Zhao Hai sits in the Space Villa living room, on his front tea table, is suspending Yama Ship, but on the screen is putting, these were thrown into the God Race person in Space by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at these God Race people, are not because these God Race displays good, but is these God Race people are good to do the destruction. Not wrong, destroys, they destroy thing that all can see ” , since they enter to Space, starts to destroy many thing in Space, that is uninhabited SpaceZhao Hai has not made too many thing in inside, in that Space only then some Bread Tree also some Fruit treein other thing, these have not been the Zhao Hai preparation enabled them who these God Race pass through difficulties useto eat Bread Fruit, can eat fruits, there can also find the wild herbs, in Space also has Magic Beast of some small shapes, these can be survived by them. However what makes Zhao Hai not think after wasGod Race entered Space, started to destroy these thing, they wiped out the ground Bread Fruit, has kicked down Fruit tree, saw that Magic Beast massacred, probably this can express their angers to be the same. Laura they also sit in front of screendumbfounded look at all these, some little time Laura turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, words that they destroy like this, can they starve to death?” Zhao Hai look at screen, coldly said : meeting, if I do not save them, they will certainly starve to death I to be possible not to have the mood to save them now ” a person, has the hatred not to be fearful at heart ”, but he should not be hated made that so stupid, I kept a way out to them, was they own way out destroying. ” Work looked at screen one, has smiled bitterly, her also don’t know must say that what was good, these God Race and think that what these thing are? They prepares for the slave? Don't they want to live? If they do not want to live, should commit suicide is right, but does not enrage Zhao Hai with this way. Zhao Hai does not want in that these God Race people, in that Space not to have what good thing in any caseis they destroyed that Space all thing, regarding Zhao Hai, loses is not bigno big deal. Zhao HaiSaint Light City there although received some destruction to Saint Light City there the transfer image, but in the city the majority of constructions are complete, enough arranged Fei'er they to stay. Moreover in the city these living materials Zhao Hai have not taken away, therefore Fei'er they now to very comfortable, the has plenty person is boiling water to take a bath. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, does not have what good attention, he changed to Atlanta Continent there the screen, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, the Atlanta Continent there person prepares how, to be honestZhao Hai also really has thought that their quick point attacked Ark Continentsuch words he earlier to get so far as Mecha. Now an education of Gnome clan there has stepped onto right track, Zhao Hai has had to recognize, these Gnome learning capabilities were really too astonishing, these Undead Creature that Zhao Hai sent, have given them the character on Ark Continent, moreover gave back to them to provide the book about Magic Formation to make them go to research. Must know to manipulate Magic Formation, is not that easysome Magic have needed to use some special materialshas some Magic Formation to with the metal manufacture is better, some actually must use wooden is better, some Magic Formation are also needs some very special Magic materials to manufacture successfully. Therefore regarding Magic Formation research, how uses not only wants research Magic Formationalso to want the research Magic Formation manufacture materialand these material. It can be said that Magic Formation is very comprehensive course, must study, not only Magic Formation, even must learn some alchemy and Alchemy study.

However these Gnome have innate skill in this aspect really very much, is adding on originally some of some of their Magic Formation foundations, now some people started some research Ark Continent there uses medium Magic Formation, it seems like that this situation is very good. Zhao Hai also very happy sees this pointGnome innate skill is high, later the possibility of their learn Magic Armor manufacture is big, this regarding Zhao Haiabsolutely is good information. Then Zhao Hai looked at the Sea Race personto speak the truth, now the Sea Race person lives was comfortable, especially Mermaid Race, they to Zhao Hai were most grateful. Because Mermaid Race the Innate gene has flaw, therefore Mermaid Racedoes not have appears from appears to present a God Race person, now Zhao Hai has given them God Rank Potion, in Mermaid Race, finally had God Rank Expert, this regarding the Mermaid Race person, absolutely was one in good also no good information. But those who let Mermaid Race happy isthis God Rank Potion probably is a key, but their bodies look like a treasure house, before was because did not have the key, therefore they had the treasure house not to have the means to open spatially. But now Zhao Hai gave them the key, their body treasure house opened finally, this openedthem present, originally their practice can this friend be quick unexpectedly. That two God Rank Mermaid Race, was almost drinking the God Rank Potion same day, simply not with the fight, how use Domain on learn, this point has made Zhao Hai feel the deep envy. However Zhao Hai also feels very happy, Mermaid Race has such formidable strength, later in his hand were also many to fight the race, this absolutely was the good deed. Then Zhao Hai looks at another he had not paid attention to for a long time the race, Sea Dragon Race, after Sea Dragon Race Zhao Hai they have put Space in the sea, does not have to pay attention to them, now Zhao Hai wants to look the longevity they cross how. Also let alone, this saw that was makes Zhao Hai be shocked, in Sea Dragon Race appears several God Rank Expertthis is makes Zhao Hai be surprised very unexpectedly. Zhao Hai has not given them God Rank Potion, in other words, that several Sea Dragon Race God Rank Expert is they practices, although now is also only Expert of False God level, but this was very great, they just entered Space how long, after long, add-on, is about one yearhas such result, is very great. The Sea Dragon Race person to is also very honest, these have not risen to the God Rank person, is promoting own strength diligently, but these liters God Rank person , was the same, entire God Race is one turns has probably practiced is crazily same. This regarding Zhao Haito is really the good matter, after these places looked, Zhao Hai suddenly present, he does not have well what dry. Now they are fighting with God Race, but they prepare in Saint Light City here wait / etc. Thunder Clan information of their three clans, abandons looks at their there situation, then in decision next step plan.

originally Zhao Hai thinks that defeats God Race also to want hua to turn the strength, but currently had Yama Ship, Zhao Hai is completely confident, with strength of the can Taurus God Race Continent attacking. Yama Ship in this Space, is considered as absolutely on makes shortcoming like existence, currently speaking this Space topest weapon, should be Domain Weapon, but these Domain Weapon in Zhao Hai front, are really actually nothing to speak. Now real sea sole curious what isAtlanta Continent there to these high level Magic Armor can be, anti- hits compared with Domain Weapon. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai does not worry, he not only does not worry to attack, but also rushed to Hell Space there all Undead Creature, lets them in there practice well. Zhao Hai does not worry Fei'er they actually worry, after seeing Yama Ship fighting strength, Fei'er they know that thinks is holding that equal relationship with Zhao Hai Bao is impossible, even if were their these time really God Race being defeated, but their three clans can not be able to win Zhao HaiYama Ship was too scary. Naturally, Fei'er their also very clear, true fearful is not Yama Ship, but before is Zhao Hai ”, Yama Ship was any appearance they have seen with one's own eyes, before Yama Ship had big Might, they also know, but Yama Ship to the hand of Zhao Hai, was given Level Up by him unexpectedly directly this regarding Fei'er their attack is very enormous. Zhao Hai can defeat that to be called on the person of godto go out of Fei'er by God Race their unexpectedZhao Hai to be able with Yama Ship to make them be that surprisedZhao Hai to Yama Ship Level Up, that was unable the intention external to be easy, but should with attacking two characters described that they truly were attacked by Zhao Hai. When sees Yama Ship copes with God Race that easily accomplished same imposing manner, Fei'er they rise not to be up points the heart of rebel. Because of this, therefore Fei'er they think that now earlier knows own clansman there situationhas been able as soon as possible has the contact with clansman, good the Zhao Hai situation in response of well with clan. Now he does not dare to send for telling his clansman the Zhao Hai situation, because he feared that the God Race person knows Yama Ship matterFei'er very clear, Yama Ship copes with God Race Ultimate Weapon, exposes late is better. But reason that he thinks that God Race there also don’t know Yama Ship matter , because this time they cope with the God Race process are really too successful, has not made Saint Light City here run away a person, therefore God Race there lives anythingpossibly not to know to Saint Light City here now that do not say knew the Yama Ship matter. Also with Fei'er has similarly at heart has Dingshan and ZhanyueBarbarian and Pegasus Clan said that has a grudge with Zhao Hai, although Zhao Hai to them explained that was inferior, but they have a lump. However after seeing Yama Ship, shadowless that this lump vanished did not have the trace, they do not want to resist with such Zhao Hai, that was courts death absolutely. Zhao Hai and don’t know Fei'er they are thinking anything, he now to very leisurely and carefreeall these changes is the Yama Ship reasons.

The Yama Ship attack strength was really too formidable, although now Yama Ship and Tiny Pagoda about in together, Tiny Pagoda Artifact Spirit Fu Wa also vanished, but Zhao Hai presently he has not actually lost anythingYama Ship to be probably same he to think that with his mind connectionany Yama Ship knows, so long as his thought that Yama Ship completely will press such does, this that he thought regarding Zhao Hai, was enough. After Saint Light City was attacked third day, Fei'er they send to come back with the person who in the clan contacts with finally, they also bring good information, Taurus God Race to fear that now did not have what military strength, Thunder Clan the people of their three clans, although cannot cope with Saint Light City like Zhao Hai easily accomplished, but hundred were also refusing to compromise with God Race, God Race did not have too many military strength to cope with them probably. Hears this information, Zhao Hai to was real feel relievedlooked like this is not Taurus God Race to any plot, but was they do not have the military strength, that Zhao Hai can feel relieved bold coped with Taurus God Race. Fei'er they after looking like Zhao Hai reported the situation in their clanimmediately gave their clansman to deliver a letter, in this letter very detailed has written the matter about Yama Ship, they now are the hopes of sincerity, own clansman can full cooperated with Zhao Hai. When the Zhao Hai preparation continues to attack Taurus Continentguests' of several non- element arrivalsare make Zhao Hai have to stop their plan, the guests of these non- elements, are not the God Race people, but is several different race people. Zhao Hai after hearing Fei'er their report, in the evening the preparation next day on attack Taurus Continent, must rest, Zhao Hai routine has swept a screen, actually suddenly presentlyon screen suddenly appears squad troops, this squad troops are not Fei'er the troops of their three clans, is not the Demon Race troops, but is three teams of different race. Ark Continent there different race, entered in Space, Zhao Hai simply toward leaving the faction, these different race people naturally possibly does not come out from Ark Space, moreover their although is riding Mount, but strength actually compared with Ark Continent there different race much better. This is only a thousand people of squad, the Beastman Race Wolf Rider soldier 500, Elven Race Unicorn Cavalry 200, 300 are Dwarf Race squats Iron Armor Beast Cavalry. although their is not many ”, but can look, is Elite, their strengths, feared that has reached on the God Rank level. Zhao Hai sees this squad Cavalry, was actually curious, must know Saint Light City hereto be able not in the Taurus Continent border land generation, but in Taurus Continent, this squad Cavalry slid? Did the Taurus Continent present military strength lack to this situation? Has been incapable of dispatching troops to guard including the frontier? This Zhao Hai to has guessed right, but he has only guessed right half, Taurus Continent here lacks the military strength very much, in some important places of Continent surrounding, they stations the army, because Taurus Continent also feared that different race god attack attacks. But this these different race gods, reason that can succeed steals into Taurus Continent \; first, because of Taurus Continent here military strength truly appears of frontier the issue, two is because this is the different race god meticulously prepares, a motion of careful choice, even if the Taurus Continent heyday, might make them slide, do not say now. How although don’t know this squad person immediately/on horseback touches to Saint Light City here, Zhao Hai decided that sees them, why having a look at them to come, whether he can add on any busyafter all he to be good with Ark Continent different race relationship, can help the different race god one be also good.! ~!