Zhao Hai is showing a faint smile said :three not to need such to three people politely, quickly to please sit down, three arrivals, on my happy board have displayed the table really very much, on the table have chocked up things to eat. Comes not only also Zhen Wushuang several people, Fei'er they also came, but Zhao Hai this side only came Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King they. After several people sit down, Laura they beforehand prepared the good meal to deliver, these time delivered, but Zhao Hai liked eating[] country cuisine, but such dish , no matter Ark Continent, was God Race, was other plane, did not have. Great Demon King dish on their look at table, has gawked, person but who these people have the status, before what magnificent scene, has seen, therefore has gawked, nobody said anything. Zhao Hai takes up wine glass personally, arrived at one glass of liquor to all people, then he smiles said : these vegetables is our Buda Family unique, on Continent eats such dish person not to be many, today everybody can come my very happy, please, we let us drink this cup completely!” Several people have held up the cup, after returning a courtesy, in cheered the liquor, Zhao Hai pours the child second cup, but this time he has not been raising glass, but is look at people said : how everyone/Great Clan tastes dish of our Buda, does not use politely.” Great Demon King they ate curiously. Vegetable, but also let alone, the flavor is very good, the commendation that cannot bear turned, Zhao Hai expressed gratitude with a smile, has drunk one glass of liquor, this said : several this time saw me, what matter had?” Yuan Jiang look at Zhao Hai smiles said : this our several people to present the order of Patriarch, thanks Mr. Zhao Hai, mister has not opened to us in Ark Continent there greatly kills, meanwhile forms an alliance together to deal with the God Race person with us, moreover each war is provides leadership, this lets our very touched.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : several to be too polite, we were the allies, the ally should such do, moreover God Race was our common enemies, coped with them should be.” Yuan Jiang shows a faint smile, has not been saying anything, Zhen Wushuang open the mouth and said: These time besides thanked beside mister also the matter, these armies that we brought, was supports mister, naturally, we know that mister here did not lack the military strength, but we were the allies, only made a mister person strive, we really walked to feel sorry.” Zhan Fang also nodded said : good mister to us already extremely caring, we cannot always a look at mister person and God Race person fight, this is makes us restless.” Zhao Hai look at their appearances showed a faint smile said : several are really too polite, this really not what, if put Undead Creature not to use, made your clansman break through enemy lines, that was not my Zhao Hai behavior, our allies, I do not think that seize the opportunity control your several large clans, don't need to exhauste your strengths not?” Zhan Fang has not thought how connection really Zhao Hai such clearly at once unexpectedly don’t know that the words said that must, Zhanyue knows that the Zhao Hai speech style, he smiles said : Speaker, the mister speech was very straight, he has had anything to say anything to the friend, only then treated the enemy time, mister nothing which is not will use it.”

Zhan Fang nodded, appreciation look at Zhao Hai, held up wine glass said : to respect mister one cup, you were a genuine friend, the flavor of this liquor was very good.” Zhao Hai smiles said : you to like well, when wait for you goes back, I gave to you some to be right, I also had Beastman Race Milk Wine also to have Fruit Wine, he he, the Ark Continent there liquor may be many now . Moreover the flavor was good.” Now what Zhao Hai they drink is rice wine, is not very fierce, drinks also alcohol, even if has not drunk the person of strong liquor also to bear. After several people have drunk one glass of liquor, Zhao Hai deep voice said : I told the different God Race person, we can with them to the pledge, but hopes that they now do not begin to God Race these people, does everybody has the what friend opinion?” This matter Fei'er they have written a letter in the person with clan saying that therefore Zhen Wushuang they know that one hear of Zhao Hai said that three people also shook the head, before Zhen Wushuang is these us, said : mister said also has considered, but we feared at that time our ally is not very formidable, therefore has to the person help of clear different God Race, currently have mister, we must change to plan, otherwise to us very disadvantageous, moreover these time the matter about Ultimate Weapon, must thank mister , a Ultimate Weapon this matter, in our three clans knew the person are not many, moreover. Since we by God Race conquer, has not seen that weapon, therefore he does exist, our don’t know, therefore had not said to mister that asking mister do not blame me to be good.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : not to use such politely, without the definite matter did not say first is right, my doesn't blame everybody, everyone/Great Clan does not use such anxiously, he he, was right, a while I will give several some Message Fish, like this we related to facilitate, moreover our here, in the contact with your clan has also facilitated, everybody should better also monitor Taurus God Race person some Message Fish to these on the sea, enabling them to be able as soon as possible passed to our here information, we also well made to deal.” Zhen Wushuang nodded said : Fei'er to deliver in some Message Fish returned to clans, to be honest mister, that thing was really too easy-to-use.” Zhao Hai smiles said :this person of Message Fish actually in Ark Continent in the sea present, Sea Race has been passing on information with this fish, but afterward different race was suppressed by Radiant Church, therefore Ark Continent person don’t know has had existence of Message Fish. Zhen Wushuang several people nodded, they on situation also have some understanding regarding Ark Continent, God Race cope with the Ark Continent method, but the ratio coped with the methods of their clans to be many, if were not Zhao Hai appears , now Ark Continent already under the rule of God Race. Zhao Hai then said : this Message Fish has also has the shortcoming, a fish can only with probably to person hold a conversation, this is not quite good, but I am finding the way to improve, the hope is useful.” Zhan Fang deep voice said : „the meaning of mister is, later with a fish, can with many individual hold a conversation? If so, that was good, but according to the current situation, Taurus God Race feared that was what soon will use their Ultimate Weapon mister to plan?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : in my opinion, this Ultimate Weapon does not have fearfully what, is very obvious, God Race cannot use this weapon to use this weapon easily, certainly will pay many prices, but I to am to this weapon very curious, not only Taurus God Race, my Ultimate Weapon generally very curious to other God Race.”

Zhan Fang they have smiled, regarding the self-confidence of Zhao Hai, they appreciates, several people also chatted getting upafter the everyone/Great Clan liquor full food is full, Zhan Fang they then say goodbye leave. Waits for Zhan Fang they to walk, Laura they can in the cabin come outnose to draw somewhat puzzled look at Zhan Fang their said : Elder Brother Hai, do these fellows come to do?”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : what person to have a look at me is, tries me to cope with the determination of God Race, but can also do anything, nothing but is these matters.” Laura nodded said : looks like their very satisfied, Elder Brother Hai, how do we then prepare to do?”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile „, I who said : such as a moment ago said now cannot bear want experience God Race Ultimate Weapon am any appearance, has a look whether is on Yama Ship to increase the add some function.”, Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has smiled. Next day Zhao Hai still advances to Taurus Continent, although advancement is not quick, but everyday in advancing, this has let the person headache of Taurus God Race extremely. But Zhan Fang they, actually really opened mindYama Ship fighting strength to stem from their anticipation, before although, they listened to Fei'er to say great strength of Yama Ship, however sees with one's own eyes, feels shock. After Zhan Fang they and Zhao Hai converge fifth day, different God Race there had information to transmit, this time delivered information ” was still leaf Hertha they, they also gave Zhao Hai to bring good information, they agreed that formed an alliance with Zhao Haialso agreed the opinion of Zhao Hai, they first do not beginnot to provoke other God Race people to Taurus God Race now, if other God Race people participated in the Ark Continent here war, their immediately carried on attack to other God Race Continent, from one side supported Zhao Hai they. After leaf Hertha they have reached an agreement detail, Zhao Hai defers to the plan to Taurus God Race to start to mount a large-scale attack, this Zhao Hai may not have advancement slowly, he sped up, must compel the Taurus God Race as soon as possible use their Ultimate Weapon. Zhao Hai plan small very successful, in him with different God Race formed an alliance later the tenth day, God Race set out their ultimate Divine Artifact. At that time Zhao Hai was attacking in God Race one shape city, protective shield of this city by Zhao Hai breaking, these Undead Creature has been attacking a city, Zhao Hai stood on Yama Ship look at following the fight, leaf Hertha they stands in the Zhao Hai side. Previous time with Zhao Hai Lian is, leaf Hertha they do not have leave, has followed in the Zhao Hai side, look at Zhao Hai urban breaking through of God Race one after another, is not makes the in the city person, turns into Undead Creature. Most from the beginning they see this scene time, but also thinks shock, but the time long felt numbly, their was only an idea at heart, never with Zhao Hai for the enemy. In this time, the Zhao Hai suddenly feeling is having a very formidable aura to throw toward their here to the distant place, this aura is Zhao Hai felt the most formidable aura that initially Lu Wei has not given Zhao Hai this feeling.

The eyeground of Zhao Hai flashes through one[ is popular] exerts , he turned the head to leaf Hertha their said : several, Taurus God Race possibly to use their Ultimate Weapon, several disembarked first, one if will hit, I feared that could not attend to you, moreover you in on the ship, might be injured very much.” Leaf Hertha they the status in their clan are not low, knows the ultimate Divine Artifact matter, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that is face changes, then after a Zhao Hai ritual, turn around leave Yama Ship, Zhao Hai is putting up Yama Ship, that [say / way] formidable aura was overrunning directly. The Zhao Hai book thinks God Race ultimate God Race, certainly enormous, very formidable, when he sees God Race ultimate Divine Artifact, has actually gawked, because that ultimate Divine Artifact is really too small! That is one with the ordinary cow almost big or medium golden yellow metal cow, this cow four hoof fluttering from the sky runs, but carries on the back to sit a person in the cow, a weapon clothing/taking of this person white , the head, the beard was white, the stature is actually very tall and big, although is old person, but actually still gives people one type of such as the lion common aura. Zhao Hai stopped Yama Ship, a person of cow that look at that approached, he now was not quite a little definite, is don’t know this Taurus God Race ultimate Divine Artifact. That old person stopped in the Yama Ship front about hundred meters places, he looked at one to stand in Zhao Hai of bow, face calm said : „were you Zhao Hai?”, Zhao Hai look at that old person, shows a faint smile said :, good, I am Zhao Hai, does not know that you are?” That old person look at Zhao Hai said : children/my son, runs up to my Taurus Continent to remove unexpectedly wildly, today I must make you know that God Realm is not your Lower Realm person can remove the wild place.”, Zhao Hai look at does old person, show a faint smile said : „unable to come? I also real don’t know, I only know that now God Realm here is the person removes the wild place, but do you take me not to have the means? Did what? use ultimate Divine Artifact in your clan? To be honest, I was already waiting for this day, has not actually thought that you such late use, is disappoints me somewhat.”, On the face of that old person still calm does not have bo, but Zhao Hai actually notes, his beard has shaken shaking gently, obviously his mood has some bo to move. Zhao Hai can guess that for anything, certainly is because he said the matter about ultimate Divine Artifact, ultimate Divine Artifact, the person who even if in God Race, knows is also not many, moreover person who first knows, as far as possible keeps this secret, now Zhao Hai tastes had the ultimate Divine Artifact matter, some old person ji moved certainly. Zhao Hai such does is also intentionally, because his don’t know old person is riding is that metal cow ultimate Divine Artifact, therefore has then carried on the probe, the result of probe is good, Zhao Hai can affirm that metal cow certainly is ultimate Divine Artifact. old person look at Zhao Hai, sound ice-cold said : has not thought that your Lower Realm person, regarding our God Race also ting finding, but understood that is also useless, you die today.”, Said old person waving of gently, in his hand suddenly appears a very small Magic Formation plate, time when old person receives formation disk, Zhao Hai suddenly presently he was surrounded, about 20 Domain Weapon surrounded. 20 Domain Weapon, including ten Knight Spear, five long swords, five shields, although compares Yama Ship to come, these Domain Weapon appear very small, but that after is Domain Weapon, the attack strength is not weak. a.