Zhao Hai understand why Demon Dragon King is at leeward, because Demon Dragon King just obtained Sword Chariothe regarding the operation of Sword Chariot is also not very skilled, therefore he will be at a disadvantage, but Great Demon King obtained Devil War Chariot for a long time, has been adding on his fight experience very richly, therefore Great Demon King can be at the winning side, but Demon Dragon King actually at leeward. Zhao Hai wants to have a look, in Saint Light City can in running uses Domain Weapon Expert, but looked some little time, in Saint Light City has not used Domain Weapon Expert in appears one. At this time Fei'er they also arrived at the Zhao Hai side, fights between several people of some complexion ugly look at Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King and that two God Race people. Zhao Hai look at their said : „is What happened? some worries?” Fei'er shook the head said : to look at their appearances, a short time does not fire off, I to did not worry that Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King will be defeated, but this to our original plans very disadvantageous, does not use Domain Weaponvery difficultly we in short time boring from within Saint Light City. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : do not worry, do we capture Saint Light City also to stay in inside these with the person of clansman contact are not coming back in? Now isn't just right? Let us have a look, how God Race these use the Domain Weapon persontheir strength. ”, One hear of Zhao Hai said that Fei'er has gawked, then he one on understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, they must make with the God Race person dogfight appearance, is waiting for the reply of his clansman, then remained them to capture Saint Light City in arrangement next step plan ”, will receive counter-attack of God Race person frantic, now and God Race person wrapped around ” the God Race person will be blocked by them ” may not be dispatching troops. Now the time, they need is not Saint Light City, but is timehas Zhao Hai, they do have that city are the same ”, because their commodities are Zhao Hai provide, does not need to look like other army thereto make any rear basespecial depositing provisions, this made them achieve, had the base to be able the situation, Zhao Hai arrived at there, there was a base. Fei'er nodded said : mister I to know that your shipwhen can use? ” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Fei'er one, showed a faint smile said : feel relieved, quick did not need to be worried. ” Fei'er has not been saying anything, he believes that knowing in heart of Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai and God Race arrived at the irreconcilable situation surface, Zhao Hai is will definitely not make God Race feel better.

Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King, are still continuing with the fight of that two God Race people, Zhao Hai has not made them stop, has not made other people carry on attack, but Saint Light City there God Race person , the attack, they have not been waiting for the conclusion of this fight probably. Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King they with have fought for two hours that two God Race people tumbled, no one how anyone, they also looked that ” has been such hittingto get several days not to have any effect. Both sides both had have drawn back intent, they also know that like this hit any significance, Zhao Hai has not seen their thoughts, Zhao Hai had also waved, behind immediately/on horseback has heard a ding, this was the meaning that stopped attacking, was beating the gong to signal retreat that the people often said. Hears this ding, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King immediately slowly goes toward retreat, but God Race that two people have not pursuedthem also to know that pursued them how the opposite party, therefore they drew back returned to slowly Saint Light City. That two God Race person very clearby the Zhao Hai present strength, if thinks strong attack Saint Light City yes, but Saint Light City here will also make Zhao Hai lose seriously, because knows this point ”, therefore that two God Race talented people have to hold not fear, in their opinion, Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate on these soldiers, if loses are too many, most Zhao Hai also ended, therefore Zhao Hai can only send out the person who attack today has Domain Weapon, wants to break through Saint Light City at one fell swoop, person who now that two have Domain Weaponhad been blocked by them, normally Zhao Hai will not let these ordinary armies in the attackis. Zhao Hai wants to make these ordinary armies attack, they did not fear. After Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King draw back in returned to Zhao Hai that platform, is face ashamed look look at Zhao Haithey salutes said : to be unfair to mister to Zhao Hai „, disappointing you, we cannot overcome Saint Light City.” Zhao Hai look at they, laughed said : what not to have opposite party also two Expert, this point I saw, was good, did not say these, I came saying that with you my planI prepared to play the several days attack in here with Saint Light City, did you look what kind of? ”, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King are the characters of having fought many battles, their fight experiences very rich, as soon as they listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked, then Great Demon King two eyes bright said :, „the meaning of mister was? Delays the time?” Zhao Hai selected has selected said : well, delays the time \; first, and other Fei'er they contacted with several large clans two are to have a look at the response of God Race, if God Race had more military strength, believes that they will mobilize soldiers toward Saint Light City, three and other days, Treasure Ship wanted modified to be completed. ” Great Demon King thinks that nodded said : the idea of mister is good, we drag several days in here, can see God Race is the outwardly strong but inwardly weak! Prepares any plot to cope with us to come, good, depends on the meaning of mister, otherwise tomorrow I prepared to go all out also to that fellow tidying up.”

Zhao Hai laughs said : Your Majesty you not to need to go all out, but your life valuable, is not worthwhile, for several God Race unimportant people spell, feel relieved, I will arrange.” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King have also smiled, but Fei'er they are actually a forced smile of face, they are very clear, ” can use the Domain Weapon person in God Race there, will not be any unimportant person. Zhao Hai looked at people said : to be good, today arrives at here, our retreat, went back to rest I to look that the Saint Light City person does dare to come sneak attack we ”, if they dare to come, I to give them a lesson. ” Great Demon King smiles said : I to think that they will not come, they know that our here has to use the Domain Weapon person, will not come attack we.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, was good, everyone/Great Clan gets down the rest, talks clearly this several days we not to attack with your under the hand/subordinate person, cannot capture Saint Light City, but in delaying the time, lets their conserving strength well ”, when attacks truly time, if they cannot attack, my impolite. ” Fei'er several people nodded, turn around walked, after waiting for several people of leave, Demon Dragon King immediately/on horseback is unfair to mister to Zhao Hai said :, today my performance disappointed you.”, Zhao Hai one hear of Demon Dragon King said that ” smiles said : to be good, you not disappointing, you just obtained Sword Chariot, has not been familiar with, does not have anything, toward do not go at heart.” Great Demon King also comforts his said : Demon Dragon, toward do not go at heart, person who just obtained Domain Weapon, can have you to display like this, has stemmed from my unexpected, I remember my first time obtains Devil War Chariot time, using for a long time to know how this thing must use.”, Zhao Hai and Demon Dragon King smiled getting upin this time, Zhao Hai are hearing Space to have the prompt sound to transmit said : suddenly Universal Machine supplement design such as the Host agreement in the Level Up ship-shape object, used the Crystallization ability, will make the ship-shape object hard, simultaneously on hard additional hull cannon aggressiveness. ” Zhao Hai has gawked, he turned the head to Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King said : Your Majesty, Demon Dragon, the here matter first give you, my a little matter must process, today like this you have rested. ” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King had not asked that Zhao Hai is any matter, they noddedturn around returned to in Zhao Hai War Chariot/Tank, but the Zhao Hai flashes body entered in Space.

Laura they arrived around Universal Machine now, their also don’t know gives birth any matter, but their understand, this matter certainly with being in Yama Ship in Level Up is related. Looked at Zhao Hai to come, Laura their immediately/on horseback made way the road to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has arrived around Universal Machine, supposed Universal Machine that Yama Ship picture there, really on the present picture had „” updatable inscription. Zhao Hai has selected that updatable inscription, finally Yama Ship appears on present picture a change, entire Yama Ship one turned into ship that golden translucent Crystal has madeabove is still ten eight layers decks, just under ten eight layers decks, many nine layers hermetic deckin this nine layers deck, on First Layerhas 18 gate Magic Cannon, the both sides at the same time nine gates of broad side, entire on the ship altogether 162 gate Magic Cannon, but under the deck of this nine layers hermeticis a giant cabin, that Yin-Yang Pool Magic Formation that Zhao Hai sees, Has moved to this cabin, hid compared with before. Saw that this type designs Zhao Hai cannot help but to nod, is very good, now this ship design is very good, when Zhao Hai looks the entire ship said that before just like him, such that thinksthat Yin-Yang Pool Magic Formation, is the power system of entire ship, looks like the reactor is the same, provides energy for the entire ship, moreover this power system can also absorb the outside world ability for oneself with ”, no matter what energy can absorb. On the hull join Crystal of that Zhao Hai don’t know name, this has made the hull firm, was almost in the situation that firm could not be urged. But these Magic Cannon on hull are not look at is also amusing, these Magic Cannon can project energy light beam, its attack strength, in God Rank Expert compared with one struck also on strongly manysome strongthis to wait for Zhao Hai fully to try to know. This on the ship has plenty is the Cultivation World there unique design, he can flying in the skybe able to run on the ground, can swim in flying, even can drill into underground, in underground advancing. Besides these, he returns can be either big or small, incredibly fast, what most important is, this ship has also absorbed the part of Space Chu ability, the entire ship besides one layer that most top to the Zhao Hai reservation room, other these decks and hermetic decks have in the cabin, can install the person or Undead Creature, the first time may install person hundred thousand, if changes to Undead Creature, can install about 10 million.! ~!