Reason that Zhao Hai lookedon the ship to think of the person with installing Undead Creature has such big difference, was because this ship, when thought of the person, prepared the room to these people, Space that therefore occupied was big, but installed Undead Creature, was different, looks like rides the public transportation to be the same, making an effort installed toward, can install many attire many, will therefore install that many. Such design perhaps to others, very good, butis a point does not have regarding Zhao Hai again, he has Space, simply does not need to think of the person toward on the ship, but no matter what, this design existed, that does not have anything not to be good. What most important is, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, what price this ship present design also needs anything to pay to be able Level Up to succeed, if several million gold coins on hua, feared that was he really must lose everything. However looked at the later Zhao Hai cannot help but great happiness, after ship this design of increase, does not need to pay any price unexpectedly, can direct Level Up, just the Level Up time increase for 12 hoursZhao Hai naturally is without demurimmediately Level Up. After waiting for Zhao Hai to make, did Laura look at Zhao Hai complexion then said : Elder Brother Hai? What good matter has?”, Zhao Hai designed the renewal of Yama Ship with Laura with a smile they says the child, Laura their very happyafter all present Yama Ship was also more formidable than before, Yama Ship was formidable is better. After several people arrives in the villa to sit down, Laura turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you decided consumes the several days time really in here with these God Race people?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : why not, these God Race people perhaps they have been blocking in happy now, but after I will not tow to really Fei'er their clansman comes back, is dealing with the God Race person, so long as waited till Yama Ship Level Up to succeed, my immediately coped with them.” Lizzy smiles said : this several days time, we can wait in a short time Underworld these Undead Creature and Atlanta Continent person, does not have what threat to us, so long as we tidied up Taurus God Race to be OK, was don’t knowthis several days time, can have anything to affect to Fei'er their clansman. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : influential to be good, that I want to see.” Lizzy they stare, Megan immediately/on horseback said : Elder Brother Hai, is your meaning? Can also receive in Space the people of their several clans?” Why not Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, if the people of their these clans lose much, we do receive in Space to be easier them not? Our so many Space are idling in any case, receives them to come not to be just right?” Laura they have smiledthis time Cai'er to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, we these God Rank Potion of previous manufacture, deliver to various Continent clans, do you look?” Zhao Hai gawkedthen to nod said :, good today to deliverto walk, our went. ” That ten bottles of God Rank Potion already manufactured, but has not delivered to the Ark Continent there person Zhao Hai to the present.

This these ten bottles of Potion, according to such that Green saysin the first race minute two bottles, although Human Race will have several big Empire, but they also can only be a clan, altogether obtains two bottles. Zhao Hai has thought that after various race God Race Expert were many, Zhao Hai will make these God Race Expert come outginseng add some outside fight from Space, lets their strength promotion as soon as possible. Delivered the medicine process very smoothpresent Space Might to appear, various countries lived the basic on transformation regarding the Zhao Hai manner now, this transformation had part is doing that these he who because Zhao Hai put fought projection that plays with God Race to use, the part was actually doing of Space uses. Space is changing the Ark Space here person's mannerjust Space here person to Zhao Hai not to feel slowly. After having delivered God Rank Potion, Zhao Hai came out on Space, he turned into a platform Staffstatic standing in there, the look at Saint Light City direction. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also wants look at God Realm these plantsGod Realm here plants has plentymajority is the Ark Continent there plants Level Up version, Zhao Hai tries to receive in Space somein Space actually not to transmit any prompt sound, it seems like Space thinks that God Race here these plants are the varieties in Space. After these plants in Ark Continent enter to Space, ” itself obtained Level Up, possibly also wants Advanced level compared with God Rank Continent here plants, therefore in Space does not have the prompt sound to be also normal. Before long Demon Dragon King and Great Demon King arrived in the Zhao Hai platform, they looked at one to stand Zhao Hai that was connected including the above in the platform, looked at one mutually, how understand Zhao Hai this was not. Demon Dragon King at this time open the mouth and said: mister, what matter does What happened? have?”, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at their one eyes, showed a faint smile said : to be all right, what difference but came to see the God Race scenery to have with Ark Continent there, under the fox, Demon Dragon, you said that what approach these God Race average people we do want to use?” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King gawk, then how they also real don’t know replied that was good, if according to their meanings, naturally all has killed, but listens to Zhao Hai this saying the meaning, probably is some are not cruel enough. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, smiled bitterly, said : has spoken the truth, my originally wants to kill them, however spoke the truth, I could not have achieved God Race to be so cruel-hearted, also under went well to these ordinary people.” How Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King also don’t know must say the child, some little time Demon Dragon King said :, „, or turns into the slave to be what kind of them?”

Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, to be honest, making him turn into the slave God Race these people, might as well made him kill these people, was born in the person of modern, regarding the slave was very dislike. Demon Dragon King looked the appearance that Zhao Hai does not agree with probably, their also don’t know must say any was good, the God Race here population may be many, processes also is really a difficult problem. Some little time Zhao Hai forced smile said : considers as finished, when the time was saying that tomorrow your two in laborious, then challenge, in dragging their one day, after my ship does well, first Saint Light City here attacking.” They nodded, Great Demon King look at Saint Light City direction said : God Race these year of overbearing were used to is also this lesson they well. ” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : person that overbearing not to be good, sooner or later will one day capsize, ok, did not go to think them, come, we drank several cupsI they also to call Fei'er. ” After Great Demon King waits for Zhao Hai to call Fei'er them, he deep voice said : „is mister also wants Fei'er their several clans to receive in Space?” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Great Demon King one, showed a faint smile said : Your Majesty to guess correctly? To be honest, I think, but must have a look at them is any meaning, if they do not think, forget about it, if they agree, received Space not to have anything them. ” Great Demon King shows a faint smile, in saying anything, but his Space to Zhao Hai was more curioushe to know, Zhao Hai many Demon Realm Space there Space, unexpectedly can under the arrangement these many people. On this day ten points calm, the Saint Light City there God Race person, does not dare to come out really attack theyZhao Hai they also rarely relaxed, several people drank liquor well, Fei'er several people somewhat have been drunk. Next morning, Zhao Hai they put in order army ”, in one time has arrived at outside Saint Light City, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King in time attack, have fought with God Race that two Expert, finally retreatall were also different from yesterday. God Race these person also very strange, Zhao Hai their why clearly know such method does with ” must time and time again comes attack? In the evening after returned to Space, Zhao Hai looked at Universal Machine there, the Universal Machine there time is obvious, about ten hoursthey can complete this time Level Up. Ten hours, after seeing this digit, the Zhao Hai mouth color has cannot help but shown a brutal smiling face, in having ten hours, Saint Light City here must be broken through by him.

Has rested well one in the evening, next morning, Zhao Hai has had the breakfast, went to Universal Machine there to lookalso two hours to complete, Zhao Hai has not worried, he came out from Space, has informed Great Demon King they, and other hours. Great Demon King and meaning of Demon Dragon King very clear Zhao Haithey do not have the opinion, in own War Chariot/Tank slowly is controlling one's breathing, is waiting for the order of Zhao Hai. Why Fei'er their although don’t know Zhao Hai can among suddenly probably postpone two hours their attack ”, but they had not asked that now here all relying on Zhao Hai, they naturally not because this minor matter offended Zhao Hai. But Saint Light City there also in waiting for Zhao Hai they, after they prepared, Zhao Hai they actually do not come, this let the God Race person in Saint Light City is anxious is indignant. two hours, said that was quick, said slow was not slow, Zhao Hai they in Space, looked at Atlanta Continent there, looked at Underworld there, in observing God Race there, the time was up, but also remained for several minutesZhao Hai they arrived at Universal Machine, digit that on the static look at machine beat unceasingly. Along with digital reduction slowly, Zhao Hai their at heart also slowly tightened, although they already know that what Yama Ship was ”, but Yama Ship wanted appears they still to feel really before themvery intensely. Finally, the figure enulled, in Universal Machine has projected a white light, waited for white light informationYama Ship appears Zhao Hai they to be actually shocked in the Zhao Hai front ”. appears in Zhao Hai in front of them, is only palm of the hand big boat, passes the [gold/metal] is made by golden translucent Crystal, seemed like attractivesimply is an artware. Zhao Hai gently towed boat to put owncarefully to look at present, reallybeing decidedly sothis was Yama Ship, that looked like somewhat fierce Yama Ship.! ~!