Chapter 857 shocks! Next morning, Fei'er they thing that receives from Saint Light City, has concentrated, then has moved to Yama Ship, all on Yama Ship person, very curious is sizing up all on Yama Ship, but they were somewhat disappointed, what they go is only the cabin, but in these cabins anything does not have, is only an empty room. However the Yama Ship capacity truly is to let their greatly surprised, they have not thought that Yama Ship such can install unexpectedly, can install simply entire Saint Light City. How is actually the marching words, so long as they brought some quite simple thing to be good, other daily necessities, simply was useless, but these thing had regarding Zhao Hai uses, no matter a Gnome clan or Demon Race, they needed these thing. Person many strengths are big, thing that in quick Saint Light City all can use, by Zhao Hai moving out, Zhao Hai has then put up Yama Ship to fly toward Taurus Continent, Fei'er they with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also noted, different race god these people also with their not far away look at they, but Zhao Hai did not care, they want to look that made them favor. Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King have not sat on Yama Ship, but puts up own War Chariot/Tank to follow in the Yama Ship side, but that two Zhao Hai just obtained Domain Weapon, Zhao Hai has not actually given him any, but still lets the Undead Creature use of that two God Race. army enormous and powerful kills toward Taurus Continent, their is not quick, Zhao Hai also to look after Fei'er they, he feared flies was too quick, will make Fei'er they lose fighting strength. Their present enemies are God Race, Zhao Hai do not think that God Race extinguishing, this merit was too big, he does not want, this matter must make Fei'er they think that they also strove, this after them cooperates has the advantage very much. These different put the god not to walk away, has followed in army behind, they are want to take a look, how Zhao Hai makes the war with God Race, they do not believe to the present that Zhao Hai they can counter-attack God Race from Ark Continent there unexpectedly. Such that just like Zhao Hai thinks, this all the way they in running into the God Race person, it seems like God Race was all removed in big city, prepared to resist with them. although Zhao Hai can affirm that Saint Light City here has not run away God Race, but Saint Light City has good several days not with God Race has related high, they definitely know that Saint Light City here has had an accident, will therefore certainly make the corresponding arrangement, withdraws these outside the city God Race people, is normal. Ryder complexion heavy look at Zhao Hai their this only Battalion, Ryder was Dwarf Race, to be honest, his very much happy saw Billy, but he actually did not have immediately/on horseback to salute to him regarding Billy also feels some vitalities, therefore he will use that look look at Billy. Such that just like Zhao Hai said that they in God Realm here dull was long, already had the arrogance at heart, they think a cut above others, especially Ark Continent there clansman, they believe that Ark Continent there clansman simply does not allot them to treat as an equal, therefore they will use such look look at Billy they, actually does not think that these happen to they gave to offend Billy. although said Ryder very arrogant, but he is not a cold blood person, he has with the Ark Continent there Dwarf Race same temperament, regarding them, good is good, badly is bad, does not have that ash-gray thing. His although does not like the Billy manner, thinks that Billy lowers their First Grade, but he wants to look after Billy, moreover they also want to know that what Zhao Hai said is real, they can deal with the God Race person.

Before is such that Laura they said that Ryder their these time comes Taurus Continent here, for relates Thunder Clan, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, together copes with God Race, before this is them, reaches an agreement. However Thunder Clan they have not actually contacted with them, therefore three clans send their this squad, coming Taurus Continent here to have a look, having a look at here to live any matter. Has not actually thought that just arrived at Taurus Continent here, has met Zhao Hai they, moreover Zhao Hai said that his immediately must extinguish Taurus God Race, this has brought back Ryder their curiosity, therefore they continuously with Zhao Hai they. The situation that however this sees all the way, makes Ryder understand, Zhao Hai possibly not lie, they have the means to cope with God Race, otherwise Taurus Continent here this appearance, will not fly such how long, links a God Race person not to see unexpectedly, moreover all God Race person villages moved out. They do not certainly believe that God Race person this was goes to the collective to take vacation, reason that the God Race person will walk, certainly because of Zhao Hai they, in other words, the God Race person knows that Zhao Hai they came, has carried on strengthening the defenses and clearing the fields! Strengthens the defenses and clears the fields this tactic, their different race god has also used, moreover not only one time, for is copes with God Race, initially they and God Race battle, the God Race person attacks to get up three Continent of different race god, they have to come with such means with God Race deal with, finally finally three Continent snatching. Even if before is, they most formidable time, just attacks Taurus Continent, has not let the situation that the God Race person achieved to strengthen the defenses and clear the fields, but Zhao Hai has achieved, on the other hand this also since explained the Zhao Hai strength. Because saw these, therefore Ryder they meet a heaviness of face, because of their understand, what Zhao Hai they said is real, they truly counter-attack God Race Continent, in other words, the Ark Continent there different race person, completely has the strength to treat as an equal with them, before them, with such manner, treated others, others cannot certainly happy. However they want to take a look, how Zhao Hai kicks Saint Light City, they noted, Saint Light City city wall, vanished. Quick Zhao Hai they arrived at outside a God Race medium grade city, this city also has the God Race garrison troops, more is God Race commoner. Zhao Hai looked at this city one, this is moral behavior quantity over 1 million cities, in Ark Continent here is not biggest, can only be general. This in the city has not used Domain Weapon God Race Expert, the garrison troops are not many, sole troublesome protective shield regarding Zhao Hai was not the terrible business, Zhao Hai decided that making Fei'er they cope with these God Race, so long as he broke protective shield to be OK. The in the city God Race person also saw Zhao Hai they, in this city also installed Magic Cannon also to have Ballista, Zhao Hai was actually looked that has not looked at one, made Yama Ship overrun directly, one expelling to break to pieces Magic protective shield in city. Zhao Hai this time has not let on these Magic Cannon with Yama Ship, these Magic Cannon Might were too big, if has used these Magic Cannon, feared that was this small town must play the egg. After Zhao Hai has destroyed Magic protective shield, made Fei'er they attack, Fei'er they were already waiting for this day, to be honest, followed behind to make the war in Zhao Hai, truly was very crisp, almost did not use any hand, all handled.

However this is also their most headache place, because of as the matter stands, a point could not show that they, making them look like look like follow in the fellow who Zhao Hai behind mixed the military exploit, this let Fei'er their not being feeling well. Currently finally had performance opportunity, person going all out of three clans, overran toward that small town, but God Race person also immediately/on horseback counter-attack of small town there. Zhao Hai stands on Yama Ship, the look at following fight of calm, he received his sympathy now, God Race these people have not been worth sympathizing, said it, this is the war, you sympathize with them, they will actually not sympathize with you. But follows in Zhao Hai their behind Ryder they actually surprised look at all these, 1 million people of God Race cities, the defensive system is complete, regarding them, such city is not that good attack, wants to take such city, does not have 18 million army is impossible, moreover must use Domain Weapon. Actually must attack a city in God Race here, most troublesome is that Magic protective shield, this Magic protective shield power, is Magic Crystal, this Magic Crystal has the ore that some are naturally grow, some are actually Magic Beast within the body form. Ark Continent there Magic Crystal is also this, energy that but in God Realm here Magic Crystal contains, wants on a big way compared with energy that Ark Continent there contains many. But Magic Formation of 1 million people of God Race cities, is actually need about ten thousand Magic Crystal can start, can block Domain Weapon ten times attack fully. Moreover these Magic Crystal can along with using along with in addition, so long as in the city Magic Crystal is enough, you want to take over a city are extremely difficult. However this difficult incomparable Magic cover, in the Zhao Hai eye, actually simply is not in their opinion worth mentioning, only uses that huge ship, hit to finish up directly. Such matter they are the first time saw, is the first time hears that to be honest, they have one type of to the present such as the feeling in dream. in the city fight very intense, these God Race people's resistances very tenacious, but their morale is actually very low falls, because of existence of Zhao Hai. Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King also moved, that two God Race Undead Creature, four people put up War Chariot/Tank to crash in in the city, so long as were God Race just organized the effective resistance, their immediately destroyed, during the God Race person fell into to be completely passive at once. Zhao Hai looked was also similar, cannot let Fei'er their appears too many casualties, these ordinary soldiers of such words three clans will possibly blame him, because these soldiers know, fierce of Zhao Hai, but in this time Zhao Hai, if did not help, these people certainly will blame afterward him. Zhao Hai too has understood the human nature, these people to render meritorious service go all out to rush, when their casualties answered a certain degree, they will forget oneself initially to render meritorious service, why they only met blame Zhao Hai not to help them the opposite party extinguishing directly, remaining caused such big casualties to them. However Zhao Hai has not used Yama Ship, Yama Ship should say that should not appears in this Space weapon, this weapon regarding God Race, really be too strong, their rebel opportunity does not have, therefore Zhao Hai was only release undead has helped Fei'er they.

Besides this reason, a very important reason, Zhao Hai feared the number of times that Yama Ship uses are too many, will provoke the response of Law of the Heaven and Earth, kicks out from this piece of Space him directly, that may not be unamusing, his has plenty matter has not been done, therefore Zhao Hai does not think that now was using Yama Ship. Has these undead join, quick that fight finished, all rebel people, were all killed, remaining these God Race people, by Zhao Hai throwing into Space, their later dead or alive, not in the Zhao Hai consideration range. After Zhao Hai ties, Zhao Hai they fast have cleaned the battlefield, is centered on this small town, has carried on the recuperation, Zhao Hai also paid attention to that team of different race gods. These different race gods also with at their back, but the distance probably was also the move back, Zhao Hai did not go to manage them, he made Fei'er they count the victory, has counted the situation of casualties. This time fight very excited, the Thunder Clan person died in battle more than 3000 people, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan has more than 2000 people of casualties respectively, in them can in Cheng Shou the range. Stands on Yama Ship, is listening to Fei'er their report, the Zhao Hai mood actually very heavily, to be honest, he really does not think now such was hitting, but did not have the means not to continue, the weaponry has projected on this degree, is not he wants to stop to stop. If he stops, the Ark Continent person, the Demon Race person will not have the matter, but Fei'er they what to do? Only with Fei'er they, feared that is very formidabe God Race person, besides Fei'er them, the different race god also knew now here situation, feared that will be they are also quick to participate, as soon as they will participate, that was not they and Taurus God Race matter, entire God Realm feared that will ignite the beacon-fire. What most important is, Atlanta Continent, Underworld, these two enemies have not removed, Zhao Hai has believed that Underworld there probably is not that simple, their level divisions , are more than God Race probably, that also explained that Underworld there actually does have also wants the strong person compared with on God Rank Expert? If is really such, if he leaves to retreat, feared that can block the attack of God Race on nobody, no matter God Realm is also good, is other plane, finally feared that is difficult to run away by the Underworld conquer destiny. After Fei'er they reported that look at stood in bow motionless Zhao Hai, don’t know he is thinking anything, a while, they presently Zhao Hai does not have the sound, several people cannot help but somewhat could not halt, finally Great Demon King open the mouth and said: mister, what matter does What happened? have?” Zhao Hai one recovers, he turns the head look at Great Demon King their several people, look at of present several people of one face worries he, he cannot help but shows a faint smile said : not anything, is only some feelings generally, the casualties that this fights are not small, I look at this, the next war or makes Undead Creature take the lead, as far as possible some reduced casualties real.” Fei'er they do not speak, to be honest Fei'er their although wants to promote itself the status in Zhao Hai heart, but they did not have frantic, with share that oneself clansman life bet. In this time, Thunder Clan person suddenly has been flying by Yama Ship, to Zhao Hai said loudly: Report, mister, outside has several different race gods to see you!” ro! ~!