Fei'er they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, then several people of face changed, this point that Zhao Hai said that they have not thought, if God Race coped with their clansman with that Ultimate Weapon, they must defeat without doubt. Zhao Hai look at Fei'er their appearancescomforted said : to be good, don't worry, tomorrow we sped up attack I to want to take a look, God Race Ultimate Weapon was any appearance. ” Fei'er several people do not speak, Zhao Hai turned the head look at their said : Fei'er, after you went back, gave your clansman to send the letter, first God Race not compelling tightly, making us cope with them.”, Three people have complied with one, stood after Zhao Hai said goodbye immediately leave. Zhao Hai look at Fei'er their appearancescannot help but smiledGreat Demon King also to smile said : mister, you scared them, spoke the truth, that possible had, if I the lord of Taurus Continent, I will use Ultimate Weapon first to destroy completely their three clans, was turning the head to fight a decisive battle with us, this did not have the extra worries. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : well I also to think that what therefore I reminded theirto be strange, hadn't they said the Ultimate Weapon matter before? Forgot? ” Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King were looking at one mutually, how don’t know must reach an agreement, this matter seemed like Fei'er they have forgotten probably, but arrived at the bottom is they have forgotten, that has not said. Zhao Hai look at their expressions, showed a faint smile said : to be good, don't worry, no matter they forgot fake to forget , was the same regarding me.”, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King looked at one mutually, has smiled, perhaps Demon Dragon King was said : mister must be many weapon.” One hear of he said that Zhao Hai also smiled. Reason that Zhao Hai so will be relaxed, is not he looks down upon God Race Ultimate Weapon ” , because self-confident, he believes that can defeat the opposite party by the Yama Ship strengthfully, if Yama Ship cannot defeat the opposite partythat God Race not to manage Lu Wei to call the god. Lu Wei wants into on god of God Race person, that must have that strength to be good, no matter yin Soul Tower this Treasure Ship, is very formidable existence, if after Zhao Hai did not undergo the promotion of several times, is impossible to fight Lu Wei, that in other words, Lu Wei these two treasures are also more formidable than God Race Ultimate Weapon, otherwise God Race will be will not submit to his. The Lu Wei two treasures are both more formidable than God Race Ultimate Weapon, that did Zhao Hai gather formidable in togethernot two treasures? This is the Zhao Hai confident reason. Zhao Hai is very confident ”, but he will not take lightly enemyLeo to wrestle the rabbit, tries especially, Zhao Hai is also so. After Fei'er their returned to own camp, immediately wrote a letter to the clan, then immediately/on horseback makes the person send back, they feared that situation that really Zhao Hai said lives.

Next morning, Zhao Hai they then carry on attackZhao Hai to change the way that one type of has made to fight to Taurus God Race now, he asked position that the Fei'er Taurus Continent here situation, Zhao Hai they are at now, is the Taurus Continent southeast, is inland ”, no matter coast, if they according to yesterday direction attack, that happen to toward Taurus Continent Northwest attack, will kill an oblique line on equivalent to in Taurus Continent. Zhao Hai does not want to make this situation livehim to change the idea, he thinks that the mister Taurus Continent southeast takesto make here their rear areas, to guarantee that will not have enemy suddenly to brave attack from behind they, therefore his today's attack directionentire Taurus Continent southeast all enemies. The Taurus Continent present military strength itself are not many, but southeast here cuts back the defense, all armies almost centralized in these every large or small cities, this arrived has given Zhao Hai opportunity, Zhao Hai looked like pulls out nail/saboteur to be the same, these cities capturing, but this simultaneously, in Space the map about Taurus Continent was also getting bigger and bigger. Only used three days, Zhao Hai to give Taurus Continent southeast that dozens every large or small city with, all God Race lost in that Space. Zhao Hai does not want to starve to death really these God Race, in that Space although was destroyed some landlords by the God Race person, but that Space very big ”, so long as God Race calms down, they know that these thing they naturally will not destroy regarding their important xing ”, but the God Race person needs how long, can forget that to hate of Zhao Hai, that did not say. However Zhao Hai had not counted on any case the God Race person can provide Strength of Faith to him, he throws into Space these God Race people, but does not want to make killing sin. After the entire Taurus Continent southeast was cleaned up by Zhao Hai is clean, they immediately/on horseback starts toward Taurus Continent to advance, but this Zhao Hai carelessly does not advance, but is the direct impact Taurus Continent largest city, is their capital cities, God's Aim City advances. This flashes their pushing progress, is almost becomes a straight line, attacks Fengcheng that ” this meets all the way toward God's Aim City, they were given to capture by Zhao Hai, that may really call with irresistible force. Zhao Hai their such degrees of jerklet entire Taurus Continent flurried, even the people on some Taurus Continent, started to prepare the ship, wants to seek asylum toward other Continent on. But at this time, Fei'er they also received the reply of oneself clansman, they stopped now to Taurus God Race attackperson, moreover is preparing to send in the clan to have the prestige sees Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai to worries with Taurus God Race definitely the dying war, he wants in this manner, making Taurus God Race all attention centralized to his body, Zhao Hai very clear, he cannot God Race compelling too tightly, not so Taurus God Race, if looked like other God Race Continent to pray for rescue, that matter trouble. Therefore Zhao Hai in receiving Fei'er their clansman, stopped after information of Taurus God Race attackhe also slowed down attack. He slowed down is not does not do, but started these domains that cleaned up him to hit, if before , his attack to the Taurus God Race, was becomes a straight line attacks directly, that present is to become an appearance of planeparallel advancement. As the matter stands although his attack slow, but the domain is actually getting bigger and biggerZhao Hai such does \; first, to obtain the even bigger domain, two must give Thunder Clan their three clan opportunity, three and other replies of big different God Race. although now Zhao Hai advancing slow, but the atmosphere on Taurus Continent actually anxious, because Zhao Hai bit by bit is nibbling Taurus Continent, compression bit by bit survival Space of Taurus Continent person. Zhao Hai also paid attention to the response of Ark Continenthe to make Fei'er go in the pass/test of time to believe to their clan, although their three clans stopped now to the attack of Ark Continent, but Zhao Hai asked them to handle another matter, this matter was, let ask other people to send out elite troops in oneself clan, monitoring to have a look at other Taurus Continent direction Continent not to request reinforcements Taurus Continent nearby sea surface ”. This requests Thunder Clan and other clans to want not to think that complied, they originally because also cannot strive together to cope with Taurus God Race to feel guilty, now does not use. After Zhao Hai has seized the entire Taurus Continent southeast third day, Thunder Clan and other representatives of clans arrived at Zhao Hai here finally. The lineup that this three clans send can be said as very luxurious, Thunder Clan two hundred thousand EliteBarbarian five hundred thousand Elite, Pegasus Clan 1 million Elite, moreover is God Rank Expert, but person who leads also very great, Thunder Clan and Barbarian there, the team leader arrives, is Great Elder in their clanis next to existence of Patriarch ”, but team leader Pegasus Clan is their Speaker, Pegasus Clan there besides Patriarch, Council participates in the rule, but Council Speaker, compared with Barbarian and Thunder Clan Great Elder, the status is not low, counter- to possible also high one time, to say in three clans. No. 2 Human Race arrived. Their status, compared with Fei'er they, but on high many, such lineup can be called is really magnificent. They arrived at Battalion here, Zhao Hai theyZhao Hai are still living in the God Will City medium grade city there recuperation on Yama ShipFei'er they take God Will City as pleasingly, established big camp, but three clans arrivedfrom going to camp of their this clan on.

Zhao Hai after knowing this situation has not cared, he now with three clans is only relationship of ally, is not the kings of three clans, Lan Clan the person arrived, does not need to pay a visit him first, they naturally must contact with their clansman first, understood that situationthen in pays a visit Zhao Hai. However three clansman have not let him and others too long time, they enter camp, after to settle down is good, ” the team leaders of three clans on brother-in-law. Zhao Hai stands in the Yama Ship deck ” the team leaders of look at three clans, these three people of ages are not small, their wear also very has special of clan, Barbarian Great Elder fur robestature is stoutin hand to take Staff, although is a long gown, but looks like makes him appear formidable might verylooks like a general of wear Scholar clothing/taking. Thunder Clan Great Elder stature also very tall and big, he also wears the long gown, in hand also takes a chart cane stickthis chart cane stick actually to want on slightly many, is also similar to Staff. Pegasus Clan Speakeris very magnificent clothesvery beautifulin hand is taking purification Staff, looks like approaches is Great Noble on Ark Continent. Zhao Hai hit to brave three people, then Zhao Hai has seen three to three people of said :, three wind points just arrived at here, actually anxious saw Zhao Hai this is makes me be favored to annoy startledthree to please sit down quickly. ” Three people also manage hastily, Pegasus Clan Speaker look at Zhao Hai smiles said : Zhan Fang to see mister, mister was really too polite, has paid a visit mister should be to here, mister do not say.” Barbarian Great Elder also salutes to Zhao Hai said : Yuan Jiang insight mister, the help of thanks a lot mister to our Barbarian.” Thunder Clan Great Elder also salutes said : Zhen Wushuang to see mister, mister matter Fei'er told us, I admire the mister ability really very much.” a.