Chapter 856 tries to practice the place Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, showed a faint smile said : just I present a matter, the different race god of squad arrived at Taurus Continent, arrived to the Saint Light City not far place, I just brought Ark Continent three big different race Patriarch to see one side them, but complexion of these people were not quite attractive, therefore I have not led them, Fei'er, what were you former and different race god have to agree?” Fei'er remembers the countenance of these different race gods, some gastric disorders, he nodded said : is we have the agreement with these different race gods, we will go to them entire, reached agreement together to move, I think that they were because our too long time has not sent for Ark Continent, will therefore send, spoke the truth, I did not like these fellows, arrogant provoking, if made me say, God Race hit them possibly because of their arrogance.” Great Demon King their several people, as soon as listened to Fei'er saying that has smiled, Zhao Hai has also smiled, he also knows that Fei'er was cracking a joke, Fei'er was one quite the person who liked chatting, especially now they do not have what good worry time, was so. Zhao Hai nodded said : you said right, these fellows truly are the arrogant letting person gastric disorders, I think that they will also transfer the several days time in this, whether we could carry on the next step plan, as soon as possible tidied up Taurus Continent here.” Fei'er several people nodded, they now regarding attacking Taurus Continent have some being eager to try, their very clear, has Yama Ship, attacks a city Ba Zhai, will become very simple. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : that to be good, we prepare, tomorrow move, was right, today after going back, lets your people, tidies up thing in Saint, can carry off reorganizes, my carries off to Yama Ship on.” How many people complied with one, immediately turn around walked, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King have not actually walked, Zhao Hai look at their said : what kind of? Does the life in Space also satisfy?” Great Demon King laughs said : satisfaction, naturally is satisfied, mister, to be honest, this is our Demon Race person has a dream has thought the day, now clansman already to settle down, moreover we are also studying the planter, invited mister feel relieved, we certainly as far as possible did not disrupt the environment in Space.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to be good, told the sentence truth to you, previous time I receive these God Race people in Space, I have also given them one with your similar environment, wants to make them run its own course in there, but has not actually thought that they went to Space there to start the destruction of frantic, these Bread Tree, I was the preparation leave them to regard food, was a pity that they gave to overthrow Bread Fruit, I thought that their it will not take long must have an empty stomach, but I do not want in the tube they, I to give them opportunity, they actually began, gave to destroy this opportunity..” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King have gawked, then their face inconceivable said : these God Race such did really? Why?”

Zhao Hai forced smile said : they possibly think that I must regard the slave them, or wants to destroy there to collect indignant, that Space simply has looked awful in any case now, they are different from you, they have not lived in Demon Realm such environment comes forth, in the God Realm here God Race person, has almost not come across any matter, they are arrogant, they also look down upon , because of this, after they were defeated, completely lost the judgment ability, the real difficult imagination, they unexpectedly are God Race, HaHaHa.” Zhao Hai these three smile finally, sounds that coldly, but Great Demon King and meaning of Demon Dragon King actually understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is because was angry, these God Race people are unappreciative, Zhao Hai has given them such good opportunity, they actually will not treasure. Their don’t know must say that what was good, they have cannot help but thought of Demon Race, if the demon put has also been defeated by Zhao Hai, after God Race was grasped Space, will they make what choice? They have almost simultaneously thought an answer, choice very simple of Demon Race person, they certainly very relieved lives in Space, is protecting there every bit of property carefully, because the environment in Space, comes compared with Demon Realm there, strong were too many. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, showed a faint smile said : to be right, after a period of time, I want Devil Regiment, went to you not to go to Space to gain experience, perhaps like this they can become God Rank Expert.” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King have gawked, they somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to lead you to go to a landlord, place that you possibly will not like.” Said that Zhao Hai waved, vanished in Yama Ship including him in same place, next quarter they already appears in Hell Space. Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King stared in a big way eye look at Hell Space, here was simply similar to Demon Realm, no, was worse than Demon Realm. Great Demon King looked at all around one, this turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, is here?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : here is Hell Space, compared with the place that the Demon Realm environment must miss, but here can promote Undead Creature level, can plant some special medicinal herbs, but I can use these medicinal herbs, manufactures one type of Potion, that Potion can let God Rank that 9th level Expert directly provides, what cannot somewhat be a pity, now this Potion energy has not produced, otherwise I directly took to give the Devil Regiment person to use.” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King looked at one mutually, saw a color with amazement from the opposite party eye, from 9th level to God Rank difficult, they are very clear, Demon Realm there 9th level Expert are many, but must become God Rank, going is the countless sufferings and hardships, described not excessive with in ten-thousand does not have one.

But Zhao Hai can produce leave one type of Potion unexpectedly, can promote God Rank from 9th level directly, that was really too great, since it seems like they have underestimated the Zhao Hai strength. Zhao Hai looked at their said : this Space is my nearest/recent obtains, this Space environment was not quite good, but your Demon Race person wanted to practice successfully, must arrive in some quite bad environment, in fact, later the Ark Continent there person, I also will deliver to here a batch, therefore I want Devil Regiment, Hell Space practiced, did you look?” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King looked at all around one, their simultaneous nods , the Hell Space here environment is really very bad, but the person of wicked grinding regiment, now on a foot that difference that is in front of the goal, so long as helped them cross that threshold, their later achievements were limitless. Before Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King said : this Space, I have opened one time, is Demon Realm lives beast tide the time, at that time I opened Space, got so far as here to come these Magic Beast, there are these fierce Demon Realm Magic Beast, I believe that here will become the best smelting trial field.” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that has gawked, but they also nod, truly is, Ark Continent and God Realm here Magic Beast , compared with their Demon Realm Magic Beast, has been short of such wild nature, air/Qi of aggressive, must therefore speak of the experiment, is Demon Realm there Magic Beast is best. Original Great Demon King somewhat was also worried, the person in Demon Realm, the time of if in the Demon Realm Space that good environment staying grew, may lose wild nature, that Demon Race person also was not the Demon Race person, now had this Space, this arrived has solved this problem. Great Demon King nodded said : well, I agreed that the opinion of mister, lets the Devil Regiment person, comes to gain experience to here one is right, I went back to tell them.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to need such to worry, moreover I do not think that one time makes them arrive at here to come, best to come in turn, do you look?” Demon Dragon King nodded said : well, if together came, we will have some understrength, came in turn, will not harm the here matter, made them obtain to gain experience.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that well, the matter such has decided that this matter you arranged, the a batch hundred thousand person, momentarily can come.”

Great Demon King nodded, Zhao Hai waved, Yama Ship appears in God Realm there, Fei'er they now in preparing the matter of tomorrow attack, Zhao Hai transferred to look at Great Demon King said : Your Majesty, Demon Dragon, you also prepared, tomorrow our present times was calling you, was right, reminded to the Devil Regiment person, now here has the different race god, let them carefully, these fellows perhaps met attack Devil Regiment, if they wanted attack, you're welcome.” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King are he he smile, turn around walked, at this time Laura they in the cabin walked out, Meg and nun has tidied up thing on table, has provided the snack, Laura then said : really cannot think that these different race empathizes are this appearance, was too disappointing.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : possibly to grow in the God Realm here dull time, has fostered that arrogant problem, he he, did not go to manage him is, after not doing well, they can also ask us.” Laura shook the head said : to hope that they will not ask us, otherwise, Elder Brother Hai, easily complies to help them.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, drank tea, the scenery of static look at distant place, some little time Zhao Hai said : speaks the truth, the God Realm here scenery also is really very good, I am not cruel enough to destroy.” Lizzy around their also look at, some little time Lizzy sighed said : „, if we were not the enemies, that would be nice, what a pity, ambitious family of this world was many.” Laura smiles said : well Elder Brother Hai, in not sighing, has remembered these God Race in Space? That is also they brings upon oneself, no wonder your, toward at heart do not go.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, to be honest, he also really toward at heart went, what his understand these God Race people are not arrogant, before because them, invincible? Don't they step on countless arrogant people in the under foot had today's God Race? Perhaps this is they do not have the reason that the means accept defeat. ro! ~!