Zhao Hai to stares, reason that actually he today makes Fei'er they attack, to give the different race god looked that for lets their understand, he and Fei'er they cooperated, he has not deceived them. Shows your strength, making these possibly the person of your ally knows that your strength, these different race gods may become the Zhao Hai allies, therefore Zhao Hai imagines them to show own strength. although Zhao Hai shows the strength in these different race gods likely, but he has not actually thought that these different race empathizes such quickly had the response. Zhao Hai to that Thunder Clan person said :, please!, that Thunder Clan person bowedturn around to walk to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai turned the head look at Fei'er theyto show a faint smile said : looks like these arrogant fellows experiences to our fierce, HaHaHa I said that we can also come the arrogant performance? ” Fei'er they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that ” gawked, then has smiled, in this time, that Thunder Clan person is getting three different race gods to arrive at Yama Ship side, Zhao Hai looked, was that three different race god of lead. Zhao Hai bows to three people slightly, smiles said : well several, please come up to sit, how drinks one cup?” That three people to has gawked, then several people mutually looked at one, ” Zhao Hai have waved the diving posture to Yama Ship on, table chairalso had the food and wine to display. Zhao Hai puts out a hand slightly said : several, please! That three people looked at one mutually, actually don’t know must say that at once any was good, they looked at all around one, presently Fei'er theyalso saw Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King, had not actually seen people who in three big different race they want to see. On three people of faces cannot help but appears surprised , did Zhao Hai look at three people of oneto show a faint smile said : three is thinking Beast King they in there? To be honest, they not in here, in fact before we have not counter-attacked God Race they did not need to participate in any fight, although people in their three clan, are used Potion promoting 9th level by me now, but their fighting strength to the God Race personmissed, therefore I have not allowed them to participate. ”

Ryder look at Zhao Hai said : mister you said that their present simply not in God Realm Continent here?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : naturally not to be, previous time wants to let them and you meets, no matter what, you are also with the one type of clan, moreover before your God Realm here person God Race that to cope with that Lower Realm goes toalso delivering specially after their three Divine Artifact, on that day they were also taking, wants to show youhe he, what a pity, you have not given their this opportunity. ”, One hear of Zhao Hai said that Ryder they cannot help but somewhat are awkward, Zhao Hai looked at three people one, smiles said :, has not cared, do I chat, what matter sit don’t know several today to ask me to have? ” As soon as three people listened to Zhao Hai saying that arrived at child table there to meet, Fei'er they also sat down ” the Zhao Hai look at three people to show a faint smile said : to forget to introduce that to three, this was Fei'er, the Thunder Clan person, this was Dingshan, the Barbarian person, this was Zhanyue, the Pegasus Clan person these two is Demon Realm Great Demon King Your Majesty and Demon Dragon King, previous time saw three times, has not known that three did namethree to introduce oneself? ” Ryder looked at Zhao Hai said : Dwarf Race Ryder. ” Beastman Race that person of deep voice said : Xiao Bingya, Wolf Clan two That Elven Race person deep voice said : Elven Race leaf Hertha. ” What matter did Zhao Hai nod said : three today to ask me to have? How three people looked at one also really some don’t know to say mutually ”, Xiao Bingya deep voice said : today we follow in mister, saw mister and fight of God Race person, to be honest, the process of fight stemmed from our anticipation I not to think, mister strength such. ” A Xiao Bingya saying, Zhao Hai to has gawked such, his later Xiao Bingya they are so arrogant, not easily looks like him to admit defeathas not thought that Xiao Bingya came up to say these, this arrived somewhat stems from his unexpected. Zhao Hai smiles said : actually this is also the luck, how many people in the God Race person who God Realm here grows up also much have the contact, I think that you definitely do know in their the god? This ship originally is not my, but previous time they in the god that summoned, wanted to cope with meto be defeated by me, this ship was the spoils of war. ”, Xiao Bingya they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked, then the face big change, their this whole life with the God Race fight, naturally is knowing that the God Race on god was anything, they were only have not thought that Zhao Hai can defeat the God Race on god unexpectedly.

Great Demon King look at Xiao Bingya their appearances, show a faint smile said : „, not only one time, mister has defeated in that in fact god twice, first time in Ark Continent there, God Race in the god that summoned, wants to cope with mister, finally had been robbed Tiny Pagoda by mister, second time is this ship, but this ship may be inferior now to be so attractive at that time.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this ship gathers to make with his Tiny Pagoda and ship, he he, Level Up version, good.” Xiao Bingya several people looked at one mutually, felt that being startled, they have not thought that can be this, Zhao Hai can achieve this point unexpectedly, this made them be startled. Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, show a faint smile said :, several, spoke frankly, you want to ally with us, did together cope with God Race?” The Xiao Bingya three people looked at one mutually, nodded, Zhao Hai selected has selected said : that to be good, formed an alliance is actually not, but I think a matter you also said does not calculate best to go back in the person with your clan to discuss well, if you agreed that that can reply me as soon as possible, I want to use to give to tidy up Taurus God Race these days first. ” As soon as the Xiao Bingya three people listened to Zhao Hai saying that nodded, they also know what Zhao Hai said was rightimportant matter like forming an alliance, they said does not calculate, moreover looks at the present appearance, Demon Race stood unexpectedly Zhao Hai, Fei'er their probably also very intimate Zhao Hai, in adding on Zhao Hai that formidable fighting strength, completely was capable of measuring strength with them, in this case, they can only this matter reporting clan. The Zhao Hai look at three people, smile said :, several, this time we attack Taurus Continent, reason that has not moved with your together, is my idea, hatreds of your three clan and God Race deep, I think you clearly very, if these time will attack Taurus Continent you to participate inthat entire God Race counter-attacking ”, but we had not taken at this time Taurus Continent, this to us very disadvantageous, therefore after we will prepare Taurus Continent will hit, in informs you, if God Race will be called us and the Taurus Continent dogfight, will insert one. The words of foot, we will inform your together to move, to be honest, I did not like three manner before, good that but some few words said that the enemy of enemy is a friend, we have a common enemy, God Race, so long as will eliminate God Race we to have the auspicious day, therefore is willing to form an alliance with you. ”, The Xiao Bingya three people have not spoken, but face has some awkwardness, their beforehand manner are not quite truly good ”, if treats low level person, that does not have anything saying that what when they face is Zhao Hai this, when is they with level Expert, was using such manner ” is very disgusting. But they have not thought that Zhao Hai so direct saying, the Zhao Hai look at three people of appearances, will show a faint smile said :, three, our here has plenty matter, I was not many keep three you to hope you can as soon as possible contacted with own clansman, as soon as possible answered to us that was forms an alliance or does not form an alliance, if you agreed to form an alliance, we must prepare. ” The Xiao Bingya three people looked at one mutually, simultaneously has stood, to Zhao Hai gave a salute, turn around walked, looked that Xiao Bingya they walked, Fei'er cannot help but he he the chuckle, in a soft voice said :, mister had means to speak the truth, I was tired of thoroughly their arrogant stocks, after I want to pass through this matter, they will certainly restrain. ”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, I hope that they can form an alliance with us, however speaks the truth, if they do not form an alliance with us, I was not worried very much.” Fei'er has smiled, they three big different race gods contacted before, has probably been at a disadvantagethis to make him somewhat puzzled, reason that now a Zhao Hai such sayinghe understand, they thought that when is together with three big different race gods at leewardis because thought own that strength has not contended with three big different race, thought that their helpthey certainly will not have lost, like this was togethernaturally to fall on leeward. But Zhao Hai is actually not this, the Zhao Hai strength is placed in there, no matter three big different race gods help him, allies with him, he did not fear that is because of this, therefore Zhao Hai, when is together with them, for a while will be in the equal the status, even is the winning side. Good that the proverb said that the hammering also needs own hardly, is this truth, Fei'er they now makes understand. Fei'er looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : mister, now we attack God Race are very smooth, but the matter I must say one to you, I heard that on God Race 13 Continent, Ultimate Weapon, everyday this Continent has met the life and death time, they will use this weapon, hears this weapon Might very enormous, but arrived at the bottom to any degree, I and don’t know, I have not seen that weapon, but heard.” Zhao Hai said : Ultimate Weapon? Um, perhaps why this is three big different race gods has been able to defend three Continent the reason that but had not been destroyed completely by God Race, he he, does not have relationship, I also really want to take a look, what weapon is. ” Looked Zhao Hai said is so relaxed, Fei'er cannot bear remind their said : mister to be careful that a point is good, I listened to these God Race people saying that weapon can move mountains, Might incomparably huge!”, Zhao Hai nodded said : well feel relieved, I will pay attention, no matter whatTaurus Continent must take, our sooner or later must to this weapon, I look that thistomorrow we reinforce the attack, like this they can cope with us with that weapon, remaining they cope with your three clans with that filament weapon. ” a.