Chapter 855 arrogant different race god

However Zhao Hai before the decision sees these different race gods, but must take several people, these people are Beast King, Queen Elf and Dwarf Race are long. They are long of Ark Continent three big different race, but these time comes is the different race god, therefore Zhao Hai wants to make them see these different race gods, simultaneously Zhao Hai also made them bring that three Divine Artifact. Three big different race Patriarch one hear of Zhao Hai said that the immediately eye Zhao Hai appears in Saint Light City, now several people is also being 9th level Expert, moreover their in hand are taking Divine Artifact, the facial expression is somewhat excited. Zhao Hai looked at three people of one, shows a faint smile said : „should not be so excited, our immediately must see your clansman, he he, clansman in God Realm.” Beast King is taking Beast God Spear, shows a faint smile said : „, is somewhat excited, don’t know they in God Race here what kind, but should not compare us too to be many.” Queen Elf also shows a faint smile said : „, has not thought that we unexpectedly are in this manner, met with God Realm here clansman, he he, but also really somewhat excited.” Billy somewhat is also excited, but he has not said anything, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, summons Bone, stood the head of Bone Dragon with several people, flew toward outside the city. Where Zhao Hai already knew these different race gods, therefore he has not pretended don’t know, flew toward these person of there directly. Before long Zhao Hai saw front came squad troops, this squad person is not others, different race god who that team of Zhao Hai see, they machine respect, after presently Zhao Hai them, immediately has also exhibited the lineup. Zhao Hai slowed down Bone Dragon, he does not want to let misunderstand him to the lord, he has not wanted to live the conflict with the opposite party now, after all the enemy of enemy is a friend, this truth Zhao Hai understands. The opposite party presently Zhao Hai they probably do not have what hostility, but their although not initiative attack, but the lineup has not actually removed, still suspends very neat.

Quick did Zhao Hai arrive in front of them a kilometer place, look at their appearances, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile said : Hello everyone? Is everybody the God Realm different race god? Introduced oneself, I called Zhao Hai, from Ark Continent, these three separately was Beastman Race Beast King Your Majesty, Elven Race Queen Elf, with Dwarf Race Patriarch.” Beast King three people of immediately/on horseback to these different race person gave a salute, but these different race god actually look at they, solid don’t know must say that any was good. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : everybody not to need to be startled, we have counter-attacked Taurus Continent to come up now, and has seized Saint Light City, what matter don’t know today has?” These different race gods you have a look at me, I have a look at you, don’t know must say that at once any was good, they can affirm, now these people truly are the Ark Continent people, because that three big different race king strength has 9th level, 9th level in God Realm here is not very common level. At this time Beastman god suddenly said : little deceived people, Beastman Race Royal Family is the Diamond Ape clan, when turned into tiger's head Human Race?” Zhao Hai look at that Beastman god shows a faint smile said : I to think that this needs to explain, everybody had certainly for a long time not to relate with Ark Continent, therefore had not understood regarding the present Ark Continent on situation some, before Diamond Ape clan, is Beastman Race Royal Family, but they afterward the Beastman spear|gun to losing on North Polar Icefield, therefore they were sent into exile by Beastman Race, therefore present Beastman Race, is by person holding the post of Lion Race and Tiger Race in turn.” Who that Beastman god look at Zhao Hai said : „are you? Was I speaking with my low grade clansman, what matter have your?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he looked at that Beastman god one eyes, in these Beastman god look at Beast King looks disdains completely, but looks in his look, actually full is the enemy. Zhao Hai wrinkled under brow said : gently everybody, I need to ask, what makes your low grade clansman? What meaning is your this saying?” That Beastman god disdains looked at Zhao Hai said : Human Race, not having the qualifications to speak to me, you, small old tiger, your this Lower Realm low grade clansman, who is makes you use such look look at I.” These, not only Zhao Hai was shocked, the Beast King three people were also shocked, because they not only presently these Beastman gods are using such look look at they, the gods of other two clans, are also using similar look look at they.

Three people stare, they have not thought that they fill with warmly sees them in God Realm clansman, but waited for that their is actually such look, this makes their very difficult receive. Zhao Hai also saw three people of complexion, he not in polite, is only look at that several Beastman gods, deep voice said : everybody, I think that you have misunderstood somewhat, we compared with your low grade, your years by the person suppression of God Race, only cannot withdraw on three Continent, but we have counter-attacked Taurus Continent to come from Ark Continent now, moreover we have not helped with you, therefore you do not have the qualifications to speak to us like this, while convenient in saying one, if were not we give to be defeated Taurus God Race army, you were impossible such smooth sliding to here Come, is that stealthy appearance.” Ten points impolite that Zhao Hai this saying said that that several different race people have been shocked, but Beast King they feel venting spleen. Zhao Hai said not wrong, when the god puts in invades Ark Continent, is Zhao Hai leads them with God Race to resist, at that time their these different race gods in that? Now actually shows an arrogant countenance in here, truly is makes him feel the vitality. These different race god each and every one complexion ugly look at Zhao Hai, Elven Race person suddenly said : „, Human Race, is always good supercilious and self-conceited, actually rascal very much, what? my Lower Realm low grade clansman, you must stand with this Human Race in together, prepares to lead clansman with returned to Virgo Continent, there is a family of our Elf clan.” Queen Elf looked at that Elf one, has smiled suddenly, her calm [say / way] said : in fact, if lets really I elect, I will elect with Mr. Zhao Hai in together, but that Virgo Continent, is not a family of Elf clan, if we think, we can turn into our families any in God Realm 13 large clan.” Beast King and Billy have smiled, Queen Elf said does not have the mistake, so long as there is Zhao Hai, they can God Realm 13 Continent, any turn into their families, speaks the truth, they are not rare. These different race gods have tarried, they have not thought that Queen Elf impolite such, especially that refuted Elf god, her look at Queen Elf, complexion pale said : you truly knows that what you were saying? God Race is formidable your imagination, do you want also to attack and occupy God Race? Do you determine you insanely not?” Queen Elf has cannot help but smiled, his look at that Elf god smiles said : „, my truly I really not insane, God Race is very formidable, but I have saying that present Taurus God Race is not formidable, feel relieved, must fall and other several days Taurus Continent to our in hand, but we do not have what interest to other God Race Continent.” Zhao Hai one hear of Queen Elf said that also knew, he turns the head to look at these different race god said : my don’t know you Taurus Continent here to do today, but the matter I want to be helpful to you, Taurus God Race here, did not have the ability to cope with you, feel relieved, soon, Taurus God Race must in God Realm information, here have us, Thunder Clan, Barbarian, with the Pegasus Clan alliance rule.” As soon as these different race gods listened to Zhao Hai saying that was complexion changes, Thunder Clan, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan they were know that after these three races Taurus God Race subdued, with them also lives several times to fight the impact, although said that these three races were not locally born God Race, however their fighting strength were very strong.

Now Zhao Hai actually said that with their three clan alliance, this lets not believe the different race god who Zhao Hai words, somewhat believes words that Zhao Hai spoke. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes well, deep voice said : everybody, you do not use on Taurus Continent like the present careful, besides some big city cities, believes that other places did not have no Taurus God Race army, we also want returned to Saint Light City now, by the way, Saint Light City now already by our control, if need anything helps, can come Saint Light City to look for me.” Said that Zhao Hai command(er) Bone Dragon turn around is flying in the Saint Light City direction, is also paying no attention to these different race gods, Beast King and Billy are so, they by the look that these different race god that disdained stimulating. Zhao Hai is bringing several people of returned to Saint Light City here, then release Yama Ship, several people welcome to on the ship, sit, after Laura they give several people have offered the tea, Zhao Hai then opens tone said : looks like different race god there we do not need to count on, but I felt what is strange, why can they come Taurus Continent to come up?” The Beast King three people in the vitality, they have not thought that God Realm here clansman, treats them unexpectedly is such manner, at this time the one who calmed down first is Queen Elf, she knit the brows said : mister, can you said because of Thunder Clan they.” Zhao Hai has gawked, the meaning of his understand Queen Elf, Fei'er said before, they must cope with God Race time, will make different race god together to move, but actually by Zhao Hai preventing, in other words, Fei'er they had certainly the relation with these different race gods before, and there is an agreement, now different race god there looked that Fei'er they have not contacted them for a very long time, therefore sent for Taurus Continent here examining, but these people were. Zhao Hai nodded said : to have the possibility, this, this matter I process, you are in returned to Space, in your clans leave you are not good.” Several people do not have what opinion, to be honest, in being used to it that in Space stayed, but also did not like really outside. After Zhao Hai several people send off, on immediately/on horseback Great Demon King and Fei'er they calls on the ship, several people embarked to see Zhao Hai to sit in there, the on the ship dessert and tea have prepared, several people also not polite, sat, now they regarding Zhao Hai such speech way already being used to it. ro! ~!