said that he received Space Bagsaid : „the God Race city all so not to be then big hastily, big city city like Saint Light City, on Taurus Continent not ten Saint Light City feared that can stand in line top fiveDingshan, haven't I remembered incorrectly? ” Dingshan shook the head said : not to remember incorrectly, Saint Light City is on Taurus Continent, big city that is listed fourth their first big city is God's Aim City, second big city is God Will City, third big city is God Light City, fourth big city is Saint Light City, in later is Saint Earth City Sacred Artifact City, God Reel City, God Grace City, was Taurus Holy City and Holy Sea City. ” Did Zhao Hai nod said : that this God Race these cities to place by what fortunately? Constructs area, is population?” Fei'er said : is constructs area to calculate with the population, Taurus Continent first big city God's Aim City heard that there is the god first time lowers the god aim the place, therefore area very bigis Saint Light City about two times, the population is also same. ”

Zhao Hai nodded said : also is really great, can build up such big city unexpectedly, this must spend many manpower and resources, is really great.” Fei'er forced smile said : this is God Race after the innumerable years, the manpower and resources that becomes expands spends repeatedly, is a day heard that digitheard God Race originally also has after one time expands the preparations of ten big cityprobably is when conquer Ark Continent, gathers several of us plane manpower and resources ” to help them expand ten big city. ” Zhao Hai is cold. Many said : wants in this way, to come several to seek the plane potential exhausting like this us us is wants rebel they not to be impossible. ” Fei'er gloomy face nodded said : so, if not this, our several large clans will not want to cope with them as soon as possible , if not cope with them as soon as possible, we forever the date of turning over, actually this motionsomewhat hasty, we did not have absolutely prepares, but does not have the means that has to move. ” Zhao Hai nodded, shows a faint smile said : possibly is God Race has not thought that they will have come a big cropper in Ark Continent there, in their opinion, Ark Continent there, does not have including God Rank Expert, so long as they change Law of the Heaven and Earth n, that tidies up Ark Continent is also not easy. Fei'er they have not spoken ”, because the powerful family knows that ” what Zhao Hai said is the truth, do not say God Race, initially they also think. Zhao Hai watched the weather, early, he did not nod, turns the head look at people said : time to be also similar, the preparation starts, Your Majesty, Demon Dragon, looks today your, so long as you give to defeat that protective shield, other gave us, Fei'er, you also went back, will have any matter I to inform you. ” Several people complied with one, immediately have prepared, but has Zhao Hai actually stood in the platform moved. At this time Demon Dragon and Great Demon King returned to by War Chariot/Tank, they simultaneously have also supported their Domain, Demon Dragon King that Black Dragon Domain, his Domain turned into the hand of Black Dragon, a claw worked on Sword Chariotto throw toward Saint Light City. But Great Demon King Domain is actually a devil image giant, after he turned into the giant, ” has worked on several iron chain on Devil War Chariot, that Devil War Chariot probably one turned into a incomparably huge chain hammer, directly soars Saint Light City to throw. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : originally this Devil War Chariot unexpectedly is a chain hammer interesting. ” The person in Saint Light City has not thought obviously that Zhao Hai will send out two to use the Domain Weapon person unexpectedly to come to carry on attackthey to think to them Zhao Hai will use Magic Cannon or Javelin carries on attack, in that case, they can teach i to Zhao Hai one, what a pity, now their plan evaporate. At this moment, Demon Dragon King and Great Demon King rushed to Saint Light City outside, Magic Cannon energy light beam that their non- ritual there shoots completely, ” a person wields a sword with these crossbow arrow, a person wields hammerto pound toward Saint Light City on. Their these tied strong/sturdy solid falling to Saint Light City on ”, but that layer translucent protective shield, but shivered slightly, immediately restored the original design, their attack were does not have to a that protective shield influence probably. However Zhao Hai had not actually been worried that he looked, their this strikes, although does not have what influence to protective shield superficially probably, but the Zhao Hai actually keen very detection, Saint Light City protective shield energy reduced with, believes that in less than several, Saint Light City protective shield will be broken through.

Simultaneously Zhao Hai also present, this Domain Weapon can block energy light beam and these wild arrows, obviously God Race these wild arrows and energy light beam, was inferior to Domain Weapon Advanced level, simply how Domain Weapon, was adding on the Domain Weapon volume to be many, therefore Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King almost can disregard Saint Light City to their attack. When Zhao Hai thinks Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King can relaxed Saint Light City Magic protective shield breaks throughappears of suddenly from Saint Light City two giant boat forms, these two huge personal appearance are also two Domain this are two Knight type Domain, but these two Domain in hand are also taking two Domain Weapontwo silver bright long Knight long spear! appears of these two people, to were makes Zhao Hai starehe not to think that God Race will arrange two to use the Domain Weapon person to cope with him in here unexpectedly. Actually Zhao Hai and don’t know, such that just like beforehand Demon Dragon King said that God Race regarding the attack of this Zhao Hai, person who also early is prepared, they the person these villages removed Saint Light City, has arranged the defense line in Space rift here, then adjusted two to use the Domain Weapon person, prepared to cope with Zhao Hai in Space rift defense line there they ”, but Lu Wei suddenly said that wanted descend to help them cope with Zhao Hai, therefore the God Race person changed the plan temporarily, they have not sent that two to take the Domain Weapon person Space rift there to cope with Zhao Hai, but was kept Saint Light City here by them, in their opinion, so long as. Has destroyed completely Zhao Hai, that other people are insufficient to fear, but wants on god make a move, Zhao Hai certainly to die without doubt, these two use Domain Weapon Expert, simply does not need to send out. However they have not thought that Lu Wei at a failure, Zhao Hai has overrun unexpectedly to outside Saint Light City directly, the frontline army one on the rout, this made them somewhat be caught off guard. Fortunately, these two use Domain Weapon Expert not to walk, therefore they prepare, when Zhao Hai with Magic Cannon and Javelin attack Saint Light City, lets these two Expert suddenly make a move, teaches to blow to Zhao Hai one. However they have not thought that Zhao Hai in hand unexpectedly also two Domain Weapon, and has attacked a city with Domain Weapon directly, this made them have to at this time, asked that two to use Domain Weapon Expert make a move, therefore these two people, to cope with Zhao Hai came, but before , was turned the time that a beamthey and Zhao Hai fought by Lu Wei horizontally, in the future will have towed. Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King have not thought that in the opposite party city two used Domain Weapon Expert unexpectedly ” they are the person of having fought many battles, immediately fights with that two people in one. However is Great Demon King or Demon Dragon Kingis in Demon Realm top existence, but Demon Realm there, you , to become such existence, only then the one type of method, the fight, achieves such boundary to you, therefore their fight experience incomparable rich. But in God Race, can use existence of Domain Weapon, is the elite in their clan, similarly has fought many battles, their this will fightis chess seam match will meet the good lumber really ”, will hit at once unexpectedly inextricably involved. However Zhao Hai actually looks that Great Demon King fights with that God Race person, was in the upper hand slightly, but Demon Dragon King fights with that God Race person, slightly is actually at a disadvantage, but they want to decide a victory and defeat to come, in a short time feared is impossible.! ~!