! Zhao Hai looked that had not looked around him these use the Domain Weapon God Race person, but is that small formation disk on face curious look at old person, that small formation disk looks like the incomparable purification, is builds by the golden yellow metal all over the body, very beautiful. Zhao Hai can affirm that this Magic Formation plate certainly is not that simple thing, these use Domain Weapon Expert, will not be baseless appears , they have certainly followed in the old person side, but old person in hand that Magic Formation, will have doing of shield to use, therefore makes him not have presently these God Race people. That old person looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, face sinks, his left hand has patted on metal Ox-head that he sat down gently two, on that Ox-head appears suddenly a small round hole, old person has put in in hand formation disk the round hole, that round hole, immediately vanish from sight. Very exquisite, although that old person to the Zhao Hai also distance, but the Zhao Hai actually clear well saw that old person sound, saw moving of that metal cow does, in that metal cow has a small scoop channel, happen to can put down that Magic Formation plate, can describe with the exquisiteness. After that old person has put formation disk, this turns the head look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : comes on my Taurus Continent to make wind and rain, for these years, you are first, the courage are many, but the Taurus God Race dignity, does not allow anybody to trample, you must die!” Zhao Hai look at this old person, shows a faint smile said :, depends on you and these people, wants my Zhao Hai life? Haven't you awaked? You think really these use the Domain Weapon person, what can cause to threaten to me? Do not have a dream, today I let want you to know, anything is called the true military force.” The Zhao Hai intention moves, on Yama Ship the both sides Magic Formation automatic start adjustment angle, has aimed at that this God Race person. That old person static look at Zhao Hai, he does not believe that several Magic Cannon can play anything to do to use, this cannot blame this old person information not being quick, Zhao Hai except for the first time, when copes with Saint Light City, other times, he has not used Magic Cannon on Yama Ship ”, but Saint Light City that time, does not have a God Race person to escape, therefore currently these Magic Cannon on God Race person simply don’t know Zhao Hai Yama Ship have many fierce, looks like in that old person, Magic Cannon wants to break, uses Domain Weapon Expert protective shield, that is impossible, therefore a he not worry.. These use Domain Weapon God Race Expert not to care this matterthey are God Race topest existence, the ordinary God Race people have such arrogance, do not say them. Because their manner of this not caringgave Zhao Hai to strike to kill their opportunity, these person of although saw that Magic Cannon on Yama Ship has aimed at them, actually nobody moved, they also want to give Zhao Hai demonstration of authority with such way, that met avoid.

In this time, these Magic Cannon almost simultaneously are spraying red light that red light has been similar to with the sword punctures a paper to be the same, breaks Domain of God Race these people directly, inside person one was gasifiedthese Domain Weapon to lose operate of person, downward falls, but actually immediately vanishes, in in midair took in Space by Zhao Hai. Destroyed completely these God Race people conveniently, Zhao Hai has then gained ground look at that to sit old person on metal cow, smiled said : to depend on them? Wants my Zhao Hai life? Has a dream!” Before this saying, Zhao Hai also spoke, but old person simply had not cared at that time, he thought Zhao Hai very extremely arrogantly, but was listening to Zhao Hai to speak this saying at this time, the old person year was terrified is startled. old person saw monster same look look at Zhao Hai with one type of, he has not thought, 20 Domain Expertunexpectedly flash by Zhao Hai extinguishing, even if he uses Domain Weapon unable to achieve this point, the first timeold person raised at heart the one type of not wonderful feeling. Zhao Hai look at old person appearance, face slowly cold getting downhis deep voice said : said that our Ark Continent person does remove wildly to your Taurus Continent? This saying you could also say.? Is the war that who provokes? Is Space rift that who opens, is Law of Space that who changes? Is who person my Ark Continent country has carried on Blood Sacrifice, I told you, the slayer, the person also killed it, the matter that your God Race handled, sooner or later one day, all calculates that in your heads, now this day came, you also can only accept this destiny, I wanted thanks a lot you, today has sent these many Domain Weapon to me, this God Race Ultimate Weapon.” old person one hear of Zhao Hai said that face changes, he is pale the face, look at Zhao Hai, then coldly snorted said : do not think that tidied up several to use Domain Weapon, really thinks own Unparalleled Under The Heaven, I have made you know today that what was Ultimate Weapon.” Said old person lower the head and shout: Melts triumphantly!” Along with old person a few words, the metal cow that he sat down changed into yellow light suddenly, has wrapped in which old person, waited for yellow light to vanish, Zhao Hai one dumbfounded. In the Zhao Hai front, old person static standing of that God Race in there, however under his cross was not having the metal cow, but his body were many full body armor, a very magnificent golden yellow helmet. Saw full body armor, Zhao Hai cannot help but one has thought oneself remembered same thing of deep place, Golden Saint Seiya! On old person the full body armor looked like that full body armor that Golden Saint Seiya put on, but also wanted more magnificent than that full body armor, old person originally was tall, this put on this full body armor, appeared formidable might is more uncommon. old person static has opened the eye, look at Zhao Hai, his look very ice-cold, does not have a feeling, probably his standing in front Zhao Hai simply is a deceased person.

Zhao Hai was such swept by the old person look, one recovers, he felt a danger, but his immediately/on horseback has tapped the head, muttered said : „, what world this was, why continually thing appears of young devil? Who damn can tell me, this what's the matter?” old person has not actually managed Zhao Hai to say anything, his coldly makes Zhao Hai said : any to dare to insult the person of Taurus God Race, will receive on the penalty of god, you, must die!” Zhao Hai look at old person appearance, shaking the head said : gently useless, your present although makes me feel very dangerous, but I can also feel, this full body armor regarding user's request very high, your simply cannot answer the operation requirements of full body armor, you in use full body armor forcefully, you could not insist how long.” old person look at Zhao Hai, nodded said : you not to speak incorrectly, I could not insist how long, but was used to cope with you to be enough, suffered to death!” Said that old person does not make potential, but fierce proceeding treads a foot, simultaneously said loudly: War tramples!” A weak energy bo mark, leaves from the under foot of old person, directly soars Zhao Hai Yama Ship. Zhao Hai face changes, he can feel, old person the strikes very formidable, he does not dare to neglect, horse sound whispered: Rough sea waves are dreadful!” Yama Ship following water spray fierce flushed from the ship, changes into the rough sea waves, straight welcomed together toward that transparent Qi Strength. Boom! a loud sound, the rough sea waves hit on Qi Strength, this rough sea waves ran upon Qi Strength, that Qi Strength appeared the shape, transparent huge Bull, straight hit toward Yama Ship on, this Giant Ox personal appearance over ten meters, pair of huge curved horn, understood at a glance that the strength was extraordinary. However Zhao Hai the move of rough sea waves are not dreadfully good to deal with, the ocean waves have characteristics, is bo bo, the connection is unceasing, that Giant Ox has dashed the one layer ocean waves, behind also has one layer, the one layer one layer ocean waves keep is resisting the charge of Giant Ox, Giant Ox charge getting slower and slower slowly, Giant Ox personal appearance also getting smaller and smaller, finally slowly vanished. Giant Ox vanished, ocean waves returned to Yama Ship below, but he presently these time fights, has actually produced very strong impact bo, proliferated toward all around, all was attacked thing that bo swept, felt that a tremendous strength raided, Undead Creature and God Race that person some fought, straight by this strength hitting flew, these God Race people have even spat one. Blood. old person look at Zhao Hai said : really some ways, can block this to strike unexpectedly, your destiny also stopped, then incurs, Taurus Charging Formation!” The old person right fist round trip receives, then a fierce fist strike leaves, bull shape Qi Strength of golden yellow , overran toward Yama Ship together, this Qi Strength just that together was not transparent Qi Strength to be so big, but actually congealing reality, quick.

Zhao Hai look at this Qi Strength, intention moves, Yama Ship shrink fast, only turned into abundant rice boat finally, but Zhao Hai does not have to sit in on the ship now, but stands in half Space, the hand wields silently said: Cleaves the waves strikes!” Proceeding that Yama Ship clashes clashes, almost in received the limit instantaneously, yellow light flashes has hit child together with bull shape Qi Strength. !, Some people one punctured the boasting with the sword probably, bull shape Qi Strength that old person comes out, already complete disappearance in in midair, but Yama Ship actually still flushes away to old person. old person face changes, then deep voice said : large handcart turning over.” His personal appearance fierce revolution, probably huge Old Ox, fierce turning over is the same, looks like very clumsy, is actually striking of skillful, one has let Yama Ship these hits. Makes the hit of Yama Ship, old person immediately/on horseback the hand make a fist the recycling, silently said: Is meeting my this move, kilo Newton struggles to cross!” Said hand continual wields, directly soars is stopping in in midair Zhao Hai, when old person wields, Yama Ship did not have the side of returned to non- sea. old person in wielded more than hundred fists instantaneously, the first fist had bull shape Qi Strength together to clash toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not actually cared, his silently said: Hundred hua fire a salvo!” Zhao Hai just said that this, Yama Ship appears side them, Yama Ship has not increased, these similarly change small Magic Cannon, actually fierce projects red light, welcomes Qi Strength that old person presently comes, red light and Qi Strength clash, the immediately violent left bunch of red yellow interactions enchanting color hua, really probably simultaneously release ritual hua equally attractive a.