Attractive, was too attractive, although clearly know this is lethal weapon, when Zhao Hai also cannot bear like him ”, because this thing was too attractive. look at Yama Ship that Laura their also two eyes shines, to be honest, Laura they think outside this now the name a little not too suitable this ship ”, because this ship looks like has not abandoned evilly, besides the on the ship relief, however on the ship relief although looks like very scary, but this cannot express that he is evil, because the has plenty person will come out to be used to frighten the enemy some evil thing pictures ”. Laura has snatched Zhao Hai in hand Yama Ship, said : that two eyes shines really attractively Elder Brother Hai, how many or do we make? What kind of? ” The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, smiles said : to believe me, if the person likes, later our standing in line all kinds of models, will have the same function with Yama Ship at home, was a pity that now I did not have this ability.” The Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : I to believe you, certainly will achieve, but Elder Brother Hai, can this small gadget, let loose without the several fold really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, then Laura in hand Yama ShipYama Ship immediately flew getting up to fly in midair from Zhao Hai in handslowly, then increasing slowly, getting bigger and biggerfinally the entire ship big to quickly had a city to be so big ”, moreover was one can live in previous several million people of big city, such city, in Ark Continent is big city. The change of look at Yama Ship Laura their face exclaims in surpriseZhao Hai looked was also similar ”, if in increasing, that put in order them not to have the means to exit from Space rift. Did Zhao Hai turn the head to look at Laura what kind of their said : „? Also good? Walks, comes up, today you sit in on the ship command(er) these Undead Creature are fighting, what kind of?” As soon as Laura several people listened to Zhao Hai saying that ” was cheering, then flew toward on the ship, Zhao Hai often smiled also to fly. Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King and other worrystrength to their this degree, even if were fight several days one after anothernot necessarily will also lose too many fighting strength let alone over the two days simply unable to be called the fight, feared that warmed up continually is not. Today Zhao Hai said after two hours, in motionthey knows that was Zhao Hai that ship modified has completedbecause they worried like this, what they want to take a look at Zhao Hai that ship modified to become. Fei'er they are also waiting, they to do not have extremely in worrying, Zhao Hai said in any casethey must delay the God Race several days time to worry in here to be also useless now. In this time, huge Space rift suddenly appears in airborne, all people almost noted these God Race people of this Space rift on additional Saint Light City to note. look at that when they exclaim in surprise said Space rift, a incomparably huge ship, drilled from that crack slowly. All people have publicized ship look at this ship, this ship was too magnificent, the golden translucent hull, the ship following that dark blue waveis sharp and long battering ram, the high ship's tower also has that is similar to in -line day mark same chess pole, the wind chimes in ship's tower cornerabove that magnificent and fierce icon, all these make this ship look like magnificent extraordinary. Zhao Hai and Laura her person stands in the bow, several people of calm Saint Light City of look at distant place at this time Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King responded, look at this that they exclaim in surprise said that all people know what this ship isthey also know Zhao Hai in giving this ship Level Up, but they have not thought that after this ship Level Up, can be this appearance.

Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King looked at Zhao Hai that ship to look at own War Chariot/Tank, however felt own War Chariot/Tank spatially that tiny. Waits for Yama Ship completely after stopping, Great Demon King they flew on the ship Fei'er they also to arrive atZhao Hai to look how many people appearance that embarked immediately/on horseback said : everyone/Great Clan to prepare? Today we take Saint Light City.” Great Demon King exclaims in surprise to Zhao Hai said : mister, after this is your Level Up, to that ship? Too attractive I could not imagine, this ship unexpectedly such attractive. ” Demon Dragon King also exclaimed in surprise that said : „” was too attractive, originally that ship seems has the race gloomy feeling, probably arrived at Underworld to be the same, but this ship absolutely did not have that feeling, mister, how you achieved, was too astonishing. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said then that he turned the head look at people said : to be good, first did not say this, I said that today takes Saint Light City, what opinion everyone/Great Clan has?” Several people shook the head, to be honestafter Zhao Hai Treasure Ship Level Up to Yama Ship, Fei'er they completely lost now with the mood that Zhao Hai he are treated equally, they only want now with Zhao Hai, tackled God Race well. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, shows a faint smile said : well not to have the opinion to be good, Your Majesty, Demon Dragon, you stopped War Chariot/Tank in on the shiptoday have no need for them, Fei'er, you ordered to follow to the armybehind the ship on the line, when we broke their Magic protective shield, then I will send out the army that Undead Creature will resist first to rout, then you were attacking, removed cleaning up of bottom all rebel people. ” Several people imposingly take orders, Zhao Hai nodded, command(er) Yama Ship toward driving past of Saint Light City, these God Race people in Saint Light City already was also seeing Yama Ship, so giant shipthey are the first time saw that Yama Ship has not opened, the person in Saint Light City somewhat flustered. Zhao Hai has not managed these, he still lets Yama Ship moving forward slowly, Zhao Hai has not sped up Yama Ship, he must use this constriction, oppresses these God Race people to react. Quick, these God Race people have made the response, that two used Domain Weapon Expert to clash from Saint Light City, they have to come out, if they , the Saint Light City army feared that wanted the appears military deserter. Before looking like Zhao Hai them, such that guesses, the army in Saint Light City, all was not the God Race regular army, has plenty is the God Race average person has taken up weapon, their strength although were not weak, however their fight consciousness, compared with God Race these armies came, to fall far short. That two God Race Expert fast promotes own altitude is waiting for them to see Zhao Hai finally the time, immediately had the charge to Zhao Hai. However that scene really somewhat funnylooks like in two world imaginary Knight, is lifting the lance, to stopping in the sea other megaton-class huge ship is the same. Zhao Hai looked at that two person one eyes to show a faint smile, the ship has not raised, has not made any response, still that leisure advancing quick that two Knight must approach Yama Ship. At this moment, a suddenly wave hits on that two Knight, Domain of that two God Race people one had been destroyed by this wave, the whole person was occupied by Frozen instantaneously, but their Domain Weaponarrived at on the ship, they were also received on the ship by Zhao Hai, threw in the cabin directlybefore long, turned into two Undead Creature, walked out from cabin. Saw method that Zhao Hai this wantsFei'er they feared, Yama Ship strong, they and don’t know ”, but they can affirm, Yama Ship strongest is not the ship following ocean waves, but is this ship itself, if that two hit the inextricably involved God Race person with Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King, has not withstood according to the front unexpectedly, had been made into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai directly, this is really was too scary.

However makes their surprised also in behind, Yama Ship still at a moderate pace toward the Saint Light City expenditure, these God Race people in Saint Light City, looked that their two use Domain Weapon Expert, adds one of the opposite party not to block according to the front unexpectedly, somewhat has flustered, they were more flurriedthese God Race soldiers, the stability lived in the aspect, Magic Cannon wild arrows in Saint Light City did not ask for money same sprinkling to approach Yama Ship. But they quickly presentlyall these are the futile efforts, such attack with does not have in the Yama Ship front deck regarding a Yama Ship point ” ” although is not the hermetic, but ship ocean waves actually one curled getting uphas been similar to one layer protective shield same keeping off in on the ship, received their all attack with ease. But at this time, Yama Ship already nearness Saint Light City slowlyYama corner/horn is not abouthe bit by bit to have slowly, ship front battering ram quick on top on Saint Light City protective shield, Saint Light City protective shield, looks like[ needle] the balloon that punctures is the same, first has sunk toward inside, then one exploded. But Yama Ship is actually stops the slow tendency not to have, flew toward Saint Light City in directly in the past, the altitude that but Yama Ship was was not very high, he ” the other parts of hull besides ship front battering ram, one hit on Saint Light City city wall. Saint Light City very thick city wall, actually probably one turned into the one layer flimsy, sweeps by Yama Ship dashing. Yama Ship has crashed directly in in the city. These God Race people have flustered finally, not only these recruits have flustered, these veterans have also flustered, but this has not played, Yama Ship both sides Magic Cannon, have adjusted the angle automatically, then 100 red light on the bang toward Saint Light City city wall go! In the explosion without imagination, does not have the rock the earth sound, these red light shoot on Saint Light City city wall, Saint Light City that city wall that uses white Stone to build, one was vaporized, on city wall all thinginclude Magic Cannon, tool steed, these God Race people. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, is actually complexion changes, he clenches teethwhispered:, Too prodigal!” Stood they heard Zhao Hai these words in Zhao Hai Laura, they could not be bearing, bu has smiled, stirred up don’t know to live Great Demon King of any matter they unable to bear look at Laura several people. On the Zhao Hai face restored calm, meets to begin to wield, ran out of large quantities of Undead Creaturein direct Saint Light City to flush away from the cabin, Fei'er they looked at this situation, immediately/on horseback let their clans army join. Now in Saint Light City did not have what nice resistance, this is because Zhao Hai underestimated Yama Ship the attack strength on Magic Cannonhe not to think that ” this artillery got down, can live in several ten of millions person big city city wall to give unexpectedly to vaporize one directly. Fight that Great Demon King looked at getting down, turned the head look at Zhao Hai to smile bitterly next step: mister, now how processing these God Race people were you should be can every be angry? To be honest comes out to go to war with you, but also does not have what sense of achievement. ” Zhao Hai and Laura they heard Great Demon King saying that has smiled, they have not thought that very serious Great Demon King, actually also will always speak such joke. Some little time calm Zhao Hai of mood, turned the head look at Laura said : Laura, you said how secure can govern these God Race people? Now they have been full of the hatred to me.”

Laura looks at God Race person one eyes that the following these were panic-stricken, don’t know must handle, some little time she sighed said : Elder Brother Hai, did you say? Can't kill them? Weren't we are also same as them?”, Zhao Hai has also smiled bitterly, to be honest, making him start to these children, his also really somewhat not being able to get down hand, although he knows that these God Race people are his enemy, but he does not have the means even this hand. Some little time Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Massacring of rebel, does not have the rebel ability, grasps to throw into Space, making them run its own course.” Laura has also smiled bitterlyon the vision, this is the best solution, moreover Zhao Hai also presentlyGod Race commoner in present Saint Light City leaves uneven many. Saint Light City is one can install under big city of 20 millions person, but presently in the city lives about 30 million people, had not feared that in person who Zhao Hai by some gang armies vanishes. Looked that this situation was associating to these that former several days they saw to empty the God Race village, Zhao Hai on understand, these God Race people feared that was centralized to Saint Light City, they think that here was safe. Zhao Hai not polite, makes these Undead Creature make an arrest directly, all does not have the rebel ability, grasps, then loses toward Space background in nobody's, making them run its own course, these rebel, all massacreturns into Undead Creature. Zhao Hai has the sympathy, however in the battlefield, sympathy thing is intolerable, you have the sympathy, but the opposite party hadyou to sympathize with the opposite party not necessarily, may suffer a loss by oneself, therefore Zhao Hai dared the rebel person to these, did not have a point politeness. The Saint Light City here chaotic situation, to the darkness has gotten down the time, calm slowly getting downhad not meant that the God Race person has hidden, but was these rebel God Race people the diameter by Zhao Hai extinguishing, but these did not have the rebel ability, by Zhao Hai throwing into Space. Meanwhile Zhao Hai also entire Saint Light City plundered all weaponbesides some daily necessities and grainand so on thingall in Space, but these grain and daily necessities, were Zhao Hai they remain to Fei'er, they must in the city remaining these thing on here dull several days, enough Fei'er their clansman use after all ”, this several days did not need Zhao Hai to provide thing to raise them.! ~!